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City resides in Central European parts of Russia (56 20 northern latitudes , 44 eastern longitude coordinates). He widely Vilemov on both coasts of of Oka (its the dimension in drying cities 20 kilometers) and on right Bank Volga (in drying cities roughly 30 kilometers). Arrow of Oka and Volga - geomet richeskiy center of the Russian sweeping across. Singularity of terrain - in asymmetries right and left shores of of Oka and Volga. Ishim rivers - nizmennaya KriA, and the right Bank represent high back build Dyatlovykh mountains. Grabovets heights about 140 meters.
On 1 January 2006 Number of living in lower Novgorod accounting for 1 million 291 thousand 791 people. On population, economic potential and his deputy speakers's territory our city enters in constitute largest cities Russian Federation.


capital the Bottom Novgorod is based in 1221 year Grand prince case Georgi III Vsevolodovich.

BC Novgorod is based in 1221 year architects-Suzdal prince Mayor Yuri III Vsevolodovich on mordovskikh lands as border fortress (name the Bottom and Nove grad Nizovskie land appeared only in documents 14 century).
In XIV century (1341 - 1392 years) was its capital established in 1341 Propulsion Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal principality.
Initially city was obnesen River walls, in rather was launched construction-based has.
In 1392 under Vasily & First the Bottom Novgorod was annexed to moscow true and soon became reference point Russias in the fight with the Kazan Khanate.
In 1506-11 under Vasily & Third was been built a new brick Kremlin.
In 1612, year played outstanding role in release countries from Polish interventionists - here was recruited militia K. Kozma Minin and D. Pozharsky.
With 1817 year with laggards Makarevskoy shows in Kanavino becomes one of most important trade centers Russia. On the basis of the artisan manufacturing in city of is shaped powerful multi-sectoral industry, are built plants in his suburbs, which then entered the composition N. Novgorod: Kanavino, noticeably, myza, Molitovka. Merging cities with his new Scotlands is happening in 1929 year.

With the second than half 16 century one of largest trade and craft centers of the Moscow state.
Nizhny Novgorod was in XV - the seventeenth-centuries - the local Marshal, and with 538 year on 1929 year - gubernskim city. In 1929 - 1932 s became center the Directorial the brink. C 7 October 1932 year city wore name of writer A. M. Gorky. 22 October 1990 year, in accordance with solution referendum, decree presidium Supreme Council RSFSR city was returned historic name.
This - one of most important industrial, transport and cultural centers Russia. City possesses beneficial economic position: Is on fusion great rivers Volga and of Oka. Large trasportnyy knot: 6 rail rays (3 swayed). Examine alternative treatments for river port. Airport.

In N. Novgorod 8 administrative neighborhoods, of which the largest - Avtozavodsky City (309 thousand Residents.

Municipal education "city the Bottom Novgorod" is urban the District, city regional meaning.

Square: 41068 hectares.

Chislennost population (on 1 January 2007): 1 286 433 man, of them 1 280 446 human urban population and 5987 man - rural.
The third (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) on population city in Russia. code cities: 831.

NIZHEGORODSKY region and his Oblast center - this territory with due merely Russian population, on of last census UFI 95% all inhabitants. However in lower Novgorod lives about 100 various nationalities. Currently in city of officially recorded 28 national-cultural societies.

Official and the generalized language - Russian.

The Bottom Novgorod resides on 56 19 'northern latitudes and on 44 00' eastern longitude coordinates in Central European parts of Russia on fusion rivers Volga and of Oka in 439 km. To the east from Moscow. Climate moderately continental. The average temperatures January about -12S, July about + 18S. Rainfall 500 mm in year. In 25 km. From Bottom Novgorod (within his UOur zone) balneoklimaticheskaya resort terrain of furthermore capital. Along with climate engineering the main natural curative factor khloridnaya Nitrium (-category: Magnesium water (is used for of bathing, showers) and sulfatnaya calcium-category: Magnesium water (adopt for drinking treatment under diseases organs digestion).

Structure administration cities shaped by in 1996. Eight grassroots administrations includes in administration cities on rights structural units. Head of grassroots administrations are zastupnikami Mayor of on appropriate territory.

The head of the administration cities - mayor cities - is tertiary officials with the face of cities, elected population cities. Term authority - 5 years.

29 September 2002 in a result direct secret voting nizhegorodtsy elected mayor of cities Vadim Bulavinova. 16 October 2005 reelected on second term.

The Bottom Novgorod is its capital Volga federal district, center the Directorial region and recognizable its capital Volgo-Diocese of Vyatka economic cleanup.

On 137,000 large and medium-size enterprises 14 basic industries is busy about 179 thousand Man (41% from a common ???????? working in city of).

Industrial sector produces from 50 until 60% gross urban product, and this - some 40% volume of of manufactured industrial products in Nizhny Novgorod area.

The most developed related sectors are engineering and metaloobrobka, food, black and color iron, medical, the easy and envelops more than, engineering and metaloobrobka (about 69% in total of manufactured in city of products).
Modern industry cities represented largest by machine building factories: By truck with his numerous branches, 11890 "Red noticeably", dizelestroitelnym "The engine revolution", aviation, milling looms, "Etna" on production avtonormaley and others. Signals industry - this television plant, plants push ties and other enterprises. Function four rail depot, remontno-operational base fleet, three river port. A large number of meeting bureau and research institutions.

The most large enterprises: OJSC "GAZ", OJSC "NIZHEGORODSKY aviastroitelnyy plant" SOKOL ", OJSC" NIZHEGORODSKY machine-building plant ", OJSC" Zavod "Red noticeably", OJSC "GZAS them. A. S. Popova ", OJSC" NITEL ", customary" RUMO "(" The engine revolution "), OJSC" normal ", OJSC" Hydromash ", OJSC" the Red anchor ", OJSC" Volgovyatskvtortsvetmet ", OJSC" Orgsintez ", CJSC" Aviatekhmas-HH ", OJSC" Nizfarm ", CJSC" Mayak "and other enterprises: Peredelnoy steel industry, chemical industry, woodworking. Food (a mill, meat, dairy Magnitogorsky, plates and dishes, confectionery factories; plants brewing and sparkling wines) and the easy (lnotkatskiy industrial complex, chulochno-knitting, lether-Thu, sewing enterprises) industry.

Near Bottom Novgorod Gorkovskaya GES on Volga-( have cities Zavolzhye), Balakhninskaya GRES. Gas pipelines from Saratov and Minnibaeva, the pipeline from Almetevska.

In N. Novgorod works a series of universities and academies (University of and technical university, Academy medical, architectural and-construction, .museum foreign languages, engineers water transport, Agriculture. Economics of the Moscow commercial University; branches Vserossiyskikh classes, institutions: Financially-economic, engineers rail transport), Treasury of center, Conservatory.

Theatres: Academic drama (one of worlds oldest in Russia), academic operas and ballet, young the viewer, comedy, dolls.

Museums: Historical and-an architectural museum-Preserve with by many branches - popular crafts, architecture and life peoples the Directorial Volga region and other; a literary M. Gorky; of cards Kashirina; museum-apartment M. Gorky; F. I. Marina Tsvetaeva; artistic; museums N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, A. D. Sakharov, Nizhny Novgorod-Novgorod Radio Laboratory, Volga navigation and many other.

In city of 34 monument of nature, above 170 monuments history and architecture, to number of significant belong NIZHEGORODSKY Kremlin (XVI age), Mikhaylo-Arkhangelsk Cathedral (the seventeenth-in, the Annunciation and Gheorghievici monasteries, Church Uspenija of, residential homes (the seventeenth-in, Church Smolensk Dame (the seventeenth-digits Customs.The Christmas Stroganov Church (the eighteenth in, Spassky Staroyarmarochnyy Cathedral, Cathedral Alexander Nevsky, the building Nest of assembly, buildings State and Union banks, house Sirotkina, the building Varna City Council (beginning of the The 20th digits Persist 15 monuments, associated with M. Gorky, with events revolution of 1905 year, with to be in N. Novgorod W. Lenin; homes, where lived or a deserved A. Pushkin, T. Shevchenko, W. Type, W. Bushs and Korolenko, P. Melnikov-Gheorghievici, I. (, ya Sverdlov (disambiguation), M. Bogdanovich, A. Ulybyshev, M. Balakirev, P. Nesterov, I. Konev, A. Kasyanov. Among prominent people, as they arrived in N. Novgorod, - N. He, L. Tolstoy,, A. Chekhov, A. Dumas, I. Rpn, A. Gajdar. Here was born the great mathematician N. Lobachevsky,, lived and worked izvestneyshie scientists: S. Sergeevich Chetverikov, A. Andronov (disambiguation), A. Sakharov, A. Razuvayev, R. Alexeev. In city of set monuments W. Lenin, M. Maksim Gorkiy, N. Dobrolyubovu, P. Nesterovu, ya Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov, I. Kulibinu, K. Minin, seamen Volga military flotillas, leadership and CSF revolution 1905, W. Chkalovu. Deployed constantly cooperative exhibition weapons, vypuskavshegosya in Maksim Gorkiy in the years war; there is memorials, labor glory workers mainly seasonal fluctuations and "Red Cross Sormovsky City District."

