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History the Directorial, sort of looks like

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: No names, however In STORY Nizhny Novgorod PROTEST

Long on book "Home the brink" -b. Novgorod,
The publishing house "N.Novgorod, the fair", 1997.

Habakkuk Petrovic(1620 or sometimes 1682). The head of the clerical split, Protopop, writer. Was born in farms Grigorove Nizhny Novgorod the county (nearby from Greater Murashkina). Becoming cleric, fervently preached kindly,, rebuked likhoimstvo and promiscuity. Was is approached to Tsarskoe court yard, and then expelled for disagreement with improvements of the patriarch of Nikon the Patriarch. Firmly adhered to old landscape and practicing an. For their beliefs was buried burnt in Pustozerske. The author "Live", "Books reflective", "Books interpretation", "Books oblicheniy." His consider ancestor new Russian Literature, deep pockets and free shaped words, ispovedalnoy provoked. Summer 1991 in farms Grigorove a monument Avvakumu (sculptor W. Greenland Start 03.09.2007).

Agafonov Svyatoslav Russian. Assessment, Honoured architect Russia, laureate State bonuses. Honorary citizen Bottom Novgorod. Was born in 1911. Obtaining profession an architect, studied under in asprantur Academy architecture. In postwar years active handled research Russian of architecture of. With 1951 scientific chief and the author project restoration the Directorial has. With 1957 year in for eleven years chaired scientifically-restoration masterful, dealing with recovery civilian homes the seventeenth-century, churches in Maksim Gorkiy, of Finance and Makareve, farmstead Pushkin in Boldine. The author many scientific papers, in including books "NIZHEGORODSKY Kremlin. Architecture, history, restoration "(1976). Professor Nizhny Novgorod architectural and construction Academy, is leading greater work for the Study and safeguard monuments history and culture area.

Alexeev Rostislav Yevgenievich0916 1980). Engineer-boatyard "Vostok, Designer courts on submarine e?ueuyo, Dr. technical Sciences, laureate Leninist and State bonuses. Was born in city of Novozybkove. After the end of the Polytechnic Institute was directed on plant "Krasnoye Sormovo Factory No. 112." With 1942 year began work over creation of courts on submarine e?ueuyo, led successful research and tests. In January 1955 year became chief executive Central design bureau (CDB) on courts on submarine e?ueuyo. In 1957 in the first civilian flight until Kazan went to TEPLOKHOD Jet-Foil "hydrofoil", created by in bureau Alekseeva In subsequent years was developed and delivered in exploitation several types of new courts, the speed which came to 100 kilometers in hour.

Alyona Arzamas. Leader of the one of brigades mutinous peasants Nizhny Novgorod the brink during rebellion Stepan Razin Brewery. Come from Vyezdnoy Slobody under Arzamasom, onvention from peasants, after death husband cut your hair in monastic vows. In 1b70 year convened armed struggle against tsarist troops, with its group captured city Temnikovskoye Urban Settlement. Executed autumn the same year colonel by-a torturer mainstream A. Dolgorukovym, burnt in which is as the female bushranger and a heretic, a suspect in sorcery over. Fate Aliona Arzamasskoy historians compare with the fate of French heroine Jeanne's dIvoire Arc.

Annenkov Ivan Alexandrovich(1802 1878). The Decembrist. Was born in Moscow. Received domestic nurture, two years listened to lecture in the Moscow University. With 1819 year served in Kavalergardskom shelf. After rebellion all the convicted on 15 years artifacts of. In Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai it to him has arrived learns, a Frenchwoman Palina Gobel. After amnesty has relocated from Siberia in Nizhny Novgorod. Served official special envoy under governor, participated in prepare the farmer reforms, Doctorate leader of nobility. Romantic fate Annenkov and Gobel became the basis of Aoyama movies and books. The most known the about fate Annenkovykh novel A. Dumas "Teacher fencing."

Arkhangelsk Vasily Mikhailovich(1792 1828). Litseyskiy the Instructor A. S. Pushkin. Was born in farms Kobylino Arzamassky the county (now rural-urban divide regional Shatkovsky cleanup) Nizhny Novgorod county of in family priest. At the end Nizhny Novgorod spiritual seminary entered 1810 year in s.-peterburgskiy the Massachusetts General pedagogical institution. Swoon his, was directed in Tsarskoye Selo lyceum student-teacher meeting physics and mathematics. With 1815 on 1817 year have him studied under A. S. Pushkin.

Arkhangelsk Sergei Ivanovich(1882 1958). Historian, Dr. historical Sciences, professor, a member of-correspondent Academy Sciences. Was born in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug Nizhny Novgorod county of in family official. In 1900 year graduated from Nizhegorodsky noble residence institution, in 1906 Moscow university. With 1907 on years 1917 year taught at Nizhny Novgorod Mariinskoy of female gymnasium and gubernskoy gymnasium, then in Volga University and the teachers Institute. Published about a hundred scientific works. One of the authors of academic dvukhtomnogo research "from England's point that revolution the seventeenth-century" (both 1954). Was a member of Nizhny Novgorod gubernskoy the file room Commission and the Directorial scientific society for the Study local the brink.

Afonshin Sergei Vasilyevich(1908 1984). Writer, Local historian. Was born in farms St Vladimir's have epic Lake Svetloyar Since 1928 uchitelstvoval in zavolzhskikh villages as well. Participated in Great Patriotic war. This literary creative became engage with starters 60s. The author popular books "Sunny tree", "Wu gay man Svetloyara", "foot- and skazy native hand", "Gorodetsky carrot" and other.

Afrikantov Igor Ivanovich(1916 1969). Engineer, Designer, scholar, creator of first transport nuclear energy sets in Russia, Dr. technical Sciences, Hero of Social Labor, laureate Leninist and State bonuses. Was born in farms Pushkarka Arzamassky the county Nizhny Novgorod Governorate in family teachers. After dropping out on used law school ideal gas industrial Institute worked on defence venture in Stalingrad were. Returning in the early Great Patriotic war in eve,s presumptive nominee on our factory a master, boss of workshop, the main constructor. In 50s years handled developing nuclear energy sets. Created facility for atomic icebreaker "Lenin." With 1964 director of and chief Designer environmental design bureau Davignon (Opytnoe konstruktorskoe). Under his leadership was shaped the collective talented developers and creators high-class nuclear reactors broad profile.

Balakirev mussels Alekseevich(1837 1910). Composer, public figure. Was born in lower Novgorod in family official. Music has bought into with childhood, participated in music Engelgard in House his patron A. D. Ulybysheva. Graduated from NIZHEGORODSKY noble residence institution. With 1855 year lived in Petersburg, Ugandans as pianist-of virtuoso, handled kompozitorskoy activities. In Intel i860 year committed trip on Volga-, was recording popular songs, in including famous "Hey, heigh-ho" In Petersburg became one of founders-free laborers musical schools, unleashing mass muzichnomu education in Russia. Around him established architecture Saver Russians composers, named W. W. 'yevich Stasov "powerful that if." Here lay inlets A. Cui, M P. Musorgsky, N A the Rome-Korsakov, A P Olympic. Balakirev the author "category: Overtures on themes three Russians songs", symphonic of poems of "Rus" and "Tamara", piano fantasies "Islamey", tens of songs and romances, anthem in honor founder Bottom Novgorod of the Yuri Vsevolodovich. On House, where with 1842 on 1846 year lived composer, established plaque on a shed. Alongside home put bust composer; on bronze growing,, fulfilled in the form of Notnogo mill, words; "Dont whether Alekseyevich Balakirev, fate Russian music were would utterly other. W. Stasov. "(Sculptor In Purikhov).

Aleksey Petrovich, Count Bestuzhev-Ryumin Constantine Nikolayevich(1829 1897). Historian. Was born in Edise Kudreshki Gorbatovskogo the county (now Bogorodsky district) Nizhny Novgorod county of, in formerly noble family. In 1840 year entered an honorable guesthouse under Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, where uchitelstvoval known writer P. I. Melnikov (Andrei Gheorghievici). Thanks to him published four articles in "Nizhegorodskikh governorates of the of" for 1847 year. Continued at school on legally law school of the Moscow University. In 50s years worked in Moscow journals, then relocated in Petersburg, where became by the employee "domestic memos", edited and wrote books. With 1865, professor on faculty the Russian history Peterburzkogo University. In 1868 year shielded a Doctor's thesis "Oh composition Russians chronicles until the end of XIV century." Them Iranian considerable labor "Russian history." In 1878 82 s chaired exalted womens rates in Petersburg (Bestuzhevskie).

Aleksey Petrovich, Count Bestuzhev-Ryumin Mikhail Pavlovych(1801 1826). The Decembrist. Was born in Edise Kudreshki Gorbatovskogo the county (now Bogorodsky district) Nizhny Novgorod county of In 1816 year family moved in Moscow. In 1818 year Mikhail Pavlovych was sent Juncker in Chevalier Guard supposedly overpowered, then served in labor-Guard Semenivskyi, where was transferred in Poltava infantry. In 1823 year has entered the southern society. After destruction rebellion in Petersburg raised with S. I. Muravevym-the Apostle's efficiency supposedly overpowered. Together with Pavel Ivanovich Pestel, Kondraty Fyodorovich Ryleyev, Kakhovka Raion and Muravevym-the Apostle was sentenced to death through hanging. In 1991 in historic park former-in Kudreshkakh established bust category: Decembrists (sculptor I. I. Lukin). Annually here ???? popular holidays with the participation Local historian, writers and artists.

Bluchin Nikolai Nikolayevich(1912 1993). Surgeon, academic. Hero Social Labor, Honorary citizen Bottom Novgorod. Was born in city of Lukoyanovo Nizhny Novgorod county of. After the end of the medical on tertiary education in lower Novgorod worked doctor Diveevskoy rural hospitals, then on faculty the gospitalnoy surgery Medical Institute. In the years Great Patriotic war shown themselves Ibn high class in area cosmetic surgery, was one of organizers of Institute restorative surgery, worked where ideal gas medical Institute. With 1952s presumptive nominee in Moscow, organized the Oncological center. With 1977 on 1987 year N. BC Bluchin President Academy medical Sciences. On administrative building Medical Institute in lower Novgorod (.500 Kozma Minin and Pozharsky, 10 / 1) established plaque on a shed Museum. Actual representation has been member of Academy medical Sciences is his sister Irina Nikolaevna the report, many years valued at NIZHEGORODSKY research institution Microbiology and epidemiology.

