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Temples out Novgorod And PROTEST

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I think, that came it is time to tell about temples and churches Bottom Novgorod.

Shrine Sabor Sacred of the Virgin (Christmas Church)

Elevated Stroganovym G. D. On lower the pre below the homonymous temple, firmly rooted a merchant-industrialist Zadorinym S. F. In 1653g. On the terrace Dyatlovykh mountains. In 17 digits Near settled down Pereyaslav several stone chambers and zimovykh disappeared 2009. After death Zadorina count made a Christmas Church conversations, to 1685 Propulsion Adding to it in honor his patronalnogo saintly Grigorevskiy aisle. After complete the Smolensk church in Gordeevke began to construction of the new Rozhdestvensky temple.

Iconostasis in again cavernous church with-thin carving tyabel and painting stroganovskikh majority remains one of the most creative in Russia. Jail of in contained year.
Customs.The Christmas Church dynamite was solepromyshlennikom G. D. Stroganovym in 1697g and mostly been accomplished to 1703g. But finishing work to stay stalled, and the Yasukuni was sanctified only in 1719g. As consider isledovateli, this can be easily explained by those, that in 1703g, after the introduction of state monopolies on trade salt, G. Count has lost trade interest to Lower Novgorod, out to its residence and on few years left cities.
Initially Church was jail of in the name of Sabor Dame. After disassembly in nach.19v. They near church of Christmas of the Virgin, successfully in 1653g, its name swung on Stroganovskuyu Church. Christmas the Yasukuni looks refurnished a carved the music box. Unheard of rampant belokamennaya there -vinogradnaya vines, flowers, apples, pears, that, sinks and whorls - snowing his Wall an exhaustive the carpet. In 1860g bell tower starters fall. For 20 years she has deviated on 1.2 Dam from vertical line axis. In 1887g. Had to to change its the 1960, and upper circles to shift.

In July 2005 on bell tower church were are mounted bashtov clock.

With original, "the astronomical" hours on this bell tower stems famous episode in life the inventor Ivan Kulibin (disambiguation). As 15 years' a teenager, he hit fellow citizens those, that fixed whether chipped clock. Unfortunately, this ancient mechanism was lost still in the early nineteenth century. Later on Belfry were set ordinary clock with arc of, but by the early 20th century and they were not in action.

Established now mechanism - is made in Germans... We, factory John Friedrich Voyle (Weule) in 1879 year (in media was published a mistaken information about English origins mechanism). Initially these clock but in in lower Novgorod on building Blinovskogo gets by, in several hundreds meters from the Christmas church. After 1917 they were were, and until the last time were stored in Volga historical museum

In mid-the 1990s s group enthusiasts set these clock on, the bell the Christmas church (on most photographs can be discern black the switch on one of the dials). However installation of was held extremely imperfectly,, and to point starters restoration church clock were virtually not workable.

In 2004-2005 mechanism was restored kaluzhskim a master Aleksander Georgievichem Krasnikovym. Managed preserve almost all details original the longstanding mechanism, it took only produce a new faces.

Now clock do show time on all four tsiferblatakh and every hour corresponding number of times hitting in 80-killogramovyy bell, County under the most the dome bell tower. In 30 minutes every hours is dealt one blow. That is why cannot be to call these clock "chimes" - they not are on Bells melodies.

Need be noted, that in work hours not are engaged elektroprivody, and twice in week their gets the hand human, not bezdukhovnaya force electricity.

One of the most high-quality engineering talent churches Bottom Novgorod - Christmas, or Stroganov, and if more precisely - Church in the name of Sabor Sacred of the Virgin.

saying that icon Nicholas the Rainmaker;
as icons of with particles finding body Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky, Metropolitan Philaret of the Moscow, Optinskikh) in kovchezhtse alongside ikonostasom;
chtimaya Our Lady Derzhavnaya that icon of God Mothers.

The story
Was sanctified in contained, re-in 1993.
The Yasukuni in honor Sabor Sacred of the Virgin was built merchants Stroganovymi, so his often call Stroganovskim. To 1701 year construction temple was complete, but occurred conflagration, and was recovering Church already wife Gregory possibly, 2009 Maria kovlevnoy (in maiden name Novosiltsevoy). Was sanctified the Yasukuni was in contained year preosvyaschennym Pitirim (contained-1738), overseas Nizhny.

In lower Novgorod Aleksander Sergeevitch Stroganov obosnovyvayutsya in the seventeenth-century. This was linked to profitable geographical position cities and with economic benefits of, which it made. In the early Aleksander Sergeevitch Stroganov have a foothold for River, the in Gordeevke, and then have got over in mounted the part of there, where boiled trading life cities.

Here is here something Grigory Peter count and singled outtemple in honor holiday Sabor Sacred of the Virgin, Land on next day after of Christmas Christ.

Just Aleksander Sergeevitch Stroganov built in Russia five churches (in Solvychegodske, Ustyuzhna Urban Settlement-Zheleznopolskoy, Trinity-Sergievoy Laurels), two of which are in lower Novgorod.

Historians architecture say of special treatment-style last an urban mimic , which characterizes temples, created representatives this dynasty. Among Lined up G. D. Stroganovym churches Nizhny Novgorod Church in honor Sabor Sacred of the Virgin differs special monumentalnostyu way of, elaborate, 's performed by lavish decorative and refined..

Stroganov Church two: At the top resides trekhapsidnyy the altar, molennyy hall, besstolpnaya refectory and porch of the church. The Yasukuni pyatiglavyy, head of mooted on sides of light, as in wooden churches. In podtserkove under refectory but in three isolated storage. Outside and within the Yasukuni is decorated belokamennoi carving (windows, outlets inputs, pristavnye pillar).

Customs.The Christmas same Church in polugore over the pre Oki with Volga teetered since the earliest times. Colloquial use chasozvon in records, concerned with to existence year, reported, that under attack on the Bottom Novgorod Challenger "burned the Church of Christmas Presvyatye of the Virgin yes 240 disappeared on Gremyachey stream."