One of neighborhoods N. Novgorod, urge the in his Zarechnoy parts of contrary center, at the other Bank of Oka. Now - Kanavinskiy district cities. Known with the seventeenth-century, until 40s 20th century called Kunavino. Legend DC this is all the, that on Bank of Oka once stood an Inn, where some pristine kuma was peddling wine (the plot was used P. I. Tchaikovsky in opera, "the Enchantress (opera)"), but the right thing would have considered origins words mordovskim, associated with "kunavoy" - entitled wife murzy. Through Kunavino depended upon the link N. Novgorod with zarechnymi suburban villages. His significance sharply increased with laggards there in 1817 year Makarevskoy shows; with startup in 1862 year iron roads it became in fact part of cities, that gained complicated administrative forging only in 1928 year.

Forest on outskirts of Soviet cleanup N. Novgorod. The assistant broad-leafed forests, a monument of nature, zone vacation. In forest park with 1973 deployed the exposition Museum architecture and life peoples the Directorial Volga region, here transported from different parts of area characteristic wooden build the seventeenth-@-@ nineteenth centuries.

One of largest neighborhoods N. Novgorod, in composition which encompassed in 1929 year. Fulsome noticeably in XVI century. Industrial development gained in nineteenth century with ??? Sormovsky City a plant, proizvodivshego Syria, then court. Be known development worker movement - precisely events in Sormovsky City District has served as the foundation in creating Aoyama art M. Gorky "conservation." Created the memorial on place, where much the road (street Third International (Comintern)) was closed off barricades in 1905, the memorial Fighting and labor glory sormovichey, in the center of the cleanup established products a plant - tanks since the civil and Great Patriotic wars, steam locomotive and TEPLOKHOD "Meteor." Noticeably - homeland actor N. Khmeleva, here worked R. Alexeev, inventor courts on submarine e?ueuyo.

green THE
Resort village, administratively subjected then N. Novgorod, in 15 kilometers south of him, a limited highways Moscow - Kazan and N. Novgorod - Saratov, River Kudmoy and iron expensive Okskaya - Zeletsino (UF. Royka). 2.2 thousand Inhabitants. In village a large number of homes vacation, sanatoriums, boarding houses, there is source of mineral water "Gorkovskaya." All of this - in environment forest array, which still in XIII century served natural border between patrimony, Russians and zakudemskoy Mordvin (people). Guarded state as a monument of nature.

More 10 years the Bottom Novgorod open for foreigners. Cities - among sister Bottom Novgorod are: Tampere (Finland), Linz (Austria), Philadelphia (the US), will (China), Essen (Germany), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Matanzas (Cuba), mid (Korea), Novi Garden (Serbia). Cities - partners: Bologna (Italy), Brno (the Czech Republic), Leipzig (Germany).

Transport infrastructure, process--including international airport, civilian and fleet of river ports, a powerful railway knot allowed implement idea extension transnational European corridor until Bottom Novgorod and do region attractive for tourism.

In city of retained a long unique monuments history, architecture and culture, that gave foundation UNESCO include Nizhny Novgorod in list 100 cities world, representing the global historic and cultural value.

In city of established architecture favorable investment climate. Today in lower Novgorod acts above 100 enterprises with foreign capital. With the participation foreign companies implemented several large projects. In lower Novgorod actively work subsidiaries structures European Bank for Reconstruction and development, part of which Hypnotizes lending enterprises small and middle business.


20.01.2010 cities NIZHNY NOVGOROD


The head of the 1. Common position
The head of the 2. Questions local meaning cities Bottom Novgorod. Enforcement bodies local government individual public authority
The head of the 3. The in the are. Forms immediate implement population local government and participation inhabitants cities in implementing local government
The head of the 4. Local governments and officials local government
The head of the 5. Urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod
The head of the 6. The head of the cities Bottom Novgorod
The head of the 7. Administration cities Bottom Novgorod
The head of the 8. Municipal legal acts
The head of the 9. Responsibility local governments and officials local government
The head of the 10. Economic basis local government
The head of the 11. The municipal service
The head of the 12. Membership in force Charter cities Bottom Novgorod

called Duma:
Representing interests population cities;
Guided by Constitution Russian Federation, federal laws, laws Nizhny Novgorod area;
Seeking to maintain and develop on the principles democracy tradition local government;
Believing one of most important goals its activities development cities, welfare his inhabitants;
Given historical and cultural tradition,
Accepts real Charter cities Bottom Novgorod.

, , , , , , , - , , .

Real Charter has high legal force relative to all legal acts local governments and officials local government.

Charter has a direct action and is obligatory for enforcement all citizens, bodies local government, officials, and also the neighborhood on territory cities organizations regardless of their organizationally-legal forms and forms property.

The head of the 1. Common position

Article 1. Status cities

1. Municipal education "city the Bottom Novgorod" is urban the District, city regional meaning.

In the present Charter naming "municipal education urban ????????" city the Bottom Novgorod "," city the Bottom Novgorod "," city "," the Bottom Novgorod "are Parties.

2. capital Nizhny Novgorod is based in 1221 year great prince case Georgi III Vsevolodovich. In XIV century (1341 - 1392 years) was its capital great principality, in XV - the seventeenth-centuries - the local Marshal, and with 538 year on 1929 year - gubernskim city. In 1929 - 1932 s became center the Directorial the brink.

In September 1932 year city received name eve and became center ideal gas the brink, and after 1936 - center Gorkovskaya (area. In October 1990 year city returned initial name - the Bottom Novgorod.

Article 2. citywide holidays

1. Day veneration memory founder Bottom Novgorod saintly 19th great of the Georgy Vsevolodovich - 17 February.

2. Day cities - retired celebration, the knighted Professor celebration anniversary of education cities Bottom Novgorod. Day cities marks annually in the second Sunday September.

Article 3. Symbols cities

1. Symbols of cities are gerb and flag.

2. Coat of Arms cities:
On a silver after-reaching chervlenyy deer, horns, eyes and. It black.
Shield overbuilt golden tower crown about five zubtsakh, surrounded on going to marry the gold bay floral wreath, and obramlen on sides and from below ribbon of the Order Lenin.

3. Imnul de Stat al cities:
A rectangular printmaker white color of with dismissive width to length of his 2 :3. In the center of the the widths is located figure from gerba cities Bottom Novgorod altitude 4 / 5 width flag :-reaching to a rigid pole chervlenyy deer, horns, eyes and. It black. "

4. Order use of symbols cities is installing urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod.

Article 4. Pochetnye designation cities

1. For special merit novice Russian Federation, thousands in city of or closely question with him the nature its activities, aimed at development economy, social spheres, science and culture cities, and also foreign citizens for a distinguished contribution in economy, public, scientific and cultural activities, aimed at development cities, can be dubbed title "Honorary citizen cities Bottom Novgorod."

2. Order of naming honourary designation, rights and privileges honorary citizens are priced urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod.

Article 5. The borders cities

1. Borders territory cities set law Nizhny Novgorod area.

2. Climate borders cities is undertaken law Nizhny Novgorod area on initiative population, local governments cities, organs state power Nizhny Novgorod area, federal organs state power in accordance with federal law.

3. Initiative population about climate borders cities is underway in order, fixed federal law and agreed in accordance with him law Nizhny Novgorod area for to the head initiatives conducting local referendum.

4. Initiative local governments about climate borders cities is formalized legal attacks appropriate local governments.

5. Climate borders cities, and with, classifying territories individual Annex in his composition populated points to territories other settlements, is undertaken with consent population data populated points, acesta acorda incredere Guvernului by voting.

Climate borders cities, not and with identification territories individual Annex in his composition settlements and (or) populated points respectively to territories other municipal neighborhoods or settlements, is undertaken adjusted for opinion population, acesta acorda incredere Guvernului urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod.

Article 6. were territorial the division cities Bottom Novgorod

1. City the Bottom Novgorod has the next administratively-territorial the division:

1) Avtozavodsky City district;

2) Kanavinskiy district;

3) first district;

4) Moscow district, in composition which enters rural village Berezovaya populations of;

5) NIZHEGORODSKY district, in composition which includes village New, sloboda Podnove, resort village Green capital;

6) Priokskiy district, in composition which includes villages Beshentsevo, Blizhnekonstantinovo, Lyakhovo (disambiguation), Mordvintsevo, Olgino Municipal Okrug, rural village Luch;

7) the Soviet district, in composition which includes village Kuznechikha, village Novopokrovskoe, rural village uchkhoza "Prigorodnyy";

8) Krasnoye Sormovo Factory No. 112 district.

2. Areas cities, villages and warring not are up by municipal constructs of.

3. Borders neighborhoods cities are determined by urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod adjusted for opinion population appropriate territories, economic-geographical, demographic features of territory, historical traditions cities and adjusted for integrity land-use.


symbolism out Novgorod


Official symbols of cities Bottom Novgorod are the crest of and flag cities Bottom Novgorod.

Coat of Arms cities Bottom Novgorod.

For the groundwork gerba cities Bottom Novgorod filed historical gerb provincial cities Bottom Novgorod, leading the 16 August 1781 year.

Gerb cities Bottom Novgorod represents a image of the on chetyryokhugolnom, with zakruglyonnymi lower bands angles, zaostryonnom in extremity geraldicheskom after, obramlyonnom on the sides and from below ribbon of the Order Lenin.

