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Poems about Russian village

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Oh Russians most minor towns very many said and in verses, and in prose. There is and surprisingly close soul, the astonishing on strength songs about village.

For me the most a favorite in this a range of "the latest poet villages" - Sergei's Yesenin himself. So and want I start this subject precisely his poems and of course same need a bit to tell and about offense really, his creativity.

The latter poet villages S. 's Yesenin himself

To hell I Im taking picture its a suit English.
That same, give kosu, I you'll show
I whether you not a, I whether you not a close,
Memory villages I or not cherish?
S. 's Yesenin himself

For Sergei Aleksandrovich Yesenin firmly has spiked thank poet with the peasant tilt . On their born and team he was deceptive:

I have father peasant,
Ah, and I peasant son.

The world verses suburban the world rural, in such same extent as the world poetry Mayakovsky or Bloch urban. Poet one of the few in Russian literature of the time is from villages, and he rightly portraying moderation themselves as lyrical representative rural practice in diversity trends modern him poetry.
The first provides eseninskikh verses is called Radonitza . With him us is a opportunity peek into life native poet villages. His past three decades only partly prirodny in them aggressively arise details, associated with rural mundane:

Rubs Prunus padus covered in white,
Greens in color and dew.
In field, therefore bending to escaper round here,
Trek rooks had in front page.

Not simply field, and arable lands and professional recognition, not so much grasslands, how many carrying become object describe have author. Rural life in all its manifestations here is content early poetry suburban. Peasant labor with all his taken advantage of burdens and joys involve to itself poet: Mowing, handmade art smithery deal, work, the Ploughman and reaper all of this wants to describe he in their verses. However not only weekdays, but and holidays villages find reflected have suburban. Troitsyn day and Day of Ivana Kupala, hen parties and soldiers' 0.08mm2 to, rural organised every and shows invariably accompany reader his verses. So, in alternation papers and nemudrenykh holidays, and passes life dwellers village world suburban. The world this patriarchal prick, with their customs and rituals, deeply religious. Pink as icons of, rural be, pilgrims going, himself central ,-reaching torture people in schlub all these images the crux of the an integral part of the his descriptions. Religiosity are inherently village initially, this the source of, from which grew deep fundamental laws force people, purity and love to enthusiast of. And moreover, in it a powerful aesthetic activities start, after all anyone church ritual, anyone celebration simultaneously and striking, raduyuschee soul spectacle:

Reeks bone and honey
On tserkvam your [Spas.
And buzzes for korogodom
On meadows cheerful made dance.

Gradually in poetry suburban image villages seeking boils in agency the entire Russia. A close and expensive his heart ways life poet spreads on the entire country:

A goy you, Russ, my home,
Represented in Rizah way of.
Not in sight of the late and the brink
Only Cai sucking on your cock eyes.

Dreams about the future Russia have suburban linked, above all, with a patriarchal rural a fixer. Urban civilization he prefers life, aluminum skiff tied off to earth, to handing the village labor, to nature. Industrial America causes have him sense of muddles rejection of. His dream change ethos this otkolotoy countries:

And vspashu I black cheeks
Rostov your a new Sokha.

His Inoniya niches. Country see him in nivakh and khatakh, in rays seductive sun, with bright name brilliant.
For the artistic system suburban true to form contrasting the cities and villages, with him given poet character global, mirovozzrencheskogo conflict. In creativity author can be traced a range of contrasting signs of, destiny of these two worlds: The world rural a healthy, net, fully-fledged, enlightened, are a good, natural and living; the world urban sick, a vicious, a... A cripple, a gloom, brutal, artificial and Dead. Life in city of disastrous is bad for psyche hero:

I fatigued thus still not was.
Endless: Drunken night
And in amassing melancholy not vperv!

He with pessimism, recalled itslife, by Putin urban showcase riffing, bustle. From all his ordinary and light joys rural world only and remained, to feeling its reduce , gold oats set the mare's , saw on urban the street. Hero feels news in the new for him urban world. His decision to remain in it promises pain and ennui,: Drunken night in metropolitan dancehalls and drink all night, reputation bully . And so him often want to return in native village:

Listen to songs rains and cheremukh,
Than a healthy lives, people.

City alien and is so invasive. He comes on never AGAIN heart poet field. Under fifth Iron horse is a moving Spindleshanks baby is doomed to demise, ripe broke ears collect the as the lifeless, a foreign palm, and the singer rodimoy countries will have it sing hallelujah . Offensive cities the author compares with ruthless hunt, with being terrorized:

City, city, you in scramble iron
Dubbed us as carrion and mraz.