In 1653 year trade a guest S. F. Zadorin has rebuilt a Christmas Church first time stone, and in 1685 year Count Grigory count adding to zadorinskoy the Christmas church in honor his marked patron saintly Gregory Revelation Stone aisle.

In nineteenth century Christmas Church, stood this nearby and which name one of large trade streets Bottom Novgorod, was all workshops. But nizhegorodtsy on old memory choirs call the Yasukuni, erected by Stroganovym.

The Yasukuni in honor Sabor Sacred of the Virgin was was sanctified in contained year, and later three years in Nizhny Novgorod arrived emperor Peter Napoleon I used Was he on the Divine liturgy in Stroganovskoy church. After this the Yasukuni was closed.

Perhaps, happened closing church because, that in two icons local little (they persisted and until now time) emperor learned as icons of, which he ordered notvert Karavaku for March Cathedral St. Petersburg.

Grigory Peter count cared about further dive its church and, look at their in workshop of the artist, secretly from sovereign bought their, requesting Karavaka for March temple write other. Faced as icons of, Peter I know and has enjoined close the Yasukuni, built Stroganovym in lower Novgorod.

On bell tower Stroganovskoy church are clock, which except tide time showed for sun and phase Moon Illusion. These clock earning genius nizhegorodskogo the inventor-samouchku Ivan Petrovich Kulibin (disambiguation), and, perhaps, contributed self-awakening have him interest to mechanics.

The Yasukuni repeatedly have burned (in surprisingly nondescript, 1782, 1788 s). , the bell, which before teetered separately, on level second tiers draw with papertyu an indoor transition.

In 1913 the Yasukuni was fully restored outside and within. Closed Marxism in 30s years. During the Great domestic war in of it church troops drugstore warehouse, thanks to which was preserved iconostasis. Everything else ubranstvo was lost. In 60s years 20th century.

Stroganov Church was broadcast kraevedcheskomu to the museum under one of franchisees, which and held its until 1993.

In temple exalted unique iconostasis. From 46 icons of the late the seventeenth-century until of our time has peaked 43.

Worded: Nizhny Novgorod, str. Customs.The Christmas, 34.







Church Uspenija of on Ilinskoy sorrow

Is only known in the domestic stone architecture (built environment) churches with height in the form of kreschatoy kegs in four faces (reception, widespread in little wooden church construction, but extremely rarely for-based). In the early the seventeenth-century on Ilinskoy sorrow emerged pogostovyy ensemble from cold most modern and same warm kletskogo churches with separately worthwhile chopped bell tower. In 1672 year Posadsky District A. F. Olisov before leaving as Managing state fish and solyanymi crafts in Astrakhan erected their koshtom stony Church type "ship": With strictly my axial location altar, molennogo the room, refectory and bell tower over Western entrance. Molennyy hall (9.5kh7.1 systems,) muted somknutym vault, outside an indoor kilevidnoy forms frontami. Drums of heads of are decorated with Polychrome wood guests of the and Pulvinated frieze (now replicas - genuine housewife in museum exposition of the Christmas Prayer).

In 1784 under General Headquarters mezhevanii cities will church have identified borders its liberation of the land. Then same bochechnuyu roof temple have replaced on vosmiskatnuyu. In 20s years nineteenth century dining hall and, the bell reorganize. In 1852-1856 s architect A. E. Turmyshev constructing too many new in lozhnovizantiyskikh forms a new, the bell, in 1899 year expands the altar.
In 20s years 19v. Elevated in lozhnovizantiyskom-style bell tower. After restoration in Soviet time exalted only tower church. Bell tower and refectory cannibalized. Persisted drawings with focusing architecture temple.

Built on place previously existed a wooden on money merchant Afanasi Olisova.
Is unique Church and their balakhninskimi guests of the the seventeenth-century.

For its history Church repeatedly perestraivalas, has lost initial appearance, partly return which managed Soviet at. Now fully restored in original the form of, acts. List donors, thanks to which this became perhaps, TPB's have entry in the Yasukuni.

Date build last buildings: 1672
Odnoprestolnaya stone pyatiglavaya Church with tent-like church bell tower. On to the legend Church is worth on place an ancient monastery, uprazdnennogo in the early the seventeenth-century. In Soviet time was closed, refurbished and mistake faithful in 2004.

Enters in composition Arkhireyskogos Backyard.

shrines particles finding body vmch. Barbarians, svt. Philaret, Metropolitan of the Moscow, svt. November of the Moscow;

list with us as icons of of God Mothers Neupivaemaya Cup ;

as icons of central Almighty , Santa Georgy Pobedonosets.

Before icons preserve their glory. Of Serafima Sarovsky and preserve their glory. Of Sergius

The story
Enters in composition Central the Bishopss Backyard along with Voznesensky and Sergievskim temples.

One of legends says, that on place-based Uspensky temple was , is unknown whom and when based, but initiate in letter missive czar Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky in 1606 year. In this monastery was and wooden Church in honor Uspenija of of God Mothers. Butsoon was abolished and in sotnoy letter missive sometimes year Church this labeled already prikhodskoyu.

Stone Assumption the Yasukuni was built a merchant Athanasius of naples Firsovichem Olisovym. He was occurring from kind of ancestral domain nizhegorodtsev, learning about which dates back to the XVI century.

In 1620s among middle income households posadskikh Bottom Novgorod were characterized the mylovarennym affair and another cunning trick trade Stepan and Davyd Sviatoslavich Olisovy. The only heir patrimonial affairs Davyd Sviatoslavich became Firs, in family which in 1630s appeared sons: Afanasy, Onesimus and Ivan.

In 1666 year Afanasy Firsovich Olisov became Nizhny customs head, and through few years before leaving in Astrakhan on permanent residency he gave pledged build stony Uspenskuyu Church, and in 1672 year the Yasukuni was erected.

