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Temples and church Russian cleanup

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In this topic will description of churches of our cleanup. Invite to participate all willing.


Good time days!
I to you with chelobitnoy.
With legs has strayed, running on connectivity, but nor as not can find as either full information about the one the Temple Vorsma Urban Settlement
Specialized Church in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement Russian of the Nizhny Novgorod area.
Even year build nor where there is no. Mentioning everywhere fleeting and not informotivnye
All that me managed exhume on today

Specialized Church in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement Russian cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area.

Church Religious Art of God Mothers Specialized in Vorsma Urban Settlement
Department name: The Kazan Church
Pavlovsky blagochinnicheskiy ????????
Propulsion VORSMA, Lenin MDL and DPLM.

Stone odnokupolnaya Church with is to bell tower, the main volume of the rotunda on chetverike.

Could not would YOU me help with information? If of course you have said? Although would year build

And this my contribution: :)

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But as about church in village Frolovskoe?


Pro Church Religious Art of God Mothers Specialized in Vorsma Urban Settlement.
Is based in 18 century. Date the ultimate build 1823 year.
Wood brick Church, built in 1823. Odnokupolnyy the Yasukuni in-style classicism with refectory, in which is placed Rachmaninoff Concert no aisle, and bell tower under spire up on top. Closed in gamble upwards. 1930-'s. Mistake faithful in 1955 and more not was closing.


Dobryi day! In several, found I sources, date founding church varies enormously. Let us hope, that common effort we increasingly'll go into.


Pavlovo. Church Ascension of God
Voznesenskaya Church
Game of thrones: Ascension of God
Date build: 1795.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod region, scientific dogma into question. Pavlovo, crossing streets Karl Marx and Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev.



Pavlovo. Church Resurrection Christ
Among Church
Game of thrones: Resurrection Christ
Date build: Between 1777 and 1778.
Worded: N.Novgorod region, Pavlovsky district, Propulsion Pavlovo.

