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Legend about White and Zachatskoy towers

In the summer, as the great Prince Moscow conceived Nizhny Novgorod loop stone Wall enclosed behind, have been languishing in nizhegorodskikh the dungeons good fellows-udaltsy from novgorodskikh Ushkuyniks, and with them their Countryman Danilo Volokhovets.

Quite young ten millionth kid he in Novgorod Greater on sgradi.Tova Kremlins presumptive nominee - stones tesal, assemble the bricks showed ,-rock mesil yes and a master became. And when Kremlin built, other trade from overseas craftsmen has emulated and became iskusnikom on renounce all hand - and sword hammer out, and bell to mold, houses of stone build and vessel maritime fix anew. And such the Danilo Volkhovets was appears yes pamyatlivyy, that has emulated versation overseas guests, that in Novgorod on trading Affairs got braced.

Suddenly in life Volokhovtsu change withdrew. In he with Republic of Novgorod Ushkuyniks on Volga attempt, on the freewheeling light get out, see, another life see a great. Ushkuyniks people staunchest, but desperate golovushki, with them become - all one thing that in "coins" play: Either ", either ???-reckoning! So and have Volkhovets River broke a. Have fallen they in steely hoisted guardians of princely and are poised in the dungeons gauge train Novgorod. Slightly not year sat in bribed police authorities moldtsy-udaltsy, hours of sunshine not saw, his mission, hunger, to continue to suffer. Okay, that good people through behind the abandoned them and screaming. But one day have really opened up doors heaviest and all prisoners from those dungeons my whole life on will have:
- Hey, get out, get out on light, blood razboynaya!
, threw crap all from towers stone weary Novgorod and went for detained on mountains high dig ditches deep, stones wall to fall, assemble the bricks carrying, Wall fortress putting ands twin towers fell under the most heaven raising. Soon pieced it together colonel was Wolynetz, 's loyal servant of the great, that in vain novgorodskikh guys sittin 'in bribed police authorities held, long would their to trial true people - such they The dexterous yes they're agile in work were! And the first among them-Danilo Volkhovets. Andve promised colonel was all novgorodtsev for gained work on will to float, and Volkhovets River put the main a master over the entire vatagoy masons.

Not one thing summer Gorokhovetsky Novgorod hand in hand with root nizhegorodtsami. Firmly-onto your dicks built, not simple masonwork, and krestovoyu, and-rock so tricky yes skillfully corps extinguished any, that skhvatyvala stumbling and building block dead-bolted. Knew and were people Russians, as Kremlin against vorogov build: Zhestkoy yes reliably, on eyelids centuries!
Here is and it looked grand duke the great Deputy, that Nizhny Novgorod fortress builds meshkotno. And sent he in the Bottom Novgorod iskusnika and masters of on fortresses ear what I had heard Petrukha Francesco with assistant at Giovanni's a tattie. Both profits defused on-zamorskomu, in caps rare, in buckram cloaks-nakidushkakh and under spits, as real warriors.

Master the Peter Francesco all Russian to their liking revives marked, immediately 4,000,000, in it human great spirit and prowess. And assistant his, at Giovanni's a tattie, was real thug, zamorskiy the state and a bully. Slightly that-and for shpazhonku its'd grab, on a fight..., on scramble asking to get took. In the fact only corporation as a was smart enough, and ???? and one brick not concert. And for all his supose it and alignment rocky peninsulla Russians people name of at Giovanni's a tattie on its Russian lad- Zhevanyy do.

Lived in the contestant the Nighttime on atop the pre one wench-beauty of, dark eyes, obese streamer, and will smile - as if nymphea pink then open itself up. Named a Naztazia, and nicknamed Gorozhanochkoy, years it for twenty-they got into, but married something not Hi and otshuchivalas:
- Honey not Takes, and for nemilogo itself not of walking - not bypass vekovushey be!
Lived their domkom, with the mother native, honest hard. Oftentimes the she on sorrow for water way from the, and each time it good fellows-kamenschiki with fortress poke, icing was called, on wall I. Only the gumnut, in sight, not fault was, evolved first are quick, but on-bright. Himself the Peter Francesco on the contestant Gorozhanochku tempted, of the location on baldo esli, moustache was playing on the Stripper, zavival and, for kinsmen has improved greatly, as Zhuravel on wall nursed. And a confederate of his Zhevanyy do, minute they saw Natasia, good professed and face its idolovu sought to rig under the angelic.

Not knew, not were managed they, 're the ding-dongs overseas, yes and no one the other not whatever, that not for good reason Nastasia Gorozhanochka past walls often has gone, the band back working water was watering. Reached long ago through bars of its she with CEO Danil Volkhovtsem good word perishing said a.
"'ll have to make a will - Proposals wife!"
- so it Danilo once from windows of its said. And now not sparing myself forces, served he grand duke Moscow, hoping make it until promised will.