Church Uspenija of on Ilinskoy sorrow in its own way is unique. As notes professor N. F. March, the Assumption Church the only sustained in our country Stone the Yasukuni with the cover chief volume of" kreschatoy Codru by in four faces ", widespread in small little wooden architecture (built environment), but rare for-based.

Initially Church represented a the most the generalized then in lower Novgorod nominally type of ship with strictly my axial location volumes: The altar, the mission hall, refectory and bell tower over the main entrance with western hand. His pointed toe with north on south the mission hall (9,5kh7,1 flushed) muted somknutym vault, outside implicit kilevidnoy forms white, noses ranks at kreschatuyu barrel in four faces.

On skate roofing mooted on small plinths, also decorated in the form of kreschatykh barrels, deaf persons drums with, well, elongated Keukenhof! Kupola.

Special attention builder threatened both on dekorativno-artistic ubranstvo temple. Head of church over time were covered by silver osinovym lemekhom and are topped golden wrought crosses good kuznechnoy work.

The Yasukuni was restored within project 10th sloboda in 2004. To the Assumption Church was has a placement refectory and bell tower.





conduct several seminars (on Ilinke (90s years 19 digits)

Have Ilinskoy towers chopped Greater Philaret with ancient since the teetered chapel. After debriefing fortress wooden facilities in the early KhUIII digits Issues of in N. Novgorod nights spent peregorazhivalis special portable slingshots ran amok-least - hence - a detailing name Chapel on Ilinskoy the street (have behind the).

First she was a wooden. Time from time ponovlyalas on means near lived Yamshchikov and prmyshlennikov spinning factories. After the construction on Ilinskoy the street a new Voznesenskaya's church the first nizhegorodskny Diocesan architect A. K. Nikitin designed and erected instead a wooden stony shatrovuyu chapel, architecture which naveyana drevnerusskimi examples. Chapel remains not only architectural the monument, but notes historic border an ancient N. Novgorod.
Chapel built on place a wooden, once oboznachavshey border cities. A new building an architect A. Ya (1890s years) stilizovana under early Russian Pihkva live.
Itself Voznesenskaya Church is located several paintings displayed higher on Ilinskoy the street.



Cergievskiy the Yasukuni

The Bottom Novgorod. Church of Sergius-ce

Sergievskaya Church in Petushkove

Date build: Not later 1869.
Architect: R. Ya Kileveyn.
Worded: Nizhny Novgorod area, Propulsion The Bottom Novgorod, street Sergievskaya, 23.
Road tolls:.

One of worlds oldest in Zapochainskom district N. Novgorod, since the earliest times named Petushkami. In sometimes Propulsion Was the one a small male monastery, had aisle in honor July and . -up was completed two silhouette tent-like church, representing a uploaded in the seventeenth-digits Type of mnogoshatrovogo chopped temple.
In 1701 Propulsion Church supreme during fire. On the next year A. F. Olisov refurbishing Church already stone: Chief succeeded was was sanctified in honor brilliant, aisle - in honor of Sergius-ce. The Yasukuni type "ship" with shaped muravlenoy shingles heads of and basket maruri say tent-like church bell tower. Dining hall and Church opoyasyval frieze of, made up of polikhromnykh they type "the peacock an eye." To mid-nineteenth digits The building broken down. Clear church spent collection funds with parishioners. In Baranya projects and smet were booked plans-facades a new temple, which were leading approved 11 December 1864 Propulsion On the next year under supervision an architect R. Ya Kileveyna began construction, and in 1869 Stone the Yasukuni with chetyrekhyarusnoy bell tower was was sanctified. His architecture had much in common with traditional forms of domestic churches. In 1872 year on project R. Ya Kileveyna to bell tower on stornm were placed services and moment of Western entry, that have tipped whole artistic way of Church. In the years Soviet power the Yasukuni forfeited top bell tower and the domes. To celebration Day People Unity 4 November 2006 the Yasukuni was fully repaired in pervonochalnom the form of.
The Yasukuni remains conspicuous the monument architecture N. Novgorod nineteenth digits, example treatment in an era domination eclecticism and traditions dollar, in of architecture of.





Spassky the Yasukuni

Vozvodilas in memory save Tsarist family during collapse trains in 1888 year on Southern-independent iron road.
The building built in-style dopetrovskogo of architecture of. 6 November 1888 Propulsion For collection funds was created special Commission, in that comprised the most prosperous people cities: BC A. Jumps, N. E. Bashkirov, A. A. Pancakes and others. Tab foundation church took place 7 June 1899, 12 October 1903 Propulsion Included consecration church.

Church brilliant (1888-1903 year)
Vozvodilas in memory save Tsarist family during collapse trains on Southern-independent iron road 17 October 1888 year near sela Borek (disambiguation). 6 November 1888 year for collection funds Nizhny Novgorod denounced created a special commission, in that comprised the most prosperous people cities: BC A. Jumps, N. E. Bashkirov, A. A. Pancakes and other. When the necessary for starters works kapily proved in available, Commission 3 April 1897 was reorganized in Stroitelnyy Committee, which in March 1898 year announced bake on project among members St. Peterburzkogo society architects of. In it Congresses had 18 architects, first Prize received A. M. Kochetov. In the explanatory memo to plans-fasadoam he pointed out, that "the Yasukuni designed in by the ancient-Russian-style the seventeenth-century, on type church sela the Ostankino near Moscow", for the payoff on 1458 parishioners.

For the construction church tracts of liberation of the land on careful the street sold for 6,000 rubles D. I. Modzalevskiy, for 4460 rubles Mendeleevy. Geology undercoat in September 1898 year explored engineers K. Propulsion Ivanov, P. P. Malinovsky and E. A. Tatarinov, this saint his solid, "on depth 10 lumber niei?u consisting of dense and well homogeneous clay."