Boborykii Peter Peter(1836 1921). Writer. Was born in lower Novgorod in a rich formerly noble family. Studied under in Kazan, and then in category: University of Tartu universities. This literary creative began engage in the student protest the Nighttime. In 60s years published the first novels of. In 1871 became correspondent nekrasovskikh "domestic memos" in France, lived in Paris, Vienna, London, working in foreign editions, for whom wrote articles on English, German and French languages. Received broad prominence in Russia as the author such and novels "The victim evening", "Dealers", "Walker.", "fellow students have to say", "China-city", "Vasily Terkin" and other. In noted essay "Angliyskiy Sheffield" app sympathetic called described heavy life pavlovskikh handicraftmen -.

m. Nikolai Nikolayevich(1909 1992). Mathematician and the physicist, academic, twice Hero of Social Labor, laureate Leninist and State bonuses. Was born in lower Novgorod in family Dr. theology, author labor "The Philosophy of religion", the abbot Saviour church Nicholas Mihajlovich Bogolyubov theorem (1872 1934). The first scientific work Nicholas Nikolaevich's honor was published, when him founding 15 years. In 27 years he Dr. physico-mathematical Sciences Working in Academy Sciences and the Brookings behalf of W. A. Sgeklova. With 1950 year was ever been put on work nuclear center in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16. Was founder nonlinear mechanics. Ideas and methods, developed them in quantum a statistical Physics, have led to create microscopic theory Inviscid fluid and sverkhprovodimosti. M. creator of Axiomatic set theory quantum theory field. With 1965 year chaired United institution nuclear research in Dubna. In lower Novgorod before old building University on G-Pokrovke him established bronze bust.

Bogorodsky however Semyonovich(1895 1959). An artist, Honoured figure arts, a member of-correspondent Academy Fine Arts, laureate State bonuses Was born in lower Novgorod in family a lawyer. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, in the Moscow University. Was futurizmom, avant with W. Mayakovsky, W. Velimir Vladimirovich Khlebnikov. Participated in civil war, worked in CHK. In 1922 year in lower Novgorod released provides verses "Scout!" Widely known his picturesque fabric "homeless" (1925), "Little brother" (1932), "Slava falling leadership" (1945). Wrote memoirs "unsupported artist" (1959). In recent years taught at the Brookings cinematography

Bryansky (disambiguation) Anton Petrovic(1906 1981). Writer, Hero of Soviet Union. Was born in farms Andriivka, Mashivka Raion Khmelnytsky area on Ukraine. In the years Great Patriotic war leading the partisan movement in deep very enemy. Among his combat rewards Polish Cross the Grunwald's. With 1945 lived in Maksim Gorkiy. The author books "Skyfall the contestant side Front" (the first publication both 1954), "Guerrilla courier" (1961), "????? satellites my" (1964) and other. His name wears one of streets Bottom Novgorod. On House, where he lived (str. Georgian, 46), established plaque on a shed.

Busygin Alexander Kharitonovich(1907 1985). Zachinatel Super Stakhanovite movement in mechanical engineering. Hero Social Labor, Honorary citizen cities Gorky. Was born in vetluzhskoy village Kolevatovskoe in the farmer family.In 1931 arrived for my construction ideal gas mainly seasonal fluctuations, mastered handmade art smithery deal. In 1935 established labor record for otkovke kolenchatykh shaft, significantly surpassing bounced back. He knew how work ways of, vivid, snorovisto. American representatives had transferred him invitation Ford on plant in Detroit, promising to pay gold, on that Busygin responded: "Outsource Ford, that for us Homeland more expensive gold." Ending the Promyshlennuyu Academy of in Moscow, he entire lifes presumptive nominee on, auto plant, recent years Zalman public activities and a young workers. One of severely Avtozavodskogo cleanup Bottom Novgorod wears his name.

Vasilev Vasily Pavlovych(1818 1900). Sinologist and specialist on Buddhism yet, academic Was born in lower Novgorod in family official. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, and then in Kazan University on historical and-philological law school on situation allegiance and Tatar languages In 1840 50 s was under the Russian spiritual mission in Beijing, where mastering Chinese, the Tibet, Manchu languages, Sanskrit. Then was a professor Cathedral of and Peterburzkogo universities. Scientific activities his was extremely diverse, his writings not have lost values until now.

Vakhterev Vasily Porfiryevich(of 1853 1924). Teacher, public figure. Was born in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in family the janitor spiritual rule. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod seminary. Worked in Vasilsurskom, then Ardatovsky popular schools. Graduated from rates under the Moscow the teachers Institute. Wrote above ten books and textbooks. "Russian your primer" Vakhtereva were issued 118 times. Book for excellent reading "Mir in novels for children" was a favourite benefit in pre-revolutionary school. Vakhterev helped open Sundays schools, helped create popular libraries.

Vesnin brothers
. The architects. Leaders constructivism creative tide in architecture 1920-30 s. Brothers Vesnin brothers Leonid Alexandrovich (1880 1933), Viktor Alexandrovich (1882 1950), Alexander Alexandrovich (1883 1959) were born and rose in city of Yuryevets, Ivanovo Oblast on Volga-. They amounted well- set creative the collective. Their the first major the construction a D W. Sirotkina in lower Novgorod on otkose, built in 1913 1916. His consider the best a model you know, the prerevolutionary architecture in Russia. The most significant Senatskaya constructivism became would fuel seven decades (1927) W. A. Aleksandrovic Vesnin, which in 1932 was elected the first chairman of Union architects of.

Vladimirskii however Ivanovich(1843 1932). Priest, public figure. Was born in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in family reader (minor orders). Graduated from spiritual seminary and became pope, in hometown of. As the deputy of the II State Council, Ugandans abolition of the death penalty in Russia. Presided over construction piped water, for that come with designation of citizen Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. In the years Soviet power headed redesigning.

. Imperial apprentice stone affairs, 3 architects have the seventeenth-century. In late 1620s Lavrenty Stepanovich Vozoulin and his of the stepson Antipas (known also under surname Constantinov) presiding over construction Mikhaylo-Arkhangelsk Cathedral in Volga Kremlin, who was erected on place the homonymous an ancient temple as a monument victory Estonian National militias 1b12 year over formations invaders. Cathedral is a model shatrovykh churches ancient Russias After death stepfather Antipas handled building development in the Vyazma, Moscow, Vladimir. Returning in Nizhny Novgorod in 40s years the eighteenth digits, has built tent-like church church Euthymius I of Constantinople Suzdal and Uspenskuyu in Pechersk monastery.

Volskiy Mikhail Ivanovich(1900 1983). Scholar-worthy, Dr. technical Sciences, Dr. biological Sciences, Honoured figure science Russia Was born in farms Shirokoe Kologrivsky the county Kostroma provinces county of. In 1918 year graduated nib in Varnavine. Worked rural teacher. With 1923 on 1927 year student mechanical Psychology Nizhny Novgorod University. In 1931 was invited in NIZHEGORODSKY institution water transport, where had more than half a century. Presided over laboratory ruggedness machines and metal structures. Led research on learning atmospheric oxide alive organisms, that was a important the inauguration in biology. Known his work on history, drevnerusskomu art, Disarmament knigopechataniyu. On building water. Academy established plaque on a shed scientist.

Gajdar Arcadius Petrovic(1904 1941). Child workers writer, journalist. Was born in city of Lgove in family teachers P. I. Golikova. In 1905 Golikovy have retreated under the Bottom Novgorod, in village Varya near Sormovsky City District, and with 1910 year lived in really lower (str. You barbaric, 41). Two years later family has got over in Arzamas, where Arcadius in 1914 entered real College. In the years civil war participated in fighting. After demobilization returned in Arzamas and here wrote his first Tale "In days defeats and victories." In 30s years he one of most popular writers in country, the author such and narratives "the Kennedy", "Destino drummer", "At count's state ruins", "distant countries", "-powerful Military mystery "," Chuk-and tours can "," the Blue a cup "and other How did he die in combat on Ukraine. In 1961 in urban park Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast open a monument business writer (sculptor mainstream To cleaning). In city of there is a literary and memorial museums Gaidar.

Gaponov-Sin Andrei Viktorovich. Radiophysics, academic, director of Institute applied physics the Russian Academy Sciences, laureate State bonuses Was born in 1926 in Moscow in family scientific workers. In 1932 family moved in Nizhny Novgorod. Ending the radiofizicheskiy economics ideal gas University, young graduate under the leadership academic A. A. Andronova led research in area theory non-linear fluctuations. Results that work proved so buisiness is great, that with protecting Sumenko dissertations Gaponovu-Grekhovu was awarded scientist is degree of Dr. physico-technical Sciences. New writings brought him recognition domestic and overseas for radiophysicists. Dealing with problems electronics, he is leading research and in other areas science.

Gatsiskiy Alexander Serafimovich(1838 1893). Local historian, did the Men of Letters, public figure. In lower Novgorod lived with 1847 year. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, then graduated from legal economics Cathedral of University. "Bowling Club a provincial press", he with 1862 year few years was sometime informal parts of "Nizhegorodskikh governorates of the signature logs", during shows edited "Nizhegorodsky backgrounder fair leaf", printing in newspapers many historical, kraevedcheskikh and pulse demand materials. Under his the editorship 10 Numbers "Nizhegorodskikh collections." Since education (1887) he chaired Gubernskuyu scholarly an archive commission.

Georgy (Yuri) Vsevolodovich(1189 1238). Santa husband gets wasted the great Prince, founder Bottom Novgorod. As the second son great of the Vsevolod the Big Montecastello di Vibio, received great reigning in Vladimir in 1218 year after death senior brother Constantine Chernyenko. Founded several cities, among them in 1221 year Nizhny Novgorod. Died in March 1238 year in battle Russians troops with the Tatar-Mongols on River City. On Dmitrievskoy tower Nizhny Novgorod has in 1993 established that icon with his way (an artist W. K. Tyrdanov).

eve Maxim usage Alexey Maksimovich (1868 1936). Writer, public figure. Was born in lower Novgorod in family who observes this-of cabinetmaker. Participated in-movement in Russia. The author novels "Foma truck tires" (1899), "conservation" (1907), "Delo Artamonovykh" (1925), "Life are Costa Rican cuisine" 0927-36), such "that in" (1901), "Confessions of" (1908), "City Okurov" (1909-10), "Boss" (1913) and other, autobiographic trilogy "glazed curds", "In humans", "My universities", plays "burgess" (1902), "At bottom" (1902), "Barbara" (1906), "Wassa Zheleznova" (1910) and other, verses in prose "Chante about Falcon (1895)," Chante about ship called "Petrel (1901), numerous narratives, essays, literary--critical and publicistic articles. In lower Novgorod a longseats, associated with name writer, there is museum. On Square, named his name, in 1952 him a monument (sculptor W. I. Mukhina).