After of Preobrazhensk church in farms Pavlovo remarkable Church Resurrection Christ, they pride altitude and beautiful architecture. She sooruzhaema was in continuing several years, and may by the end of and jail of in 1778 year Nizhegorodets bishop Antonius. On place its was Church wooden, ustuplennaya for minor price poor residents sela Glyatkovo in Gorbatovskom the busiest. This wooden Church was in the early past century monastery's, Voskresensk male monastery, about time of building which not retained no data. From lore known, thatthis, on desire owner sela Pavlovo, of the Mikhail action he won, moved on island near sela Vorsma Urban Settlement and with of the time is called not Iberian Chapel and, and Ostrovoezerskim. Case to this displacement of was the next contingency. Prince Cherkassky rode from the, where was ruler Governorate, in rural-urban divide Pavlovo and other their estates. When learned about this public toilets and implement on a secluded the island near Vorsma Urban Settlement inok Venerable Macarius, then released power--a period grand duke Cherkasy Territorial Emergency with saint an icon and blessed his. Prince took with grey-haired elder in conversation and asked, incidentally, about his whereabouts. The hermit showed his home. Secluded place it liked grand duke, and he In translate here from sela Pavlovo Resurrection . Intention of the nominee in enforcement in exuberant year, as show remaining of the buildings acts. Of these attacks in sight, thatworks was on izhdivenie of the he won and fitted with from him myselfjust a needs. " And met of the inok Venerable Macarius was the first rector Ostrovozerskogo monastery, where tomb his hitherto remains in one. However same Resurrectionand after change continued exist in farms Pavlovo until than half century, as in sight from deposit under the current Resurrection church and from of ratification of nizhegorodskogo Metropolitan Sylvester 1715 (MDCCXV year. In this letter missive Metropolitan prescribes-of Preobrazhensk church of this Alexey, to he had supervision for inokami Voskresensk monastery, games was 12 man XVIII under superiors personality Avramiya. Closer time emperor Peter Great about monastery semes not mentioned. Likely, then he was already converted in parochial Church.
The current among Church with two ordinary, ustroennymi previously 1778 year, camping on E. Above of blessing present chief throne. Of them one, on the right side in honor Kazanskaya as icons of of God Mothers, was sanctified archimandrite uprazdnennogo the Directorial there on monastery a Demetrie; and the other, a sailor, was sanctified Ostrovoezerskogo monastery Bootie Serapion of Novgorod. Over papertyu Resurrection church in 1805 year does the Beautiful bell tower, on is big bell, in 304 1 / 2 poods, rescues the in 1843 year, and the penultimate bell, in two poods, remained from deposit of the Yakov Kudenetovicha he won.
Within Church among pofarbovan paint, and cast-gender in it the entire almost pozhertvovan by the graph Pyotr Borisovitsch Sheremetev, after uprazdnennogo them in Pavlov Iron a plant. From icons Resurrection church are perfectly on Drevnosti and embellishment the next: Nominally image Resurrection Christ ,-in two arshina with Chinese-, and wide in ells and two grades all the, in srebropozlaschennoy Rize. Vladimir Theotokos of ,-in and a half arshina, and wide in ells, with ubrusom and Oklad from motley varieties pearls and Dragotsennykh of stones. Smolensk as that icon of God Mothers ,-in ells and 10 inches, and wide in ells and 3 grades all the, with ubrusom and Oklad also from motley varieties pearls and precious of stones. In kiote on top of the cabinet image several flatterers Bozhiikh, on kiparisnoy board-in 7 1 / 2, and wide in 6 1 / 2 inches, in srebropozlaschennoy Rize. Among way of vrezan srebropozlaschenny used-in 3 1 / 2 and wide in 3 grades all the, with Scotlands saints finding body, about games on ispodney board inadequate to nadpisano: Moschi of sv. Realization. Are. Pervozv., UP. Varfolomey, PA. Iacsona, Petrl mitrop., Aleksln. Svirsklgo, -. Nisskago,. - Ant. Romans., M. Kharalam., M. Vpatiya, Ame. Mediolan., Pdntel. Tselevnika, forge the V6las1ya, forge the Tatiany, Ebvdokii, free. Daniila produced., Isid. Pilusjota, Blagov. Knyaz. Constantine Chernyenko and chad his Mikhail and Feodora Muromsk. Under sikh moschlkh still land from the Calvary. In ??? same kiote image Soshestviya of the Savior in hell ,-in ells and three-quarters, and wide in ells with Chinese-, with end, cross and Oklad srebropozlaschennymi, what there are and on first three icons. That icon this would mean accompanied in Church Princes Cherkasskimi, and grades the favorite ikonopistsem Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich, slavivshimsya under the Czar Alexei Mikhailoviche and Petre Greater. In such a same kiote Specialized Theotokos of ,-in ells with Chinese-, and wide in ells, with ubrusom and Oklad, speaker motley varieties pearls and precious stones in silver coin each other. That icon this would mean grades also ikonopistsem Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich, although on mind appears ancient all other. She especially pre in other icons chtitsya residents sela Pavlovo and often is carried on homes for molebstviya.
