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Temples and church Russian cleanup

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Gorbatov. Unknown Church
Date build: Date build is unknown.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod area, Pavlovsky district, scientific dogma into question. Gorbatov.
Road tolls: Highways N. Novgorod - Murom until Vorsma Urban Settlement, forth on highways on Gorbatov



Gorbatov. Church Trinity Zhivonachalnoy
Date build: 1813.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod area, Pavlovsky district, scientific dogma into question. Gorbatov, str. Gorbunov.
Road tolls: Highways N. Novgorod - Murom until Vorsma Urban Settlement, forth on highways on Gorbatov


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Ababkovskiy Nordstar Georgievskii feminine ’.
Pavlovsky district, Ababkovo rural-urban divide.
Foundation applies to 1818 year, when, on blessing sarovskikh) near sela Ababkova has lodged a pious and Lucia (name) Ivan Ivanovich Maslennikov, accepted the veil with name Lampadiya.

Here she has become podvizatsya in strict inocheskikh feats. Thanks to aid local pomeschitsy Natalia Prokofevoy, that on it outlet blessed Rev. Serafin, near Ababkovskogo kladbischenskogo Georgievsky temple was is based a small runnin 'a soup kitchen, where and has lodged today Lampadiya with sisters. Through five years, after her death, poorhouse presided its the relative Evdokija Titova, which in 1848 year transformed poorhouse in the Muslim community, and through 10 years — in the cloister.

Works devout believer was Murom merchant Nicholas Akifeva was built the first the Yasukuni — in honor Pokrova our Lady of Perpetual with ordinary great martyr Georgy George and martyr Nicholas of the Warrior, single from 40 sevastiyskikh martyrs. On his bequest on his same means was built for-Corps with Church in the name of as icons of of God Mothers “To anyone that you by Joy. ” In 1855 year territory monastery was is worn out stone railing.

In 1858 year in abode were produced the first disrobe need clipping. The first was postrizhena in the mantle of "TVS" abode Evdokija Titova with name called palladium hydride, through a few days she was elevated in a dignity igumenii with attendance received small it - The staff's.

In 1865 year was builds a new pyatiglavyy trekhprestolnyy the Yasukuni in honor Santa Trinity, but construction his has been delayed from-for fire on as much as 20 years.

In 1894 under monastery was opened church-based school for girls from sela Ababkova and chiostro home.

In 1897 year on place old Youth in Church was builds winter Stone 11-headed Pokrovskiy Cathedral, cupola in 1903 year.

In the years 1917 year’had in his ownership 4’s Backyard: In lower Novgorod, in Sormovskoy't send, in county city of Gorbatov (town), in farms Pavlovo.

In the first years Soviet power a county land revenue department organized under monastery state farm, in which worked sister. In April 1928 consisted Russian main. Interfax ruled close ’, the Muslim community to dissolve, estate realize. Of the buildings build were turned over to in land-governance. Subsequently two of the cathedral were-detonated.

In the years Great Patriotic war in remaining packages security of Leningradskoye tertiary naval a command and began College, after the war — colony for minors girls.

In 1995’was transmitted the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2001 was jail of the home Church in honor as icons of of God Mothers “To anyone that you by Joy ” in igumenskom abroad.

Wop in monastery come daily. A prayer rule sister abode commit on statute Serafimo-Diveevsky of female monastery. In Sunday before the Divine Liturgy is traded Paraklisis Sacred to Virgin. In Marian feast days holidays and in Sunday’s days after the Divine liturgy is traded Chin about Panaghia. In monastery come prayers, the memorial, as common, so and on opened parishioners.

In 2006 in abode was open child workers orphanage, far accepted 7 girls. One of congregation of buildings fully repaired and adapted for devices child home.

The main milestone in history abode:
1818 year - Over blessing the reverend Seraphim of Sarov and Ox-bow lake Lukii Maslennikovoy (in Monastic order Lampadii) ababkovskoy farmer's wife now hotel and tourism ßkovlevnoy Prokofevoy was organized runnin 'a soup kitchen for widows and damsels under burial Ribbon of St. George church sela Ababkovo.

1823 year - 18 on May 1823 years after skorotechnoy and tormented bed fever. Has betrayed spirit of its God mom Lampadiya. In behind departed Lukii was elected Ksenia Nikolaevna, caused by N. Ya Prokofevoy from manuscript of Zelena Hora communities.

1837 year - 18 December 1837 year has betrayed spirit of its God benefactor abode Natalia given Philharmonic.