Tab foundation church took place 7 June 1899 year, brick work led with his in contractor A. I. But-1-yne. Control for construction took on themselves academic W. P. Tseydler, which in turn for routine supervision has hired local an architect I. O. Of Defense, with on May 1900 year - F. P. Fedorova. In August 1900 year from-for inequities of precipitation undercoat in walls appeared trescheny, but were seal shut in just under and more not emerged. In 1901 year Nizhegorodets M. P. Ipachev performed blacksmith work. Elegant podkrovelnykh pozhzorin made G. BC Vikulov. x proliferum iconostasis proizvoditeley A. A. Thus, images for him wrote Moscow iconographer S. Propulsion Tikhonov.

In 1903 year for okochatelnoy finishing temple mentor was held collection donations. 26 August on, the bell raised bells,, 12 October 1903 year included consecration church. Construction its go off in 150 thousands of rubles.

shrines miraculous icon has the martyr Kisha e Shen Premtes (aquella, that icon Vsemilostiveyshego brilliant, that icon of God Mothers of the Sign ;
used from Jerusalem;
particles finding body Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky, Reverend of Sergius-ce, Saint Alexey and Herman Zosimovskikh, Reverend July Vladimir, Varlaam, Metropolitan of Moscow revered, St. Alexy of the Moscow, saintly actions Sanaksar, saintly Alexy Bortsurmanskogo.

The story

Architect Alexander Mstislavovich Kochetov.

Church in honor Vsemilostiveyshego brilliant was built in honor save family emperor Alexander III under the crash trains in 1888 year. Spassky the Yasukuni in lower Novgorod was builds later nine years after recognize railway catastrophe already not only in memory about wonderful untangling Tsarist family, but and in perpetuate prince's memory Tsar-peacemaker, in Bose here departed Alexander III , away 20 October made-- 1894.

An additional grounds to building temple precisely in the name of of the increate way of of the Savior served the fact, that during collapse trains sovereign Alexander Alexandrovich had under itself a copy of with ancient us Vologda as icons of of the increate brilliant.

Virtually immediately after collapse trains on decree Pravilstvuyuschego Synod was prioritized and should a special's in honor chudotvornogo way of brilliant of the increate.

The police kupechestvo decided build near urban Philaret the Yasukuni in honor of the Savior. In 1888 year was open collection funds on construction church. In Commission fundraising comprised the most prosperous financiers-industrialists: BC A. Jumps, N. E. Bashkirov, A. A. Pancakes, A. M. Gubin, W. Bushs and A. Sobolv and other.

In 1897 year was created Stroitelnyy Committee, which headed a ya E. Bashkirov. In next year among members Imperial St. russian society architects of was declared bake to develop project temple for Bottom Novgorod. In it adopted participation 18 the most recognized in country architects. The first bonuses come with project an architect A. M. Kochetov.

Alexander Mstislavovich Kochetov (1861 1912) shortly before received title academic, actively participated in the bids projects for Sevastopol, Mineral waters the Caucasus, built in Petersburg. Planned, that Spasskaya Church in lower Novgorod will built in purely Russian traditions the seventeenth-century on type temple Zhivotvoryaschey Trinity in the Ostankino.

Control for construction temple achieved akademkom architecture W. P. Tseydlerom. 26 August 1903 year on, the bell was raised the latest G-bell, and 12 October the same year Bishop Nazarius and Celsus, Saints (1901 1910) meetings the Church.

Luster temple partly produce Luster temple Christ of the Savior in Moscow and Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv. They were met on kartonam artists Henryk Siemiradzki, Nesterova, by Vasnetsov and others.
After the revolution Spassky the Yasukuni became one of the few acting parishes mounted to parts of cities.

Some time with starters 20s here was headquartered arkhiereyskaya the Department, headed by then Macarius Prize Sergius (Stragorodskim) (1924 1934). With 1924 on 1926 year the lord par with in 1997 to Spassky temple.

The Yasukuni was closed in 1937, in of it church were warehouse exposure sewing enterprises Spring. In 1991 Spassky the Yasukuni was fide faithful, and in 1992 included the reappointment consecration church. Full arkhiereyskim Yasuo the Yasukuni was was sanctified in 2003.



serious maintenance of a historical Transfiguration the Yasukuni

Output growth and number of workers forced rule Sormovsky City a plant with klirom already the existing there and cuts-Nevsky church (1882-1887) turn to Nizhegorodskomu bishop Vladimir with request about construction a new, more spacious temple. 29 March 1998 Decision was taken and began designing project. Initially Church was supposed build vibrant on arched podtserkove, prednaznachavshemsya for location central heating and office facilities. But summer 1902 Propulsion Arose thought ambush there still three throne. Summer 1903 Propulsion Finishing temple be finished, established a rare on compositions 6-lead-a carved iconostasis, crowned with vosmikonechnym cross. To Tsarist door of from mission the room have risen 7 marble Steps salts. 1 October 1903 Propulsion Was was sanctified chief Spassky succeeded, 9 October - situated the bottom 10th Church.

Architect P. Malinovsky designing his in Russo-Byzantine-style. Internal space serious maintenance of a historical Preobrazhensk Cathedral in Sormovsky City District was organized just, as this done in celebrated temple of sv. Sofia - in Constantinople. Within Cathedral decorates shestiyarusnyy a carved iconostasis, a rare on compositions and gossamer the artistic work. Construction Cathedral was complete in 1904,.

The story

Through six months was prepared not only project of the cathedral, but and are collected the necessary for starters works means. 17 July 1900 year Stroheim telnyy Committee turned in Nizhniy Novgorod spiritual want with request: "Attempt under semes in two copies drawings with poyasnitel iswasta memo on construction of novago temple in Sormovsky City District, - have the honor Henry: I humbly beg want about issuance resolution on construction of of the said temple on these drawings under supervision grazhdanskago an engineer Malinovskago, because express about decision-tekhnicheskago supervision and responsibility, under semes is attached."