Heraldic description of and image of the on Coat of Arms of cities Bottom Novgorod holds:
"On a silver after-reaching gules (red) deer, horns, eyes and. It black. Shield overbuilt golden tower crown about five zubtsakh, secures on going to marry the gold bay floral wreath, and obramlyon on sides and from below ribbon of the Order Lenin. "

Deer is symbol of nobility, purity and greatness, life, wisdom and justice.

Crown failed - symbol of achievements high stage development. In this case she points, that municipal education city Nizhny Novgorod is urban the District - administrative center Nizhny Novgorod area.

Magazine5 he shield cases about indicates, that city the Bottom Novgorod the brain with Lenin.

Symbolic meaning flowers:
- silver color - symbol of perfect, nobility, purity happened, world;
- gules (red) color - symbol of courage, courage, neustrashimosti, maturity, energy, viability;
- black color - symbol of prudence, wisdom, honesty, modesty, for humility and eternity dawn.

Imnul de Stat al cities Bottom Novgorod.

Flag cities Bottom Novgorod represents a a rectangular printmaker white color of with ratio width to length of his 2 :3. In the center of the the widths is located figure from gerba cities Bottom Novgorod altitude 4 / 5 width flag :-reaching to a rigid pole chervlenyy deer, horns, eyes and. It black.

Flag cities Bottom Novgorod is a classic gerbovym flag, camping on E. Flag with composition gerba, common on increasingly printmaker.

Symbolic meaning flowers:
- white color - symbol of perfect, nobility, purity happened, world;
- gules (red) color - symbol of courage, courage, neustrashimosti, maturity, energy, viability;
- black color - symbol of prudence, wisdom, honesty, modesty, for humility and eternity dawn.


the Bottom Novgorod gained new gerb and flag

27.04.2007 15 :2 0 | RIA "New Region"
Geraldichniy advice under President trades abroad approve new symbols Bottom Novgorod. On the district meeting, on United States issues state symbolism, chief geroldmeyster Russia Georgy Vilinbakhov handed the head cities Vadim Bulavinovu evidence about growing gerba and flag Bottom Novgorod in public geraldichniy Register.

Heraldic description of and image of the on Coat of Arms of Bottom Novgorod holds: "On a silver after-reaching chervlenyy deer, horns, eyes and. It black. Shield overbuilt golden tower crown about five zubtsakh, surrounded on going to marry the gold bay floral wreath, and obramlen on sides and from below ribbon of the Order Lenin. "

Flag Bottom Novgorod represents a a rectangular printmaker white color of with ratio width to length of his 2 :3. In the center of the the widths is located figure from gerba cities altitude 4 / 5 width flag :-reaching to a rigid pole chervlenyy deer, horns, eyes and. It black.

Flag cities Bottom Novgorod is a classic gerbovym flag, camping on E. Flag with composition gerba, widespread on all printmaker.

Previous gerb Bottom Novgorod was approved 15 October 1992. In 2005 heraldic advice under President trades abroad adopted decision, on which on Polish all administrative centers regions Russia should be image of the crown. Moreover, in Polish municipalities should not attend color of public flag trades abroad.

According to Mayor of Vadim Bulavinova, in the Duma Bottom Novgorod almost year resisted discussion project future gerba. "We modelers get it all demands and-Nordic heraldic tradition regulations, and now gerb and flag Bottom Novgorod officially included in The register heraldic symbols trades abroad", - told the head of the cities.


HISTORY SOZDANI gerba out Novgorod

1. Gerb Bottom Novgorod approved 16 August 1781 year.

"In the White field Red deer, horns and. It black"
Used image of the gerba from books N. Sobolevoy and W. Nadezhda Artamonova "Symbols Russia"
Used materials articles O. Antuana in magazine "Science and life" # 10, 1974

2. Project gerba Bottom Novgorod mid-nineteenth century.
Figure for "Geraldikuma" prepared mainstream Kalinkinym (Propulsion Dolgoprudny)

3. In 1932-1990 s city was called "eve. Urban emblem, albeit not was approved officially, was used in urban life. Deer, for example, been portrayed on the logo ideal gas car a plant.

15 October 1992 solution urban Council popular deputies # 11 / 9 restored historical gerb cities.

On practice shield dopolnyalsya in the lower parts of an oak floral wreath, bandaged ribbon national flowers.

4. Geraldichniy an artist W. Shipunov developed its project nizhegorodskogo gerba. He offered crown shield hat Monomah.

5. In 2005 gerb Bottom Novgorod pererisovan E. Komarovsky. On shield added crown failed, the recommended have you Council for FCO crest centers actors trades abroad. A new version of received approval urban deputies.

6. In 2007 the crest of finally past all stage assertions and coordination. Around shield stationed tape of the Order Lenin.


the municipal for ministery
Cities (Nizhny Novgorod

City Nizhny Novgorod with longstanding since has vysokorazvituyu system education. Today the municipal system education cities Bottom Novgorod covers almost half all students area. The number of municipal educational institutions cities - 578 (in which learning 121776 students I-III stage), in including: 311 municipal doshklnikh educational institutions.

doshkolnye educational institutions
(Full helpfully institutions)

One of high-priority trends activities doshklnikh educational institutions invariably remains preserving and strengthening health, organization zdorovesberegayuschego educational process.

Realizing principles social policy in area education children, providing the right child to full physical, intellectual, spiritual, constructed and social development, operates 319 dedicated groups.

90 doshklnikh institutions implement a regional program "Twelve months", oriented development children predshkolnogo age.

Are realized copyrights programs: "The brink native" on ecological education children; "My small Homeland" on civilian education children; "ABBA Revival" on to clerical development children.

general educational schools
(Full helpfully institutions)

Where there is secondary system cities this - 198 educational institutions common middle education, in which train more 157 thousand Students. Among them: Initial, basic, medium-size general educational schools, a cadet school, evening (replaceable) schools, schools boarding schools, sanatorium-forest school.

In the process implement public policy in area education and adherence to constitutional rights citizens on obtaining education is intensifying role proflnikh classes on eldest stage education.

In city of incurred big positive experience organizations level training, concerning approbation testing-seeking-, introduction new pedagogical technologies and techniques training senior secondary school pupils, organizations interaction schools with institutions of higher and middle professional education.

In schools cities are realized various model organizations level training:
- odnoprofilnaya and multi-skilled model, within which open 8 BSTU trains, 8 UChUS, 20 schools with profound studying the individual hyphenated, 491 relevant department class on base H-Ks;
- in a pilot regime tanker multiprofilnaya model training, directed on achieving differentiate content training senior secondary school pupils;
- a network interaction level training with institutions of higher and middle professional education.

In 2005 in city of planta classes open in 114 mainstream institutions. In 421 the relevant classroom train 10584 students. The most damning popularity among recording sessions enjoy classes on the next profiles:
- technical (156 classes);
- humanitarian (85 classes);
- socio-economic (73 class);
- naturally-scientific (61 class);
- beginning (16 classes).

In educational institutions cities Bottom Novgorod effectively is underway a targeted program "Health."

, , , ( , , ).

Odarennye children

In city of successfully is underway program "Odarennye children."

In 2005 Lear year have become winners and the winners of the Open:
- urban contests - 113 students;
- iaeanoiuo contests - 184 students;
- county - 10 students;
- all-russian - 10 students.

Earned receiving a scholarship Mayor of in area education - 10 students.
Expands the percentage of senior secondary school pupils alumni in sections leu. In 2005 Lear year 869 students, participants 35th Moscow International Film Festival urban conference received obtain I, II, III extent.

From total graduates 2005 the graduators school on "4" and "5" 4782 Student, with 2698 man on the results of much year received laudable of ratification of "Over special successes in studying otdeln6ykh hyphenated", and 343 of them received golden medals and 603 - silver.

Awarding gold medals graduates traditionally passes on commemoration ceremony place nizhegorodtsev - have Eternal City ceasefire. Medal congratulate: The head of the city administrations, MPs urban Duma cities Bottom Novgorod, leaders organs governance education, mainstream institutions, public figures.

Silver medals graduates to winners of in solemn environment heads of administrations neighborhoods cities.

In 2005 - 2006 Lear year were held urban Olympics students 5 - 11 classes on math, economy, rightly, managements, Relations, Physics, information science, history Russia, technical Olympiad, attractive-kraevedcheskaya Olympiad; urban Olympics for students 3 - 4 classes on Russian language and math. Just in regional olympiads adopted participation 1882 students. The most the number of winners and prizewinners learn in
- Phnom # 87 (director of Koryagin Anatoly Vasilyevich) - 23 chol.
- Phnom # 165 (director of Sozinova Natalia Vladimirovna) - 23 chol.
- Phnom # 40 (director of Umnova Natalia Semyonovna) - 18 chol.
- Phnom # 8 (director of Yartseva Irina Nikolaevna) - 11 chol.
- Phnom # 82 (director of Kharitonkina Nina Germanovna) - 7 chol.

ona, additional education, youth policy

In politics nourishing successfully is underway strategy conservation traditionally-affirmative popular values, which weathered all tests time and events and retained its significance until todays days.

25 years have Eternal City ceasefire of Glory in Volga the Kremlin bear Medal of Honor keeps watch from of Memory the seniors schools cities Bottom Novgorod. Post # 1 educated more 40 thousands of young patriots Nizhny Novgorod administration. Among postovtsev: Hero Soviet Union, 4 Hero of Russia, 15 generals, 70 colonels and hundreds of senior and minded officers defenders of the motherland.

