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Temples out Novgorod And PROTEST

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Huge thank you for additions and photo! Skloubeni continuation of! :jumping:


Church Svyatotogo Georgy George

In lower Novgorod there is place, centuries we name Georgy Vsevolodovich. This part of Tiananmen Kozma Minin and Verhne-Volga La (outcropping) - there, where now a monument Chkalovu and the hotel s beaches were among Russia. " Here the most popular s beaches were among slits gathering spaces that offer universal "Bottom Novgorod: Pogozhimi evenings, in Sundays days, yes and in any time here come people, unkind cite guests Bottom for moreover, to they could admire beauty zavolzhskikh populations.
But, unfortunately, little who knows about how, that precisely here our ancestors stored memory about: It Bottom. Given from monument to a hotel, you you to community, where teetered Church St. Georgy George.
In people its a golden: On to the artist`s nizhegorodskogo historian Khramtsovskogo (1859), Anniversary (the Cold, neotaplivaemaya) part of temple from within was s beaches were among the entire doused gold. " Its beauty this Church made would honor any modern city. Its made in the early 30s, despite protests believers and intellectuals. Circumstances destruction church otherwise, as some sneaky, not good one: Explosion was searched in night, when deputation defenders of temple traveled for true in Moscow. Apparently, people still believed, that in what was then Moscow its can be was find.
But Georgievskuyu tower has, that in 100 meters, not made.
To worsen and Church, ??? near over neobyatnymi Volga-never-, over 120-metre the Hill, meant for nizhegorodtsev unity military, state might Russias and its Christian spirit, memory about Greater Prince.
And THAT is what commission Church, crowned by gold crosses. That about it known? She one of than 50 of Orthodox churches Bottom Novgorod, graced city in the early of our century.
History church considered. Georgy goes back to 15 or 16 centuries of. In 1702 year nizhegorodskiy a guest (merchant) Ivan Pushnik built on place obvetshavshey church the the building, which you see on photo.
BC Khramtsovskiy assumes, that Ivan Pushnik - father mayor Pushnikova, which s beaches were among come with to accept in 1722 year in his House as guest Peter Great. " Emperor noted in his houses of its fiftieth anniversary was officially marked. Architecture church were again to Florentine school. Pyatiyarusnyy iconostasis in Byzantine-style defined Khramtsovskim as magnificent, niei?u vyzolochennyy Chervonnym gold. In this temple were stored particularly valuable as icons of. Be loved nizhegorodtsy the icon supposes Smolensk Lords Resistance mothers the longstanding letters, which glorified by family: To it came with prays in disease and sorrow. She was is decorated pearls and precious stones, silver gold-plated Oklad. Was honored and the the icon the Jerusalem Lords Resistance mothers. In a major altar boy church has been saying that icon Georgy George. Among values temple - image of the of the crucifixion of Christ, six ancient icons, donated Pushnikom, silver vessels, several ancient gospels, silver clothing and mysterious for us Antimins 1701 year. All of this shortly, destroyed, sold, Betrayed and, in late all, - has been breached summer 1932 year. Believers were so intimidated and humiliated, that not have become object to decision city council, conduct BTsIK, about brought monument.
Numerous complaints and protests workers artistic Museum and representatives intellectuals were largely left without attention.
Only Commissariat of popular enlightenment (RSFSR sent in worded city council by clarifying: S beaches were among Front diffuser moreover, that you of capital authorization on demolition of buildings it comes. Ribbon of St. George church, built in late dicks together century and concerned with to 1-oops categories monuments material culture, the helmet in itself tertiary achieving construction of excellence and the artistic processing as in architectural details, so and in domestic the design of, recommend before undermines produce that he. "
Look we now from his miserable life on this s beaches were among that he "and recall prophetic words's Hippius:
And soon in the old old You regulation, cellophane, "the,
Not brands shrines.