Gubkin Ivan Mikhailovich(1871 1939). The founder of the oil geology in Russia, rector of Gornaya stantsiya Academy, director of of the Moscow oil Institute, Vice President Academy Sciences. Was born in farms Pozdnyakovo Murom the county (now Navashinsky district Nizhny Novgorod area). Graduated from mountainous institution. In 1918 1924 s studied problems Kursk magnetic anomalies. Him belongs priority in open oil-producing neighborhoods between Volga and no, so-called "second Baku." Name of received awards wears city in Belgorod area in memory about merit-scientist in studying kursko-hypothesis iron ore mining fields. In lower Novgorod there is street his behalf. In farms Pozdnyakovo put bust academic (sculptor S. BC Wolf).

Type Vladimir Ivanovich
(1801 1872). Lexicographer, writer, academic. Was born in city of Luhansk (where his alias Minister Lugansk). Studied under in Petersburg in cramped abroad, served on It, then graduated from medical economics Tartu University. A participant war with Turkey and Polish campaign. Served in Orenburg, where accompanied Pushkin in trip on pugachevskim jobs. With 1849 year ten years lived in lower Novgorod, serving Governor density it office Auteur chetyrekhtomnogo "Tolkovogo dictionary live velikorusskogo language", books "loans, Russian people", artistic the writings At building the former density it offices (str. Much Pecherska, 25) established plaque on a shed. Son given Lev Vladimirovich type (1834 1878) was known architect of, brilliant Russian of architecture of, film studio, with name which in lower Novgorod stems construction and cuts-Nevsky Cathedral, restoration Annunciation monastery, the construction 60s Minin.

Dvorzhetskij Vaclav Janovic(1910 1993). Popular artist Russia. Was born in Kyiv. Was student-Politekhnikom, handled in about a dramatic studio. Then years to come conclusions. After the return of from camps entered Omsky armoured car theater, and with 1958 year played on scene ideal gas theater drama. With spark of carried out role Luke ("At bottom"), Buckingham's ("Richard III"), Egorushki Denisov ("At the mountains"). With 1968 starred in movies, creating a a long expressive images. With his the participation was filmed about 100 films, he became one of most popular film artists in Russia. Known - film actor were also his sons Wladyslaw and Yevgeny.

Dionisy.Archbishop, founder Pechersk monastery on Volga-, church figure XIV century. Fate his is inextricably linked to Bottom Novgorod, with of chiptunes Grand Principality of Nizhny Novgorod. Under the leadership Dionisys began local the police letopisanie, marked widely famous "Lavrengevskoy chronicle of." Among pupils founder monastery are the famous missionaries-podvizhniki Euthymius Suzdalsky, Venerable Macarius of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha, he not-philosopher Paul High.was spiritual and cultural center principality. After death Metropolitan Alexy Rev. Serge Radonezhskiy recommended to Dmitrii Donskoi of Moscow elect on Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dionisys. After death in 1385 year Dionisy was canonised Orthodox Church.


Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov Nikolai Alexandrovich(1836 1861). A literary critic, publicist, revolutionary Democrat. Was born in lower Novgorod in family priest. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod spiritual seminary, and then in Petersburg DIU Pedagogical Institute. Summer 1856 year got acquainted with N. Propulsion Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky, after what began to cooperate in magazine "Sovremennik theater." Huge popularity brought him articles about literature "What such oblomovschina?", "When same will come real day?", "Luch of light in the murky reign" and other. Uneasy work cost him health and life. In lower Novgorod in 1971 open memorial museum Nikolai Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, on Pobedy Tiananmen established a monument plamennomu Democrat (sculptor P. I. Gusev).

Yevstigneyev Yevgeny Alexandrovich(1926 1992). The actor theater and movies Was born in lower Novgorod. Worked mechanic at the factory on factory "Red Etna", graduated from Gorky theater College. After dropping out in school-studio under Moskovskiy Khudozhestvennyy Akademicheskiy Teatr was credited in joined famous theater. One of creators theater-studio "Sovremennik theater" in 1956. Unique talent actor would still been and in tragic, and in comedy shows at nights roles. In 1973, when in Gorkovsky dramteatre benefits celebrated in "the Steelers", Yevstigneyev Ugandans on his scene in several choreographers with their fellow man. Kinozritelyam he most memorable match on tuned "Look out! Look out car", "Seventeen moments Spring", "The old men-bandits", "Launchpad luck", " Begs "," Sobache heart of "and many other.

Zhukov Maria Semyonovna(1805 1855). Readers. Was born in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in family main "workshop. Received domestic education. The first book "naturally on Karpovke", with printable in Petersburg, caused good reviews. Book "Essays South France and Nice" (1844) was labeled W. Propulsion Belinsky better reading year. Then readers published lead "black daemon '," Error "," Heart women "," Lilies of the valley "," My a small town "posthumously released its novel" Two fate. " In the center of the attention writer was fate Russian women its time.

Kazakov Vasily Ivanovich(1898 1968). Marshal artillery, Hero of Soviet Union. Was born in farms Filippovo (now Buturlinsky district) Nizhny Novgorod of. A participant civil war. Graduated from military Academy of behalf of M W. Frunze. With June 1941 participated in Great Patriotic war, commanded an artillery corps, army, then different frontlines. After the war chaired artillery Group Soviet troops in Germany, was commander artillery Soviet Army. His name wears street in Buturline.

he Nikolai Mikhailovich(1766 1826). Writer, historian, publicist. Was born in Simbirsk county of, grew in village father-Unluckily. Studied under in triple-, visited Moscow university. Traveled to Europe. The author widely known "Pisem Russian world traveler" (1790 1799), lead "I sent to Lisa" (1792), History of the state the Russian. " Arrived in Nizhny Novgorod in September 1812 year and Brandhorst in House I. A. Averkieva (now str. Ulyanova, 8), which became place meetings figures Russian culture, vyekhavshikh from Moscow before entry there Napoleonic troops In House have Nikolay Mikhaylovich Karamzin a deserved writers always gather K. BC Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov, W. L. Pushkin as during A. With Pushkin, Since N. Glinka, historians N. BC Dmitri Bantysh-Kamenski, A. F. Malinovsky and other known figures. In lower Novgorod he worked over "sophisticated collector connoisseur state the Russian."

Kasyanov Alexander Alexandrovich(1891 1982). Composer, popular artist the USSR, Honorary citizen cities the. Was born in Volga farms Bolobonovo. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, in musical school W. M. Tsaregradskogo. In 1918 year graduated from St. Petersbourg State Conservatoire. With 20s actively handled kompozitorskoy activities. He the author out "Stepan Razin", "Foma truck tires", "both." Was a professor Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory behalf of M I. Glnki. The main theme in his musical creativity theme Volga, which he remained stand entire life, by continuing tradition M. A. Alekseyevich Balakirev, naputstvovavshego his in young years, and other Russians composers-Confucian.

Knyagininskiy Peter Petrovic(1839 the end of the 70s nineteenth century). Inventor, the author the first in world automatic nabornoy the typographical machines. Was born in lower Novgorod in family titulyarnogo adviser graduated Nizhniy Novgorod nib, studied under in Kazan University. Arriving in Petersburg, was tryin 'with members of organizations "Earth and will." For replication illegal literature decided to produce a case room machine. With this purpose went to abroad, and in 1867 year on telegraphic factory in Paris created model automatic nabornoy the typographical machines. On Vserossiyskoy the exhibition 1870 year cost particle size indicator was was awarded bronze medal. However practical use it not has found. Principle picked up Americans, skonstruirovavshie monotip.

Corinthian Mikhail Petrovic(1788 1851). Architect. Was occurring from Akhtyrku cities Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Studied under in Academy Fine Arts have A. But Andrei Nikiforovich Voronikhin, hosted participation in make Cathedral of Cathedral in Petersburg. In Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast on his project was built Resurrection Cathedral in memory victory over Napoleon (1840). Majestic, where they get amazed by power and garmonichnostyu the Yasukuni in being carried to masterpieces somewhat later classicism.

Kornilov Boris Petrovic(1907 1938). Poet. Native of nizhegorodskoy land. Childhood and early years spent in city of Semyonovsky Urban Okrug. The author some catchy lyric ones poems, of poems of "sorry" and "My Africa", the latter of which was highly priced Romain Rollanom. Together with composer D Shostakovich created "The Song of the about oncoming", cosmogonies anthem youth 30s. Was Soviet political repression and happy-. In Semyonovsky Urban Okrug him established a monument (sculptor W. Bichukov), there annually pass holidays poetry Vladimir Alexeyevich Kornilov.

Kostylev designer Valentin Ivanovich(1884 1950). Writer, laureate there stvennoy bonuses. Was born in Moscow in family employees. Began work with otroche peacekeeping years. In 1918-22 s edited a newspaper in farms Voskresensky Nizhny Novgorod county of, then relocated in Nizhny Novgorod, Actively singled out literary activities, creating art on historic subject, among which on most known -Pigirim "(1936)," Kuzma Minin "(1942), trilogy Millennium has about Ivana thunderstorms serve (1942 1947).

San Antonio Nikolai Ivanovich(1902 1983). Writer, laureate State bonuses Russia, Honorary citizen cities the. Was born in farms Gremyachaya Polyana Dalnekonstantinovskoy coast` Nizhny Novgorod county of. In youth worked in Committee poor, agricultural Council, was selkorom. Graduated from NIZHEGORODSKY pedagogical institution, uchitelstvoval. In 1928 year published in magazine "Oktyabr" novel "Girls." His born belong also novel "Guys" about builders mainly seasonal fluctuations, feeling book "Kulibin (disambiguation)", Inheritance trilogy about Semene Pakhareve and other art. In the years war was Soviet political repression and ten years spent-in-exile. Posthumously were edited his unpublished art in Artsibashev "Zone" and novel "desire Svyatoslav" ("models Russia"). On House, where lived writer (Castor. Be advised. Piskunova, 5), established plaque on a shed. In farms they had an epiphany open a monument business writer (sculptor P. I. Gusev).

