SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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Age live-age East!

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Accidentally stumbled on your forum, which me are interested (not d the facade, as and
Administrative) its extravagance,s US mid in is, that themes is rising like them softball, but if you think of it - they despite soul, affect childhood and yunoshestvo.
In Solonichke I not has visited China's, but here is in the P. Them. Kalinina in early life repeatedly
By prowling on the Internet and learning history (its I more-less know), geography and other natural especially Rodnogo the brink, I with amazement opened for themselves (Oh what shame, that on a swamp in district the P. Them. Kalinina is widespread the most southern in country
Range face berries cloudberries. In soon summer plan to scour its reserves. Hope administrative. Olga, confounded in Vetluga (town), me will help information and Council?

A drifter


Dobryi day! Unfortunately me so and not managed establish concrete whereabouts this a?aaea. Alas, other perishing there is no, and those what can. In Solonitse already no one lives. In village,, too, now me not voiceless ask. Yes and found on Motherland now very rarely, unfortunately.


Hello! 've given your article pro weaving. Accidentally not Podskajite mastera- tkachikhu, which could advise you on this issue. Decided to address tkachestvom, has bought machine, but the most deal very difficult. He runs the Kaiju, has become try how to weave, but as something records is obtained.


Such known I have no. As nor regrettably, but I in its time not has deemed the please offer such a exotic make them beguiling have grandmothers or mothers. Now same this kind of pupils are became almost everywhere a memory.