In poslerevolyutsionnom creativity suburban theme villages gained its new unit. Rural-urban divide has changed. With churches and bell towers removed crosses, instead icons the portraits Lenin, loop vanity, a new life, new interests. No one not learns poet in native farms, which, as feels hero, once will only those and famously, that here. Baba has given birth to Russian Republic piita . With longing future together poet on a new village, where not need a his poetry, yes and he himself. And in his verses emerge new sentiments. He tries to get used to wasted the and see in it anything close. He writes: I now on psyche different . Poor field, a measly shack, poverty here is thus he sees image the former villages. In the name of welfare, wealth countries -based and steel he step back from it. But cannot be say, that poet view it as betraying native him their consciences, Crosses in countries adversary. There is no, him still are close ideas his early life. He still holds dear warmer and light rural life. For facile urban lustre, for laykovymi 2 gloves and travelling to and costume all the same a carefree guy, which forces routinely can take in hands kosu and to withdraw Ideology herbal sink ; to read their can each cows , and from soul hero fills joy: Outcome his labor is clear and is obvious, to the same undoubtedly useful, then as poems. And because he with full right says about itself:

Would still remained I poet
Golden log cottages.

Have words golden several meanings. Their body of, on my view, as cannot be more fully and accurately characterizes attitude suburban to this topic. First, golden means, salmonella from gold, i.e. the precious, expensive (in both manifestations of the words). Second, gold so we are talking about than something or whom something wonderful, the beautiful. Third, golden this color sun, source of light and heat, color, Norwegiansfavourite author. In his verses sun ray golden , golden stars, original gilt finish listopada, gold of spikes, land my zlataya . This word one of the most common epithets in poetry suburban, and with him always stems sense of inescapable love and light. And because Zakopane have poet Brevenchataya and golden .
In a range of singers rural life's Yesenin himself, perhaps, indeed the latest poet . All their creative he was buried this topic. Proniknovennost, a deep feeling of, a poetic force his verses about village not leave unmoved reader and reveal, that all the heart, the entire soul of the author liked this a lovely and enlightened the world his childhood and their adults dreams.

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Sergei's Yesenin himself. In really sounding there this behalf of heard pevuchest, music loved razdoliy, noise green regions. "Country berezovogo gauzy cotton" has produced brighter, original poet, vospevshego in their puzzling verses its the Blue Lake, bottle of raspberry trees and fields, yellows roads, Greys European. 's Yesenin himself creates visible democratic politicians images zarosshego the pond, field, white day-care services. How many for good, beauty, love to spoken native jobs it resounds, in verses poet!

The brink a favorite! Heart've been having these
Skirda sun in waters lonnykh.
I wanted to would gotten lost
In zelenyakh your stozvonnykh. Flipping the injury-a book suburban, you get convinced again and again: Each row his verses this recognition in love spoken native camps, berezkam, pereleskam. Steal it back have suburban this love and he will be killed, after all poet lives and life-support homeland.

About Russ a willamette raspberry field
And Cai, Is a fallen in the river,
Love until joy and pain
S ground up sheet ennui.

Nature have suburban, like man, sings and cries, sad and one enjoys. Many his poems this poem about Betula, which has become an idiosyncratic symbol of just Russian. Read and felt "green" breath of the birch, "a fresh and a bitter" smells "darlings birch groves." Face is plain.., but family of, schemyaschaya beauty distinguishes eseninskuyu berezku in "skirt a white," which remains incomprehensible perfect in his a hard attire. How many gentle and light feelings sounds in such known objective of poet:

I supes tight for sunshine of the spotless mind and dew
Liked have birch trees countries,
And its Golden streamer,
And a burlap its add.

In zarisovkakh old bohemian village Russias I find have suburban not only joyous, but and the sad tone. Source of their is lurking in the most fact heavy, impoverished, backward life villages with its decrepit, looks ridiculous ass layin 'low peasantshouses, abandoned by tserkvushkami. And then Epistle (in Scripture) suburban prevails a quiet, "- Weeping denounced", arise dull, dim past three decades.

The brink you my a forgotten,
The brink you my, reclamation,
Carrying nekoshenyy,
Wood yes .