Krylov Alexey Nikolayevich(1863 1945). The founder of modern theory ship, academic. Was born in farms Visyaga near at Alatyr, childhood and formative years spent in farms Lukewarm Stan (now Sechenove Nizhny Novgorod area). Graduate Peterburzkogo sea Performance, Krylov was scientists-entsiklopedistom. His work about vibration courts, about floodability (ship) and other have become the foundation modern shipbuilding. In lower Novgorod one of streets wears name of academic.

Kulibin (disambiguation) Ivan Petrovic(1735 1818). A mechanic-self-taught Was born in lower Novgorod in family a. With childhood fed the predilections to various mechanisms. Under the auspices patron created clock original design, which in large country year handed visited the Bottom Novgorod Ekaterina WWII. Many years worked a mechanician) under Academy Sciences. Created several optic appliances, the first in history technology akhromaticheskiy microscope, developed the principle simulations bridges, built diverse set machines, handled by this vodokhodnykh courts. Invention Kulibin (disambiguation) not lost his meaning until now time.

Lobachevsky, Nikolai Ivanovich(1792 1856). Mathematician, creator of non-euclidean geometry geometry. Was born in lower Novgorod in family registrar namestnicheskogo rule. Graduated from Kazan nib, and then Kozun university, in 1811 year received degree of oath draws on one adopted mathematical and-physical Sciences. Was left in University, where in 1822 year became ordinary a professor, and in 1827 year where. Hard handled non-euclidean geometry geometries, publishing more than in 1829-30 s in "Kazan Herald" first in world work about this, calling its "Oh advocate geometry."

Luzhin Vasily Nikolayevich(1906 1955). Designer, Hero of Social Labor. Was born in village Novodmitrievka Nizhny Novgorod Governorate. Graduated from parks and in 1931 Moscow aviation institution. Worked constructor on factory floors Moscow, Leningrad, Rybinska. With 1937 became hard in ND-3, in branch jets missile. Was leading developer projectiles for the first in world of reactive system Multiple ceasefire "katyushi." In 1940 year was on girl arrested and eight years spent in custody. Released from prison morally nadlomlennym and recent years had lived under in loved places city of Vyksa Urban Okrug. Posthumously was rehabilitated by, and in 1991 awarded designation Hero of.

Valerievna Liukin Alexander Ivanovich(of 1919 1968). Poet. Was born in farms Shkoverka Knyaginskogo cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area. With 1936 worked mechanic at the factory in Sormovsky City District, where is gone on Front defend homeland from fascist invaders. De-mobbed, again worked on sormovskikh enterprises. The first poemss in factory newspapers. The author poetic collections "My familiar" (1958), "Life" 0963), "Bible" (1966) and other. Knew how in common find traits high poetry, than attracted attention modern. On House, where he lived (Moscow's city highways, 179), established plaque on a shed

Lyapunovy. Brothers, otlichivshiesya (at least abilities. Their father Mikhail Vasilyevich Lyapunov (1820 1868) was known in Russia humanistic knowledge, learner from N. I. To joining and few years worked director of Observatory Cathedral of University. Kidsyears brothers Lyapunovykh Alexander Mihajlovich (of 1857 1918), Sergei Mihajlovich (1859 1924), Boris Mihajlovich (1862 1943) over in farms Lukewarm Stan (now Sechenove Nizhny Novgorod area). Alexander Mikhailovich and Sergei Mikhailovich the graduators Nizhniy Novgorod nib. Each of brothers manifested itself on its an arena Alexander Mikhailovich mathematician and a mechanic, academic. Created modern strict theory sustainability equilibrium and movement mechanical systems with final number parameters. Left writings on differential equations, fluid dynamics, theory probabilities of. Sergei Mikhailovich composer, pianist, conductor, professor the Petersburg Conservatory. Developed tradition "Moguchaya of a bunch of", and in the performance venues-a virtuosic style M A. Alekseyevich Balakirev. Boris Mikhailovich a linguist, academic Izvesten limits on comparative understand basic notices and encourages accuracy, history and .A Slavic languages.

Mavrina Tatiana Alekseyevna. (1902 1996). Honoured an artist Russia, laureate State bonuses. Was born in lower Novgorod in family Estonian National politician Alexey Ivanovich Lebedev. Artistic education received in Higher, in the workshop of R. R. Falk. Showed themselves as Biblus schedule. For illyustrirovanie childhood books was awarded with in 1976 the International Council on the books for youth medal Hans Christian Andersen repeat the. Special place in its creativity occupy stankovye sheets, covered's ancient Russian cities: Suzdal, Russia, Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Muromu, by the-Zalesski, Sergius Convent posada, Uglichu, Rostova the Great.

Venerable Macarius of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha(about 1381 3). Religious ascetic singer, founder monasteries on Volga-and Unzha River. Was born in lower Novgorod. 12-year-old interloper is gone in Gheorghievici , where was. His in the monks archimandrite Dionisy are imbued. In late XIV century began its pustynnicheskoe depicted. Based themon Volga-, in a mouth of kerzhenets River, has a rich history, constraints with fights and by Russian torzhischem under his walls. In Soviet timezakhirel. With 1991 his are the female a community, he slowly is rebounding. Santa Venerable Macarius of Yellow Lake and Unzha and of Yellow Lake and Unzha were long esteemed in Volga region as a miracle worker and zastupnik from troubles began, and also as term protector trade.

Vasil'evich Markovnikov Vladimir Vasilyevich(1837 1904). Glade of Dreams, Dr. Sciences. Was born in image Eban projected not far from Knyaginina in Nizhny Novgorod county of. Studied under in Volga Dvoryanskom Institute, then in Kazan University, where began work in lab A. Flushed Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov. He had been on trial abroad. Read lecture on course a common chemistry in Kazan, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National, the Moscow universities. Handled research on eliminating waste reprocessing oil, successfully by advancing ideas D I. Of Mendeleev. Report Markovnikova in Paris "Chemistry Russian oil", tops the research, was in 1900 year marked by golden medal behalf of Nobel. Scholar is considered one of founders Russian chemical society.

Melnikov Paul Ivanovich Andrei Gheorghievici(1818 1883). Writer. Was born in lower Novgorod. Childhood spent in Zavolzhye (disambiguation). Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium, and later some time after the end of the Cathedral of University taught at it history. With 1840 year began included. Led the cultural exploration, was sometime informal parts of "Nizhegorodskikh governorates of the signature logs", in 1847 year became official special envoy under governor. Several farewells Maldives secret orders, associated with church exploit the rift. The author dilogii "In forests" and "At the mountains" (1871 1881), narratives, historical and-pulse demand essays, works about splits. In lower Novgorod on House, where was born writer (a corner streets Ulyanova and Semashka), uh, set up plaque on a shed.

Minin Kuzma(? 1b1b). Leading the nizhegorodskogo Estonian National militias reported 1,611 l6l2 s, closest moreover of the D M. Pozharsky. Was born in of Finance in family solepromyshlennika Mina's Ankudinova. Was prasolom and with meat monger. Manifested itself in years of Distemper, mall in Russia after death Boris Godunov. Autumn reported 1,611 year nizhegorodtsy for smyshlenost, are a good disposition and managerial ability to elected his Zemskim secretary of his. Still dazed because of disasters native land, terzaemoy Allied intervention in Russia, destroyed storehouse, hijacked by enemies Moscow and an affront against paternal shrines, he addressed moral with call rise on protection state, in view possessions, to muster money on militia. Call Kozma Minin found response across Russia. Militia was created, and, vozglavlennoe $3.1 billion in the Bottom Novgorod the clarion colonel by prince Dmitri Mikhailovich Pozharsky District, released Moscow In battles under its walls Minin shown only years likes of, have escaped led by three agrotourist farms hundred in rear troops Hetman Chodkiewicz, than summoned confusion in arrangements enemy. For nascence service tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov two chaps Kozma Minin doctorate rank a nobleman's and decorated an ancestral lands Sociale Bogorodskim (now city Bogorodsk) with surrounding villages. With 1613 year Minin lived under to, served Palace, participated in meetings Boyarskoy Council, in negotiations with the ambassadors of overseas states. Returning from Kazan, far traveled to investigate reasons unrest cheremisskikh peasants, on path died. By Kozma Minin was in Samoylovich historical-Preobrazhensk Cathedral Nizhny Novgorod has. Monuments Minin set in of Finance (sculptor A. Kolobov) and lower Novgorod on central Tiananmen (sculptor O. Were).

Mokrousov Boris Andreevich(1909 1968). Composer, laureate State bonuses. Was born in farms Vasilyove (now city Chkalovsk (disambiguation)) Nizhny Novgorod Governorate. In lower Novgorod studied under in average school, musical a college. Worked pianist-taperom in club Without "Spartak." Musical education completed in the Moscow Conservatory. The author the opera "almost", Operettaship "Rosa-", songs" an increase in alcoholic stumbling "," Lone standing hand "," When Spring will come, not know "and other. Big widest recognition enjoyed his the "Sormovskaya lyrical", created by on poems E. A. Dolmatovskogo in 1949.

1860 Alexander Nikolayevich(1792 1863). Have exchange war 1812 year, leading the early category: Decembrists societies, nizhegorodskiy governor. Received domestic education, studied under at the Moscow University. With 1810 year on military service. First time in lower Novgorod was on treatment after campaign 1812 year. At the end Napoleonic wars nurtured preddekabristskuyu organization "Sacred artel", then Union save and Union welfare. After am rebellion was exiled to a life in Siberia. With fall 1856 year military governor in lower Novgorod. Has excelled struggle with graft and overweening officials, contributed to conduct the farmer reforms.

Negin Yevgeny A.. Dr. technical Sciences, academic. Hero Social Labor, laureate Leninist and three State bonuses, Honorary citizen cities Arzamas-16 (HC Sarov). Was born in 1922 year in city of Bor Nizhny Novgorod area in family servant. Graduated from Navy a shooting engineering Academy of behalf of N. E. Zhukovskogo. With 1949 staffer nuclear center (DOS-11) in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16. Afforded high creative abilities and organisational talent, he showed themselves impeccable profesonalom and in lab, and on production, and on 04M Landfill. With 1978 nine years worked director of and the main constructor nuclear center. Currently chief lab historical research

Nesterov Peter Nikolayevich(1887 1914). Military pilot, the founder of of higher class. Was born in lower Novgorod in family officer-assumed cadet corps. Studied under in this abroad. Continued education in Mikhaylovsky Saint-Petersburg Artillery College and General school. 27 August 1913 year fashioned an on jet closed curve of in vertical line a plane, example known as "uneasy stalemate noose." In the early World War I first time applied air taran. In 1987 year in city of Maksim Gorkiy him a monument (sculptors I. M. And A. I. Rukavishnikovy).

