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That would give full the review about my cozy village, necessarily need to recall and about our the near neighbor on - pretty village (rather even there) Smirnovskoe. She has been in 1.5-2 kilometers from our villages in side roads Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion - Shekshema.




Hello, Olga! Me name is Irina, my mother was born in Smirnovskom in 55g. Igrokova (now Yelena Safonova) Galina, its sister Tonya (Khramtsova) with 52g. Was friends with Bushuevoy Iryna. My great-grandmother Sharova Tatiana year lived in Smirnovskom until 85g then moved into Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion to daughter - Igrokovoy Lydia Feodorovna of Russia. In Smirnovskom lived Sharovy, Zemtsovy, Sayfudinovy, Malikovy.

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Olja Hi! Village Smirnovskoe me well am familiar. We with my girlfriend Iryna Bushuevoy implemented all weekend there she has lived parents. And which there white mushrooms simply miracle. Came we on the evening in Friday, and us already waited a village Bath. And after bathhouses the table, pounded from any sign the Park. What were then, the mushrooms,. The pickles. The samovar necessarily this words not you pass the. And on the morning snack cakes necessarily from Russian the stove. Where same you now family Bushuevykh? Can someone knows I with Iroy has lost the link with 1996. :flag:


Hello, Irina and Tatiana. Is happy that you visited my forum.
And most importantly there is hope something to know about. Smirnovskoe. Can even and about fate someone from, Chashniky this villages.
IRA, please discard me on-more detailed data about your relatives from this khutorka. Me like would to see and their photos on Forum. :D


I only ask that to you at the request one of a frat Mr. France, which in 44 year was dishonest in Parisian prison with one young Russian soldatom- Pavel Vykharevym,villages Uryupino. Could not would you us give information about family Vykharevykh, in in Belyshevskom district before the war, to tell about this village, can you have there are photo Uryupino. Now Georges Joao Bernardo far for 80 years, but he khanit warm memory about his comrade (which he searching for entire life) and any inoformatsiya about his native farms, very the road Georges.

In advance thank you,


Hello, Yuliya.
Very am touched by, that you turned for help me. I will try you help.
Autumn I'm going to go on its a small homeland and will make increasingly, that in my forces. Only not hope on fast outcome. Me seems this villages now in our district already there is no. Very many small hamlets in furnished 25 years disappeared with maps our country.
And even need to discover the right writing reverie attended by. In our district residents and reside Vikharevy, camping on E. Is written through "and". Perhaps for nikh years and from not knowledge Russian language your familiar accidentally twisted and distorted surname friend.
Nevertheless I will seek both options write reverie attended by.
All goods to Your reach for the and let he not loses hope!