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Temples out Novgorod And PROTEST

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Shrine Ascension

Date build: Not later 1872.
Architect: K. Tone.
Worded: N.Novgorod area, Propulsion Nizhny Novgorod, street Ilinka, 54.
Road tolls:.

Wooden the Yasukuni Ascension in public't send Bottom Novgorod was known already in sometimes Propulsion Stone the Yasukuni was crafted after fire in beginning of the Attempt century. To mid-1 th century his the building broken down and seemed too small for the rich arrival. In 1866 year began building a new church. In May 1875 Propulsion A new the Yasukuni was fully was sanctified, and in 1877 Propulsion Was extended bell tower.

In 1930s the Yasukuni was ravaged and closed, until 2004 In it was fondokhranilische libraries. Now the Yasukuni open and ship, enters in said index taking Nicholas (Nizhny Novgorod.

In absent she teetered on territory public Sloboda N. Novgorod, was their parish. After fire 1715 (MDCCXV Propulsion Treasurer of the patriarch of, former Nizhegorodets Tikhon has rebuilt its stony on their means. After numerous fires repeatedly otstraivalas, acquired final kind of and jail of in 1875 Propulsion


Church Wives Of-Mironosits

Date build: 1649.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod area, Nizhny Novgorod.
Road tolls:.

Church Wives Of-Mironosits (1649 Mr. the first parish stone Church on the Top the pre. In 14-15 centuries, when Church was even a wooden, in its Parish were born Euthymius Suzdalsky (founder serious maintenance of a historical Evfimevskogo monastery in Suzdal) and Venerable Macarius of Yellow Lake and Unzha (founder Makar'yevski monastery).
The first from urban stone churches. From the original build retained the front, you know arochnoe the porch, head of church repaired later. In real moment terminated work on recovery bell tower.

In 14v. There was a wooden. Then its were were known Church-politicians engineering Russias Venerable Macarius of Yellow Lake and Unzha and Euthymius Suzdalsky. After fire 1848 Propulsion Ponovlena fresco painting painting of interiors.

In the Nighttime seething economic heyday in the seventeenth-digits Wooden parish church have become replaced by on stone. In 1632 Propulsion Pop Simeon for commitment to pay annually directly in patriarshuyu coffers "doubled against former Swedish" received nesudnuyu the letter, 'm a house owner now bench on was, sennye reap the for Way down. His successor, pop Mikhail, began to building stone church, achieved guild of ratification of on duty-free allowance brick from Balakhna Urban Settlement.
In 1649 Propulsion Two Church was jail of: The first floor in honor people thought, ranks at - Wives Of-Mironosits. Warm and the Cold church -Usual pogostovyy ensemble - are united in one thing the building. This was 19TH in history Russian of architecture of the Yasukuni type "ship": With strictly my axial location altar, molennogo the room, refectory and bell tower over Western entrance. 000 porch-Vskhod with bochechnoy roof, lower runduka is leading on 2 floor. Vaults the lower church and trapezny rely on 2 pillars. Vaults the top of facilities anchor of not have.
In 1805 Propulsion On means nizhegorodskogo merchant P. During the to refectory were placed two-storey aisle: The bottom in honor Peter and Paul, ranks at - Euthymius I of Constantinople Suzdal, in refectory - Saharna of Yellow Lake and Unzha. In 20-30 years the 20th digits Church stripped of bell tower, and also pyatiglaviya. By the early 2007 Church fully recreated in original the form of, thanks to, in particular, historically valuable from photos M. P. Dmitrieva.



Shrine Ilia of the Prophet

Date build: 1655.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod area, scientific dogma into question. Nizhny Novgorod, str. 10th, 9.

Known with starters 16v. On to the legend, during siege cities in 1505 year Tatars and Nogai (on this place was smitten with was a kill-mutilated with walls nizhegorodskogo has Alabugat Tatar language murza, that became cause of infighting among osazhdayuschikh, and, as a consequence, lifting siege. In memory wonderful was called into Church in honor the prophet Ilia - marked patron "fire fighters."
Church perestraivalas in they often (in refectory established a aisle great martyr Mina's) and in 1874 (pyatiglavie instead one head of).