About halophilic image future Cathedral P. P. Malinovsky clarified, that "the Yasukuni in Sormovsky City District designed in neo-Byzantine-style on primae frames close appropriate to pervoistochnikam of this type churches, proektirovannykh Bogomolovym, Kaethner and following them - many other. Proektirovannaya Church replies on type and size of the Republic of Adygea mothers, sooruzhennym in Kamyanets-Podolsk and Petersburg, and just Closer this latest; of these two churches of God mothers in Petersburg known officially, camping on K. Represented on pages ee Nala "Master Builder (occupation)" for 1888 year. "

Authorization on construction Cathedral was of capital, and 8 September 1900 year took place tor zhestvennaya tab foundation temple. The WHO was found he significant, on 2 100,000 parishioners, together with galleries - on 2 250 man, wide in 14 lumber ,-together with bell tower in 22 Brazilian fianc, altitude until view in 20 lumber (about 43m).

But even in such extreme capacity of total Cathedral proved insufficient, and on stage complete the construction Committee 22 July 1902 year addressed nizhegorodskomu bishop Nazariyu with request: "Under Sormovskikh factory floors- itsya a new the Yasukuni. Previously was supposed the Yasukuni this do see, this week, but currently zum had thought and opportunity ambush this the Yasukuni the two-storey, so as vyshina podvalnago building stroyuschagosya temple proved sufficient for tailored roystva temple and the bottom, where vyshina More 6 ells. " Respectively were represented and new pla happy-projects P. P. Malinovsky.

Rationale it turned out well ? a?aoiaioe rovannym and objections on institution a nitelnogo throne not was followed by. To fall 1903 year the building Cathedral was fully Office but. Within chief temple imposed neobych iswasta compositions shestiyarusnyy a carved ikono throw, crowned with ranks at vosmikonechnym sited the obvious cross. To Tsarist door of from molennogo for la have risen 7 marble Steps salts (instead ordinary three. Flows upper of light and majestic, glistening gilding on general backdrop of providing imparting whiteness walls, enlarged Design Department the hundreds iconostasis undertook on everyone pois lie mudded indelible impression.

1 October 1903 year was was sanctified chief succeeded Cathedral in honor historical-Transfiguration of the Christ, and 9 October - in arched podtserkove - the Yasukuni in honor Ilia of the Prophet.

Image Cathedral then together with original Mt Izhe pod kolokoly and brick uzorochnoy og Rada, and also interiors temple, recorded photo-painter M. P. Dmitriev, leaving for on tomkov rare on relevance historical the doc the cops.







Russian Orthodox Old Believers the Yasukuni

Includes stony Church, house prichta and the fence with the major gateway. Place cemeteries allocated plan 1913 Propulsion Complex vozvodilsya on means L. A. Rukovishnikovoy and W. W. Akifeva on project an architect czarist Throughout academic W. A. Pokrovskyi, for that the latest received 4500 Br To an outcome 1915, The Yasukuni and bell tower were vcherne Brokers and Ignatievitch under roof. In 1916 Propulsion We have uploaded the central pyatiglavie and drums over ordinary. Internal same finishing temple from-for H5N1 is revolutionary events stunted on many years.

Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church on Bugrovskom a graveyard of
Date build: Between 1914 and 1916.
Architect: W. A. Pokrovskiy.
Worded: N.Novgorod area, Propulsion Nizhny Novgorod, street Pushkin, 34.

Two floor, mnogoprestolnaya, with Peter and size 15.5kh9.2 systems,. When stated actual structures special attention received ruggedness pylons and podpruzhnykh arches. W. A. Pokrovskiy required from N. M. Albertovich Veshnyakov, to "the foundation was not only solid, but tough." Church pyatiapsidnaya, but medium-size its parts of enforced without altars, to station scale, in podtserkove, where was taking place the funeral service deceased and take away tel through one of false Presbytery (sacred architecture). These dostigalas not only originality volumetric -spatial decisions, but and functionality. Before molennymi overflow crowds all three churches (central and lateral times. One) there are that are spacious pritvory. Chief Western entry under Izhe pod kolokoly has as softer in terms of staircase on tier inhabit the and two erected tents (the pantry and the vestry) on sides. Church semiglavaya: A powerful pyatiglavie over chetyrekhskatnoykrovley with the central lightning drum vigorously molennyy hall, sidelines tour - off. In architecture temple copiously used dekorativno-artistic elements Peipsi coast-novgorodskogo an ancient of architecture of: Curly nishki and shelves, begunets and zapady in clutch.

Pyatiproletnaya wall of the-Belfry with my tongs roofs over Plague Riot also carried out in forms Peipsi coast-the Novgorod architecture. Within it under horizon inhabit the in two at the ground consigned began exposure (2.6kh1.6 systems,).

To an outcome 1915 the Yasukuni and bell tower were vcherne Brokers and Ignatievitch under roof. In 1916 year we have uploaded the central pyatiglavie and drums over ordinary. Internal same finishing temple from-for H5N1 is revolutionary events stunted on many years.

House prichta
Sprektirovan with southeast west from church (10kh8.7 meters), with porch facing-vskhodom with northern hand (1.8kh5 meters), domestic there for isolated inputs in all apartment. On first floor proektirovalis that are spacious apartment priest, for deacon and prosvirnya, at the second - apartment another the priest look dirty and two prichetnikov. Artistic decision homes stilizovalos under Rus' (region) houses of: Windows received date nalichniki, porch with northern hand - form of grass emerges the seventeenth-century.

Tab foundation contractor P. Sergei Dmitrievich Sazonov took place spring 1915. To an outcome first construction season the setting made by walls be finished, house covered with iron. In 1916 year was is over nastilka gender, linkage doors with "apparatus" and plaster from within.

The fences have
Vozvodilas around cemeteries for 700 fathoms rectangular in terms of with square steeples on its corners. The wall crashed it on 2-sazhennye pryasla with four false "Arrow slits" in every and pivot light of posts on dustignition. Thus universally known Wall ancient Russians monasteries. On axis with Church with west in the enclosure met the main gates (6.5kh3.8 meters), covered powerful Codru by. On sides of vaulted map for with northern hand was designed the gatehouse. As and Church, facade of at the Gate received characterized the Peipsi coast-the Novgorod architecture beguntsy, curly nishki and placed in brickwork memorable crosses.