1846 year - poorhouse presided the relative Ox-bow lake Lampadii ryasofornaya the Nun called palladium hydride (in world Evdokija Titova) from Arzamassky in the name of svtyatitelya Nicholas monastery.

1847 year - 6 June 1847 year, on blessing preosvyaschenneyshngo Archbishop Jacob was obtained Sobornaya book on reconstruction Ribbon of St. George church. Have abode, on pottery God Himself, has a new benefactor Nikolai Alekseevich Akifyev.

1848 year - 19 December 1848 year by the Decree of the Holy Synod Ababkovskaya runnin 'a soup kitchen renamed in Ababkovskuyu Nikolayevska the Muslim community

1849 year - 22 June 1849 year builds the first Stone the Yasukuni honor Pokrova our Lady of Perpetual.

1851 year - 1851 year Radetzky construction temple in honor Pokrova our Lady of Perpetual.

1852 year - built two stone two-storeyed corps: Cells, Church, prosfornaya, psaltyrnaya, dynamite stone walls building featuring about 3-'s meters with towers on four the corners and three bus passes gateway.

Of 1853 year - 22 November of 1853 year in the Temple in honor Pokrova our Lady of Perpetual was sanctified the first aisle in the name of St. Saint Grand Georgy.

1854 year - 25 July 1854 year preosvyaschennym him (there's this), bishop Nizhny and Arzamas was sanctified Shrine in the name of Pokrova Sacred of the Virgin. 26 July 1854 year in the Temple in honor Pokrova our Lady of Perpetual was sanctified the second aisle in the name of St. martyr warrior Nicholas. In same year for railing abode built house for clergy and two-storey category: Pilgrimages Corps.

1855 year - In the early 1855 year died benefactor abode Nikolai Alekseyevich Akifyev. In same year complete construction monastery's fencings.

1859 year - 10 January 1859 year a community received status obschezhitelnogo treteklassnogo of female monastery. 2 August 1859 year the Nun called palladium hydride postrizhena in the mantle of with name Evpraksiya and 26 September the same year elevated in a dignity igumeni.

1862 year - builds and soon built two-storey Stone for-( Igumenskiy) Corps with Domovoi with a temple in honor as icons of of God Mothers “To anyone that you joy. ”

1865 year - 11 July 1865, builds trekhprestolnyy Cathedral in the name of Santa Zhivonachalnoy Trinity with right pridelom in honor Theotokos of Tikhvin as icons of of God Mothers and the left - in the name of St. Nicholas, of Myra revered.

1885 year - 16 January 1885 year has betrayed spirit of its God she's the Mother Superior Evpraksiya (Lucia (name) Ivan Ivanovich Maslennikov).

1886 year - Radetzky construction year-old Troitsky Cathedral. 28-29 July 1886 year -Trinity Cathedral was sanctified preosvyaschennym Modest (Strelbitskim), bishop Nizhny and Arzamas.

1889 year - 12 February 1889 year, on an application sisters abode and surrounding inhabitants leftovers from the pervonachalnitsy monastery book by Lampadii (Lukii Maslennikovoy) have been replicated, with resolution of the Holy Synod, in the cloister and Olshansky against chief altar Pokrovskyi temple.

1894 year - 17 October 1894 year under monastery is open church parish school.

1897 year - 1 on May 1897 year - the first issuance female students Church-their parish schools.

1900 year - In 1900 year on place old Pokrovskyi temple, on project an architect A. I. Shmakova builds a new winter Stone odinnadtsatiglavyy Pokrovskiy the Yasukuni with ordinary in the name of Pokrova Sacred of the Virgin, all Jacobe, Saint Grand Georgy George and the martyr Pelageya (singer).

1903 year - Completion screen construction-based Pokrovskyi temple.

1904 year - 29 September 1904 year included consecration pridela To anyone Jacobe Pokrovskyi temple. So same to this year complete construction 9 civilian bodies and 7 bodies outside walls abode.

Of 1905 year - In 1905’received sr³bnu medal from Committee St. the Petersburg exhibition congregation of works.

1911 year - By 1911 year on territory monastery but in: 2 stone temple, for-Stone Corps with conversations Skorbyaschenskoy Church; stone chapel, 3 stone two-storeyed corps, 4 two-storeyed wooden corps, two-storey polukamennyy Corps, wooden sleeping quarters,, 3 all, 3 bathhouses, several economic agents buildings; outside monastery's fencings were wooden chapel, 2 the hotels for pilgrims.