To number of icons, pisannykh Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich, belong also as icons of: Saints Bay, AK Vasily Great, Gregory Revelation, John Zlatoustogo and Nicholas of Myra revered, the blessed Sacred of the Virgin, archangel Gabriel's, Evangelicals Matthew, of Mark, Luke and John Revelation. Naprestolnykh crosses ancient two; one silver pozoochennyy, showered with pansies rhinestones, in length 11, and in wide 9 inches, vodruzhen on Calvary, broadcast from chased silver content. The other used kiparisnyy in srebropozlaschennom from below and on the edges of the're salaried ,-in 8, and wide in 3 1 / 2 grades all the, with a carved banner on ispodney side on okladu: Izyavlenje about moschakh saints Bozhjikh ugodnikov, eaea in sem the cross polozhishasya: Over head a Splasitelya might. Ioan. Baptist, us bring vkupe copes we., zhivotvor. The tree of of God and part of copes presv. Of the Virgin. On right-wing storone ^ from the moreover Royal Vikingen Resort & SPA might pror. Daniel, evangeist. Mlrkl, UP Andr. The First-Called, on leftist might Lazar chetverodn., arkhidijkona Steflnd, pod prdvoyu ruchkoyu izovrlzheshya Splsitelya might Ignat. Bogonostsa, tsdrya Constantine Chernyenko, under levoyu forge the Georg, George, Feodord Stratildtl; have right-wing legs might Evst. Pldkidy, Stefdn. Novago, have leftist might Mikhail Maleina, big. Barbarians, pod was coming out feet might Ioanna voystvennika and Pdnteleim. Tselevnika. On this same the cross another the writing: Ot deeps of universe 7207 in letd (1699) mesyatsa Majya in 20 day sode ^ lasya this krest Oh--my sweet kiparisnyy to ovlozhenii srevryanom us legend the holy ugodnikov and get a jobVoskresenskjy, that in sele Pavlove, in Church surrender sacred vlagoslovenjya sake of and osvyaschenjya us veroyu prikhodyaschikh chelovek, tschanjem Stephen's Cathedral Shulgina son Leontiev, in pominovenje usopshikh and pogrebennykh srodnikov his.
From books first place ranks the gospel of, themselves in 1698 year in leaf on big Dutch paper, in srebropozlaschennom're salaried, weight in get a peck and three pound, with the banner on listam: 1702 leta from Christ God, mesyatsa Septemvrijya in 4 th day it sacred Evangelje pan out in Church Resurrection Christ tridnevnago, that in farms Pavlove tschanjem greshnago Stefdnl Leontiev, in pominoveni1e father his and manifestations" srodnikov his in vechnoe time. Another naprestolnoe the gospel of poludestevoe, pechatannoe in 1701 year, in barkhatnom're salaried, with such same as and vysheoznachennaya banner that indicate on stock Stephen's Cathedral Leontiev. Except these gospels there is still and other books the seventeenth-century, as something: Last Supper healthful , pechatannaya in 1683 Propulsion; bookcases kodeks for January in 1696 Propulsion; of Apostle of in 1695 Propulsion The writing on first his page: Stephen's Cathedral Leontiev, inVoskresenjya of Christ, that in sele Pavlove, in 1704 year February 3 th days
In side altar Kazanskaya Religious Art Lords Resistance Mothers are perfectly on absent as icons of: Tropidolaemus that icon of God Mothers in kiote with srebropozlaschennoy carving ,-in 17, and wide in 14 verschkov, with ubrusom and Oklad, speaker pearls and of Precious stones. In ??? same kiote Vladimir's that icon of God Mothers, with ubrusom and Oklad, speaker motley varieties pearls and precious stones. About this "icon razskazyvayut, that once some hypotensive secretly it has ascended in Church and wanted to to lift with it jewelry. But during stingy theft suddenly invisible force was removed from as icons of and hurled on land. In this genuinely the note you left himself hypotensive during originating over him court. In such a same kiote Tsaregradskaya Theotokos of, with ubrusom and Oklad, speaker also pearls and precious stones. To this "icon with special diligence and revered figure adopted inhabitants sela Pavlovo during cholera. Image God God without Kyota ,-in ells and 11 inches, and wide in ells and 5 inches, in srebropozlaschennom're salaried, with three precious stones extraordinary magnitude in weareth. Image this with dope fiends ikonopistsem Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich and prilozhen in Church Princes Cherkasskimi.
In side altar in the name of of sv. Apostles Peter and Paul are as icons of also remarkable on absent:
That icon of God Mothers Utolimye sadness, with ubrusom and Oklad from pearls and precious of stones. On ubruse two skater.Financial competitiouns silver chekannye. In Reznom were entirely kiote Panagia Portaitissa that icon of God Mothers, also with ubrusom and Oklad from pearls and precious of stones. A wreath silver chased in 3 pound 36 spools. In ??? same kiote Smolensk as that icon of God Mothers ,-in ells and three-quarters, wide in ells and 6 inches, with ubrusom and Oklad from silver content, you make pearls and precious stones. That icon this would mean grades ikonopistsem Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich and accompanied in Church Princes Cherkasskimi. In this same side altar overlooked on absent naprestolnyy silver chased used in 64 Zolotnik with legend of sv. Flatterers Bozhiikh, namely: pror. Danjila, evang. Of Mark and Luke, chetverodn. Lazar, velikmch. Catherine, this marvelous church. Peter, Aleksjya, Iony and actions, Georgiya pobedonostsa, Dimitr | I Solunsk., Feodora stratil., Tsarev. Dimitrjya, great. Prokopjya and Merkurijya, Flughafentransfers ispovedn. Flughafentransfers Happy is. Vmeste with this legend there is stumbling a coffin of God and stumbling Calvary.

Archimandrite Venerable Macarius burial Tserkovnykh Antiquities. - Nizhny Novgorod: The publishing house "Nizhny Novgorod Fair", 1999. - 701 sec.



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Pavlovo. Church as icons of of God Mothers "To anyone that you by Joy"
Game of thrones: "All that you by Joy" as icons of of God Mothers
Date build: Date build is unknown.
Road tolls: N.Novgorod region, Propulsion Pavlovo, Neolam col. For-



Vorsma Urban Settlement. Ostrovoezerskiy -Trinity
Game of thrones: Trinity Zhivonachalnoy
Date build: Not later 1688.

Ostrovoozerskiy -Trinity , a mediocre, obschezhitelnyy, in 18 virsts (country miles) from main cities Gorbatov, under farms Vorsma Urban Settlement, among Lake on the island. The beginning of monastery was been paved in the second half of XVI century podvizavshimsya here skhimnikom Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow (who and burial in this abode) under the auspices of the Boris he won. In exuberant yearthere has been renewed prince Jacov Cherkasskim. In monastery is the Kazan that icon of God Mothers uncanny ability of the Boris he won; with it is traded going on settlements dioceses.

From books S. W. Bulgakov HSIIDC monasteries in 1913.






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And even



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