Nikon, in world Nikita Minov(1605 1681). Patriarch, Church-political figure the seventeenth-century. Was born in farms Veldemanovo on nizhegorodskoy earth in family Mordovia peasant. In at 1635 year cut your hair off in the monks. Was Bootie monastery, Macarius Prize Novgorod. In Olden year, becoming patriarch, began pursue-made ecclesiastical reform. Opponents nikonovskikh innovations, in primarily Protopop Habakkuk, came under persecution. Putting forward thesis "the holy state higher czar", Nikon contrasted the themselves Russian His Majesty and proved in fallen from grace. Church Church could 1666 67 s dismantled with Nikon the Patriarch a dignity of the patriarch of. Recent years he spent-in-exile.

being-Kositskaya Love Pavlovna(1829 1868). Actress. Was born near Bottom Novgorod, in farms Zhdanovka River, in family serf. Father managed vykupitsya on will, and family moved in the Bottom Novgorod. With young years Love Pavlovna got carried away theatre, she made her debut on nizhegorodskoy scene. Great success it often subsequently in Small theater Moscow. She was the first performer many survivors A. BC Ostrovsky, but tertiary recognition received in role Catherine in "the Storm (Ostrovsky)."

Orlov Ivan Ivanovich(1861 1928). Inventor. Was born in farms Meledino Knyagininskogo the county Nizhny Novgorod county of. Thanks to aid nizhegorodskogo merchant graduated from Kulibinskoe College and entered Moscow's city Applied College. Develop ways assemble securities. Designed machine on manufacturing reliable credit ticket. With 1894 year in Russia money have become included "Orlovskim" way rosy. This way to found widespread the spread of in world.

Pitirim A.(England 1738). NIZHEGORODSKY Bishop, fighter with exploit the rift. Was born in Zavolzhye (disambiguation), formative years spent in Russian Orthodox Old Believers skits were produced using. Razuverivshis in Russian Orthodox Old Believers, has relocated in Pereslavl-Zalessky, where got acquainted and'd become close with Pyotr Central bankshighest. Was Bootie monastery, and having come back in Zavolzhye (disambiguation), became to argue Orthodox Old Believers in a new faith. In contained year was put bishop in lower Novgorod, where much attention devoted outreach services. In 1721 year created hierarchical school (ellino-End the Greek and Slav-against Russian), which has become one of the first educational institutions surveyed of this kind in Russia.

Metalink Alexander Viktorovna(1843 1893). World traveler, the ethnographer, issledovatelnitsa Central Asia Island born in lower Novgorod in family teacher the diocesan Performance. Worked 'preschool teacher in this College. In 1873 on Vologodskaya Oblast ', Russia met with an exiled G. BC Potanin, which, becoming its husband, after exile went to with it in an expedition Shipilova-massacre ,-Shanskogo i on Mongolia. About two decades Metalink has carried in expeditions Over labor "among the Buryats"s geographical society awarded its golden medal.


Razuvayev Grigory Alekseevich(1895 1989). Scholar-chemist, academic, Hero of Social Labor, laureate Leninist and State bonuses, Honorary citizen cities Gorky. Was born in Moscow. After the end of the Petrogradsky District, Saint Petersburg University worked in lab high pressure Academy Sciences the USSR. In 1933 was arrested, later rehabilitated by. In Maksim Gorkiy with December 1946. Here many years headed the pulpit, surely beckons psychological chemistry University. Chaired also health laboratory stabilization polymers, which in 1969 was transformed in Institute chemistry Academy Sciences. New massive tangle Academy Sciences elected his necessary honorary member of, scholar Ugandans with lectures in Germany, France, of England, Italy, Japan. On House, where he lived, established plaque on a shed.

Rozanov Vasily Vasilyevich(1856 of 1919). Writer, philosopher, teacher. Was born in city of Vetluga (town) Kostroma provinces county of (now N.Novgorod area). Studied under in Simbirsk gymnasium, okanchival Nizhniy Novgorod. In 1882 year received entrepreneurship of the Moscow University. Taught at gimnaziyakh. With 1893 year lived in Petersburg, working in different departments, and with 1899 year singled out this literary hard. Known his books "- Really? Secluded", ": Leaves", "the Apocalypse of our time", articles on art, religion, outreach services.

Rozov Constantine Vasilyevich(1874 1923). Singer. Was born in farms Zhdanov (place) near Sergacha Nizhny Novgorod county of. Graduated from Simbirsk Governorate spiritual seminary, sang in Arkhiereyskom retail. In 1896 year was devoted in a dignity deacon. Natural small affair talent defined his fate: He was invited in Moscow, where became serve in temple Christ of the Savior, and then in Assumption cathedral Kremlin. Contributed significantly to development ancient Russian one tradition enforcement the prayer texts. Come with designation great Council with attendance received small double Orarion and kamilavki. Kontsertiroval and as soloist the Moscow state chapel

N. Rukavishnikov Ivan Sergeevich(1877 1930). Writer, public figure. Was born in lower Novgorod. Belonged to famous destiny nizhegorodskikh entrepreneurs-zhelezodeltsev, founder which was his great-grandfather could have. Torn limb with father-Millionaire, left in Petersburg, graduated from Archaeological institution. Wrote poems in a spirit of symbolism. After October together with brother Mitrofan of Sergeevich (1887 1946), the first director of Nizhny Novgorod artistic Museum in Soviet time, worked in hometown of in Commission on conservation cultural values. Their become a hermit was a model disinterested high service art. Have moved yourself in Moscow, Ivan Sergeevichs presumptive nominee have A. W. Lunacharsky issued in Narkomprooe. Wrote novel "Cursed species", a series of narratives. With Bottom Novgorod connected fate son discussion Rabinovich have Julian Mitrofanovicha and grandson Alexander sculptors, who created a monument Air Force pilot P N. Nesterovu.

Boris Sadovskoy (the real surname Sadovskiy) Boris Alexandrovich(1881 1952). Writer. Was born in city of Ardatov, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod county of, in formerly noble family (his father known Local historian). Graduated from Nizhniy Novgorod nib and Moscow university. Stikhotvornoy books premiere was provides "More morning" (1909). The author books narratives, development to domestic history and culture: "Pattern cast-"," Admiralteyskaya (Metro) aneasthetic "," the frosty patterns "," Russian Kamena. " In Soviet time almost not was printed, when foraging in church a crypt on Novodevichy a graveyard of. In 1990 year withdrew book his denied provoked "lebedinye clique."

Sakharov Andrei Peter(1921 1989). The physicist, academic, human rights defender, three times Hero of Social Labor, the Nobel laureate Was born in Moscow in family teacher physics. Great-great-grandfather was from in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, grandfather lawyer in lower Novgorod. After the end of the in 1942 year of the Moscow University Andrei Peter worked on defence factory, then entered aspranturu. In 1948 was included in research group to create any weapons. Scientific work led in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16. Since the late 50s began actively counter nuclear testing. Formulated thesis about the need for convergence socialist and capitalist systems ("convergence") for survival humanity. Had been submitted hounded authorities, with 1980 year seven years was-in-exile in closed for foreigners city of Maksim Gorkiy. Elected popular the deputy of the the USSR, Ugandans creation legal democratic state. In 1991 in apartment, which he held during exile, open museum

Semashka Nikolai Alexandrovich(1874 1949). Doctor, leading the health in Soviet time, revolutionary-page. Was born in farms Livensky Elecki the county Russia county of. Graduated from Kozun university. With 1904 year cordon doctor Nizhny Novgorod gubernskoy Zemstvos. Hosted participation in-movement. After Oktiabrsk coup was Council of People's Commissars health, sometime G-medical encyclopedias, akademkom Academy medical Sciences. In lower Novgorod name of Semashka wears oblasna hospital appears and street.

Serafin Miracle-Worker(1759 1833). Santa Rev. he not-monk, a miracle worker. Was born in Kursk in a pious Mercantile class family. In Optina many read spiritual books and working hard prayed, boys committed pilgrimage in Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra. In 1778 year came in Sarovskuyu the cloister, where in 1786 year adopted the veil under name of Serafima (secular name of him was Prokhor). Sought to solitary experience and otshelnichestvu, pursued a time in writings of and praying. Like ????? ???????, he 1,000 days and nights Postoyanniy on stone with regularly new hope hands. Through 16 years pustynnozhitelstva has come back in a monastery cathedral of ill repute. Committed he and other spiritual exploits. Emerge from Makarov has smaller overall dimensions, hosted pilgrims, blessing and giving bailouts exhortations. In 1903 year was canonised. After closing Sarovsky monastery security officers were removed might Reverend, and traces their became tangled up. Eleventh January 1991 might were discovered in storerooms Museum history religion in Leningrad. First August 1991 their suffered, as and destined by Rev., in Serafimo-Diveevsky .

Serge in world Stragorodskiy Ivan Nikolayevich(1867 1944). Patriarch Moscow and of all the Russias. Was born in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in family priest. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod spiritual seminary, then in the Petersburg spiritual Academy. By adopting inocheskiy a dignity, worked in the Japan Orthodox mission, was ship's pope, on a ship "didn Azov." Returning on homeland, horrific potential human ramifications in Greece and made there again in Japan. In 1901 year rector of the Petersburg spiritual Academy, erected in a dignity he. With of 1905 year Archbishop Finland and Vyborg. In 1911 became member of Synod. Since the late 1917 on 1924 year Metropolitan Nizhegorodsky. After demise of the patriarch of but I in 1925 year headed a against Russian Church in status as deputy Patriarch of Moscow successor to. In difficult time vnutritserkovnogo "Renovationist Church" split and ostracism of Serge expended heavily efforts, to preserve Church in country the Soviets. In really the early war with fascist Germany he addressed faithful with call get on protection the Motherland. 8 September 1943 year on Cathedral Bishops followed Serge was elected patriarch. After his death remained a significant literature legacy: Theological views research, articles, deliver homilies, letters.

Sechenov Ivan Mikhailovich(1829 of 1905). Scholar Vasily I. Kachalov was born, creator of Russian no organic schools Was born in farms Lukewarm Stan (now Sechenove Nizhny Novgorod area). Studied under in Petersburg, in DIU este College. Two years served in sapernom battalion of. Released resign and was sent on medical economics of the Moscow University. Adapted in Germany and France. In 1866 year published the classic grud "Refleksy brain." The entire his further life uneasy work, scientific exploration, some relentless creativity. In lower Novgorod there is street, house name of scientist.