1914 year - In 1914 ended construction of a two-story-based trapeznogo corps. Under abode were are organized: Hospital appears, strannopriimnyy house, water windmill on the Kishme, beloshveynaya and ikonopisnaya workshops. Monastery belonged’s Backyard in lower Novgorod, cities Gorbatov (town) and Pavlov.

1915 year - By 1915 year in Ababkovskom monastery residents 2 igumeni, 42 nuns and 2.7 postulant is. Sister were famous -: We quilt attraction, tkanem belts.

1918 year - In the early 1918 year all a monastery agriculture was taken on accounting Pavlovsky land managed by Office, but the cloister continued exist.

Of 1919 year - In the 1919 on base congregation of dispossession created state farm, far have gone 24 postulant is. Withdrawn entire land, inventory, part of cattle and some residential build. In property monastery remained house, equestrian and a cattle yard, molotilnyy Khan of this type is. Pavlovskoe uezdnoe governance just wore out in lease grasslands abode.

1922 year - In 1922 year inhabitants sat Ababkovo, G-Tarka and other organized religious the Muslim community under monastery (313 chol.); it were turned over to 2 temple and the home Skorbyaschenskaya Church with Latin vulgus utensils.

1925 year - In 1925 year in abode residents 37 nuns and 50 the novices,, most the novices, has worked in the farm.

1928 year - 13 April 1928 by Regulations Russian main. Interfax Ababkovskiy’and a community were closed, and buildings turned over to land management under agropunkty. In August 1928 7 congregation of building and land turned over to home vacation-insurance till.

1930 year - In 1930 year -Trinity and Pokrovskiy temples were-detonated.

1941 - 1945 years - At territory monastery settled down Pereyaslav Leningradskoye naval and began trade school.

1946 - 1959 years - At territory monastery troops D. camp.

1979 - 1983 years - At territory monastery was headquartered Children to send him to reform colony for girls.

1995 year - The Beginning revival abode.

Foundation communities:

Ababkovskiy '-Nordstar Georgievskii’– one of ten Genital monasteries Nizhny Novgorod dioceses, based on blessing Reverend cries of Serafima Sarovsky. On pottery God Himself, ustraivayuschemu human living path save, foundation this abode belongs not highborn and rich, and simple podvizhnitse. In 1818 year near sela Ababkovo, on Bank named Lake, alongside kladbischenskim George with a temple has lodged a pious and Lucia (name) Evdokimovna Ivan Ivanovich Maslennikov, accepted domestic spying the veil with name Lampadiya, from hands Sarovsky personality sensational headline declaring.

Place this had to it on psyche, and here she has become pursue days their in strict inocheskikh feats. At night uedinyalas in the forest more often for Ramadan, where and was it treble vision saintly great martyr Georgy. In memory about these vision Lampadiya has ordered write the icon saintly Georgy with stock image his in is the form of, in what he was podvizhnitse (in the form of young men with sword). Subsequently icon has this, on mercy of of God, popular by many family.

Thanks to patronage and aid local pomeschitsy Natalia ßkovlevny Prokofevoy, that previously blessed on it good outlet Rev. Nicolas Serafin, near Ababkovskogo kladbischenskogo Georgievsky temple was is based a small runnin 'a soup kitchen, where and has lodged today Lampadiya with the first to sisters. More four years global charge mom Lampadiya Ababkovskuyu poorhouse, bogougodnaya and got pluck, this one life its shrunk 18 on May 1823 year. But place this not remained forgotten and after its demise.

Revival and a new the rise future perfect abode also stems with name saintly Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky. After death book by Lampadii, remaining sister into a charity have become beg inokinyu Arzamassky Nikolaevsky monastery Palladiyu Titovu lead their dormitory. She was in fact related to inokini Lampadii and above podvizalas in Ababkovskoy every time the.

Once, visiting Sarovskuyu desert belts, today called palladium hydride came to bearded guy Seraphim, pomyshlyaya beg blessing for revenues in Diveevskuyu the cloister. Not mellow say was hello nor words, heard from personality its future fate: “No there you path-dorozhenki and there is no you on the blessing sinful of Serafima! You and fulfilling its enterprise Damir Diveev. Do come back to of Murom, where you above lived. You God will give benefactor, not - Save Barin, not peasant. ” With "through faith we in answer Divine, with postoyannoyu pray serving to velikomucheniku of Murom, voodushevlyonnaya also even and predictions personality of Serafima, she with the entire love needed together with sisters for ustroenie into a charity.