Schoolchildren are proud engaging his trust and with big responsibilities bear guardroom services.

In structure institutions additional education includes: Palace child creativity them. W. P. Domodedovo Airport, 5 Havana child creativity, 13 Centres child creativity, 2 PetroChina camps, 4 club, 2 station young tourists, 95 clubs on residence, 20 junior sports schools.

In the system additional education Hypnotizes 85722 students (77% from total students).

ballo graduates
In lower Novgorod was born a compelling tradition - to be staged graduates. Here is already fifth year administration cities Bottom Novgorod is conducted urban celebration "the Last telephone call" with a stark manifestation of, numerous contests and prizes, culminating in holiday program with the participation stars Russian pop stars and fireworks.

Pedagogicheskie cadres

In the system education cities work just teachers and pedagogical workers - 16312 (in including: In mainstream institutions - 8782, H-Ks rehabilitation - 1105, H-Ks additional education - 1123, in Doe - 5302). On 1.09.2005g. When manufacturing Drill Collars 14259 pedagogical workers (87,9%), in including expedited high qualifying category - 3047 (20,2%), first category - 8197 (49,2%), second category - 3014 (18.5%).

3 educational workers earned next awards:
- of the Order and medals - 134;
- Honoured Teacher schools trades abroad - 151;
- excellent Worker of Public popular enlightenment and popular education the USSR - 850;
- Anglican a badge of "Honorary the employee common education" - 252;
- Gramoty Ministry of education trades abroad, RSFSR, the USSR - 735.

In urban educational ``The created the atmosphere active participation pedagogical workers in various workshops, in innovative experimental work, in work support sites on priority fronts in education.

Motivation and formation professional of excellence promotes turned already traditional urban bake "Teacher year."

Respectable title "Teacher year - 2005" cities Bottom Novgorod in 2005 was scientists were Ustyuzhanovoy hope of ryazan, teacher biology template: Infobox School # 119 with profound studying the individual hyphenated Avtozavodskogo cleanup.

In 2005 - on of rubble a poetry "Teacher year - 2005" Nizhniy Novgorod area represented winner regional the GNP - Marsheva Irina Aleksandrovna, teacher your art template: Infobox School # 184 Leninist cleanup.

In 2006 respectable title "Teacher year - 2006" cities (Nizhny Novgorod scientists were Shmoninoy Olga Valerevne, teacher mathematics lyceum # 82 Sormovsky City cleanup.

IPEC partnership

Important destination modernization governance municipal education system cities Bottom Novgorod - becomes the search for balance interests all sides participants educational process and development social partnership.

Real the inclusion of public in governance educational institutions provide positive results in raising quality education nizhegorodskikh schoolchildren, more effective development interests and abilities children and youth (Nizhny Novgorod, improvement in quality knowledge graduates schools, bids submitted in universities and medium-size professional boot skating.

`I schools and teachers in cererea national project "Education"

The ministry education and science Russia in 2006 announced bake on obtaining monetary encourage best teachers and schools Russia within priority national project "Education."

In a poetry on obtaining pooschritelnogo prize participate 28 schools cities Bottom Novgorod, implementing innovative educational programs. About 150 teachers on recommendations organs self-government, professional pedagogical associations, association will accept participation in a poetry best teachers mainstream institutions for monetary encourage for high Skills prowess and considerable contribution in education.



In lower Novgorod developed network sports and-health institutions:

Stadionov- 15, the Comet.
Homes sport - 8,
Palaces sport with artificial ice blasting 2,
Bridge Liteyny -health- 5,
Swimming pools - 14,
Complex ski tramplinov,
Rowing Canal,
Sports halls - 307,
Sports sites about 380.

lifetime Upgrades bandwidth ability to sports facilities - more 20,000 man.

On sports facilitiesinstallations cities except local ???? large International and the usual contest: Eurasia-the Passeig (1999-2000 year) on horse jumping their sport, on Floorball Women's,. Additionally, athletic dances. With 1 January 1999 on 1 April 2000 anodyne All-Russian smotr-bake mass bridge Liteyny -Real Estate Market work in cities and areas Russian Federation Start in third millennium .

Construction the ground "seksizmom"

In a poetry adopted participation organs public governance physical culture and sports 57 cities and neighborhoods from 22 actors Russian Federation. In group cities with numbers population above 1 million Man Nizhny Novgorod policies--and respectable 2 place.

In February 2001 in Moscow Lower Novgorod was handled to winning the, memorable a badge of and entrepreneurship II extent State Committee Russian Federation on physical culture and their sport and Olympic Committee.

In June 2001 on Nizhny Novgorod Fair By the International forum Citys-sworn brothers and partners , on which first time was presented billboard Sport, physical education are obligatory and tourism in city of lower Novgorod .

Annually committee in any sport, physical training and tourism for various types of sport is conducted more 350 urban ?????? and more 600 sports and-mass ?????? organize rayonn administration.

Every year in city of ???? popular kidsmass contest ice hockey final on prizes club Golden puck and on football on prizes club 8 the ball , which walk four 'age groups.

Tailored National Youth Competition - Yunosheskaya the Kennedy Olympic Fed on basketball coach
Very big popularity in lower Novgorod enjoy culturally-sports holidays on basketball coach I play pick- and on mini-football of an outdoor football , that are advanced jointly with company coca-Cola . In 2002 team Sormovich - Shiri mini-a football tournaments Ole Soca Cola , Global Risks Perception in lower Novgorod among boys 13-14 years passed participation in the final All-Russian holiday street football Oh-unt-Sosa-Sola! in city of Moscow, where took a 1-place and has won the right on trip in Europe in international football camp.

In 2001 the Committee on their sport, physical training and tourism hosted participation in conducting final Vserossiyskikh competition ice hockey final on prizes Club Golden puck . In these for competitions successfully voiced team Cosmos Nizhny Novgorod cleanup, which withdrew in final part of competition and in end took a 2 place.

Then same Committee supported idea of conducting Small Games good rally on among children and teenagers, by taking over under its auspices holding final parts of in city of lower Novgorod. Contest were held on 6 kinds of sport football, volleyball, basketball coach, easy athletics, table tennis and cycle racing, and passed on the best sports platforms Bottom Novgorod (stadiums the Jets , Dynamo , the Northern , founded a sports complex Meshchera and hall sports schools # 4 on volleyball).

Committee developed and markets project regular TV programs, propagandiruyuschey Republic is and sport. Tasks project - raising gym literacy of people in urban, introduction his to meet regular Ivanovna physical culture and sports, to healthy way of life, to attract public to problems sport. Currently within project on they discuss it Volga every Saturday in the most a welcome for viewing time teach the exit in spots TV programs Hobby-sport , efficiently 20 minutes.

For two months regular outs TV programs in spots were represented traditional for cities species sport football, equestrian sport, sports dances, tkhekvando, florbol, Tennis, sailing sport and other. Moreover, viewers can to know, as can be 38044 to meet regular Ivanovna these species, what impact on organism human they have, which institutions and organizations provide opportunities for occupational they, represented brief history they arise and the emergence of on territory of our cities.

In 2000 was launched canceled sporting cities noticeably." Currently goes constructions largest in Russia the ground with artificial ice blasting. In terms of - Athletics (sport) core with football battlefields, hockey gathering spaces that offer universal, administratively-that household Corps, stand with podtribunnymi premises. Open ploskostnye facilities, culturally-entertainment complex, wordy sportsooruzheniya to innovate, extreme or punishing species sport, zone with cafes, overflow crowds for biliard tables, clubs darts, badminton, child workers sports and-dreamlike town.

Sports city noticeably can attract additional financial flows on territory cities, in including and currency, because under stadium with artificial ice blasting can be used for conducting training collections teams different regions countries.


for imaging tests

s health cities appropriated for its complex measures public policy, decreed in messages President Russian Federation Budgetary from 26 on May 2004 and from 25 April 2005, aimed at maintaining health population. The main task health is exerting quality medical aid population in accordance with measured public guarantees exert population Nizhny Novgorod area-free laborers medical aid.

In 2006 medical aid nizhegorodtsam have 76 should providing preventive care institutions, of them 33 hospitals, 30 an, the station the emergency medical aid, the milk cuisine of, 11 dental an.

With goal streamlining resources health and disciplining a volumetric indicators activities institutions health to Directives is conducted the enlargement institutions health.

In accordance with measured public guarantees continues development statsionarozameschayuschikh technologies. Deployed mentor 84 seats day of flap in day clinic-poliklinicheskikh institutions. Volume of work establish day and costly all types of widened with 2004 on 13.2%.

Soared effectiveness use of twenty-four-hour patient places. The number of days work the bunks in year grew with 318,1 until 331,8 days under preserving middle term treatment patients 15.6 days. Development establish day and costly and raising efficiency work and costly allowed reduce 260 twenty-four-hour patient places. Total koechnyy Fund and costly cities on 01.01.2006 comprised 12758 patient places. Figure volume of stationary aid 2857,6 of hospital-days on 1,000 population is approached to federal Directives Program public guarantees 2005 (2812,5 of hospital-days). In 2006 in accordance with measured public guarantees reduced greatly still category: 1004 the bunks.

Common spending on health care in 2005 amounted 2 649 001,5 thousand Rubles, of them funds budget - the 918 785,3 thousand Br, that accounting for 94% from allocations (enforcement budget for 2004 year accounting for 87%); funds Health insurance benefit -1730 216,2 thousand Rubles.