Near to the enclosure should was be the this single-storey brick Corps offices. (Not there is). On outcome 1915 walls was folded on 660 fathoms. On the next year be finished fully. The main same gates were are and covered by iron to January 1916 year. Under this project has undergone changes: In couple of with storozhkoy with southern hand at the Gate vygorodili walls place of business master vintner come into and the.

Urban a graveyard of nizhegorodskikh splinter existed still in the early nineteenth century. In 1970s on means merchant N. Bugrova was been built Russian Orthodox Old Believers that the. The formation same existing of shape cemeteries happened in the twentieth century. Church Uspenija of of God Mothers was of last Church in city of, built before revolution (1914-1916). A year of the on project W. Rukavishnikovoy. In architecture Platonov roots popular Russian of architecture of Peter I the Great of era.
On a graveyard of persisted graves General S. S. Chetveriokova, writer P. I. Efficiency-Pechersk, category: Decembrists I. A. Annenkov and his wife and other known people.


and cuts-Nevsky Cathedral (1864-1881)

main on Kanavinskomu the bridge or while walking along central on Automobile Salon the upper parts of Bottom, impossible not turn attention on vividly-Royal, escaping on backdrop of Zarechnoy parts of Cathedral Alexander Nevsky. On perform well, equal perform well 26-storey homes, on their dimensions Cathedral ranks third in Russia after temple Christ of the Savior in Moscow and Isaak Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
Arrow on fusion Volga and Oki 6600m Nizhny Great initsiatoram the construction temple ideal place with perspective and natural landscape, and broad reviews of the temple.
In the same time spread the Scarborough every year was flooding water, and credible the foundation there lay was difficult. In a result was taken unique decision: Put gromadu host 50 thousands of tons on wooden raft. Raft was made from 1214 oak a. Under this what has been lost in having oak, which, Sitting in wet barren environment, gradually was becoming morenym (over time his-increased and oak acquiring the tenacity metal).
Skyfall words of the abbot temple Archpriest of Sergius Matveeva, the past 130 years after construction temple have confirmed the accuracy of decisions: The building not has no disgraces, there is no deviation from vertically, is worth persistently, reliably.
The first iconic ??? on territory Nizhny Novgorod shows became Spassky Cathedral the, built in 1818 year on project an architect formats (-Ricard de Montferrand. Authorization about sgradi.Tova second temple was of capital merchants in 1856 year. Through two years, 24 August 1858 year, Fair visited emperor Alexander II with my family. And in memory about devotion then and His Majesty the second Cathedral been decided was build in the name of marked patron Alexander II saintly Alexander Nevsky.
Fate the most of the Alexander Nevsky order capricious way was connected with nizhegorodskoy land. Prince native nephew of founder Bottom Novgorod Yuri Vsevolodovich was born in year founding cities (in 1221 year). Here same, in Gorodetskii monastery, in November 1263 year Alexander Nevsky died.
Cathedral Alexander Nevsky in lower Novgorod was builds in 1868 year. In the next two years were erected Wall temple and made ceilings. Finishing work have continued until 1881 year until the end of the construction.
Cathedral Alexander Nevsky represents a pyatishatrovoe the construction with tsentricheskoy composition. I.e. care, each of which overbuilt the dome, have temple five, but one of them clearly stands out. High temple with cross on central Blonski accounts for 87 meters, that surpasses levels Volga of.
Project reconstruction the former connected territory, developed by in late 20s 20th century, called snesenie Cathedral and canceled on his place beacon with the monument W. I. Lenin. Fortunately, this design not was implemented, his fulfilling stop standoff care in late 30s.
As light died ideology militant atheism, have people would wake interest to spoken native the shrine. In 1982 with initiative restoration temple voiced Albertina year Kessel, the renowned nizhegorodskiy Local historian. Razobrannye in Soviet time marquees temple were restored on project architects of O. E. Sundievoy and I. S. Agafonovoy.
During restoration were changed design small care: Initially brick, they then were replaced by on leave. Use copper provided the durability of the cover.
To 12 September 2006 on cathedral were Fire-gilding cupolas illustrated. On this moment goes restoration domestic decoration temple.

Under the diversion horse-trading from Makareva in N. Novgorod in 1817 Propulsion A house on a sand spit under fusion of Oka with Volga Urban architect I. I. Mezhetskiy erected temporary doschatye ranks Zarafshon Balaganov, coffee shops. With 1822 Propulsion Engage has shifted in novopostroenye brick carnival corps.

With 1858 Propulsion After fire Fair and okoloyarmarochnuyu territory for Betankurovskim channel allowed to zastraivat exposed brick buildings. Then same Russian military kupechestvo Young desire to put the second Orthodox fair the Yasukuni. Was held collection donations.
In 1856 year the police kupechestvo turned with throughout about make a new Cathedral on Nizhny Novgorod fair to nizhegorodskomu bishop Saint Anthony, he same, in turn, to appeals A. BC Muravevu.

The necessary means (454 thousands of 667 rubles 28 kopecks) were are collected for 10 years. Work began 19 September 1867 Propulsion In 1869-70 devolving Were erected Wall temple and done skies of. High Cathedral reaches options 80 forge the Domestic work have continued until 1880 Propulsion Except written anywhere, Moscow's ikonopistsem F. A. Partner Program icons in the Yasukuni were were as icons of from liquidated after fire Makar'yevski monastery. A permanent arrival have temple not was - his constituted the traveling shows that came on Fair merchants. So the main ???? was openly only during shows, and winter not otaplivalos. Game of thrones Cathedral of sv. Alexander Nevsky order, svt. Nicolae and ravnoap. Maria Magdalena. In ASEAN that stands the western it, on the choir stalls large Cathedral - winter otaplivaemaya Church Saharna of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha.

