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Kazakovskaya filigree laid into the handle

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One of little known species Soviet of Khudozhestvennykh Promyslo - KAZAKOVSKA filigree laid into the handle.


Kazakovskiy plant rolls the most diverse set artistic products: Ornamental vases and chalice, caskets with music, cup-holders, vases, food without, womens jewelry, tea phytosterols, clubs, medals, badges, of the Order and signs differences for the Russian army. In recent years on venture have become manufacture objects clerical direction - desktop and pendant lamps, salaries as well to religious icons, crosses, icons. CJSC KPKhI cooperates with '-the Trinity, Serafimo-Diveevskim and '-Danilovskim monasteries, Trinity-Sergievoy Lavra, with Vatican II Alexander Nevsky and temples St. Petersburg.

Moreover, on venture manufactured filigrannye products with-Nordic heraldic tradition and symbolics as public organs, so and private companies.

With 1998 venture gained the right work with a stigmaworkshops with blessing Patriarch of All Russias Alexy II.

On venture there is a lovely exhibition hall. Watching the fireworks above masterpieces vysokokhudozhestvennogo filigrannogo art, here can be on some time to visit in magic winter fairy, where of St.Petersburg. be unique silver patterns cold laces, whisperings under hands craftswomen,. For tourists ???? familiarization tour on enterprise, master-classes. In no clothing left, outsiders squarely on factory is a lovely choice unique products exempted, for example, caskets in the form of apples or fabulous treasure chests of fine.

Filigree laid into the handle is made only in manual, so every product uniquely. By buying kazakovskie products, you can be confident, that second such a nowhere not will encounter.

CJSC Kazakovskoe venture
Artistic products exempted

606166, N.Novgorod area

Vachsky district, sec. Kazakovo, str. Two,. 1

Bodies.: (831-73) 7-01-23

Fax: (831-73) 7-01-34, 6-13-00



Kazakovskaya filigree laid into the handle situation as original direction processing metal in farms Kazakove Nizhny Novgorod (Gorkovskaya () area under direct influence craftsmen Krasnoselsky fishery capacity was lost, which were teachers are local jewelers and creators first samples products exempted for a new fishery capacity was lost, Haydn started its activities in mid-1930s.

Kazakovskoe articles unification retains production filigrannykh products exempted until now time. In this technology create wordy objects - cup-holders, food without, dishes for fruits. Their pillar and ornamental ubranstvo accounts for delicate filigree laid into the handle, while krasnoselskie masters of often use filigrannyy pattern as of lading decor on Corps caskets or vases.

In ornament embossed on kazakovskoy Cift-isi Platonov climate and development drawing from of geometric zigzagoobraznykh tapes to motives of plant character, skillfully moved in ornamental forms. Some imitation kruzhevopleteniyu swung in frankly metal pattern, for whom usual situation where resilience of curls and sochleneniy elements, associated clear constructive parts. In technical execution Cift-isi kazakovskie masters of have reached high-level naborki and soldering floral ornament. He differs purity and care finishing, that allowed to expand range of products exempted, complement his korobochkami, shkatulkami, onion, in which continues work and over pattern of plant floral ornament.

Filigree laid into the handle or skan - one of the oldest species the artistic processing metals in Russia. Name filigree laid into the handle is happening from Latin words filum - thread and granum - grain; skan - from drevneslavyanskogo - make, to roll. Name point to feature of technology - to assemble a filigrannykh products exempted used twisted foot-dragging and zern, camping on E. Small balls. Technique Cift-isi consists in next: Pattern from gossamerwire impose on paper, look on man draw an outline within, warmth silver Lead-free solder and then elements a pattern interpolate under aid sol dering processes. Wordy forms perform also, but paper with the numbers pattern And Paste on iron stocking. In galvanicheskom workshop products cover low. Production products exempted from Cift-isi in farms Kazakovo Vachsky cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area have become engage since the late 1930s in plan Metalst. An organizer production was Ms. Neza Dular graduated from Krasnoselsky Performance the artistic processing metal O. I. Tarakanova. Currently addition art engage in on Kazakovskom venture artistic metal products. In mid-1950s alia features, accompanying only kazakovskoy Cift-isi. Feature of kazakovskikh products exempted is up significance Cift-isi, she not applies as part of jewelry metal primary, as a cover plate on metals. These products entirely ventilated. On their appointment work kazakovskikh craftsmen - things residential. This food without, cup-holders, vases, caskets. Together with those, in the last time fulfilled the jewelry work on orders Orthodox church - salaries as well icons, kadilnitsy, treasure chests of fine for saints relics. For kazakovskikh products exempted't, mostly, white color a silver-paintedwire. As if rime covered by ventilated art popular craftsmen, they charm silver-white color Russian winters, shift things zvonkost Psiloriti fields, solemnity and purity cold forests.


On Russias skan was known very long. Filigrannye products meet still in excavations mounds's century. In Russia one of the largest centers skannogo production becomes rural-urban divide Kazakovo Nizhny Novgorod area. The first Kazakovskaya artel on production skannykh products exempted was founded in 1939. In the years Great Patriotic war artel notof his work: Used to make officer breasted front, did for them asterisks, were crafted portsigary. In post-WWII time took over tree and vilochnoe production.

Practically traditions and skills Kazakovskoi plan became CJSC Kazakovskoe venture artistic products exempted (KPKhI). Venture Inherits and developings wealthiest tradition past, searching for and masters all new species products exempted. Komponuya pattern, artists watch not only for sorazmernostyu his individual parts, for softness and scenically mammals, large and great elements, but and for pattern obtain view-through, because he plays greater role in building a pattern. Sitting in constant creative way search for, artists find new motives, a combination of. So came to application of Fire-gilding, inclusion in Figure natural stones, crystal, bones, finifti. The uniqueness unsurpassed products attaches the, that all products fulfilled the metalworkers manually.


All are a good day. In hands ropalo two cup holder with konfetnitsey Photo is attached Who can suggest the how valuable these three primary. On them are worth stigma Kim Kibum (Key) and figures 22 and 24. Knocked out prices.

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If still as relevant, then this kazakovskaya filigree laid into the handle. Without ceremony, cup-holders are worth thousands of on 5, konfetnitsa 8, but can be wrong. Much detail can be watch here is here - … igran.html

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