From exert paid medical services income averaged 306 041,1 thousand Br, that on less than 100% more income past year. On 01.01.2006 year if after indebtedness on all accounts compared with 2004 year declined on 44,7 million Br And amounted to 70,0 million Br, in including on their means budget - 35,3 million Br, on their means Health insurance benefit - D complex million Br

Etc population physicians in 2005 amounted to 33.5 on 10 thousand Population, middle medical personnel - generated 32 on 10 thousand Population. March physical officials should providing preventive care institutions has and amounted to: Physicians - 68,7%, the same countries category - 75,1%.

Is growing qualification human resource the composition doctors cities. In lower Novgorod works 4841 doctor, 9261 middle medical the employee.

The number of doctors, expedited qualification categories for year grew by 4%. High category have major% doctors.

Wages doctor accounts for in average 6061,83 ruble, middle medical stuff numbers - 4141,65 rubles.

Until introduction federal risk premia, given low level of pay labor health workers, administration cities fodder was provided monthly collecting paying in size 500 rubles doctors and the middle medical dictates the precinct services; doctors, the middle, youngest medical dictates the and drivers of formalities brigades the emergency medical aid.

In purposes social support young specialists municipal budgetary institutions produced paying the monthly such premium to junior okladu young workers skilled, graduate secondary a special uchebnoe a place in size 200 rubles, graduate tertiary uchebnoe a place - in size 300 rubles.

Continues strengthening logistical base health.
In 2005 Daniz in exploitation: Park MLPU "called hospital appears # 7", which was in for 12 years, Corps MLPU "called hospital appears # 40." Made reconstruction and overhauled renovating substations focuses Soviet, Priokskiy City, Leninist neighborhoods cities. Conducted large volumes of works on radically improve and current repair all maternity homes cities, MLPU "called clinical hospital appears # 5" and a number of other institutions.

On program "to Expand emergency medical aid in city of lower Novgorod on 2002-2006 years" for MLPU "Station the emergency medical aid" buy 10 cars "Quotes medical aid."

For urban hospitals buy 4 videoendoskopicheskikh system on 5.6 million Br, 4 ultrasonic apparatus on amount placed 23.3 million Rubles.

Upgrading the exert immediate medical aid newborn care., recently confined women and rodilnitsam waged by the acquisition of modern technology and drugs.

Taken endosurgical apparatus for of laparoscopy, gastrofibroskop for MLPU "Children urban clinical hospital appears # 1."

In lower Novgorod continue to evolve high-species medical aid: Kardiokhirurgiya and rentgenokhirurgicheskie methods diagnostics on base MLPU "called clinical hospital appears # 5." In the number of implanted elektrokardiostimulyatorov (-use) separate is worth on third place after leading clinics Moscow and St. Petersburg. Currently in the clinic annually become every cell-type more 600 elektrokardiostimulyatorov.

Continues to evolve tailored medical aid.
In 2005 organized urban cabinet for sick with ekstrapiramidnymi violations on base MLPU "called polyclinic # 7", that allowed strengthen specialized service.

In city of widely began enforced experience MLPU "Children polyclinic # 48", highly rated the Ministry health trades abroad in 2003, in parts of organizations tables and departments of recovery treatment schoolchildren, along directly on territory educational bodies. Child hospital appears # 27 deployed centers recovery treatment on base child early-childhood institutions and schools of the Moscow cleanup. In two schools Leninist cleanup child polyclinic # 32 convened recreation centers for children.

Hastily arranged medical aid have 106 of formalities brigades, outstanding on 9 measuring MLPU "Station the emergency medical aid." Obraschaemost nizhegorodtsev for the emergency and immediate medical help in 2005 amounted to 382,9 challenges on 1,000 population under federal normative 318 on 1,000 people. Secondary time expectations transfer of challenges multidisciplinary teams on the emergency aid in 2005 accounting for 2 minutes.

2005 year has passed under sign implementation Federal Law # 122-FZ in parts of additional formally ensure under outpatient treatment population.

In lower Novgorod 211329 citizens (16,3% population) are by recipients benefits expense of funds federal budget and budgets actors Federation, of them 75,2% - federal lgotniki, 24.8% - regional lgotniki. Ons depositions before things category population warranted costly medicinal drugs for treatment oncological diseases, diseases blood, sugar diabetes and other.

For convenience ensure the preferential categories population medicinal drugs openly 67 points concessionary vacation drugs, 33 of them in polyclinics, in 28 polyclinics cities open offices automated statement recipes.

Large attention has been devoted ensure availability of medical aid. Organized a tentative record on reception to a doctor, record on the telephone. Reception, okay an Bottom Novgorod equipped with the computer technique, allocated additional phone point for records on reception. In 8 polyclinics set computer programs for records on reception to doctors.

Important partition medical of prevention is vaktsinoprofilaktika infectious diseases. Enacted immunizations population within the National calendar vaccinations. Moreover in period vspyshechnoy of disease go viral hepatitis A in 2005 expense of funds budget cities Bottom Novgorod and other sources immunizirovano more 97 100,000 people. Among them organized children, workers spheres nutrition, contact from warhead.

With September 2005 against flu birth share 98.5 thousand Man expense of budget (this schoolchildren and workers schools, children and personnel schools-orphanages, medical workers) and 94,5 thousand Man expense of off-budget funds. In a whole birth 14,4% from population cities. Stertoe for epidemic flu in 2006 - outcome create effective immune stratum among population.

By the early 2005 reached a significant lowering perinatal and infant-mortality rates compared with 2000 year respectively on 33 and 42%. In for 2005 figure perinatal mortality averaged 11.9 on 1,000 who were born alive. Infant mortality in lower Novgorod below, than in trades abroad and accounts for 10.4 on 1,000 who were born alive (trades abroad - 11,6).

Figure maternal mortality in 2005 in lower Novgorod averaged 7.4 on 100 100,000 childbirth, that in 7 times below a similar average 2000 and below trades abroad in 4.1 times (trades abroad - 87).

Over the last years in city of lower Novgorod is undertaken a software approach to solving problems health mothers and child. The... the metabolic support pregnant women by giveaway rate vitaminoprofilaktiki, group of prevention yodnoy inadequate, appointments drugs iron allowed credibly reduce the number of women with dire forms of anemiy and reanimation pregnant. Procurement drugs were carried out in the framework programs "aspiranty child" expense of funds urban budget. On municipal target program "aspiranty child" in 2005 contracted drugs (protivoastmaticheskie, distributing vitamin, surfactants) on totaling 4287,23 thousand Br

Has increased the number of normal childbirth with 26% in 2004 to 39%, that is positive trend. The number of abortion in 2005 fell compared with 2004 year on 7%


museums out Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod one of worlds oldest cities Russia, associated with names great Russians people, profound cultural traditions, under architectural legacy.

s role in fact conservation culturally-historic heritage cities belongs specimens. On today in lower Novgorod act 14 museums (together with branches), 7 of them municipal.

3 museums

Municipal institution culture Sovereign museum A. M. Gorky

Director of Museum: Honoured the employee culture trades abroad Ryzhova Tamara Aleksandrovna

Museum unification three literary--memorial museums:
- Literary museum
- Museum childhood A. M. Gorky humanity which Kashirina (place actions autobiographic lead glazed curds )
- Museum-apartment A. M. Gorky (here began work over mysteriously conservation , atmosphere 2005 , been accomplished celebrated in At bottom )

Museum A. M. Gorky (a literary alias Russian writer Alexey Maximovitch Peshkova (1868-1936) open in lower Novgorod, hometown of writer, 22 on May 1928.

Today this is one of leading literary museums Russia. He is non-profit institution culture, mods, of body and publicly confronted museum objects and museum collections (100 thousands of units storage the principal Fund), allow cover life and creativity A. M. Gorky; writers nizhegorodtsev, figures culture and art Russia and other countries, creatively associated with Bottom Novgorod.

The most valuable memorial collections are linked with names writers A. M. Gorky, F. I. Marina Tsvetaeva, L. BC Andrev's sociopathy, P. I. Efficiency-Pechersk, W. Propulsion Korolenko, with creative artists-photographers poach century A. O. Cristatus karelinii, M. P. Dmitrieva.

Annual attendance Museum: 200 thousands of people.

Museum A. M. Gorky active a member of Association museums Russia, has vast ties with literary museums, scientists-literaturovedami other countries.

Literary museum A. M. Gorky

Worded Museum: 603155 the Bottom Novgorod, Kozma Minin, 26
Phone: (8 312) 36-65-83

Head museum lent: Agafonova Elena Gennadyevna

Resides in the former kupecheskom mansion (Rowling Nineteenth digits, architect N. D. Grigoriev) W. M. Burmistrovoy, will almost fully its external and internal ubranstvo. The exposition tells about cultural and literary life cities of the late nineteenth - starters twentieth century, in which prominent placement borrowed big be backtracking this way Russian Bata, Pazardzhik Province and clerical split writer P. I. Melnikov (Andrei Gheorghievici), writer-Democrat W. Propulsion Korolenko, and poets and gurus live I. N. Rukavishnikov, A. Mysovskaya, L. Grave (disambiguation), photographers-artists A. O. Karelin and M. P. Dmitriev, musician W. Mainstream Villuan. On backdrop of a rich and varied cultural life cities already in late nineteenth century were characterized personality and creativity young writer M. The. Rich collection Museum gives opportunity to imagine further path writer, his life and creativity in principal moments Russian history of 1905, years 1917 s; show tragedy people and tragedy writer in 30s years.

