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Gordeckaya painting of

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Gordeckaya LIST

On the left Bank Volga, slightly above Bottom Novgorod, raskinulos large rural-urban divide Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, based still in XII century.
For trade seats bordering Volga were lucrative: Near Makarevskaya, largest in Russia, Fair. Among population have become quickly evolve different trade; in really Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast were and smiths, and pryanichniki, and krasilschiki. Especially same many was remains and foreman on tree: Wood gave cheap material, used products in really city of or have "Saharna."

Fisheries management engaged in peasants all surrounding villages around Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast: Alone cut out phytosterols, other sharpened bowls and a cup of, and third scale tools labor for spinning is bought and established and weaving. On zavolzhskikh lands well was born flax, women spun example and were canvases on sale, so rezchikam and artists if work been lacking.

In a short interval time artists in perfection a hold picturesque-round cinematic excellence. Although images retain mostly ploskostnoy character, instead Chiaro-Oscuro all greater role are beginning play emerging shades and ozhivki. Acceptable and flexibility lines, subtlety stroke, confidence and ease mouth swab sometimes contiguous with virtuoznostyu.

Products a small size or utiltarnogo appointments (a salt shaker, treasure for childhood toys), typically, painted examined vegetable patterns, in which white strokes butchered by the flower roses, leaves, line, the plumage birds. In decorative Gapchinskaya the plot most often, researching the in two-three tiers, then in several scenes, then in single decorative picture. People depict in suits, retaining traits clothing past century. If action takes place within buildings, then interior facilities reminds any great stories architecture with bizarre armored, arches, and free space is filled examined vegetable ornaments. All creates the impressions indolence, naryadnosti from cruel contrasts of paints and from fantasies.

Today traditional popular artistic answer "Gordeckaya painting of" evolves in historically-established the center of the its arise and of the image, as art formalizing the flat surfaces. Not of endless need in processes painting of allows masters use the most diverse set forms, color of, shades. Wealth its highlight wretchedly and here is already 60 years masters of factories "Gorodets painting" retain and develop tradition popular artistic fishery capacity was lost.


Gordeckaya LIST

Russian popular artistic answer; there is with middle. 19 digits In district Propulsion Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Flamboyant, laconic section painting of (genre the scene, shapes Trojan, roosters, flower patterns), by free smear with a white and black graphical obvodkoy, decorates distaffs have, furniture, the shutters, doors. In 1936 is based artel (with 1960 factory of Gordeckaya painting of ), izgotovlyayuschaya souvenirs; masters of D. I. Kryukov, A. E. Konovalov, I. A. Mazin.

Gordeckaya LIST on tree, traditional artistic answer, rebuffed development in mid-19 century in villages on River Uzole in neighborhood Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod area.

Occurrence Luster Takes the beginning of in production gorodetskikh pryalochnykh Donets, encrusted finish morenym oak and decorated highly carving. Unlike widely common of distaffs, vytesannykh from single wooden monolith, gorodetskie distaffs have were staffed from two parts: Donets River and crest. Donce, fuck portrayed a broad equating the, suzhivayuschuyusya to back with kopylkom glass pyramid forms, in hole which vstavlyalas counseling crest. When on pryalke not worked, comb vynimalsya from kopylka, and Donce, fuck veshalos on wall, becoming an idiosyncratic decorative Gapchinskaya.

In mid-past century masters of have become revitalise inlaid in Donets River first only podkraskoy background, then a groove, and subsequently and the introduction of colorful even ordinary drawings. Most early similar Donce, fuck, worthy until our days, was manufactured a master Lazarus case Stepanovich Melnikov in 1859 year. Gradually painting of, technologically more simple, terminally ousted labor-intensive services inkrustatsiyu.

In painting of gorodetskie masters of suffered not only scenes, previously used in inlay work, but and obobschennuyu term images, podskazannuyu techniques of a groove. In Luster were used bright juicy paint red, for yellowcake, green, black flowers, the on melted liquid joiner the glue. Over time range of expanded; aside from traditional pryalochnykh Donets have become titanium and to paint with absolutely-mochesniki, wooden toys, furniture, even parts of homes the shutters, doors, gates. In 1880 year in catching was used about 70 man from seven neighboring villages. In including worlds oldest craftsmen, mean supporting sanctions that zachinatelyami background Luster, persisted names brothers Melnikovykh and G. In, later to them joined the painters, Church secrets fishery capacity was lost in the early 20 century I. A. Mazin, F. S. Krasnoyarov, T. Beliayev, I. A. Footlockers just.

Gradually vyrabotalis Quintas receptions background Luster, on its mnogoetapnosti close to professional painting. Initially produced painting background, which is and actuator. On Energy background master makes podmalevok , prejudicing major brush basic color spots, after what more the subtle, arms reshapes strokes form of. Ends the painting of razzhivka created using white and black color, unifying Figure in one thing whole. Ready the plot usually imply in graphical a frame or let's see. In background Luster there are many simple changing motives roses-kupavki, are old,, some weed.

With the development fishery capacity was lost significantly enriched and scenes Luster rates, borrowed against, apparently, from Lubok the images. Aside from traditional Trojan appeared Tea, organised every, a from urban life, characters popular fairy tales, of my the scene, decent Russo-Turkish war.

Gorodetsky answer byl about fifty years. His flourishing account for on 1890s years, when asserted Donets came to 4 thousands of in year, but already by the early 20 century answer came in decline. After First World War raspisnoe production fully petered out, and even the most famous painters were forced to seek a different lifetime earnings.

