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Frolovskoe- rural-urban divide or village?

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Please come forward now who anything knows about Frolovsky Russian r-on.


Dobryi day! Frolovskoe - this a small a little village imprisoned from Vorsma Urban Settlement.


Rural-urban divide Frrolovskoe on predaniiyu is based Frolom (from Christ. Behalf of Flor - "flowered" (ancient Greek.) and his wife Anastasia.
According to lists naselyonykh seats Nizhny Novgorod Governorate for 1859 year in farms was 30 disappeared, where had roughly 192 population male gender and 219 inhabitants female.
In 1844 year pope, church was Arkhangelsk however come from Arzamassky district, rural-urban divide regional, son for deacon Vasily Sergeyeva.

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Thank you for very fun information! Hope that you not yet times us these will make happy.


Ah pro Frolovskoe can only that still complement - purely from's read:
In mid-and in the second half of 18 century nizhegodskie peasants fled "on an effort" (the mouth of Volga), in Siberia, on Caucasus, and the and in Poland and Austria.
Preoccupied with permanent the escaping fortress people from their owners, government not skupilos on enticing proposals. Decree 1755 year causes ruskikh bible from abroad, promising forgiveness all wines. Simultaneously prescribed in pomeschikam provide "raskayavshikhsya" and that have been peasants seed and "emenami" (the first - grain for planting, the second - for own consumption).
Grown such decrees repeatedly and Catherine produced. But your city governments greater part of not times reaching goal. The landlords still sometimes were not occupies directly enter with begetsami in benevolent a deal, to any way zaluchit their back.
One of incisive decision nizhegorodskiy landowner again with this purpose to press. In 1761 year he placed such announcement in "S.-Peterburgskikh of" (# 97 from 4 December): "The Nijni adviser Andrei Volodimirov son made a from purchased his Nizhny Novgorod the county sela Frolovsky from villages who have fled Mogadishu people and peasants from any meddlesome orders, - and now where live is unknown, through it gives know its intention in favor of their and its, to they returned on the previous its home or it comes here were have him in Saint Petersburg; he will take their with any to them vspomoschestvovaniem. And soderzhany will henceforth in good order, without of, and those were it comes invariably confident. "
Announcement triggered a series of podrazhaniy in the same 1761 year. However in rooms newspapers subsequent years they already not meet. On all lines, "more public" dushevladeltsy in vain spent money on the publication!

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You are here » SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area! » VORSMA » Frolovskoe- rural-urban divide or village?