- Over strokoyu novel M. Gorky Life are Costa Rican cuisine - Santa the Reverend Serafin Miracle-Worker
- Russian soul Russian word says about Russian people .

Museum childhood A. M. Gorky humanity which Kashirina

Worded Museum: 603109 Nizhny Novgorod, Mail Flow the, 21
Phone: (8 312) 33-85-89
Road tolls: Rout N.Novgorod , tram # # 2, 21
Head museum lent: Shukhareva T. A.

Was open 1 January 1938. Museum created in the former House (built in Rowling The eighteenth century; 't for ordinary residential developments N. Novgorod) grandfather A. M. Gorky - Petty Officer nizhegorodskogo krasilnogo of workshop W. W. Kashirina, - where Alexey usage lived with his mother in 1871-1872 devolving After death father.

The creators of Museum trajectory rested on memories descendants Kashirinykh, starozhilv N. Novgorod, the most writer and, in primarily, on autobiography (Tale M. Gorky glazed curds . Museum humanity which Kashirina in lower Novgorod is a peculiar documentation illustration lead Gorky, one of best world the writings. Place actions lead: Volga, the Bottom Novgorod, behind on Assumption Convention were explicit house grandfather writer

- when evaluating Mindaugas' treatment M. A date with Gorky glazed curds - Eternal the Russian book
- capital and museum problems and hope

Museum-apartment A. M. Gorky

Worded Museum: 603005 the Bottom Novgorod, str. Semashka, 19
Phone: (8 312) 36-16-51
Fax: (8312) 36-15-29, e-mail: Danco @
Worded in the Internet:,
Head museum lent: Lebedev Alla Markovna

Open 15 September 1971 in the former House N. F. Kirshbauma (built in late nineteenth in, where has been the latter Nizhny Novgorod apartment Peshkovykh. In creating Museum ???? participation wife A. M. A date with Gorky, Catherine Pavlovna Peshkova, wife son A. M. Gorky, Flughafentransfers Peshkova, granddaughter writer Marfa Maximovna and Daria Maximovna, daughter F. I. Marina Tsvetaeva - Irina Federovna Marina Tsvetaeva.

In this apartment Peshkovy settled in September 1902 year. In this apartment written philosophical the poem of the Man , made the first even only drawings to relationship conservation , conceived celebrated in 2005 , been accomplished celebrated in At bottom .

In the exposition Museum about 2000 memorial things family Peshkovykh.

So same here represented memorial things great Russian the singer F. I. Marina Tsvetaeva.

- the police entourage A. M. Gorky - 1902-1904gg.
- . Whole s hand. E. P. Peshkova. Pages life.
- Nizhny Novgorod greeting on vaudeville centuries

Projects Museum A. M. Gorky on 2006
Project Albeniz photograph preserve and open city, world
Goal project - ensuring preservation of value fotofonda Museum and opening the his for broad strata public Russia and other countries.

Project Museum-merchant, merchant-museum or we have take the best from the past
Goal project: To influence culture region, image thinking nizhegorodtsev through inclusion local community to unique museum collections, unique regional information, concrete names nizhegorodskikh merchants, attracting attention society to business people, encouraging rethink notions nizhegorodskiy merchant as pattern dynamism, predpriimchivogo relations to life.

Project Of kupecheskogo Bottom in dreamlike Venerable Macarius or Travels to roots All-Russian torzhischa
Specialized tour, the knighted Professor history Nizhny Novgorod shows.
Is supposed to unconventional approach to view the image of museum values,
Unexpected facilities restricted showing.

Project category: Annenkov family: Realities romantic love Specialized tour will dilute the on domestic and overseas specialists on the history, literature, culture. Can be vy mozhete vyuchit angliyskiy for tourism family, events, can 4.0 of as entertainment INTERCULTURAL for different strata population.

Exhibition project A. M. Eve in like and friendship sharzhakh modern
Goal project: Building exhibition neakademicheskoy , capable to imagine personality and biography Gorky brighter, more the, with different points of view, eksponiruya cartoons, travesty, friendly for us.

Working with materials, price to complex contradictory creative personality A. M. Maksim Gorkiy, museum well emphasized becomes supporter of a fundamental change ideology Museum Development affairs. Replaced absolute competence Museum in gorkovedenii comes understanding, that need represent in exposition of facts biography writer, often conflicting, reflecting ideas different researchers. A visitor it legitimate have its view and choose the contestant version of, which him seems adequate. Been, that interaction different ideas leads to emergence new views on phenomena, on sense artistic art, on personality writer and his judgment, okazyvayuschiesya sozvuchnymi todays day. Museum intends to develop this philosophy exhibition.

Municipal institution culture Sovereign literary--memorial museum N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov

Worded: BC Novgorod, str. Lykova, the dam, 2
Bodies.: 33-53-89, 33-16-44.
Director of: Honoured the employee culture Terekhov Vladimir Mikhailovich.

The only in Russia museum, the knighted Professor life and creativity Nicholas Alexandrovich Nikolai Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov (1836 1861). He penetrated in history culture nineteenth century as known publicist, a literary critic and journalist, revolutionary-Democrat, poet, teacher, Akkain, philosopher, the interpreter. Was born in lower Novgorod in family priest, graduated Nizhniy Novgorod spiritual seminary, had lived under in hometown of seventeen and a half years, then relocated in Petersburg, where cooperated in magazine Sovremennik theater .

13 September 1971, to 750-anniversary of (Nizhny Novgorod, was open house-museum N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, County in the Sun Room today farmstead Dobrolyubovykh, where over kidsand early years criticism. In January 1986, to 150-anniversary of with birthday N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, in the former the profitable House Dobrolyubovykh was opened historical and-literary the exposition. Buildings built on project known an architect E. I. Kizevettera and are with monuments history and culture federal and regional meaning.

Memorial the exposition represents a pattern life exercised priest, uncovers themes becoming a personality, family relations, our brotherly Mathew Nicholas Nikolai Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, of female domestic culture and received a high assessment of academic D. S. Segment. The most interesting piece of the: Memorial a library, furniture and objects life, lens N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, daguerreotype with the first stock image father and son Dobrolyubovykh.

In a major building ???? exhibition and cultural shares, concerts, literary meeting, classes with children and youth. Works 15 permanent association, among which Literaturnaya Academy, Theatre poets.

Museum N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov differs innovative approaches to search new forms of activities. A participant Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam Biennale - 2001 and international projects. Traditional arrangements: Day birth and Day memory N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov, annual dobrolyubovskaya All-Russian scientific conference.

Museum A. S. Pushkin
Head museum lent: Plotnikova Love Vyacheslavovna.
Worded: BC Novgorod, .500 Kozma Minin, 5. Bodies.: 39-06 08.

Was open as subsidiary Museum N. A. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Dobrolyubov in 1999, To 200-anniversary of A. S. Pushkin under support nizhegorodskikh pushkinistov and Local historian.

Contains the Yushukan in building the former the hotels merchant-industrialist D. Propulsion Deulina (built to 1823 g, where poet kvalYofYokovanim 2 3 September 1833 Propulsion On path in Orenburg for materials on the history pugachevskogo the.

Constant the exposition Pushkin in lower Novgorod , built on documents and process Alexander Sergeievitch Pushkin era, underwent journey, Remembrance about those events. In exposition comprised genuine the portraits nizhegorodtsev modern Pushkin, books pushkinskogo time, furniture, objects noble nests life starters nineteenth century and camping on D.

Literature museum this literature cultural center in lower Novgorod, where pass democratic politicians meeting, mini-performances, pushkinskie exhibition, meet scientists-pushkinovedy, Pushkinskoe society.

Museum transsexual their varied educational program, offers lecture cycles and extracurriculars on pushkinskie themes.

The main direction work Museum given pedagogy. Traditional arrangements: Day birth and Day memory A. S. Pushkin and W. I. S. E. Dahl's, Day economic, Natalin day, Day arriving poet in N. Novgorod, celebration Boldinskoy fall.

Municipal institution culture Museum A. D. Sakharov .

Director of:... Love Vladimirovna
Worded: 603137g. Nizhny Novgorod, Prospect Gagarin, house # 214
Phone / fax 66 - 86 the
Web site: / ads

Visual description of Museum or just complex in a whole:

Museum-apartment A. D. Sakharov is on first floor residential twelve storey homes (left wing) on which established plaque on a shed A. D. Sakharov. Have entry in porch bas.

The exposition Museum incapable from two parts:
- demonstrative hall, in which stationed materials that lend the misconception about all life and activities Andrei possibly, Sakharov, about his ancestors, about his scientific and public activities.
- memorial part of ssylnaya apartment, in which A. D. Sakharov spent as a child seven long years with January 1980 to December 1986. Environment in apartment recreated on moment of introduction in it the reviled academic. One of partitions exposition of tells about scientific activities academic Sakharov to create any weapons, of the hydrogen bomb in period his work Sarovskom federal nuclear the center of the (SFTs), is demonstrated soon Andrei Sakharov classified years (about creating and first test nuclear weapons).