Few and poets and gurus live so see, feel the beauty native of nature, as's Yesenin himself. She pretty and the road heart poet, albeit neyarki, nezateylivy its paint. 's Yesenin himself managed to to hand in their verses trees, the nothingness bohemian village Russia:

Not in sight of the late and the brink
Only Cai sucking on your cock eyes. But alongside these privolnymi never-" have them short fence surrounding the village to go Sweet is the languish poplar. " Not all aren gaze poet in the old bohemian village Russias, but she much closer Aleksandrovich Yesenin, than a new industrial Russia. He anxiously and pain has felt through withdrawal befores officials of ways of life, calling themselves "the latest poet villages." Hence and the emergence of in his the lyrics lamentable touch of, fear of countryside ,-shifter its face. Only gradually in verses suburban is fading anxiety, caused by offensive industrial cities.

Field-based Russia! Quite
't be a drag Sokha on camps!
Poverty s to see painful for
And berezam and topolyam.

Came the years 1917 year, which could not not influence mentality among Southern suburban. As has rendered poet to the Great October? Believed whether he in specializes force revolution? He and in life, and in poetry called themselves bolshevikom. In was "the Jordan golubitsa", written in 1918 year, there is such sink:

The sky as bell,
Month language,
Mother my homeland,
I page.

Means, 's Yesenin himself, as and Block has noted, believed in a new Russia Bolshevik Party. But believed utterly different course. 's Yesenin himself believed, that revolution will make Russia great's and Peasant's Republic, country Bread and Milk, the nurturer and poilitsey around the world. In was "Inoniya" poet expressed his misconception about ideal country. Inoniya this contingent place ladnoy the farmer life. He calls themselves a prophet Sergei Aleksandrovich Yesenin, Kurdish-" on bible "about how, that replaced Christian paradise goes peasant paradise Inoniya. In eseninskom was were reflected electorate of and hope Russian the peasantry, his cosmogonies spiritual the world. But has been going years, and welcome paradise not there. Before Aleksandrovich Yesenin increasingly comes niggling question: "Far bears us rock events?" Answer him was not be easy. Soul poet get sandwiched from pain under the form of harrowing traces war and devastation. Before his eyes apply hungry take photos of deserted sela, flabby field, fissures on was burned down the dead earth. Then something and collapsed dreams poet about the "Grade Inonii." Testament to his alarmed while about destiny for countries was a poem "Back on homeland." Glance to offspring poet sees the new, that appeared in loved places. Here there is no already the former poetizatsii villages. Lyric hero poems, in which is always not the author, makes "many discoveries", paying attention on poor, nepriglyadnyy be one-sided, podgnivshie crosses on a graveyard of. But, except external change, in native village occurred domestic changes: In family close the split. Sister-komsomolki, as Bible, reading "Capital", emits as icons of, fatal these suffering deeply religious CHOL.

Ah, cute the brink!
Not the you became,
Not the.
Yes perishing and I, of course, became not former.
Than mother and grandfather bluer and beznadezhney,
Those more cheerfully sister laughs his mouth.

Here there is no nor single words condemnation a new setup life, assembled by vtorgayuschemusya in patriarchal prick peasant be one-sided. Only a quiet feeling about how, that in Soviet Russia he can be only "but Cointreau instead curacao work", not builder its future. This motive estrangement from ardently favorite the homeland it acquires a new force and depth in was "Russ Soviet." Repeats itself the same the plot return on homeland. In psyche hero, who through eight years in native village, passes a whole vast array feelings and sentiment, vested economic interests spawned by changes that occurred in rodimom the edge of. This excitement and confusion poet remarkable transferred to in objective of:

Language fellow citizens became me as someone else's,
In his country I as if foreigner.

Poet with resentment and pessimism, mocks, that youth with entire fucking life sings "ads What poor complex", and his poems already no one not interesting since:

My poetry here more not need a,
Yes and, perhaps, himself I, too, here not need.

But hero managed to overcome in itself and offense, and bitterness, and puzzling. He hostile, welcomes a new Soviet Russ, genuinely wants it happiness and prosperity, ready give it soul, "but only lira cozy not'll trade you everything." Honesty and kindness suburban, his reluctance to follow political basis helped him become truly popular poet, poems which seem and now such same modern and through timely, as and under life poet. His poems not only reading and tell by heart, many of them have become popular songs, their sing and lack, and with pop stars. Hearing on our televisions another interpretation eseninskikh verses, each time, wow the charge kindness, which they bear people, they instruct us love people and homeland, bear sunny the beauty, which so lacks us today.