And for spring and holidays spring demonstrated reluctant. Exhorts day holiday conceiving've timed nizhegorodtsy tab immediately three towers Kremlin: Boris yes Gleb, Zachatevskuyu and Belokamennuyu, yes the entire Wall between them. Have dug out of alternate and ditches, natesali stone white, brick navozili mountain the mountain,, welded-rock in Germans clay. And in day neporchnogo conceiving all nizhegorodtsy on's, threw crap all. Under the bells can from tservey as icons of learned, and go front to front, on towels white linen, sugar-white, the icon of the Virgin.

All competent has, ordinary people and noble, (which and turn heads. Under the end of the Qibla have become nizhegorodtsy eleven crosses sack and on bottom kotlovanov hurl, to stood towers and Wall has eyelids perpetual, not yielded vrazhim osadam and don. Here is has drawn to the pit Nastasia Gorozhanochka, unbuttoned on breast gumdrop buttons, lifted with a neck cross zolotenkiy and in get the foundation has challenged the.

Here where something s an absolute mess do dispatched to, as eel began around Covetousness is sidling, hug, yes under rasstegnutuyu cardigan off see around corners. . And, look moreover, kiss-pardon under people starts. Froze was was from the city, but soon become reasonable and the tar out of okhalnika on ment hand but. Have backed away from Rhoda from it at Giovanni's a tattie yes in hole and of you, the original zamorskiy on laughable around the world nizhegorodskomu. Of you, and extricate not can, 's mad and conditionally on-the alien: "About, Madonna a putane!"

Increasingly saw and heard Danilo Volokhovets, and not sterpelo heart of his. Jumped he to the pit, for hand Zhevannogo dragged her up yes here same, not postponing, hit his on one cheek, yes on the other, teaching oio yes reintroduce reason: "On-your she a putane, yes on-our mother yours chesnaya!" Ashamed became a tattie, that with people yes on cheek trumps, and for kinsmen grabbed. But Danilo his for hands cleverly caught and, when sword that fell out in a bale of suprotivnika he scooped. And here from pain and head of okhnul Novgorodets, but lifted villain-Italian wunderkind and in hole with boiling in lime deserted. And himself as oak podrublennyy, slowly to earth tilted towards. Nearly ran to the pit people - Giovanni a tattie deceitful, yes item strapon. And Danilo without breathing lay, with party had knife in upper quadrant.

Zatuzhili, zagorevali nizhegorodtsy, zagorevali, zaprichitali peasant women. Nastasiya Gorozhanochka in the sidelines teetered and headscarf its silently in combustible tears bathed. Less bright the face of chief master the Peter Francesco. Mince he countryman his, a tattie shaloputnogo, and even more sad about Russian wizard Danile Volokhovtse. Have spoken they with colonel by and ordered, to both smertoubiyts in podbashennykh kotlovanakh buried. Boom of 'went down really well with molebna people nizhegorodskiy.

Of being unspeakable himself because omen under a of chamois Lies.
Not resist long a has, that so close to Volga-climb down. Grudgingly and perform for-rock are, in which a godless the do wop dago you was boiled. A band of Danily Volkhovets River silently worked, achieved by erecting tower-a monument over grave his Comrade. The entire white stumbling with Bank Volga ???? have weathered ,-rock in its own way in the pit zamesili and Gorokhovetsky fiercely debated, not sparing myself themselves.

With every day and an hour pribyvala, grew have Volga [low chatter]Statuesque the harsh to worsen. All the remnants of white stone on it used up and had nicknamed its people belokamennoi. But on noon from it, from brick bloody-bagryanogo another to worsen grew, Zachatevskaya. Under it the state and various talyashka do lay. Living same people, as muravushki, on Wall clawing, assemble the bricks, stones ,-rock power, Wall cash with faith great, that that Iast they eyelids perpetual, were far the elements be and ills recalcitrant.

And Nastasia Gorozhanochka not forgot his Danilo Volkhovets River, not zatukhala in its heart of love to him and hatred to everyone Giovanni a tattie. From year in year, in weather and nepogod, every evening she on a went, to tower belokamennoi, and it very loudly its song sang. And Volga, and Dyatlovy mountains listened to the contestant song, but remained silent. Remained silent until pores until time, as fate neispovedimaya, that entire truth life knows, yes not soon skazyvaet.

Later many years, as if beginning will Gorozhanochki, podtochili underground water slope mountains together with fortress and Tower Conception, to fell down they to Volga-landslide. And tower Belokamennuyu not, moved by, have left the monument over grave masters of, slozhivshego fortress Nizhniy Novgorod.


Here is such a the sad enchanting landmark-legend there is about these two towers has. Perhaps this simply whose something fantasy, perhaps real fact. In any case to visit NIZHEGORODSKY Kremlin strongly advise all guests and residents Bottom Novgorod. Most the best time for this - summer, then entertainments companions can become brave Strelets Troops-udaltsy!
To the same summer and tour on the most Kremlin wall are possible.

The Kremlin and fulfilling you!