SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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Am asking help!

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My mother, John Antonina Ivanovna (surname maiden), was born on mill Zabrodikha, on small river Do I need, village Shashino, 30.11.1926g., father was there, perhaps is a master mill. In 30-’ s family vanished. This place birth referred in certificate about birth.
If someone can something to tell about this family and mill-d appreciate it.
Thank you.


Thank you, 'm gonna use someone Council!


Dobryi day, Anatoly. Perhaps closer to fall I will on homeland. Will try you help, so as in Vetluzhskiy archive works my the good the familiar. She very plain woman and, if this in its forces, necessarily you will help.