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there software KAMNYu- one of the most famous and familiar us popular crafts. In, too, time and enough maloizuchaemyy, here also there are several trends.

Already in XI-XII centuries Masters of-gradodeltsy and a stone cutter ``crisis art, the differing beauty and-round cinematic excellence technical enforcement (for example, details domestic decoration temple of sv. Sofia - Kievan, outlandish embossed images birds, flowers, Lions, springs ,-upper part of walls Dmitrovsky District, Moscow Oblast Cathedral in Propulsion Vladimir, a carved 40m frieze of, perimortem ring Church Pokrova-on-people near Vladimir). From the seventeenth-digits Until us came close solid white frame carved nalichniki Palace of Facets House of the Moscow Kremlin, window-ledges Teremnogo palace on in the Kremlin, most recent architectural details churches in Ostankino Palace and in council, refectory January 1945 monastery in Moscow and camping on P.

Under Petre I in Petergoff was is based the first factory of on production facing materials ,-reaching for needs construction in Petersburg. Several later, in 1726 Propulsion, in the new city of Yekaterinburg (rabochikh) was created grinding and-granilnaya factory of, and under Ekaterina II - Kolyvanskaya factory of on Altai.

On enterprises Urals and Altai was in the eighteenth digits Most recent architectural the details and pillar for Winter palace on, guarded marble plates of and pillar for the Marmara Region palace on in Petersburg; later carried out due a series of orders for Greater Kremlin palace on in Moscow and details galleries from pan-blue marble in Tsarskoye Selo near Petersburg.

With the second than half the eighteenth digits одним из излюбленных элементов украшения фасадов и внутренних помещений дворцов у русской знати стали декоративные вазы, преимущественно из уральского камня: травянисто-зеленой с волнообразными белыми полосами ревневской яшмы; кроваво-красной с темными и белыми прожилками орской яшмы, полосатой ямской яшмы; розового с черными дендритами орлеца (дендриты - кристаллы, напоминающие ветви деревьев или хвою); темно-голубого или синего с белыми и золотистыми вкраплениями лазурита; темно-зеленого с узором в виде концентрических овалов и лентообразных тоновых полос малахита, о сложности добычи и обработки которого сложены десятки легенд: серо-зеленого прозрачного нефрита, считавшегося в древности вечным камнем, обладавшим чудесными свойствами; наконец, порфира и мрамора различной окраски - белого, серого, темно-зеленого, темно-красного и черного.

Stone vases often times reaching polutorametrovoy Heights and had until two meters in diameter. Beauty natural stone in them was with beauty silhouette and strengthened thanks to cosmetic processing the surface and large cast sculptures details from gilded bronze.

Over by some there dikovinami masters of-a stone cutter, granilschiki, shlifovalschiki worked tens of years.

Until Gundelik the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries In stone processing industry not was no mechanisms and entire processing waged manually

painting products stone

Occurrence fishery capacity was lost, materials for production, production and classification products exempted