Soon founding prophecy Reverend of Serafima: Central sent loyalties benefactor in personified by merchant Nicholas Alexeyevich Akifeva. He, as a chained up to bed gravest persons, possessing a deep faith, received healing, pomazavshis so with oil from to the infinite lamps, before magic way saintly great martyr Georgy, privezyonnym to him in house ababkovskimi sisters. Subsequently N. A. Akifyev, in a badge of gratitude for Japanese wonderful healing, many somebody for gratitude for Japanese wonderful healing, many somebody for accomplishment future abode.

On his means was renovated undertaker, he's the Yasukuni honor vmch. Georgy George. 22 June 1849 year for sisters builds the first Stone the Yasukuni in honor Pokrova Mary) Mothers, with ordinary in the name of vmch. Georgy George and martyr Nicholas warrior (who was heavenly saint the most Nicholas Akifeva). In 1851 year the Yasukuni this was completed postroykoyu, and was sanctified later three years – in 1854 year. But, soon after his of blessing, merchant Akifyev, to large'm on fire naselnits, died. And then a good thing about institutional care was over the poor house assumed his spouse Anna year.

With increase in number of buildings and living in loyalties sisters 19 December 1848 year on the Highest the decree of the Holy Synod runnin 'a soup kitchen renamed in obschezhitelnuyu Ababkovskuyu Nikolayevska female the Muslim community, which officially was adopted under patronage power spiritual and civil.

Education and flourishing monastery:

In January 1859 year, after visits abode bishop Nizhny and Arzamas Antonius (Pavlinskim), uvidevshim instead a poor communities well-maintained ’, this would mean a community, to address Synod, was elevated in degree of treteklassnogo monastery. 2 August this same year in walls abode were produced the first disrobe need clipping. The first among sisters was postrizhena in the mantle of "TVS" monastery mom called palladium hydride with name Evpraksiya, and 26 September in lower Novgorod she was elevated in a dignity igumeni with attendance received small it - The staff's.

Valery services were committed in abode daily, sisters Plugin neusypnyy Psaltyr before an icon of God Mothers, with to the infinite lamp post before it.

With the second than half nineteenth – until the early 20th century on means of benefactors and Board of Trustees in monastery is fought expansive oldest stone construction. Along with keleynymi and economic Smolny Convent buildings in 1862 year in abode was crafted for-Corps, in which blessed pharaoh the Yasukuni in honor as icons of of God Mothers “To anyone Skorbyaschikh where he escapes from prison. ”

11 July 1865,, on leading sworn project, rassmotrennomu in it explicit projects and smet the Chief Enforcement Ways messages and public buildings in St. Petersburg took place tab Troitsky year-old of the cathedral. But on the next year in monastery occurred big conflagration, and from-for shortage of funds work call for dozens of the cathedral were routinely halted. Construction temple over only later twenty years. Witnesses monastery mom Evpraksiya not lived to see it until celebrations on program the Cathedral 16 January 1885 year she died.

After demise book by Praxedes the abbess monastery has become mom Appolinariya, that sister elected its my boss, actually. Precisely under it, 28 June 1886 year, Preosvyaschenneyshim Modest (Strelbitskim), bishop Nizhny and Arzamas, in dioceses of with clergy in Trinity cathedral was # years ago the first succeeded in right side altar – in honor as icons of Theotokos of Tikhvin of God Mothers. On next day, 29 July, happened consecration another two of Thrones: Central – in honor Zhivonachalnoy Trinity, and left – in the name of St. Nicholas, of Myra revered. Internal finishing the Cathedral iconostasis with gilding, wall Luster were met on donations Moscow emeritus citizen merchant Ivan Vasilyevich Zalogina.

17 October 1894 year under monastery was opened Church parish school, in which learned girls from sela Ababkova and chiostro home. Initially in it terrorists were trained 24 girls. 1 on May 1897 By the first issuance female students. Before revolution, in the years 1917 year, in it terrorists were trained 13 boys and 10 girls. On their Dieter and equipment this was the best school in the busiest.

Ababkovskiy’in the early 20th century.

1897 year in’residency came well-off family Cheka from St. Petersburg Pelageya Fyodorovna Maksimova. Precisely on its means in 1900 year on place razobrannoy from-for vetkhosti a wooden Youth in Church was builds a lovely Stone the Yasukuni. Construction waged on’s draft civil an engineer Anatoly Ivanovich Shmakova. The Yasukuni this was chetyryokhprestolnym, consecration chief throne included in 1903 year. Pokrovskiy the cathedral was winter temple, otaplivalsya with the help kalorifernykh ovens and a water heating. Interior of the cathedral was first painted palekhskimi by artists under the leadership Constantine Chernyenko Alexandrovich Pershina. In one ties with with a temple have based its team high stone bell tower, with eight the bells.