In day memory A. D. Sakharov 14 December in museum is demonstrated Germany mask academic Sakharov.

Evolves cooperation Museum with archive Sakharov, with museum lent and public center Mir, progress, human rights behalf of A. D. Sakharov (Propulsion Moscow), with museum lent scope weapons VNIIEF (Propulsion HC Sarov). Funds Museum keep unique materials, accommodating provided by archive samizdata (radio Liberty).

With 1992 museum conducts bake theoretical-publicistic works, the knighted Professor memory A. D. Sakharov free-thinker: His past, present and the future . In a poetry participate schoolchildren and students, journalists, scientists and all interested citizens. The outcome the GNP podvodyatsya during mean supporting sanctions that traditional Sakharovskikh readings, with the participation colleagues A. D. Sakharov from Moscow and Sarova, representatives scientific and Human public Bottom Novgorod.

With December 1998 Annually is conducted bake childhood drawings on subject I and my rights exhorts Day receptions memory A. D. Sakharov. Drawings winners and participants the GNP strut in floors Museum.

In 2006 will mark the seventh-konferentsiya conference Sakharovskie reading .

Municipal institution culture Museum history and culture of the Moscow cleanup

Worded Museum: 603044, scientific dogma into question. The Bottom Novgorod, str. 50th anniversary Victory, 25.
Bodies. / fax (8312) 70-26-03.
Director of: Aleshin Sergei) Mr..

Museum was based in 1976 as museum Fighting and labor glory Moscow cleanup. In basis of his constant expositions lies naval historical and dreamland material.

Museum became one of cultural centers Bottom Novgorod. Here ???? literary the evening, meeting with with veterans, creative meeting with interior, master-classes.

In 2000 exhibition rooms Museum history and culture Moscow cleanup were reconstructed on a recent word Museum Development design, ekspozitsionnye opportunities is wider, and today exhibition complex is considered one of the best in Volga region.

Among large cultural events especially visible the annual festivals - Mystery tree of and The Beauty, born by the in fire , open in 1995, Festival craftsmen drevodeliya Mystery tree of , immediately same received status interregional.

The main his tasks revival and preserving national culture, development and propaganda popular artistic crafts, nurture rising generation in a spirit of best cultural traditions.

Exposition of each of festivals total more 1,500 the writings amateur and professional foreman on tree and the revival.

In 2004 By debut a new festival masks Maskaraduga, which suddenly surprised and poraduvav new discoveries of.

In concept of work Museum lies the search for new forms of and readiness to LNG Cooperation.

NIZHEGORODSKY public artistic museum (NGKhM)
Worded Museum: 603082, N. Novgorod, the Kremlin, Corps 3.
Phone for verifications:
(831-2) 39 08-55 Fax: (831-2) 19-20-85; 39-05-99

603005, Propulsion BC Novgorod, Verhne-Volga Quay, house 3.
Phone for verifications: (831-2) 39-15-40
s-mail: Art @
Director of: Krivov Valentin Nikolaevna

NIZHEGORODSKY public artistic museum the only in Volga region museum pictorial art, belongs to number of worlds oldest in Russia. He was open for visitors 25 June (7 July) 1896 year. Until revolution museum hired expense of gifts Academy Fine Arts and private donations. Greater role in main played Maxim eve, thanks to which in art collection comprised paintings B. M. Kustodiev, Boris, N. K. Roerich, M. W. Nesterova and others.

After 1917 sources revenues have become natsionalizirovannye noble families assembly, Sovereign museum Fund and other organizations. A significant the number of the writings was buy directly museum district employees. Today collection includes more than 12 thousands of specimens, among them there is monuments national and global meaning. She includes: Rus' (region) as icons of XIV-the seventeenth-centuries, art Russians artists the eighteenth - starters 20th century, in including paintings F. S. Rokotova, D. Propulsion Kevyts'kyi, K. P. Carles Brullov, I. E. Repina, A. K. Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov, I. I. People, W. M. By Vasnetsov, W. A. Serov, I. I. Levitan's paintings, N. K. Roerich, B. M. Kustodiev, Boris; work craftsmen Russian avant garde K. S. Malevich, W. W. Kandinsky, M. F. Larionova, N. S. Nikolayevna Goncharova and others.; art classical West European and eastern art; art artists Pirelli century.

Over the last decade museum was stakeholder more 30 fringes international exhibition projects, such as The main direction art avant garde (France, Scotland, Spain); Kandinsky, Malevich and art Russian avant garde (Italy, South Korea, Australia); amerikanskim czar (from an urban mimic to realism) (Belgium); Levitan and his contemporaries have (China); the Great Utopia (Germany, the US); Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich and Russian vanguard (Germany, Switzerland); Angliyskiy vanguard 1910-1920s (the US) and others. In 2000-2001 was implemented display 62-'s masterpieces Russian and West European art from collections NGKhM in three cities Japan.

Museum constantly organizes exhibition from their vaults, and also indoctrinating viewers with limits classic and modern craftsmen from other of assembly and funds. In late 2003 the early 2004 in museum has passed a unique exhibition Three century Russian art , on which was presented 100 masterpieces national art from assembly State Russian Museum. Currently in museum passes exhibition the writingss largest Russian artist B. M. Kustodiev, Boris from of assembly State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov galleries and own collections NGKhM.

Important destination activities Museum is work for the Study, replenishing and popularize collections. Prepared to forthcoming catalogues basic partitions assembly. In 2001 was published catalogue Old East Slavic literature art , in late 2004 will come out of press catalogue Russian art 2 th than half nineteenth century. Painting. Graphics . Periodically (one times in two years) in museum pass scientific reading and graduate be utterly materials and scientific articles.

The collective Museum for around 64 human, of them 16 scientific collaborators, restorers, guardians. Scientific the collective Museum has one their the most high educational tsenzov among regional museums Russia.

To the museum belong two buildings: Palace governor in the Kremlin, in which now contains the Yushukan constant the exposition, and house D. W. Sirotkina on Verhne-Volga La, where in May 2004 opened a new the exposition, chapter picture K. E. Vladimir Makovsky appeal Kozma Minin , freedom-- attraction Bottom Novgorod.

2006 year year 110-year-old marking NGKhM

Jubilee arrangements:
- opening the constant exposition of rescinding art (which will become the only such exposure settings among regional museums Russian Federation);
- holding joint exhibition project with the Ibn Hermitage;
- holding jubilee scientific readings, publication compilation materials.

state institution culture Angliyskiy museum photos

Worded: Propulsion The Lower Novgorod, str. Piskunova 9-and
Phone: (8312) 34-25-23; 19-47-43
Tarasov Matters Mikhailovna director of
(8312) 19 47 43; 34-25-23

Russian museum photos was created 21 September 1992 on initiative public organizations NIZHEGORODSKY the photographic Fund Dmitriev and Karelin . With October 2000 museum became public. Museum photos is in building, built in nineteenth century, and guarded law, as a monument history and culture trades abroad, precisely here worked globally known photographers: Andrei Osipovich Karelin (1837-1906) the founder of the artistic photos, Maxim Petrovic Dmitriev (1858-1948) founder nayblsh photos.

In museum represented photos 37 nizhegorodskikh authors modern cristatus karelinii and Dmitrieva professionals and fotolyubiteley: M. Khripkova, M. Gagaeva, A. Samarin, N. Kuzaeva, I. Ivanov, D. Leybovskogo and others. In museum exposition of are more 50 hyphenated fotoapparatury, in including unique cameras. The most early this the simplest manual cameras yaschichnogo type 70s nineteenth century, (shovel on shell negatives, and so same the most perpetrated cameras firms Agfa , ZEIS-of IKON , GOERZ , Voigtlander , among them apparatus legendary firms KODAK , famous, LEIKA , and so same Soviet cameras 60 70s twentieth century, which now already have become history, museum district outstanding exhibits. On the basis of photographs can be contact with appearance Bottom Novgorod nineteenth - twentieth centuries, with his streets, squares, churches, cathedrals and monasteries, many of which not persisted until today time, to know history Nizhny Novgorod shows and XVI Vserossiyskoy vytvarne-industrial exhibition 1896 year.

Memorable dates and the annual arrangements:
- celebration photos 21 August (introduced in 2003)
- Oblast festival photos them. M. P. Dmitrieva and of O. Cristatus karelinii
- Volzhsky, Volgograd Oblast Biennale (is conducted 1 times in 2 year): Registered, 2006 year

Basic tour:
- creativity founder the artistic photos A. O. Cristatus karelinii
- creativity ?u??at nayblsh photos M. P. Dmitrieva - the first world war and the Great Patriotic the war in family the archives nizhegorodtsev.
- creativity Russian photographers and peace period construction of socialism

Museum science NNSU (among them. BC I. To joining "N.Novgorod Radio Laboratory"

Worded Museum: 603005, Propulsion The Lower Novgorod, Superior-Volga language, d.5.
Tel (8312) 19-67-55, fax (8312) 19-47-67,
Director of Museum: The real a member of Academy humanitarian Sciences trades abroad Kovaleva Tamara Ivanovna.

In 1918 year in lower Novgorod was organized Radio Laboratory, before which were mooted tasks to create system QSOs. The beginnings of this scientifically-technical enterprises stood M. A. Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich, W. Bushs and K. Lebedinsky, W. W. Tatarinov and others. Very soon this task was successfully carried out and Russia - the first country in the world - received sustainable system broadcasting.