Occurrence fishery capacity was lost. There on made - one of the most ancient popular artistic crafts. -cutting art in Russia was developed and sophisticated still in's-XII centuries Until the seventeenth-digits Podelochnyy color stumbling in Russia not had been mined, and bringing mainly from Byzantium, Central Asia and various countries Western Europe. Only ranging with the seventeenth-digits In Russia emerge its color stumbling and Russians Samotsvety. Roughly in at 1635 Propulsion In the hills Urals were open copper ores, are those Korina uses, and still before here were discovered "patterned Asia from the" - serdoliki, agaty, Bruneau jasper.
In 1725 Propulsion On decree Peter I in Petergoff was is based the first granilnaya factory of, far from all all Russia bringing diverse set Lumber stones. In 1726 Propulsion In Yekaterinburg, district which izobiloval deposits color stones, is a the second such a factory of. Around Ekaterinburgskoy cutting facilities are able factories originated small workshops on processing color of stones. Through 60 with plus years teach the third public granilnaya factory of - Kolyvanovskaya.
In nineteenth-the 20th centuries Jewelry from non-white stone the Petersburg firms of Faberge received world prominence. For craftsmen nineteenth digits Characteristically skill reveal natural the beauty podelochnogo stone, elaborate form of products exempted with those, to show best properties material.
In Soviet time the artistic commercialization stone engage in in many areas Russian Federation: In Sverdlovsk, Perm, Gorkovskaya (areas, in Altay, Krasnoyarsk area and Krasnodar edges. Moreover, in small numbers artistic-cutting products issue in Arkhangelsk and Cheliabinsk areas.
Materials for production. To generate artistic products exempted and souvenirs use mainly stones Lumber, in small numbers - semiprecious (as the primary material). Auxiliary input serve metals and alloys, blossom a, bone, rіg, timber, skin and other materials.
Lumber stones - opaque, sometimes slaboprosvechivayuschie minerals beautiful painting. In production artistic products exempted podelochnomu made belongs to a significant place. Garmonicheskoe the combination of of paints, diversity outlandish patterns, ability to to polishing - all of this makes podelochnyy stumbling an indispensable input for masters of. On the courage Lumber stones podrazdelyayut on three groups: Hard - khaltsedon, agate, onyx without causing any damage, Orlets (Rhodonite, okay), Jasper (mineral), nephritis, noble Lapis lazuli, Charoite and others.; medium-size - are those Korina uses, Serpentine (serpentine), angidrit, marble and others.; gentle - plaster mould stumbling, alabaster, selenite, talcum, talkokhlorit, calcite and others.
Classification products exempted. Artistic products with carving on made categorize us ineffectively, that, way groove, topics and popular promyslam.
On appointment-cutting products divide on utilitarian (objects toilets, belonging for smoking), ornamental and souvenirs.
On that distinguish between products from solid, average the courage and soft of stones.
On way assemble artistic-cutting products podrazdelyayut on products with volumetric carving and with engraved.
On topics they share on products, defined which labor and be one-sided human, animal the world, monuments antiquity.
On popular promyslam distinguish between products: At Ural, Altaic (kolyvanovskie), gorkovskie (bornukovskie), arkhangelskie, krasnodarskie (otradnenskie and khodzhokhskie), krasnoyarskie, like and others.


Gorkovskie (bornukovskie) products

An art word processing stone - an ancient kind of popular art. Broad the prevalence of and the easy availability such a material as stumbling, his a manmade decorative effect, diversity flowers and patterns, were long attracted a to him popular craftsmen.
In Nizhny Novgorod area the artistic carving on made engage in on factory "Bornukovskaya cave" in farms Bornukovo, outsiders on River Pyana River. High rightist Bank this rivers consists of limestone (mineral) and alebastrovogo stone. On shallow depths, passes Plast podelochnogo non-white stone. Razlivayas spring, river razmyvala Bank and over time here was incurred a huge cave. In 1920’s years in farms Bornukovo build a small artel extraction and reprocessing side in alabaster. Simultaneously with alebastrom vylamyvalsya and podelochnyy color stumbling. So in 1930 year was been decided open under plan kamnerezovyy-. Here for organizations work was invited Ural craftsmen - of experienced lapidary. The main range of artistic products exempted established architecture under involvement Ural artist Shalnova Paul Leontevicha. This were had implements and Antiques, decorated with images, mainly, exotic animals: Lviv, leopards, tigers, panthers, elephants. In, too, time emerge the first sculptural images the Soviet people: Red Army soldiers, a parachutist, a miner's, domenschika. In 1937 artistic products Bornukovskikh craftsmen were marked by reward on Paris the exhibition.

Currently on factory developed more 70 species creative products exempted. This residential objects: The night-timers, Antiques ,-capping, lotochki; ornamental products: Screens, petty animalisticheskaya sculpture, and also diverse set souvenirs. Animalisticheskaya sculpture becomes in Bornukovo traditional and ranks obtained place in assortment.
Made bornukovskie masters of products soft breeds stone - selenite, calcite decreases, plaster stone - occurring anhydrite. Local podelochnyy stumbling rich on make, he can be gays, ryzhevatym, brown, pan-green, rosy. Properties this vysokodekorativnogo benign stone have identified stylistic especially as the artistic a groove on made, so and fishery capacity was lost in a whole. In statues popular craftsmen are visible palestinian output differs forms of, typical especially silhouettes, gentle concatenation of details, skill artist accurately to hand habits and characters various animals. Special place in bornukovskoy sculpture ranks Russian the bear, over way which fruitfully worked an artist-kamnerez Paul Kuryshev. In creativity another masters of - Peter Corporate Board: Predominate dynamic images house hopping miserably horse. Works needed declare even suicide bombers legitimate and the emotional pripodnyatost are distinctive features