Sirotkin (racing driver) Dmitri Vasilyevich(1865 1946). Are, entrepreneur, urban head Bottom Novgorod. Was occurring from Old Order family peasant-a fence. A teenager worked on a tugboat "liquidated", that walking on Volga-. Hard handled educate myself, getting carried away by this, learning steam machines. So for the transport oil, created its type of courts. Was elected chairman of Nizhny Novgorod secession "Imperial society navigation", chief executive coordinating Committee all exchanges Volga region. Built big Shipbuilding plant (now "Teplokhod"). In 1913 nizhegorodtsy under election urban heads preferred all other candidates darovitogo entrepreneur, merchant 1 th guilds, commerce adviser Sirotkina. Under him was approximately upravoy kontsessionnyy tram, built The Peasants Bank, created conditions for relocation in Nizhny Novgorod Warsaw polytechnical Institute, on the basis of which was then open university. Step out of Russia before October 1917, Sirotkin (racing driver) left in inheritance city its a (now the building multicultural Museum), unique collections in nothing, Russian popular costume, gold sewing. Died in old age in Belgrade.

Sobolytsikov-Samarin Nikolai Ivanovich(1868 1945). Theatrical the director, popular artist Russia. Son peasant from Federation the county the Moscow county of. Was born in Petersburg. On professional scene became to dissent with 16 fringes years. In 1892 year his was invited in the Bottom Novgorod. Seven years he worked as the actor, was an entrepreneur, participated in open a new buildings theater. Having visited in other cities Russia, he in 1924 year forever is returning in the Bottom Novgorod. Sacred was buried traditions Russian theater, by managing preserve their in new conditions. With 1924 on 1945 year put more a hundred performances. House, where lived a distinguished the actor and the director (str. Kozma Minin, 5), marked by memorial board. His daughter, Samarin Antonina Nikolaevna (1892 1971),, too, has devoted themselves Music or Drama art, played a long clearest roles on scene the Directorial dramatic theater, wasdesignation popular Artist the USSR.

Strepetova Palina (Pelageya)Antipevna (1850 1903). Actress. Origins is unknown. Was in infancy podkinuta have apartment theatre hairdresser, which left its have themselves. With fourteen years, in doing in joined, had been equivalent acting life. For years work on scene played tens of roles. The public took its enthusiastic. Its talented game she skillful to hand the rich world feelings underprivileged Russian women fortified great actress preserved on featured have emerged as artists I. E. Repina and N. A. Yaroshenko.

Stupin Alexander Vasilyevich(1776 1861). An artist, founder the first a provincial schools painting in Russia. Was born in city of Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Ending the St. Petersbourg Academy of Fine Arts, returned in native city and in 1802 year opened school painting, available for all highborn. For 60 years his existence school has set the more polutorasta craftsmen painting, among which known artists N. E. Rachkov, In G. Perov, N. M. Alexeev, W. E. Raev. For years existence schools its students wrote many icons for churches and monasteries Volga region, about four thousands of and fun canvases. Stupinu was dubbed title academic painting. In 1959 in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast him was a monument (sculptor W. Propulsion Beavers).

Sumgin Mikhail Ivanovich(1873 1942). Merzlotoved, Dr. geological-Doktor Sciences. Was born in village Chinese burn Lukoyanovsky the county Nizhny Novgorod county of in several design bureaus the farmer family Since 1895 year studied under in Petersburg University, but was excluded for participation in student. Indeed. In 1908 year was sent to in Tobolsk giving, then has located in ???. In 1927 year released his a fundamental labor "Eternal permafrost soil within the USSR." In 1930 year was scientists secretary-led akademkom W. A. Obruchev Commission on study the eternal permafrost. With 1939 he deputy director Shanghai Jiao Institute merzlotovedeniya.

Suslova Nadiya Prokofievna(1843 1918). The first the Russian woman Dr. medicine. Was born in farms Panine near Gorbatov (now Bogorodsky district Nizhny Novgorod area) in family serf peasant. Father received "Hell" and became Governor in imeniyakh Sheremetev, have daughters emerged opportunity learn in one of Moscow accommodations. She has achieved resolution listen to lecture in Military health-surgical Academy Petersburg. On recommendations I. Flushed Sechenov and S. P. We have 142 was directed in Zurich, where in 1867 year with spark of once protected thesis, with Ph.D. in hand Dr. medicine, surgery and Obstetrics. Lived in Petersburg, then in lower, where had greater practice.

Sukhov however retain(1922 1992). Poet. Was born in Volga farms the Red de-burring stone near Lyskovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Participated in Great Patriotic war, was my leader platoons (the anti-tank artillery. After demobilization worked in a machinist here. Graduated from Literary institution. The first book verses "'re off your meds open spaces" withdrew in Maksim Gorkiy in 1954. Until the early 1970s lived in Volgograd, then returned on homeland. One of the most clearest and eclectic lirikov in Russian poetry past decades. His picturesque poems close to popular skazam, conspiracies, placham, bylinam. One of of poems of so and labeled "Bylina about an unknown his", for it the author in 1971 was awarded literary bonuses behalf of A. Fadeeva. The author tens of books, among which "- Raspberry Rhapsody can", "In gostyakh have nezabudok", "light krasuytes", "Yasen ", "Strawberries on snow." In Lyskovsky district annually ???? holidays poetry Sukhova.

Trubetskoy Sergei Petrovic(1790 1860). The Decembrist, one of executives Northern society. Was born in lower Novgorod in family provincial. Of the leader of the nobility of the P. S. Trubetskoy. Received domestic education, listened to lecture in the Moscow University. A participant Patriotic war, 1812 year and overseas hikes. Was organizer and active stakeholder category: Decembrists societies. One of the authors "manifest to Russian people", he Doctorate dictator rebellion 14 December 1825 year, but in ranks are not embarked. Was convicted on Messiah--as life a bloody misery in Siberia. After 1856 year amnesties. The author skillfulness or, works on issues public life.

(Ilya Nikolayevich(1831 1886). Teacher, ascetic singer popular education. Son nator from sela x androssowii Nizhny Novgorod Governorate, former serf peasant. Young teacher in 1863 year was transferred from Penza in Nizhny Novgorod, far arrived with wife Maria Jr. did not live. Worked everybody's mentor in Dvoryanskom Institute, senior teacher physics and mathematics in feminine College, in male gymnasium and in zemlemero-taksatorskikh mortar. Israel Blank have lived in lower six years. Here, in apartment under gymnasium, were born Anna and Alexander, kaznennyy in 1887 year for participation in prepare assassination attempt on czar Alexander III. In lower Novgorod several times has visited China's the younger brother Alexander Vladimir ((Lenin), meeting with co-people in hiding. On building the former gymnasium (now Pedagogical university) established plaque on a shed, chapter family Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin. Homes, where has visited China's W. I. ((Lenin), also marked by memorialnymi planks.

Ulybyshev Alexander Peter(1794 1858). Musicologist, did the Men of Letters, theatrical critic. Was born in farms Luchino Nizhny Novgorod Governorate. Childhood and early formative years spent in Germany. With 1812 year served in office finance ministries, in Baranya mountain and Modesty affairs, then in the Chamber of the Foreign. Was a member of mug "Green lamp" sister am Union welfare. By refusing instead of slain A. S. Griboedov to go ambassador in Persia, released resign and relocated in the Bottom Novgorod. In 1843 year in Moscow withdrew his book "New a biography Mozart", and in of 1857 in Leipzig book about Beethoven. He also the author utopia "Saone", drum and lidos born. House Ulybysheva in lower Novgorod was musically-this literary parlour, where found support waste so Mily Balakirev.

Urvantsev Nikolai Nikolayevich(1893 1985). Geologist, one of pioneering heritage condensate Central cleanup on Taimyr Peninsula (Norilsk Kovytkino). Was born in Lukoyanove Nizhny Novgorod of. Graduated from the police real College, then cybernetics department of Tomsk technological institution. In 1930 32 s together with known polyarnikom G. A. Ushakov, Fyodor Fyodorovich spent the first check-ups an archipelago North Earth. Honorary citizen Norilska.

Favorsky Alexey Evgrafovich(Intel i860 1945). Glade of Dreams, academic, leading the Shanghai Jiao Institute psychological chemistry, effective March Social Labor, laureate State bonuses. Was born in farms Pavlov (now city Pavlovo) Nizhny Novgorod county of in family priest. Studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasiums, graduated from natural separate physico-mathematical Psychology Peterburzkogo University. In 1891 year shielded master thesis, in 1899 year headed a the Department psychological chemistry. Taught at University and on Ape Genital (Bestuzhevskikh) courses. Is the creator of industrial method obtain plastics and synthetic rubber. In Pavlov on House, where lived Favorsky, established plaque on a shed.

19 countries Yevgeny Konstantinovich(1910 1981). Mining geophysicist qualification, academic, effective March Soviet Union, laureate State bonuses. In 1927 year graduated from experimental-Professional school under Volga Pedagogical Institute. Drifted for in the composition of the legendary papaninskoy s on margarine station "the North Pole-1" (1937 1938). With 1939 in for many years chief of the Chief governance Gidrometeosluzhby the USSR. Several times Doctorate the deputy of the Supreme Council. One of initiators the hapless project transfers of parts of flow fan northern rivers in Wilkes Volga.

Formozov Alexander Nikolayevich(1899 1973). One of founders of domestic ecology, writer-naturalist, an artist-les animaliers. Was born in lower Novgorod, studied under in Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium. Obtaining higher education, years to come taught at the Moscow University. Was Head managed by Office Institute geography Academy Sciences. The author numerous papers, books "Sputnik pick up the tracking," which several times perevidavalasya here and abroad.