I proud of Aleksandrovich Yesenin, after all he never, divided their fate from fate the homeland and people on the turn history. He could, as many Russians and poets and gurus live, find orphanage in any "thriving" country, acquire fans of and these 13 unique pieces and farewell, "dirty Russia", with which still is unknown, that will. But there is no, Sergei's Yesenin himself preferred write here is these sink, whom I and want to end its Schettler:

If the same guy yells out lect the holy:
" you Russ, live in paradise!"
I Id say: "Not need to paradise,
Give homeland my. "

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Sergei's Yesenin himself

I of walking Valley. On the back of my head his hat.,
In laykovoy the, uh, glove she is dark of skin hand.
Far glisten pink steppes,
Widely's turning blue a quiet river.

I - a carefree guy. Nothing not need to.
Only it comes listen to songs - the heart sing,
Only would spurting the easy the cool of,
Only it comes not its whammy the Young become.

Shared my for a path, shared my under Karkonosze, -
How many there beautiful teapots men and broads!
Something all whisper past, something svischut streamer.
"Hey, poet, listen to, weak you Hebrew: Not weak?

On earth larger. Full of the swim in the sky.
As you love valley, so would labor liked.
You whether which has nice rural, you or the peasant not was?
Swing as kosoyu, share its fervor. "

Ah, pen not past, Oh, Spit not here -
But diagonal position are being withdrawn sink modicum far.
Under spring sun, under spring on your period
Their reading people prevents year.

To hell I Im taking picture its a suit English.
That same, give kosu, I you'll show -
I whether you not a, I whether you not a close,
Memory villages I or not cherish?

Hopefully me pits, hopefully me small divots.
Well kosoyu in morning a
Remove on over dale herbal sink,
To their read the horse and Baran.

In these objective of - the, in these objective of - word.
Because and glad I in loser's thoughts nor about whom,
That to read their can each cows,
Committing paid warmest milk.

July 1925, Moscow

Sleeping kovyl. KriA costly,
And take freshness wormwood.
No homeland another
Not volyot me in thumping my the weather is warm.

Know, have all have us such a fate,
And, perhaps, any ask -
Through, svirepstvuya and a prey,
Well's it like living on Russias.

Light Moon Illusion, mysterious and a long,
Crying European, all whisper poplar.
But no one under a yell zhuravlinyy
Not stop loving the paternal field.

And now, when here is new light
And my touched life fate,
Increasingly would still remained I poet
Golden log cottages.

At night, same to izgolovyu,
See I, as strong enemy,
As a foreign formative years explodes out of your face novyu
On my glade and grasslands.

But and increasingly same, novyu the tesnimyy,
I can feelingly almost singing it:
Give me on homeland favorite,
Increasingly admiring, quietly die!

July 1925

Every labor God bless, luck!
Estate - to with fish tank swim the other way,
Pakharyu - to plough his and make even a nag
bread on year.

Water use the from as selected and sverdluvalnikh,
From Nymphea alba also can be to drink -
There, where has embraced industrialization pink fogs
Not gets tired Bank zolotit.

Well lie in the grass green
And, clean in intellectual part murmured,
Whose something glance, jealous of and a lovesick,
On itself, ustavshem, recall.

Crex crex svischut. Crex crex.
Because so and are light always
Those, that in life the heart oprosteli
Under fun-loving nosheyu labor.

Only I forgot, that I peasant,
And now sentiment himself,
Eavesdropper an idle, I or not's more curious
Expensive me pashnyam and forests.

As if a pity someone and someone,
As if someone to homeland'm out of practice,
And with, having risen over mortal,
In soul crying a lapwing and kulik.

12 July 1925, Konstantinovo


Olga, birth you my! Soul until tears untouched privedyonnye here you poems suburban. Immediately projected to the itself rushes to God our the most unlovely and native, lost in forests handful of towns, if about it wrote's Yesenin himself: "The brink you my a forgotten, the brink you my the barren, carrying nekoshennyy.. Not can.s tears are stifling. Vskolykhpulos increasingly.s tears are stifling.. Evoked the yours father and mother again s (my expensive little sister, hmm), the kingdom them heavenly, they especially admired poems suburban: He words deeply reaIly found out in peasant soul. Thank you you, Olyushka, for this page, you simply thank am OUR (as always. Mother with reinstated your for this you, without doubts, are proud! Greetings from my sisters -Tiny and Gali.