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Historical-Transfiguration the cathedral the cathedral, where had rest by Kozma Minin, nizhegorodskikh of princes and Russian; decimated--thanks in late 20s

The building disappearances in on place grandeur Cathedral
The cathedral serious maintenance of a historical Transfiguration the cathedral. He stood on the other side Ivanovsky District, Ivanovo Oblast Congress, there, where is now the building city council, carried out in constructivism (art )-style: His polukruglyy the glass facade of should was, on design an architect, associated with cabin a powerful plane, sidelines parts of buildings - with his. Gathering spaces that offer universal under the building city council raschischalas in 1929 year, therefore, serious maintenance of a historical Transfiguration Cathedral destroyed by the end of 20s.
The cathedral was the main ancient manuscripts Matendaran Nizhny Novgorod has and (Nizhny Novgorod. Based in 1350 year, in 17 century for vetkhostyu was replaced new; then in 1834 year received its final kind of. But regardless of re-jigs in miserably church of the cathedral have right pridela in tombs of, seemed, forever had rest by nizhegorodskikh of princes Constantine Chernyenko, Simeon, Andrei, Dmitri-Foma, Vasily Kirdyapa and Vassy - wife Andrei, original Conception (Zachatskogo) monastery. He was resides about Strozzi of the Kremlin towers. Have left pridela were tombs Cosmas of Kozma Minin, local Russian, and also number Georgia Anthony II, metropolitans Philaret and Paul, Archbishop majoring.
Until revolution 1917 annually 1 November - in Day memorial Kozma Minin - in cathedral cathedral have served liturgy, camping on E. Expressed a solemn Chinese clergy Footbal, in honor great citizen Russia. On liturgy was restricted governor, 's officer Corps under full parade, citizens in best clothes. On the streets Bottom raskladyvalis tables with antiretroviral an entertainment.
Repeatedly came worship the tomb Cosmas of Kozma Minin Peter Grand. Rising on its knees, he mentally neutralist for Council to memory any-nizhegorodtsa. S beaches were among Here lies spa sitel Russia ", - spoke tsar.
The cathedral made, and nizhegorodtsy disappeared in its shrines. By Kozma Minin only in 1962 been brought forward in Arkhangelsk Cathedral. Had to transformed in museum exhibit.
Slightly deeper, for building city council, - former the governor's Palace.
Until recently here but in gorkom Party, gorkom card holder. Now beautiful the building put artistic to the museum. On polugore for the Governor's palace once existed Dukhovskiy , owned Muromskim island on Volga-, where the monks successfully engaged in Ogorodnichestvom. In 17 century on territory has but in another two monastery with churches ands Backyard Dudina and Pechersk monasteries. In 1745 year under my Bishop Dima was bringing Sechenove was built warm (heated) the cathedral Dame To anyone Skorbyaschikh where he escapes from prison, in his a crypt were stored government offices sums Nizhny Novgorod gubernskoy office. Where he troops, establish not managed. Known, that on place of the clink 1850 year previously stood house arkhiereya, under which was (Church Kazanskaya Lords Resistance mothers. History churches the Directorial has still not written for our modern.
Not all know, that soblyudenie territory the Directorial has in itself times produced only with resolution Sovereign, lest again against buildings not contribution dissonance in ensemble, not dominated over walls and towers. Soviet gorkovskoe: Urban studies and planning in 70- s Slightly was not be knownhigh altitude government.




Until 1 June 1928 Propulsion In Biosphere status however has parts of has, on between Zachatevskoy Tower and Ivanivka Raion, Kherson Oblast River, not far from entry in punctuated tower, there, where now betularum the wood teetered Church saintly Simeon Stylites the Elder.

Built on place an ancient Simeonovskogo monastery (is based in 7 Propulsion)
Male Simeonovskiy .

Is based also opalnymi Republic of Novgorod in 7 year. In sotnoy letter missive sometimes yearlooked so:

"Living in lower Novgorod under a mountain, Turquise large the bridgeSimeonovskiy. And in it Church Simeon Stylites the Elder, yes the bottom under Church service of sv. The martyr Catherine; derevyana with papertyu on podkletyakh, the upper hand tent. And in July 1988 images and books and copes and valery vessels, and on kolokolnitse bells, and removed any Chinese clergy edifice secular. But on monastery sleeping quarters, igumenskaya, yes three cells fraternal. Dan monastery have saints at the Gate runnin 'a soup kitchen. And Ox-bow lake with moreover monastery after in world dominical imyanem. "

In big conflagration 1715 (MDCCXV yearwas incinerated by, and more not recovered and was abolished. A new Church St. Simeon Stylites the Elder was built on place monastery in 1743 year boss Nizhny Novgorod county of prince Danyiil Andreyevich in Drutskim - Sokolnitskim. Chief the altar this Church was devoted us "icon Week of God Mothers, which was is decorated precious stones and pearls; in prodolzhenie southern - Vvedeniyu Sacred of the Virgin, and northern - ????? ???????. First Church considered their parish, with 1769 year - immigrants, and with 1827g. - military. In 1836 year its peredeli co-religionists within. The building this churchuntil 1955 year.


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