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The inhabitants Vorsma Urban Settlement are proud and their fellow man - group "Roque-islands."

Group Roque-islands was incurred in 1985 in town Vorsma Urban Settlement Nizhny Novgorod area and until the early 90s played in different styles, including hard-rock and heavy-metal, not possessing serious popularity. However in 1990 st year happened the, that has sent further fate of collective for wedding friend musicians rocky peninsulla their songs in dance the old. Later pop starters borrow the upper hand and to mid-90-'s Roque-islands have won enough serious popularity in lower Novgorod, that and led to posledovavshemu then contract with company Union and the early Moscow phase careers of collective. Nothing not talk less , rise same to the sky , Gene , Do you like very and many other compositions groups were among major hits those years and brought Roque-islands love million admirers, thanks to what were artists and old albums of collective.
Had been signing a favorable contract with concern "Union" bounded to the "Roque-islands" from Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement Nizhny Novgorod area preparing by the summer of its a new studio album. And until on joy numerous contains nothing new launched Kyle disk with the Russians popular songs in perelozhenii "Roque-islands." Such songs as "black hooded crows", "zhyttja, frost, frost", "hand", "stitches-pathways", "Kalina", and many other not know wasn that difficult children. Forging album of under "Golden Ring" indicates, that "Union" imposes on "the Cayman" big commercial hope. Ah and us remains only will be similarly encouraged for our fellow citizens, managed-??? cut to the top show-industry, and wish them further creative successes!
For Help. Group "Roque-islands" is based in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement. Its its permanent leader, the author almost all songs, arranger and keyboardist, he same vocalist # 1 Vladimir turn. In composition groups also includes: Oleg Razin, Alexander Kutyanov, Anatoly now. The first CD-disk "Roque-islands", "Sunny wind", was launched in late 1994 and was a great success as have us in lower, so and in Moscow, on country. To be sure, a bestseller will become and this disk.

Continues "prolonged bookcases Mosor" nizhegorodskikh "Roque-islands" in Moscow. Hardly they feel there "their", almost 30 years lived) on the periphery. Yes and from slick, insensitive metropolitan wigged ping pong pop their immediately tell from the apperance of - on staratelnomu, skurpuleznomu approach to creativity, and also to punish, almost puritanskomu external mind and tenacious reluctance stuff in "kislotnuyu" scales. But this all external signs of - it is time and about essence to talk. The fourth CD-disk "rock islanders" took care do not thus flat and facile, as above - appeared dramatic fruits with, deeper became soundcheck, yes and for guitarist Sasha Kutyanova now work lot more, and the he before all dozing under odnoobraznoe synthetic blyamkane.
- And another advance - Vladimir turn, who until far've been composing all songs alone, on this time Stole to your essays texts immediately two charming dam - Svetlana shurinu and last week in new Chubarovu, and sounds like the kind of they, sounds like the kind of. In general something,
Normally sounds like the kind of. Worse not became, if anything. Correct, that to songs "Do you like very" and "Gene" already removed video clips - only proceeded in Cyprus, and the director E. Serdyukovskiy highly skillfully used an exotic entourage.


Bountiful days all! And especially Olga!
Thank you for your labor.
Me lichno- very liked Vasha work. Thank you.
I not know, persisted whether now, documents and photos; but in mid-? s, past century, the late now Yuri Sergeevich Kamenev, land him duvet, nurtured, at the request Yuri Nikolaevich's honor Tarasov, for other an Museum (listen! Mesa them. W. I. Lenin) and for predstavitelstva- album history a plant. There was many severely advertising, factories Savialova, even 1870kh- 1990s was s; even were with Paris exhibition, providers court his Azokh.
Perfectly reputable Olga, if this perhaps, and if retained modicum that the - place on site. I think it will be interesting not only me.
Incidentally on S.N. factory, even Mikhail Semyonovich, Kanov, to do he launched exposition CHF.
Yes, even, if not hampers: In the former a scout club (church, Get near mails) was is not a bad the exposition old Vorsma Urban Settlement. Can that sokhranilos- place, please on site.


Perfectly reputable Olga!
I can and got a nerve, as myod- so and spoon.
Judging by everything rabote- you well know history Nizhny Novgorod of. Me, in principle interested in district Vorsma Urban Settlement and around.
In back In the '70s years past century I's and've been over every inch almost the entire district: Grudtsino- Frolovskoe- Pashigorevo- timber until Red Cross;
Dolotkovo- Kishkino- until Mukhanova; Korovino- Vorvan- Rybino- until Dovydkogo; Komarovo, Zhestelyovo, Ababkovo. In short entire constituency knew well. If until now remember their name. On my memory disappeared myakushki (the Lower and in the Top), Boldyrevo, Ilyino (one thing the pool of remained in the center of the, yes care run wild.
Can be you, where any exalted Register of Gorbatovskogo the county, with full list of populated points. I personally saw map, zemskuyu, is not a bad, but not was massive; she was in museum have Martyanova.
On the idea of, if you have opportunity to work in arkhivakh- this not the problem.
Let me correctly, I his on not of the interests sake of, and this but Silvio for curiosity infinite. Pledge not deny.
I not know, you can in rate, that in Internet there is much, me more are interested your site, there is couple of Vorsmenskikh- they me not drags; Pavlovskikh- can and many, but me zainteresovali couple of: This Pavlovo. Orgues, and site Tolika Khavkina.
In my increasingly okhvatit- impossible, albeit'Wannee.
Here is there is a bit photographs, Pavlovo- which was, me prompted: This is interestingly


Dobryi day, Boris. Tried her hand you help, but alas. In archive 'Market I have no opportunities. And come I not from Russian cleanup. Although now I't seek information about our district, there is some what expertize. Unfortunately only now will be able from the traditional these take a careful. Summer simply time not was.


Good time days!
I, too, to you with chelobitnoy.
With legs has strayed, running on connectivity, but nor as not can find as either full information about the one the Temple Vorsma Urban Settlement
Specialized Church in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement Russian cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area.
Even year build nor where there is no. Mentioning everywhere fleeting and not informotivnye
All that me managed exhume on today

Specialized Church in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement Russian cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area.

Church Religious Art of God Mothers Specialized in Vorsma Urban Settlement
Department name: The Kazan Church
Pavlovsky blagochinnicheskiy ????????
Propulsion VORSMA, Lenin MDL and DPLM.

Stone odnokupolnaya Church with is to bell tower, the main volume of the rotunda on chetverike.

Could not would YOU me help with information? If of course you have said? Although would year build

And this my contribution: :)

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Dobryi evening, Andrei! Very is happy that you are interested in this theme. I will try to know lot more about this church. Think that the most the best option turn to father Anatoly. Certainly he owns information.
For photo a separate thank you!



I in the coming days write you that learned history church. Of course same if can find the money information, then and here its include.
Can be you want themselves any subject curate? Is happy was it comes to your participation on Forum.