Bornukovskie masters of developing products from selenite, calcite decreases, plaster stone, applying tokarnuyu processing, 2D panoramic and relief ivory, it engraved. Products bornukovskikh lapidary differentiate laconic and an urgent feature images in figures animals and birds, the simplicity and grace forms of in household things, vyyavlyayuschie the beauty and specificity material. This residential objects - the night-timers, lotochki ,-capping, albatre implements, belonging for smoking (Antiques various forms of and sizes), vases for flowers; ornamental products - petty animalisticheskaya sculpture, which has become in Bornukove traditional and ranks in assortment obtained place; diverse set souvenirs and gift products.

Przedsiebiorstwo "Bornukovskaya cave"

Factory of "Bornukovskaya cave" Nizhny Novgorod (Gorkovskaya () area - answer, organization which prompted reserves local stone. Unique angidrit, white with golden axis and different stridency streaked, well communicates with of images decorative sculptures of. Handsome he and in bathrooms boxes, vases a small size, the economy will on linear basis. Utilitarno-ornamental objects made without a groove. Their volumes of and the surface enough are attractive natural structure natural drawing.

Venture organized on base kamnedobyvayuschey plan, based in 1980 year. Modern artists fishery capacity was lost create from local plaster stone products petty plasty – generalized and in the same time emanating and impressive images animals and birds. Animalisticheskaya sculpture ranks obtained place in products bornukovskikh lapidary and is traditional.

An subjects characterize ordinary, but graceful forms, vyyavlyayuschie the beauty and rich natural opportunities stone. Among them – vases for flowers, candlesticks, Antiques, caskets, lamps. Products fishery capacity was lost constantly are exhibited on domestic and overseas exhibitions.


Rezba on made

History kg fishery capacity was lost moves away backgrounds in the distant past and is inextricably linked to the mysterious “marble ” cave, located on Bank rivers Inebriated in sec. Bornukovo Buturlinsky cleanup. Were long this cave glorified by their podelochnym stumbling — angidritom or as his was called “Nizhny marble. ” He was the most different various shades: Pink, white, bluish, brown, of Gray and of greenish, with diverse risunkami and patterns. In times of Catherine II stumbling, extracted in a cave would depart in St. Petersburg on furbishing palaces. Flourishing borukovskogo kg art account for on 30’s years 20th century, when in sec. Bornukovo was created factory of vytvarne-@-@ cutting products exempted “Bornukovskaya cave. ” First she worked as subsidiary Kazakovskogo unification jewelry products exempted, then on their own. Through few years, long experience Ural craftsmen, bornukovskie you cutters on made reached the pinnacle of excellence and repeatedly governors the most highest honors on Russian and international exhibitions, in including on the exhibition in 1937 year in Paris.

Tradition kg art today continues to factory of “Bornukovskaya cave. ” Masters of retained and technology processing stone, and tradition company series of products exempted. There on particularly mild made — one of the most complex areas modern decorative art, and among-cutting crafts Russia masters of enterprises “Bornukovskaya a cave ” possess individual creative the face of, by continuing tradition animalisticheskogo genre in Russian popular creativity. Under processing stone is used tokarnaya word processing combined with volumetric and relief carving, engraved. Samples animals and birds differ a flair and in, too, time unique “inspiring ” that allow detect natural the beauty material. Telling silhouette, soft malleability, lyricism, beskhitrostnost created samples convey the beauty and Valtsplekitooted OU animal world and kindness Russian souls.

Aside from sculptures of birds and animals, in a large assortment masters of enterprises do objects life: Graceful candlesticks, vases, jewelry boxes, had sets. On factory works muzeyno-exhibition hall, for willing ???? master — classes of made, tour on factory and to Bornukovskoy a cave.


And here art a groovecan be see products St. Petersburg-based craftsmen, which carefully retain tradition kg art


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