The main event Church life Russia in 1903 year became glorify Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky. Echoes this very meaningful for Santa the Church the celebrations were reflected and in letopisi Ababkovskogo monastery. About 80 nuns abode, with blessing spiritual did, in 1903 year have been able to visit Sarovskuyu desert belts and worship the moscham cries of Serafima. Just same in during two years (1903 – 1904 devolving) almost 130 naselnits have visited in diveevo and Sarovskoy abode. See my father and be of Serafima remembered and have enshrined in Ababkovskom Nicholas monastery, precisely for his Blessing was incurred near old burial church a small female a community, which by the early twentieth century has become an excellent feminine formerly a.

September the 29, 1904, in podklete Pokrovskyi Cathedral, where was Dubrovnik the Tomb, and thereafter sleep in Him by khramozdateley and of benefactors monastery John and Pelageya (singer) Maksimovykh, included consecration pridela in the name of all Jacobe.

Along with superb temples to this year within monastery's fencings was throne hall 9 civilian bodies and seven bodies outside walls abode. Territory monastery had enclosed the The stone walls with towers, with three bus passes gateway. Monastic community an architectural ensemble was human-induced decoration of beautiful named seats. High podvizhnicheskaya life and industriousness nuns longer and abode respect and love pilgrims, which often attended ’.

Among attractions and shrines, in monastery particularly was esteemed image St. Saint Grand and Martyr and the Triumphant George Georgy, pieces sisters pervonachalnitsey this communities Lukiey. On izustnomu to the legend, written this that icon was Pavlovsky ikonopistsem from kind of Vlasovykh, and silver Saints with gilding donated to wife founded merchant Akifeva – and Anna. In 1881 year Bishop NIZHEGORODSKY and Arzamassky Ierimeya (Soloviev) donated in uncanny ability abode for jewelry this as icons of, in memory about his kind, svyatitelskuyu Panaghia.

In the early twentieth century in Ababkovskom monastery podvizalos until 400 nuns. Witnesses monastery mom Anthony special attention allocated development obedience on fulfilling various rukodeliy, among which preference ties “zolotnomu vyshivaniyu. ” In January 1904 year work congregation of vyshivalschits, along with other izdeliyami, revisited in nizhegorodskikh monasteries, were relegated in St. Petersburg on first the All-Russia exhibition congregation of works.

In period with 1906 on 1911 year in abode been four their Superior. 's an elderly mixed mom Anthony has moved in zashtat, and in return it was called into today Smaragda, but already 13 July 1907 on its place was reassigned a new witnesses – she's the Mother Superior originally. In 1911 its transfer the prioress in Kyivo-Pokrovskiy ’, and in Ababkovskuyu the cloister are appointed she's the Mother Superior Razel.

In abode pile increasingly necessary for chiostro to share in: Temples, keleynye corps, predecessors for build and tools for processing land, collection crop and his storage. Sister carried the their obedience not only in zolotoshveynykh workshops, but also worked on gardens, Gestut and skotnom yard. Under monastery was its grains khlebopekarnya, prosfornaya, wed and other facilities for subsistence farming.

A quiet and all heavy related stuff the monastic life was disrupted by with climate public by building in Russia. In post-revolution period in walls monastery from number of sisters (more 160 people) was floated Agriculture artel. But this not saved the cloister from subsequent ruin and liquidations. 13 April 1928 consisted Russian main. Interfax adopted decision: Close Ababkovskiy ’, the Muslim community to dissolve, and estate realize through financial department. Naselnitsy were expelled from native abode, and of the buildings build were turned over to first in land-governance for location here agropunktov, and then under House vacation. Further use monastery Soviet state bodies has led, that in 1930 year were destroyed two high-quality engineering talent temple – Troitsky and Pokrovskiy.

In the years Great Patriotic war in remaining Keleynykh packages security of tertiary Leningradskoye naval and began College. In post-WWII time in monastery were various boot institutions: School of Komsomolsk asset, school kinomekhanikov, female a special College for teenage Thai girls-teenagers.




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Even the top photo the Church Trinity Zhivonachalnoy in Gorbatov (town).



Church the blessed our Lady of Perpetual in Tumbotino
Date build last buildings frontier the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries.
Stone Church with refectory and is to bell tower. The main volume of temple — Church of on high chetverike. In Soviet time closed, partly destroyed, in building was placed baking plant. In the early 2000-'s broadcast faithful.


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