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Golden khokhloma

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All seam as seam
Here same every golden.

The beauty such a people
Call khokhlomoy!








That such a our famous, khokhloma!



Golden khokhloma - striking, original phenomenon Russian popular decorative art. This traditional artistic answer has more than trekhsotletnyuyu history. He emerged in the seventeenth-century in Volga Zavolzhye near trade sela khokhloma, from which and received its name. A new answer united centuries-old tradition local inhabitants and refugees, especially of the Old. The forest the brink were long younger Way's trademark was great tokaryami and a cutter on tree, and with their masters of Luster invented some ingenious way to painting wooden products exempted,s pretending elegant. He represents a decorative function painting of on a wooden posude and furniture, Planning of red and black (ostentatious pan-green) tones of and gold on zolotistomu background. Technique main Luster almost without changes survivor until our days:, honed from lime trees or cubic meters each a cup of, buckets, postavtsy cover special soil, are cleaning aluminum powder (in handworkers used lead), raspisyvayut resistant paints eventually become addicted, not menyayuschimi color under high temperature. Then product cover special composition and three-four times process in furnace. Then and emerges honey-golden color, thanks to which the easy wooden utensils seems massive. Products not fear hot water and of food acids.

In history Russians popular crafts main policies--and special place on latitude spread of, number of people employed craftsmen-peeps, to that manufactured products, documentation trade. In the last century khokhlomskuyu tableware can be was meet in every every corner of the Russia, vyvozilas khokhloma in Central Asia, Persia, India, Americas, Australia, was presented on each domestic and foreign the fair. Especially many bought trade firms Germany, of England, France and India. One of German entrepreneurs even tackled production wooden of spoons, which lent out for Khokhlomu.

In the years Soviet power along with's ancient Balance main Luster, Marts on territory modern Koverninsky cleanup Gorkovskaya (area, arises a new center this art in city of Semyonovsky Urban Okrug, where in 1918 year on initiative artist G. Matveeva was organized the Kennedy the artistic processing fruit, and later - museum think-artistic products exempted. In 1931 pre-existing in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug plan on production a wooden tableware and furniture with main painting have united in a large venture "Export", subsequently a non in factory of the "Khokhlomskaya painting of." In works of craftsmen those years the traditional "travnoe" letter been new elements: In cases African herbs zaaleli juicy berries strawberry and ribes, bloomed enjoy their fantastic flowers, appeared images birds, small fish; in painting of CDOs were various motives Soviet subjects.

Currently Semenovskoe business artistic unification "Khokhlomskaya painting of" became largest in country center popular decorative creativity. Venture annually rolls the artistic products more than on 3.5 million rubles. His branches, the floodgates in villages they had an epiphany, Osinki, Bezvodnoe, Kondratevo, Nikitino. Creative the collective for around already about 700 man, 600 of them - masters of paintings. Many artists, genuine virtuosos of khokhlomskogo art, in perfection possess all of the secrets of of excellence, have won a long rewards on domestic and overseas exhibitions. Todays range of khokhlomskikh products exempted includes in themselves ornamental vases and buckets, sets tableware - for of honey, where is a lot kvass, caldrons, mnogopredmetnye porcelain services, designed to a celebratory the table. A modern main ornament diverse: This and traditional types of - "weed", "the pole", "under leaf", and new patterns with berries currant, raspberry or strawberry, do just throw ribes, Sputnik satellite was a birds, and espoused in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug "Aleksei Kudrin" - ornament from gold of curls, under the fabulous fancy flowers and curly seam. Prikhotlivo tied, golden line passed on to Red von cups of, bratin, bucket, like precious azhurnomu kruzhevu. Patterns never repeated in the accuracy, a mere figment in a wide array options, reflecting neistoschimuyu out a fantasy craftsmen and individuality each of them.

Traditional ornament from Instructions African herbs and flowers, for colourful decoration any photo colouring Luster, built on combination fire engin - of red metal bromine, black color of and glittering gold, emphasize khokhlomskim products genuine this, thanks to what enjoy popularity around the world. They are exported also in 25 countries, arguing glory Russian popular decorative art abroad.