Hareton Julius Borisovich. (1904 1996). Scholar-grandmother again, category: Triple Heroes of Social a pile, laureate Leninist and State bonuses, Honorary citizen cities Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16 (HC Sarov). Was born in 1904, in Petersburg. With 13 years began work: First by courier in library, then learner from mechanics in repair workshops. In 1925 year graduated Politechnical institution In next year in including promising physicists was directed on internships in England, where shielded a Doctor's thesis. In 30s handled Physics combustion and explosion, and also atomic theory of. In 1944 was held I. W. Igor Vasilevich Kurchatov to work over atomic bomb, with 1946 he chief Designer and deputy chief first dollar, in nuclear center in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16. In 1946 elected member of-correspondent Academy of Sciences, in 1953 its actual representation has been member of. Until 1992 its permanent scientific chief All-Russian research institute experimental physics

Khityaeva Ludmila IvanovnaPeoples Artist Russia. Was born in 1929 year in lower Novgorod. Has Gorky theater College. Played on scene Theatre drama. With Intel i960 year left tickets service scene and has become actress movies. Pokupaete major role in movie "Catherine Voronin", snimavshemsya in city of Maksim Gorkiy, role Daria's architecture in movie director S. A. Gerasimov "Pacific Don" and many other role.

Khmelev Nikolai Pavlovych(1901 1945). Popular artist. Son masters of Sormovsky City a plant. With 1924 year artist Yefremov was (of the Moscow Moscow Art of academic theater). Created on scene impressive images czar Feodor I Ivanovich in Strozzi play A. K. Tolstoy, Alexey The turbine in "Are Tyrbiny" M. Bulgakov, Azerbaijan in "Anne Ellinger Karenina" L. BC Tolstoy, Tuzenbakha in "Three children" A. Chekhov. In 1932 created theater-studio, from which forming theater behalf of Maria Nikolaijevna Yermolova. With 1942 year artistic chief Yefremov was. In Sormovsky City District his name is named crossroad and one of schools.

Khnygin Lazar Alekseevich(1882 1969). An artist, the daring good figure arts. Was born in family rural teachers in village Kholyazino Nizhny Novgorod Governorate, not far from Greater Murashkina. With childhood was as painting. Studied under in Kazanskaya the artistic school, and with 1913 year in the Supreme halophilic trade school under Academy Fine Arts in Petersburg. With 1925 year lived in lower Novgorod. Received broad prominence his fabric "models in the barracks of course Red Army", "First on May in lower Novgorod", fulfilled them the portraits M Gorky and In Domodedovo Airport, industrial past three decades, created on construction mainly seasonal fluctuations. With 40s, motivated pictures of Volga and of Oka, consecrated a series of canvases and graphic sheets scenery home the brink.

Khramtsovskiy Nikolai Ivanovich(1818 1890). Local historian. Was born in family of Arts of from Rzheva, received domestic education. With 1828 year lived in lower Novgorod side C 1836 year about twenty years worked in urban achieved board, then in parokhodnom partnership "Neptune", society "Caucasus and Mercury", served on Zemstvos, Doctorate actual representation has been member of provincial statistical Committee. With 40s handled literary activities. Chief his labor "the essay history and description of N. Novgorod "in two parts of, seeing light in of 1857 1859 s.

Sergeevich Chetverikov Sergei Sergeevich(1880 1959). Scholar-biologist, the founder of evolutionary genetics. Was born in Moscow in family Prelle. Graduated from Moscow university. In 20s years presided over a special genetic laboratory. Among his pupils globally known genetics: Timofeev-Ressovsky, Dubinin noted and other. In 1926 published article "Oh some moments of evolutionary process with perspective modern genetics", where linked the evolutionary outlooks of CHAMPION Darwin with laws heredity. With 1934 year worked on faculty the genetics biological Psychology Nizhny Novgorod th University. After, as supporters Lysenko began to, fromhuman geneticists, was removed both from affairs. One of streets (Nizhny Novgorod wears name of scientist. On building University established plaque on a shed. Have become tradition "Chetverikovskie reading."

Chkalov (Valery Pavlovych(1904 1938). Pilot-Baturin, Hero of Soviet Union. Was born in farms Vasilevo (disambiguation) (now city Chkalovsk (disambiguation)) Nizhny Novgorod Governorate in family worker-kotelschika. In young years worked fucking sidekick molotoboytsa, fireman and I jumped on Volga courts, bore army service in workshops Aviation ????. After the end of the schools the under Moscow guarantying prowess in Borisoglebskoy AP school, other aviation educational institutions. Served in Leningrad 1 th Order of the Red Banner istrebitelnoy squadron of. In the early 30s became an aviator-testee,. Together with G. F. Baydukovym and of W. Belyakovym committed the first in history aviation call through the North Pole in America (1937). Died during tests a new plane. In 1940 year in lower Novgorod was established a monument celebratory Air Force pilot (sculptor I. A. Mendelevich), in same year open memorial museum in Chkalovsk, Tajikistan. In 1975 in Vancouver (the US) was open monument Russian leadership, committing a besprimernyy call. In 1981 in Chkalovsk, Tajikistan built a monument bold compatriot (sculptor P. I. Gusev).

khontov Vladimir Nikolayevich(1899 1945). Theatrical artist, a reader. Was born in lower Novgorod in family official. Studied under in Dvoryanskom Institute, where played in means choreographers. In 1918 year entered school of the Moscow multicultural theater. In 1922 year gave on scene theater Meyerhold, however soon drama with him, choosing its way in the art path of reader. The first created "theater one actor." In his programs names Pushkin, Griboedov, Gogol, luckily, suburban, Mayakovsky. Artist was consummate a master artistic words.


a modern OBLIK Nizhny Novgorod PROTEST

In the early 90s in Nizhny Novgorod area, in one of first in Russia was held a series of reforms in the economy and the agricultural production, in a result what were created premise for further development regional farming.

Now this large center industry, science and culture At enterprises area produced about 60% economy and 5% cars countries, 70% bus, about 20% steel pipes, 27% newspaper paper, 19% washing machines.

The global prominence has enormous scientific potential cities. Here 26 senior educational institutions surveyed, several institutions the Russian Academy Sciences, about 100 research institutions and development meeting bureau, leading amp; D in area Radiophysics, chemistry, Radio Electronics and others.

Big interest for tourists represent unique monuments history, architecture and culture: Historical and-an architectural museum-Preserve, museum "under open sky", where are collected samples Russian wooden of architecture of, museum artistic crafts, whom very is rich in N.Novgorod land, NIZHEGORODSKY the Kremlin and many other (much detail about sphere tourism).

Special, sacred place Nizhny Novgorod the brink is rural-urban divide Diveevo, Russia, where is Serafimo-Diveevsky feminine , and where rest upon might Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky. In Voskresensky district lies Lake Svetloyar, in water which, on to the legend, Chrysomallos from enemies, was plunged grad Kitezh. Some-witnesses assure, that sometimes with trawling Lake house a soft-spoken the bells can. Nasoloditis beauty Lake and expressive architectural style Diveevskoy land Comes many tourists and pilgrims from across the country.


memorable dates

(Long on book "Home the brink. BC Novgorod, at the "N.Novgorod Fair", 1997)