The Yasukuni was place meeting honorary guests cities - Avgusteyshey reverie attended by, Orthodox hierarchs. In temple has been miraculous that icon of God Mothers and Holy Cross of God, to which adopted many afflicted paralysis and in other diseases.

In 1929 year the Yasukuni was closed, values chairman E. Tugzhanov said, and winter next year to address leadership Volga flotillas ikonostasy and all wooden jewelry Cathedral aimed a on fuel-wood for heat local homes. Parishioners managed save only several icons, in including the icon of God Mothers and Holy Cross, savagely until the last time in Nizhny Novgorod '-Troitskaya Vysokovskoy church. Project reconstruction the former connected territory, developed by in late 20s, called demolition of of the cathedral and canceled on his place beacon with Bolshevik idolom - the monument Lenin. On will of God this project not was implemented, his fulfilling stop standoff care in late 30s. In further the building of the cathedral been the mouthpiece used by under depots and partly under housing. In numerous pristroykakh, terminally obezobrazivshikh Cathedral, were stationed matal exposure, and also various offices, in cellars were depots.

L. W. Type, Sitting abroad, as retired Academy Fine Arts adopted participation in a poetry. Summer 1864 Propulsion On 2 month he Comes in N. Novgorod. 8 September 1864 Propulsion Took place symbolic tab stone in foundation future temple. 18 November 1865 Propulsion Project Church was approved government. In 1866 Propulsion L. W. Type returned pay permanent residency in N. Novgorod and postavlyaetsya project Cathedral. 15 September 1867g. Is claimed s building Committee for the construction temple, 11 August 1868 Propulsion Took place fouling tab Cathedral on Strelitse. In 1875 Propulsion Be finished the setting made by walls, by the summer of 1881 Propulsion - finishing. 20 July 1881 Propulsion Cathedral blessed in honor Alexander Nevsky.

Cathedral saintly 19th of the Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral in lower Novgorod, built until 1880 year on project an architect L. W. S. E. Dahl's.
In 1856 year yarmarochnoe kupechestvo Young desire to to build a new Cathedral in memory about visit to the shows emperor Aleksander II, and turned with throughout about make a new Cathedral on Nizhny Novgorod fair to nizhegorodskomu bishop Saint Anthony, and the, in turn, to appeals A. BC Muravyov.

A new project, the proposed young architect of akademkom L. W. Today said, also not was approved. Authorship a final project until now not review, perhaps, that author is architect I. S. Vishnevsky. The necessary means (454 thousands of 667 rubles 28 kopecks) were are collected for 10 years (to 1866 year.

In 1867 year Fair visited the great Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich, which participated in ceremony of blessing seats bookmarks Cathedral; construction began 19 September 1867 year. The main construction Cathedral was launched 18 August 1868 year and lasted in for 13 years, domestic work have continued until 1880 year.

Cathedral was convent without traditional svaynogo founding and represented a tsentricheskoe the monumental the construction with five vosmigrannymi tent-like church, the central of which is rising on levels 72.5 Dam. In decor facade are elements different architectural styles. Plan of the cathedral had eclectic character.. Except written anywhere, Moscow's ikonopistsem F. A. Partner Program icons in the Yasukuni were were as icons of from liquidated after fire Makar'yevski monastery.

20 July 1881 year construction was ended and Cathedral was solemnly consecration in the presence of emperor Alexander III, his spouse Maria Feodorovna of Russia and as the crown prince Nicholas.

The Yasukuni most prominently those, that he had no a permanent arrival: His merchants, the traveling shows that came on Fair. For this reason the main ???? was openly only during shows, and winter not otaplivalos. Worked only otaplivaemaya winter Church Saharna of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha.

The Yasukuni was place meeting meeting guests cities Tsarist family, hierarchs Orthodox Church. In temple has been miraculous that icon of God Mothers and Holy Cross of God, to which prikladyvalis many afflicted paralysis and in other diseases.

During the Great Patriotic war, on central the WILD Cathedral was established new the, defended the sky Bottom Novgorod from raids fascist aviation. In 1940s years occurred conflagration, razed interior in building Cathedral and painting of on ceiling and walls temple. After this the remnants of domestic plaster were fully shot.

In 1983 began restoration Cathedral, in this period actively ???? participation voluntary restorers. In 1989 began recovery the petals care temple.

In February 1991 was created Fraternity in the name of saintly 19th Great Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky, and in June 1992 Cathedral was fide the Church.

With 1992 in winter side altar Reverend Saharna began wop. 30 December 1998 Metropolitan NIZHEGORODSKY and Arzamassky Nikolai meetings the Central and cuts-Nevsky succeeded temple. 24 April 1999 was consecration Mariinsky aisle, and 18 on May St Nicholas aisle. Wop have become end up coming mostly of it Cathedral; but under this restoration continues.

For of the cathedral had to develop a new pillar of the iconostasis, so as secret old craftsmen, gun and zakrepivshikh in the last century 23-metre with vosmietazhnyy house! iconostasis, open not managed. External ubranstvo the iconostasis try restore on old escaped from photos. (Much detail -





Rooms :-fair Cathedral

historical-Transfiguration (Staroyarmarochnyy) the cathedral

Architect: A. Betancourt, O. -Ricard de Montferrand.
Worded: N.Novgorod area, the Bottom Novgorod, fair road tolls, 10

Built in 1822 year on project A. A. De Betancourt y Molina. Not accidentally surprising similarity yarmarochnogo temple with St. Isaac with Vatican II in St. Petersburg: Facades churches develop one person - Auguste R. -Ricard de Montferrand. Unfortunately, in interior Cathedral not persisted Luster academic A. W. Stupina.

Historical-Transfiguration Cathedral - the only the construction from first outlet buildings, worthy until our days.
Prestolnyy celebration - Iznesenie popular drev the Cross of God (celebration The Compassionate brilliant) 14 12 Jul. On but / UF.

Now - the cathedral Cathedral dioceses. In 2004 Internal ubranstvo vossozdano in previous forms, in-style classicism.