In memory a happy wonderful Bottom from invasions by late and Nogai (was built first wooden Church of sv. Iliac of the Prophet. And in 1655 year pope, - on this same place was built Stone the Yasukuni form, made traditional in Russian architecture (built environment), type ship. In 1874 year on project an architect I. Kostryukova Church reorganize, expanded dining hall.

In the years Soviet power Church inactive.
Again is open she was in 1995,
The Yasukuni acts. Terminated recreation work.


Shrine John Baptist

Church known with 15 digits In its honor labeled Ivanovo to worsen has. In the early 17v. Church was a wooden. In 1674g. Began canceled stone church, she was jail of in 1683g. In 1870 Propulsion Overhauled bell tower, in 1885g. To church were placed shatrovuyu chapel with storozhkoy.
Church on was known with XV century. In its honor labeled Ivanovo to worsen has. Initially was a wooden, and in 1683 year put stone on means industrialist G. S. Dranishnikova.


Shrine Kirill and Methodius

Date build: Roughly not later 1890.
Architect: P. Fighters.
Worded: District Black the pond Via. Georgian.
Road tolls: On foot from the streets Oleksiivska (Kharkiv Metro) or trout.

Church under hostel gimnazistov, which settled down Pereyaslav on Georgian the street. Built in Russo-Byzantine-style in 1890s on project an architect P. Boytsova on means M. Rukavishnikova


In addition to counterbalancing former office
Assumption military the cathedral


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The Yasukuni Ilia of the Prophet



The Yasukuni Kirill and Methodius



In addition
The Yasukuni John Baptist
One of the most ancient churches Bottom Novgorod. On construction of Predtechenskoy church on lower Russian collection Kuzma Minin neutralist with aims to nizhegorodtsam in confusing times.
Stone pyatiglavaya Church on high podklete with tent-like church bell tower. Wooden Predtechenskaya Church known still with XIV century. Oldest stone the building was built izhdiveniem merchant Gabriel's Stepanovich Dranishnikova. In high podklete were creates benches, which fighting in bonded labor Great. In 1881 1885 were held repair work, in the course which was overhauled bell tower, that distorted ethos an ancient buildings.



In addition
The Yasukuni Ascension
Enters in composition Central the Bishopss Backyard along with Kremlin and Sergievskim temples.

Known, that Church was - Oh, absolutely naselnika Makar'yevski of Yellow Lake and Unzha monastery monk but I.
In 1715 (MDCCXV year the Yasukuni suffered from fire, to 1740 year was restored on cash donations yamschika Gregory Fedorovich Bezpalova and his son Anikity.
In 1866 was launched renewal temple on means parishioners, for 10 years Church was overhauled in current form with five domes and high bell tower.

In 1876 year Voznesensky the Yasukuni has acquired the current kind of. Special pains in fact renewal temple expended honorary citizen cities N. Akifyev, and also some pristine Cheka Tatiana of Rome Ryabinina.

Voznesenskaya Church was one of the most rich in city of, had written as icons of, decorated with gold, precious stones, remaining.

Have right-wing Wall temple has been icon has a. Mchch. Flora and Lavra, patrons Yamshchikov, which was ty in uncanny ability church were yamschikami.

In the early the eighteenth century temple has belonged supreme store, much of income which razdavalas beggar on livelihood; meaning runnin 'a soup kitchen and child workers orphanage.

In mid-nineteenth century in Parish Voznesenskaya's church there were 600 man (merchants, Greek by origin), in the early 20th century 1156 man, or 382 family. The last session parish Council included in 1925 year, likely, then same disappeared cleric.

In Soviet time in building temple were warehouse exposure, department periodic editions Oblast scientific libraries, in the cellar of it residential apartment.

In September 2003 on blessing he Georgy began wop in the cellar of it.

In September 2004 the Yasukuni was transmitted dioceses, in the cellar of it was sanctified aisle in honor of sv. Prmch. Elizabeth (biblical person).

In October November 2005 was refurbished bell tower, established church was ordered dome with cross.

Currently in temple Ascension of God continue recreation work.