Revival background Luster stems with name artist I. I. Oveshkova, centre. The in Nizhny Novgorod area in 1935 year from Zagorska-Siudek. His by attempting in village Koskovo was opened public the workshop, dithering about how old painters. Oveshkov adopted on themselves not only leadership work workshop of the, but and organized vocational training artists. Under his immediate involvement began enlargement entire painted products exempted caskets, wall lockers for tableware, childhood chairs, skladnye folding. In 1937 gorodetskie masters of participated in the exhibition Popular creativity , fiasco proved in Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, where alongside dontsami 19 century Farmelen modern products.

In 1951 in farms Kurtsevo was opened aluminium joinery-furniture artel FC Shakhtar , that headed a a hereditary Gorodetsky painter A. E. Konovalov. Artel became preoccupied with producing furniture with motives traditional Luster wardrobes, 't have night tables, cross-legged ornemental stools, tables available; range of constantly beneath. In 1960 year artel was transformed in factory of the Gordeckaya painting of.

Currently factory of rolls painted toys-jack pumps, child furniture, ornamental Gapchinskaya, it, tokarnuyu tableware. Although has changed functioning appointment gorodetskikh products exempted, in their Luster persisted traditional motives and images long-legged knights are, riders, magic birds, flowers-kupavki.


Gordeckaya painting of and there on tree

Gordeckaya LIST- unique phenomenon Russian national culture. This popular art connected in itself traits artistic best popular painting, roots which go in depth centuries.

History unique heros story Luster for around already more 1.5 centuries. In their compositions peasant artists were just discovering unique shaped the world.

Gorodets painting - one of the most famous artistic crafts Russia, yarchayshee phenomenon so-called naive art. Nedaremno one of French art critics said, that such things must lie in the Louvre.

Among the most common the plots Luster organised every, Tea, famous Gorodetsky from with rider at four eighteen., popular holidays. Painting of chovek wealth of paints Russian summer with his K. Lugovoi were, ozarena a shining to the noon crew sun, if zalivayuschim leurs light enjoy their garland flowers and outlandish birds.

Throughout history fishery capacity was lost popular masters of created the original picturesque system, found unique images and have developed richest arsenal practices a picturesque engineering details Aoyama and elements floral ornament.

History LLP Gordeckaya painting of , as enterprises Arts and crafts begins with 1937, when on the basis of collective workshop of the was created artel FC Shakhtar. In 1960 year artel is reconstituted into a factory of the Gorodets painting. Then same begins revival background heros story Luster.

Currently venture is in private property. On it work 300 people. Artists factories - masters of high class. Many of them are members of Union artists Russia. Their work are exhibited on numerous Russian and overseas exhibitions, is acquired museums, private galleries and collectors.

Today factory of Gorodets painting rolls diverse range of products exempted with traditional delicate ornamental, heros story painting and carving on tree. This khlebnitsy, cakes and poultry chessboard, kitchen mnogopredmetnye sets, sets for tea and spices, supplies, caskets, salt shakers, treasure chests of fine, ornamental wall Gapchinskaya. Varied issued for our enterprise child furniture: Desks, chairs, benches, bed, cabinets, hooks. Numerous toys for children, among which special demand enjoys from-running a gym here, adorned with a painting in traditional for this fishery capacity was lost color range of colours. Products with background painting not only possess decorative qualities, but and have for practical use appointment. They capable create atmosphere special-style in interior apartment, ???? or any public exposure (institutions culture, kindergarten, schools-lyceum, dosugovogo center, room and workshops to innovate, popular creative and exclusive view). Popular copyrights products, its by artists creative lab. Every of them is under work of literature art, arresting fantasy author - artist. Precisely these products attract to itself attention real connoisseurs of ands greatest connoisseurs popular art. On factory are born products, fulfilled in the tradition background DEAF a groove on tree. This tradition goes drifting away from conversations a groove, samples which represented in gatherings largest museums Russia. In the groundwork background a groove ended Golets ornament with inclusion in him various inscriptions and dates, and also images Lions and fairy creatures (beregin, faraonok). Artists use also skobchatuyu, with podkraskoy, ivory and inkrustatsiyu morenym oak. On venture of elegant carving decorate box, small Gapchinskaya, salaries as well icons, are made of gingerbread chessboard (for press favorites), property sculpture. Masters of - you cutters work over Kurpian icons, using artistic receptions ,-reaching from art ancient Russias. Products foreman differ virtuoznostyu enforcement and marked by lucky the artistic manners.

For a brief time on background Luster was created ikonopisnaya the workshop and launched Writ icons. Icon painting nest craftsmen received blessing Patriarch of the Moscow and of All Rus Alexy Vatican and Metropolitan the Directorial and Arzamassky Nicholas. As icons of in workshop of the background background Luster manufactured in rigid view accordance with technology ancient foots with viewing natural natural dyes, aged rums work tree of and observance pictorial canon art samples People of Scriptures. Every year on venture emerge new products. For maintaining traditions drifting away Luster is witnessing artistic advice. Venture also serves orders on the fabrication souvenirs, toys, carved products exempted, elements of decor for interior, and exterior private homes, products exempted from 39000, supply of quality production of.


I told you about really a major popular catching an ancient cities Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Except him still all are well known for section deaf there and zolotnaya embroidery.
Recommend to familiarize themselves and with them. About them much detail in odnoimennykh themes.