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Svetlana, huge thank you for Your photo. Hope you and henceforth chase park their on Forum.


Yes, photo excellent you have Olja, and Svetlana! Beauty not describe words.




Hello, Svetlana! Tell us, Please, that on your snapshots, because I not found in your Summit any explanations? That this: Open gathering spaces that offer universal, nakrytaya with;
Concrete rubble any kirpichnogo buildings (the so need to, apparently, understand, that this attractions Vorsma Urban Settlement - not can same be such a)? Ah with mushrooms all clear - beautiful batiste top.
With respect, Padfoot!


a drifter
Concrete rubble kirpichnogo buildings - this on fact landmark my cities Vorsma Urban Settlement. This '--Trinity small island-Yezerskyy monastyt. He resides on the island (Lake Toskanka), and open gathering spaces that offer universal, nakrytaya with - this there is bridge to this monastery.


Dobryi day!
I't seek their home on reverie attended by Shmakovy. Was very is happy, when've given in describing history Vorsma Urban Settlement sleduyuschee-
Founder one of first live molotovykh steel factories was is from fortress notation in Sheremetev Nikon Nikolayevich Shmakov, subsequently merchant 2 th guilds Gorbatovskogo the county zachinatel production folding knives in Russia.
My favorite grandmother Evdokija Ivanovna Shmakova from Gorbatov. Was born in 1878. In family merchant Ivan Shmakova.
Can you have interesting materials about this family?
I am path for pedigrees merchants Kazakovykh, Shmakovykh and Zvorykinykh-my close and far relatives.


I will try anything find about your ancestors, although I have no vozmozmozhnosti find in the archives.



I not know, persisted whether now, documents and photos; but in mid-? s, past century, the late now Yuri Sergeevich Kamenev, land him duvet, nurtured, at the request Yuri Nikolaevich's honor Tarasov, for other an Museum (listen! Mesa them. W. I. Lenin) and for predstavitelstva- album history a plant. There was many severely advertising, factories Savialova, even 1870kh- 1990s was s; even were with Paris exhibition, providers court his Azokh.

Anyone reflecting Hi!:flag: I, too, now live in Vorsma Urban Settlement, live quite recently [any something trepetnykh feelings I have that place still not causes.

But know a bit more than indigenous groups

So situation the situation, can simply she was inquisitive and everywhere nose to pry.
So here is Museum under factory more there is no
There was such a situation that all this was no one need not, all was has been buried, slightly whether not on dustbin of. I know, that much of this Museum was able learn and save one woman.
And where now all of this wealth, too, know, there many what, old fotochki, documents any. I even will be able go and nafotkat all
But I the awful lenischa :blush:
Simply so like to its time spend not d! :tomato:

If whom interestingly write, talk to you soon

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And pro the Yasukuni I, too, many, many know! :glasses:

, too, the situation so situation.
Asked me one the familiar girl print it graduate work.
Learns she on historian and wrote work pro temples Pavlovsky cleanup.
Went for different live and libraries information a unique.
I it, typing up with open a mouth very interestingly!
So here is retained I this all for themselves.
Can with you to share whom need to?

Ah of course not like to, greedy I information perishing painful for financially-engineered! :writing: