Produce and sell forged knives from damask have become, knives from stainless steel have become 95Kh18, knives from instrumental have become Kh12MF, steel 9KhS, steel KhV5 (almazka), steel R6M5K5 (bystrorez).

Among the of blades we doing that with 2001. In the time we precisely) served they give from damask have become, ready to knives not harvested. Billets of blades the blacksmith Marushina Alexander Ivanovich is acquired stab firms Nizhny Novgorod area, where forth gather in ready to products. So name of the blacksmith more known in our region.
Some time ago, us was taken decision themselves to collect knives. In a short period work us developed various model knives, road sets, flyazhek, shampurov, barbecues, which enjoy success not only in hunting, fishing and-related travel stores, but and in firms alumni selling souvenirs and gifts. All model tested on the tenacity, ranging with Frostmourne and ending the butt of the. Comes guarantee of on every product. Our organization produces knives those created by different appointments for shot, fishermen, tourists and simply places active vacation, and so same you can to purchase box in gift.
All knives not are cold weapons, so as they over expertise in EKTs MVD Russia and have certificate Gosstandart trades abroad, that not requires a special resolution on sale and purchases of. They give knives manufactured by East from wrought iron damask, stainless steel, instrumental, bstrorezhuschey steels. Of Damascus steel is kompozitsionnym input. She consists of numerous layers metal with different carbon-heavy (portable veterinary laboratory and soft). To assemble a rukoyatey knives are used only organic materials: The South-African breed trees, which possess durability, vodostoykostyu and not give shrinkage over time. All knives, elaborate our company, go in goes with leather nozhnami. Accept the applications on individual orders. Under purchase knives on amount above 20 100,000 rub. Acts credit.
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Knives from damask have become:

Knives from instrumental have become Kh12MF:

Knives from stainless steel have become 95Kh18:

Knives from speed have become R6M5K5:

Knives from have become 9KhS:

Topory from have become 65G:

Please Akcijas! With 04.07.2014 on 31.07.2014 Kala beam in gift under purchase knife:

- from tortsevogo Damascus

at him speed have become R6M5K5

- from damask have become souvenir knives in gift

- from damask have become the hilt rg elk (you become the host)

- from damask have become with nickel buckle

In sale derived they give

In our no clothing left new revenues ...... the from damask have become (small)and they give from damask have become

skladnye knives (vykidnye):

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