1221Vladimiro-Suzdal Nizhny Novgorod the great Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich founded Nizhny Novgorod. The beginning of the construction Annunciation monastery
1227Built Arkhangelsk Cathedral, a lovely pattern Russian-based of architecture of. The Yasukuni subsequently rebuilt. Currently in it is tomb Kuzma Kozma Minin
1238Mongol-the Tatar invasion of on secondary Volga region. Beggaring the Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Russians land around Bottom Novgorod
1263Being in Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast on the way from Golden Horde great of the Alexander roslavovicha Nevsky, where he 14 November died in Feodorovskom monastery
1228 - 1,330Foundation Dionisy are imbued nizhegorodskogo Pechersk monastery
1341Education great Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal principality
1350carryover of capital Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal principality from Suzdal, Russia in Nizhny Novgorod
1365Visiting Bottom Novgorod the reverend Sergius Radonezhskim
1377Building inokom nizhegorodskogo Pechersk monastery Lavrentii letopisi, famous entitled Laurentian codex, Pyanskoe carnage and Beggaring the Arapshey nizhegorodskikh land
1392Accession Bottom Novgorod to Moscow
1435Foundation Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow on Volga-in a mouth of kerzhenets River of Yellow Lake and Unzha monastery
The Beginning 1,500-'slaying and construction-based Nizhny Novgorod has
1548 1552Pokhody troops Ivan IV on Kazan through 3 land
1552and in of Finance stone 1918 church in honor connecting Cathedral of city to Russia
1,597damage through Pechersk monastery landslide, carryover abode on a liar a mile away closer to Lower Novgorod
reported 1,611Outcry Estonian National community Kuzma Kozma Minin to nizhegorodtsam about collects funds on militia for struggle with formations invaders
1612,Trekking nizhegorodskogo militias under the leadership of the Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharsky and Kuzma Kozma Minin and liberation them Moscow from interventionists
1636Postroyka and nuclearization nizhegorodskimi metalworkers ship "Friedrich", on which went to from Bottom Novgorod down on Volga-famous German scholar and explorer Adam Adam Olearius
ramparted Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich enforces decree, which legitimizes an annual torzhische have walls Makar'yevski monastery on Volga-. Is considered, that with this year is leading its the beginning of officially by far Makarevskaya Fair
1670Possession and penalty spodvizhnitsy Stepan Razin Brewery on nizhegorodskoy earth, plucky predvoditelnitsy are by Arzamasskoy, named subsequently "Russian about dIvoire Arc"
1672Enterprise Nizhny Novgorod metropolitanate. The creation protopopom Protopop Avvakum Eliseev,sela Hong the Directorial the county, the first drafts "Live" illustrious art Russian literature
1695First attending Bottom Novgorod Pyotr I
1706Arsenal the Armory houses of registered on a par with tulskimi pavlovskie rifle, whom on Petrovsky army
53826 January educated N.Novgorod Uusimaa. In National, its sheer size its, said: "Grand Your MajestyTsar and the great Prince Peter Alekseevich of all the velikiya and malyya and belyya Russias autocratic and pointed out: Nizhegorotskoy county of be particularly. In it gorody: The lower, Alatyr to life, Balakhna Urban Settlement, Murom, Arzamas, Gorokhovets, Vladimir Oblast, St. George Povolskoy, Kurmysh, Vasil, Yadrinskoye Urban Settlement. "
1721Building Nizhny bishop Pitirim Slav-Greek schools, executive in 1738 year in seminary
1722& attending Bottom Novgorod Pyotr I
1765Foundation brothers Batashevymi become Russia iron ore a plant. These was been paved the beginning of development in Vyksa Urban Okrug metallurgical production
17b7Visiting Bottom Novgorod weightier II, which was presented inventor-self-taught Ivan Petrovic Kulibin (disambiguation)
1774played all wager through Nizhniy Novgorod giving troops Yemelyan Pugacheva, peasant mutinies
177820 November in Sarovskom monastery was adopted the young man Prokhor Moshnin, the renowned subsequently as Rev. Serafin Miracle-Worker
1780Opening in lower Novgorod the first gradskoy hospitals
1783Assignment where Nizhny Novgorod seminary known Russian academic, linguist gone and 4 Dmitri of Damascus-Vsevolod Rudnev. In lower Novgorod he had lived under ten years, peaking at with their students the first vocabulary Volga of the now and the first bibliography and Bibliology labor in Russia
1785. Soon its activities Nizhny Novgorod denounced body urban public governance
1798WAMENA Arrivals in the Bottom Novgorod Paul I with sons great Princes by Constantine and Aleksander. Established a the first in lower Novgorod public theater. On open theater, Greenway grand duke Shakhovskomu, was played comedy D. I. Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin "Election guvernera."
1802A. W. Stupinym created Arzamas school painting the first in Russia provincial an art school
1808Opening Nizhny Novgorod gubernskoy male gymnasium
1812Generating nizhegorodskogo militias for struggle with Napoleon. In Nizhny Novgorod Comes historian N. Nikolay Mikhaylovich Karamzin writers always gather K. Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov, W. Pushkin, mainstream Yury Neledinsky-Meletsky, publisher and journalist Since Glinka, it covered so-called "Saver writers"
1817Transfer shows from Makareva in the Bottom Novgorod
1818 1822Construction on project A. A. De Betancourt y Molina of the ensemble Nizhny Novgorod shows
1828In Volga Kremlin built an obelisk Minin and Pozharsky. Architect A. Melnikov. Of 327 met on sketch I. Margosa
1830First boldinskaya autumn Alexander Rabinovich have Pushkin. In Boldine the great poet a turn another two times in 1833 and 1834 s. Here he created more 60 the writings
1834In September attending Bottom Novgorod A. With Pushkin. In October attending Bottom Novgorod Nikolai I
18382 January released the first Number newspapers "3 civil payroll"
1840Writer P. I. Melnikov (A. Gheorghievici) published study "historical learning about lower Novgorod" one of the first kraevedcheskikh papers
1849, classrooms Krasnoye Sormovo Factory No. 112 Shipbuilding plant. On office Managing density it office is beginning to civil service in lower Novgorod W. I. Type, the author "Tolkovogo dictionary live velikorusskogo language." In lower Novgorod he lived and worked until 1859 year
1852- Opened manufacturing Mariinsky institution noble damsels the first in lower Novgorod uchebnoe a place for women.
of 1857 1858a five-month "in lower Novgorod T. Propulsion Shevchenko. Great Ukrainian poet paid a here famous artist M. With Shepkin
1858Visiting Bottom Novgorod author "Three musketeers" Aleksander Dumas. French the novelist met here with experimental specimens in order heroes his art "Teacher fencing" category: Decembrists Ivan Annenkov and his wife can you believe Paulina (in maiden name Gobel)
1862It's open. Iron the road Moscow Nizhny Novgorod
1864established a fair komite
1866Unfriendly visit in the Bottom Novgorod delegation American sailors led by admiral Fox
1870In March on Sormovsky City factory started up the first in Russia martenovskaya stove again
1877Opening in lower Novgorod real Performance
1885Nagrazhdenie illustrious mechanics Vasily Ivanovich rifles medal Russian technical society with a personal banner "decent W. I. Kalashnikovu "
1891In lower Novgorod created the first Marxist Saver (on factory Kurbatova)
1892the Organization Vladimir Galaktionovichem Korolenko broad public aid malnourished in Nizhny Novgorod Governorate. Activities writer has wrought with vast influence on public-cultural life province In lower Novgorod he lived with 1885 on 1896 year, creating a here a series of sharpest artistic the writings.
1893. Soon publishing newspaper "NIZHEGORODSKY leaf." 13 August first time arrived in the Bottom Novgorod Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Subsequently he a turn here still four times (in January and June 1894 year, spring and summer 1900 year), having met with local revolutionaries-people in hiding
18942 on May took place the first labor maevka in Melk Sluda under Bottom Novgorod
1896By holding these in lower Novgorod XVI Vserossiyskoy advanced-the artistic exhibition. Opening the urban theater, vytvarne-historic Museum, tramway movement. Sending of an Nicholas II with wife founded
189925 November before nizhegorodtsami with philanthropy a lecture gave a distinguished Vasily I. Kachalov was born Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov. Reported revenues from lecture went on material help for distressed students of the Moscow University
1901Building on initiative artist, photographer and pedagogue A. O. Cristatus karelinii and gatherer...... M. K. Michurin "the Directorial society places Fine Arts." Until 1918 year society has pursued the annual exhibition, organized Sundays free some art classes (1902 1906), artistic rates (1912), 'was in artistic school. November 7, during wires M. Gorky, vysylaemogo authorities from (Nizhny Novgorod, took place the first political demonstration of. Expulsion illustrious writer caused public resonance across Russia
190201 mass waistline demonstration of sormovskogo of the proletariat, subsequently described M. Gorky in novel "conservation." Hero events became young worker Peter Zalomov, nesshiy red banner led by demonstrators
1903It's open the Peoples House, built in lower Novgorod under active involvement M. Gorky and F. Marina Tsvetaeva
of 1905In December happened an armed uprising workers in Sormovsky City District and Kanavino
1913Celebration 300 celebrations homes the. Opening the unique buildings State bank, firmly rooted in teremnom-style. Secondary attending Bottom Novgorod Nikolai II
1916Building an artist case Georgi Petrovich 20-th century schools main Luster in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug. Evacuation of from of Warsaw in the Bottom Novgorod polytechnical Institute.
years 19172 November (UF. MTM) Nizhny Council workers and soldier's deputies adopted decision about transfer the entire power Soviets
1918established a NIZHEGORODSKY university the first university in Soviet time. In May July shaped by in lower Novgorod Volga military chto under the command F. F. . 2 December W. I. Lenin signed a decree Council of People's Commissars about creating Nizhny Novgorod-Novgorod Radio Laboratory.
of 1919In county of is conducted mobilization on fronts civil war.
1920sormovichi issued the first Russian tank.
1922Opening in lower Novgorod the first in Soviet time international shows. She lasted until 1930 year.
1924organized local regular radio.
1928It's open Literary museum A. M. Gorky
1929established a NIZHEGORODSKY the brink, in which comprised Nizhny Novgorod and Vyatka and Slobodskoy county of, Mari and Votskaya (Udmurt) autonomous area, of Chuvashia an autonomous Republic
1930In lower Novgorod began construction mainly seasonal fluctuations. 1 January 1932 year was started up in action the first turn enterprises. 29 January with line gone the first car a truck ago-AA.
1931educated city all political.
19327 October the Bottom Novgorod renamed in city eve in ties with 40 8th birthday literary activities M. Gorky.
1933Obrazovano Gorky separate Union artists RSFSR.
1934- Opened manufacturing Lobachevsky Polytechnic institution.
19365 December Lobachevsky the brink transformed into area
193730 April in Maksim Gorkiy open Palats Pioneers, now Palats creativity young
1940Hviezdoslav Volga in Maksim Gorkiy established a monument W. To Chkalovu sculptor I. A. Mendelevich
1941Since first days Great Patriotic war, on Front have become stray thousands of volunteers. Gorkovskaya area becomes arsenal countries.
1943Fascist planes hard firebomb city. Only in June they committed ten transfers raid raids. For time war they was tons 43 raid.
1945Got your victory year. 17 July gorkovchane was greeted the first tier demobilized warriors
1946The Beginning construction nuclear center in Sarove
1947In Maksim Gorkiy is open Conservatory
19522 November in Maksim Gorkiy open a monument A. Flushed Maksim Gorkiy sculptor W. I. Muchina '
1955Gorkovskaya did gave the first talk
1957In the first flight on Volga-took vessel Jet-Foil design R. E. Alekseeva. Began work Lobachevsky's largest Broadcast Center
1965 9 on May in Volga Kremlin open memorial complex a monument nizhegorodtsam, the victims in the years Great Patriotic war. Lit eternal the fire. The authors monument artists W. Lubimov, A. Tokumov, Ashvaykin. Some mixed reactions by those the first vessel on air pillow
1973In green zone cities Gorky, on Schelokovskom there open for visitors museum architecture and life peoples the Directorial Volga region.
1977last we construction ideal gas metro. Regular movement trains was openly in 1985.
1980In eve exiled to a life a distinguished scholar and human rights defender A. Afghan Sakharov Here he had lived under seven years. Currently in his the former apartment open museum
1986- Opened manufacturing a monument N. A. Dobrolyubovu, created by by sculptor P. I. Gusevym
1987- Opened manufacturing a monument Air Force pilot P. BC Nesterovu. Sculptors I. M. And A. I. Rukavishnikovy
1990Back iaeanoiiio center former Swedish naming the Bottom Nove city. Nizhny Novgorod became open city. Revival Nizhny Novgorod shows. Institution equity society "N.Novgorod Fair"
1991carryover of finding body Reverend of Serafima Sarovsky in Diveevsky . Resumption of administration. Decree President Governor Nizhny Novgorod area appointed B. E. Nemtsov
1995Opening in Volga Kremlin monument attackers of fatherland, uvenchannogo figure Georgy George. Sculptor T. G Kholueva
1996At the billet Domika Peter on Pochayne is open plaque on a shed in memory about stays in lower Novgorod creator military the Russian fleet






Hello Olga!
Very liked your article pro Lake Svetloyar. I himself with cities pipes Nizhny Novgorod Oblast And have us in 30 kilometers from cities there is such same Lake, in accuracy, even with such same size (here is a, longitude: 41 52 & # 8242 ;1 5.02 digits D., latitude: 55 7 & # 8242 ;2 7.32 sec. Happier. I in the first time there was years 15 ago and here is this summer even times: Me very hit surprised, that under such size have him it is unrealistic much the depth of, local people jumped recognized with shores of, Bank it and the depth of 3-6 meters, and in 4-'s metres from Bank it at all deaf and what the depth of in the center of the at all is unknown. Water there a warm and transparent, that in sight their its feet, but because, that trawling there as would and there is no, such a sense of, that you swim in reefs in the precipice.
Me very interested in origins such lakes, although I understand, that perhaps already not discover. Under perusal your articles me became curiously pro what similar two Lake-the look in Nizhny Novgorod region You even refered? In advance thank you for the answer, kind regards.


Dobryi evening! These lakes are near with Svetloyarom. And pro vyksunskoe Lake I not listened, as not bitterly.

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