Have altar - chapel over grave, Metropolitan of Moscow the Directorial and Arzamassky Nicholas (Kutepova). The planned recovery bell tower.

After fire summer 1816 year Fair, which acted have walls Makar'yevski of Yellow Lake and Unzha monastery, was transferred in Nizhny Novgorod. Engineers I. Puaderbard and A. Digo chose place for it on the left low Bank rivers of Oka. From the original architecture shows until our days exalted, perhaps, only Spassky rooms :-fair Cathedral 1822 Propulsion

A. A. Betancourt developed thumbnails future trade of the ensemble and Stole to work formats (-Ricard de Montferrand. In further Betancourt endured his kangaroo the supposed territory horse-trading closer to Kanavinskoy't send and pointed out snuck something into its ploughing the meadow with sand still on 6-8 meters, that slowed down construction and increased the cost of works. Such a carryover was made from-for threats its income.

On their architectural magnificent villa created this Cathedral reminds St. Isaac's. Not discarded, that project Spassky Cathedral was one of options create fourth Isaak Cathedral. The building for Dialogue chief boulevard shows and was is designed play caught back role in a common hand compositions.

Place for yarmarochnogo Cathedral was defined on main axis yarmarochnogo of the ensemble. Architect of Cathedral became Auguste-Ricard de Montferrand. Under with Vatican II was you store it underground ????, which have become then surrender traffickers under depots.

Plan of the cathedral was kreschatym: To main square of the People(11kh11 fathoms) on countries of light pristraivalis rectangular, resolved individually volumes of. - to trading the complex a front southern entry had not only chetyrekhkolonnyy portico, but and for him on center still two separately ??? pillar Pontiff warrant, while northern pritvor had only chetyrekhkolonnyy portico. South and northern facades - with HOME of Tuscan warrant. East and Western shelves marked by polukolonnami. Cathedral has five quite ordinary on your painting the domes, drums which glass, windows and are decorated with polukolonnami the Ionian warrant.

Eastern Altar part of and Western pritvor oformlyalis only Wall-column, and this realizing nizhegorodskomu yarmarochnomu to the Cathedral of clearly individual architectural and-artistic decision. The Yasukuni received lighting pyatiglavie. Big windows powerful reels of heads of allowed maximally use upper light, in ties with this on demonstrate, lepnogo decoration interior been held special attention: Copiously adorned with a you- caisson (western architecture) rulebook central nave relied on a wide Auiiniie belt-antablement, which present supported pristavnye pillar.

Painting of walls of the cathedral performed academic painting A. W. Stupin and his son Raphael. Church dynamite was 1 August 1818 year, 5 July 1822 year in temple was was sanctified chief succeeded in honor a "Genesis Ark" popular Drev Ltd. St. Life-giving the Cross of God, July a 31 - aisle saintly Saharna of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha, revered, and 1 August - aisle in honor saintly Alexander Nevsky.

Architectural forging Cathedral in a whole follows in-style classicism. Is well decorated you- and polukolonnami of Corinthian warrant interior decorated picturesque art religious content. Spassky Cathedral in lower Novgorod show up one of the first significant works-Ricard de Montferrand in Russia.

Inhabitants Bottom Novgorod and those merchants'The New House '. Cathedral Spassky, because, that even before of building temple on strelitse Oki and Volga in doschatykh temporary workbenches clerk historical-Preobrazhensk grandeur Cathedral put among horse-trading in polotnyanom tent iconostasis.

As icons of and supreme utensils were cured of from grandeur temple in the Kremlin, made there same were priests. Because Fair lasted just month and contain a special fair clerk was a grid, the Yasukuni was TFS to serious maintenance of a historical Preobrazhenskomu to the Cathedral of in the Kremlin. That is why a fair Church has become to be called as Saviour, and later, when was built the Yasukuni in honor Alexander Nevsky, - Staroyarmarochnoy.

Soon after of blessing a new temple it turned out, that many merchants refuse his visit, because them was uncomfortably praying pre icons, been written on European manners Italian an artist Torricelli 1. Figures saints on imagery were with wielding Scotlands tel, that envious puzzling and misunderstanding among traders.

Some of them have become walk in the Yasukuni with their icons. Merchants obtained their carefully wrapped in tryapitsy. Later few years as icons of have replaced. A new iconostasis was designed architect of W. 'yevich Stasov.

The Yasukuni was erected on enough dangerous territory, pavodkovye water gradually razmyvali bulk material can dig, in walls Cathedral appeared dangerous fissures. In late nineteenth century Robert Party Kileveyn otrestavriroval Staroyarmarochnyy Cathedral. Re-the Yasukuni was was sanctified 31 July 1888.

In a result numerous repairs and restavratsiite, proizvodivshikhsya in nineteenth century, Cathedral substantially changed its kind of. Ikonostasy not persisted, and Luster on walls and vaults remained only on minor Tiananmen. In the 20th century in temple troops warehouse, in administrative building - residential apartment. Spassky Staroyarmarochnyy Cathedral was fide Nizhny Novgorod dioceses in 1991.


Assumption military Cathedral (1821-1831)

Not there is. Vozvodilsya on means Maria greatly Mertvago in memory about return, participant can be Patriotic war, 1812 year. With this proposition she turned to to Emperor Aleksander 1. He personally oversaw the engineering and initial phase construction. 25 August 1820 year Mertvago projected to the in Department public property and public buildings facades church together with plan the Directorial has, which were seen tsar, born a series of amendments. Project ascendancy 9 January 1821 Propulsion 22 March took place tab foundation. Building block armed the the section of N. Propulsion Kokareva, brickwork led with his in peasant. Tschernitz Balakhninskiy the county P. Propulsion Tens. 25 September 1827 Propulsion Was was sanctified in honor Uspenija of Lords Resistance Mothers chief succeeded. In 1831 Propulsion Cathedral was fully is luxuriously and was sanctified, became garnizonnym with a temple.