In 1974 in of it-Novgorod Radio Laboratory was open memorial museum.

Information opportunities Museum science have identified the creation single by is co and information-research complex, based on concentration of various species and types of sources all existing forms of display, processing and transfer of information.

In real moment structure the Museum science, includes memorial, modern and innovation components. Memorial part of devoted history Nizhny Novgorod-Novgorod Radio Laboratory, its staff, scientific problems and achievements NRL, and also of chronology influence NRL on development science the Directorial region. Modern part of can be regarded as distributed exposition scientific and technological achievements the Directorial the brink.

Innovative same component is based on using information technology, as something the Internet, a comprehensive automated muzeyno-the information system (KAMIS), multimedia complex, including in themselves specifically internet hall and uneven firsthand equipment. All of this serves instrument in scientific and educational activities Museum. Of course same main interactively-illyustriruemymi disciplines the Museum science on first stage are benchmark direction development Radiophysics, including optics, mikroelektroniku, computer technique, and their the use of as in subcontractors manufacturing (Radioelektronika, space, aircraft industry and camping on D.) so and in household cleansers modern rights.

Given system aside from Economics ,-khranitelskikh functions, allows dominant role information for exhibitions, directories, stands-posters. Read more available in museum cultural resources in information, is used as for work within Museum, so and for the presentation his on various mediums and platforms. Prepared thematic posters allow to the museum operationally demonstrate collections Museum and illustrate history Nizhny Novgorod science and technology. The most the latest examples of can be the anniversary posters to 100-anniversary of Olega participate one their founders of semiconductor electronics or to 145-anniversary of with days A. S. Popova or posters on the history NRL.

Museum Russian application art (the private museum)Address: B. Pokrovskaya Line, 70)
Director of: Ladashev Igor Nikolayevich, bodies. 337 - 332

Museum teaching body Yurkovka
Worded: B. Pokrovskaya Line, 8
Yurkov Alexander Nikolayevich (owner).
Bodies. 39-07-38

In museum represented paintings, fulfilled from natural materials: Of leaves roots, few well, fruits and camping on D.

Museum OJSC Aviation plant Sokol
Worded: Str. Pyotr Chaadayev, 1
Director of: Agafonov Yuri Ivanovich.
Bodies. 29-37-29

Funds Museum total around 2000 specimens on the history domestic istrebitelnoy aviation. Only here can be see model these machines.

Museum history a plant OJSC Red noticeably

Worded: BC Novgorod, noticeably, Castor. Be advised. Scherbakov, 17
Director of: Smirnov Paul Kuzmich, bodies. 29 69 75

In the exposition shown history production first Russians self-propelled courts, head and tanks, courts on submarine e?ueuyo.

[b]NIZHEGORODSKY Orthodox museum[/b]

Worded Museum: A mill crossroad, 8 (Oka the)
Director of: Barablin Nikolai Ilyich
Bodies. 30-58-64

Museum was open in 1998 on supply Metropolitan the Directorial and Arzamassky Nicholas, and resides in Lear abroad Nizhny Novgorod spiritual seminary have walls Annunciation monastery. Basic funds comprise genuine objects the Orthodox wop. This crosses, lives, Blessed are the The gourd bottle, seemingly clothing priests and camping on D.

Museum history OJSC GAZ

Worded Museum: Etc. Lenin, 95
Director of: Kolesnikova, Natalia Vitalevna.
Bodies. 56-14-38

Pride Museum is retrospective collection cars Mark GAZ . Among them legendary Victory , the seagull , Volga .

Museum history AOA NITEL
Worded etc. Gagarin, 47
Director of: Bykau Catherine Vladimirovna
Bodies. 69-73-26

Museum under open sky Syria Russia
Worded: Str. Gorokhovetskaya, territory depot "eve - na-Amure dockayrd."
Director of: 48-72-54

NIZHEGORODSKY public exhibition complex
Worded: .500 Kozma Minin 2 / 2

Mezhvuzovskiy exhibition center
Worded: Str. Semashka, 5
Bodies. 36-01-18
Director of: Kolotilin Vladimir Yevgenievich

Nizhegorodsky subsidiary State center of contemporary art
In-Volga Quay, 2, in House an architect (3 floor)
Director of: Mountains Anna Markovna.
Bodies. 39-07-73

Exhibition the White hall Nizhny Novgorod state Oblast scientific libraries them. W. I. Lenin
Worded: Str. You barbaric, 3
Kuznetsov Natalia Nikolaevna
Bodies. 39-15-77

state institution culture Nizhny Novgorod area NIZHEGORODSKY public historical and-an architectural museum-Ude) (NGIAMZ)Address: 603005, N. Novgorod, Verhne-Volga Quay, 7
Director of: Arkhangelsk Veniamin Sergeevich
Bodies. 19-64-06

Museum began appeared in mid-past century as historical and-the archaeological, and by the end of 20th century grew in a serious research advocacy and methodological center. In 1958 year status Museum has changed in Gorkovskaya (area had been organized historical and-an architectural museum-Preserve, in composition which included most recent architectural monuments.

Currently collection Museum for around above 320 thousand Units storage: Archaeological, category: Numismatics, graphic, it is natural historical monuments, objects dekorativno-application art.

Museum - Preserve includes in themselves the next facilities:
- The main thing the building (a monument architecture, 1877 year, house merchant Rukavishnikova - Verkhnevolzhskaya Quay, 7)

Museum history artistic crafts
Worded: Str. B. Pokrovskaya Line, 43
Bodies. 33-34-27

Created in 1984.
In building is placed the main the exposition The story artistic crafts Nizhny Novgorod area nineteenth-the 20th centuries . Within a year presented exhibition: Rhythm popular costume , Air of pearls the Irish , 3 patterns .

Museum wooden of architecture of (architecture and life peoples the Directorial Volga region)

Worded: Str. Gorbatovskaya, 41
Bodies. 65-15-98

Created in 1973.
Museum under open sky includes 13 facilities Museum Development restricted showing monuments wooden of architecture of nineteenth-the 20th centuries: Three civilian homes, 2 church, water and wind mill, riding and Yamna oviny, 3 granaries, stupalnyy well. On facilitiesinstallations within a year presented exhibition:

The exposition:
- Popular art and artistic best Nizhny Novgorod area the seventeenth- twenty-first digits W.

- naive art nizhegorodskikh artists (with 28 October).

In museum works master - class for children senior early-childhood and school-age and all that will keep popular crafts and exclusive view.

Nizhegorodsky it
Worded: .500 Freedom, 2
Bodies.: 37-27-81

Attending prison of the castle. The cost of a ticket: 10rub.
Ekskursionnoe care for individual visitors 100 Br, for groups more 10chel. - on in Novgorod.

thumbing through Little book (rare and disappearing species animals Nizhny Novgorod area).

NIZHEGORODSKY the Kremlin. Dmitrovskaya to worsen.
Worded: The Kremlin, lp Kozma Minin
Bodies. 39-08-58

Organized in 1996.

- Portrait gallery history
- Expensive in the sky , to 100-anniversary of with birthday W. P. Domodedovo Airport
- House over River and his mystery
- the Kremlin the wall - magical excursion (daily with 10.00 until 20.00 hours)

Exhibition hall Pokrovka Street, 8 (a monument mid-nineteenth century)
Worded: Str. B. Pokrovskaya Line, 8
Bodies.: 33-23-79

- Main street cities (history B. Youth in on vaudeville nineteenth the 20th digits W.
- Rifat land of Vyatka and Slobodskoy

Museum history artistic crafts Nizhny Novgorod area
Worded: Str. B. Pokrovskaya Line, 43
Bodies.: 33-34-27

The exposition:
- Popular art and artistic best Nizhny Novgorod area the seventeenth- twenty-first digits W.

- naive art nizhegorodskikh artists (with 28 October). In museum works master - class for children senior early-childhood and school-age and all that will keep popular crafts and exclusive view.

Museum W. Propulsion Korolenko
Worded: BC Novgorod, Cold crossroad, 15
Can school # 14 them. W. Propulsion Korolenko
Bodies. 33-37-93

Created in 1974 forces pupils and teachers schools, under the auspices Museum A. M. The. In writings and a external relations materials gopnikov about life, creativity and public activities known Russian writer W. Propulsion Korolenko, about Department period his creativity.

Museum the riverine fleet Volga state Academy water transport
Worded: BC Novgorod, str. Nesterova, 5, 4-Interwiev floor.
Director of: Wolf Sergei Pavlinovich


World ``to moves away light of posts in Eye has seen.

Sergei Savitzky

Light moves away light of posts in Eye has seen -
This, eve, your lights.
Light descends with Dyatlovykh mountains
And flows down to River - other.
Covering, if Chanove,
The red, bulb lights up wave of.
Eastward, for zaryoy from bridge,
Will start floating only Volga one.

Light moves away light of posts in Eye has seen -
This, Gorky, your lights.
You with eight troublesome centuries
Collecting words about love.
You not sleep and from first fires
Until fraction their roosters
Quietly you listen to '' '(Viskningar of tires,
Noise steps, molotochki alter production methods.

Light moves away light of posts in Eye has seen.
All shivery Indistinct shadow -
On a clouded steep coasts of
Galloped dyed deer.
And in calm for him until morning
Will swim golden fires of,
Past towers your, through year,
Through the legend and songs your.