Homeland Khokhlomy

Homeland art Khokhlomy - Forestry Zavolzhye (disambiguation). Bordering rivers kerzhenets River and Uzola River were long lived shrewd masters of. They scale lit wooden raspisnuyu tableware. , honed from easy and dry timber a cup of, Bratina Cup, postavtsy, solonitsy masters of did similar on precious golden and describing what kind their with an ornament. Colorful patterns from African herbs, flowers and fruits put so much emphasis on a special the beauty austere and laconic forms of wooden things. In for centuries perfecting prowess popular artists. Forms products exempted purchased the greater simplicity and malleability, vyrabatyvalas hand-crafted calligraphy ease enforcement floral ornament.
Origins name fishery capacity was lost stems with place buying products exempted. Khokhloma - this contains the largest trade rural-urban divide, where speciall a gold car raspisnuyu lit wooden tableware on Makarevskuyu and Nizhniy Novgorod shows. Over time and themselves products, fulfilled with the help original technology painting, a regular only for these seats, have become name Khokhlomoy.

Especially this technology painting - obtaining golden color of without use of gold. Basic receptions its persisted until our days almost without changes.

, honed from tree of objects first expose prime coat - are cleaning the solution clay, oils and powder aluminum (aluminum over time came replaced olovu). In painting of they trickled in flowed like slick, shiny, similar on leave. After as an artist decoration for product with an ornament, on him comes from the varnish. Forth should training of in furnace. Under influence high temperature film varnish, 'painting of, darkens and it acquires warm archaeologists connotation, and prosvechivayuschaya through it the surface fruit, assistants have silver aluminum powder, becomes akin to middle.

Ornament, created by khokhlomskimi metalworkers, makes the most ordinary residential things - wooden a cup of, phytosterols, salt shakers in art. By decorating subject, master never recycles pattern. He whenever on-a new commands flowers, petals and leaves, shift everyone drawing unique Valtsplekitooted OU.

Luster, executable in Khokhlome, is quite varied, however on be engaged letters their adopted thus to two major types: "Riding" paintings and Luster "under von." Especially "riding" Luster - in coating process drawing strokes atop golden background. Von, into the Smithsonian through easy filigree Figure, makes product similar on golden. These there are as travnye, so and geometric ornaments, some rhythmic patterns with motives herbal medicine, berries, of spikes, flowers freely are placed on the surface primary. To type "riding" Luster belong and drawings "under leaf" with stalks as, around which consigned leaves, written emerging big strokes green and yellow paint, and small red berries.

Under Luster "under von" golden siluetnyy ornament marks in the black or Color backdrop of. Master initially "suggests" brush the contours of motives, and then sprays von and prorisovyvaet a hatch details. Ending painting of, he adds travnuyu came home late - easy pattern from herbal medicine and of leaves, prejudicing his already atop background. To type Luster "under von" belong drawings "kudriny." Its name they received thanks to golden kudrevatym zavitkam, lines which form fancy with layers forms of leaves flowers and fruits.

Answer has currently two artistic center. The oldest of them - factory of "main an artist" is in Koverninsky district Nizhny Novgorod area. In four and fun workshops sat Novopokrovskoe, Semino, Kuligino and cartilage or Cartilages work masters of, living in villages, along thickly wooded shores of rivers Uzola River. Name these villages - Semino, Skorodumovo, Big and Small Bezdeli and other - influence in descriptions the fishery capacity was lost our still in the eighteenth century. Here live masters of, fathers and grandfathers which also engaged in main painting.

The second artistic center Khokhlomy is in city of Semyonovsky Urban Okrug Nizhny Novgorod area. He significantly younger than. In 1918 year in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug was organized school the artistic processing tree of. Here toured experienced masters of, which began to train youth. They suffered on a new the stage tradition popular trade. From graduates schools was created Cooperative Alternative artel, the Cilicia transformed in further in factory of the "Khokhlomskaya painting of."