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't seek relatives Smirnova Vasily Alexeyevich

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In first numbers September 1943 year at Rifle fact was released village Lower krynka renowned leaders cleanup-area (now this village Lower krynka Soviet cleanup cities category: Makiivka Donetsk area Ukraine). Under his release 5.09.1943 year died commander do Jumpmaster 1052 rifle regiment lieutenant of Smirnov Vasily Alekseyevich.
This here is here described by

Smirnov W. A. Native of sec. Zayatino (likely ZAMTINO) Gorkovskaya (Oblast Been charged Vetluzhskim EWDTS. Mother Smirnova Matryona Alekseyevna the in sec. Zayatino (likely ZAMTINO) Vetluzhskiy r-on Gorkovskaya (area. She, ostensibly died in 1970 year. Have Smirnova was wife Paul Pavlovna and son Valery, which, likely, in 1985 still residents in Zamyatino.
Judging by the, that Zamyatino (on a map) indicated as not residential, then and write there there is no sense.
Name SMIRNOVA in Lower Krynke labeled one of streets -

Like would, to his countrymen and relatives SMIRNOVA knew, that their an estranged cousin and countryman in Lower Krynke remember.
Is buried he in fraternal grave in village, - (1) .jpg

In museum schools # 102 the favela housewife letter wife Smirnova - Pavly relations and photos Smirnova Vasily Alexeyevich and the most Pavly relations.
On site they here

In letter Pavly relations referred, that she in museum sends the only a picture of an husband and under this requests its return.
Is unknown was whether digit replicates photo Smirnova W. A. His wife.

For this reason am asking help establish fate wife and son of our liberator and your countryman Smirnova Vasily Alexeyevich.
Them will pleased obtain this information and see a picture of an.


Few years I not was on homeland - in Vetluzhskiy area. That is why so and not can you help. Requests on mails nothing not give. Very hope, that increasingly same something bent or broken.