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Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) district

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Sources for the Study

History Vetluzhskiy the brink.

Viewing history Propulsion Vetluga (river), we not can miss from mind historic the Contemporary Vetluzhskiy the brink, Povetluzhya in a whole. After all this a flat organism, the developing on united laws and rules, artificially a divided Marxism on approach the, category: Kostroma Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod and Mariyskuyu parts of.

Should also concern the and issue about the sources on the history Vetluzhskiy the brink. Researcher above all inevitably will face their sheer seriously deficient. For research early periods history the brink slightly whether not the only their guise of are archaeological monuments. Here same can be add and category: Mari people: The legend, legends, songs. Good sources on more fairly late slices history the brink are Church-parish books sela Bogoyavlensky, that on Vola's feelings (this period the Moscow Russias), detailed local historian-a local historian L. W. Ryzhovym, [3]so-called Economic notes to Propulsion Vetluga (town) and Uyezd (history the brink nineteenth century), held in RGADA in Moscow, Church-parish books Propulsion Vetluga (river) this period. From sources on the history cities in Soviet period, undoubtedly, can be point to newspaper materials meeting a newspaper leninskoe banner , provincial newspapers Gorkovskaya commune of , then Gorkovskaya truth , N.Novgorod truth , archive materials (documents, material sources of on all slices history the brink (many represented in the local local lore museum). Despite a significant poverty of sources, we increasingly same can do itself some understanding of history Povetluzhya and Propulsion Vetluga (river).

Povetluzhe with oldest since the until
Settlement Republic of Pskov and novgorodtsev

When first time emerged man on Vetluzhskoy earth? Question this, naturally, complex and remains contentious. We very little know about ancient inhabited by the primeval human (Stone age). More data belong to already more fairly late slices. Investigated on territory modern Vetluzhskiy the heartland of a series of monuments period bronze and latest epochs. Here are some of them.

On territory neighboring Urensky cleanup found burials were explored, located to line III-II Goals until R. Brr. (T. BC Balanovskaya culture, the Age of copper, the beginning of bronze century). With VIII-caliphate centuries until R. Brr. To north from Volga lived so-called ananinskie tribes (called the so on is damaged have sec. Ananina on the Kama). Monuments this culture (of the hillfort) on the Vetluga (town) known with Russian Revolution of 1917 since the. In 20s twentieth century here worked expedition B. S. Zhukov, and in 1958 Expedition A. H. Khalikova. Ananinskie tribes came on Vetluga (town) with East and bytovali here until first centuries on R. Brr., when they were ousted, and partly assimilated gorodetskimi tribes.

Burial Cheremisskoe a graveyard ofis in 3-'s kilometers to the east from. Valovo and in 5.5 kilometers to the northeastern the east from villages Minino on Bank the Vetluga (river), in the forest, on dyunistom vskholmlenii left Bank the Ludangi, inflows of the Vetluga (river), on the forest road from Gulbinai. Valovo. A monument discovered in 1908 Propulsion W. Nikolai Kamensky District, Voronezh Oblast. Raskapyvalsya in 1958 Category: Mari people those expedition. Burials were explored belongs's ancient category: Mari people and dates from XIII-X digits W. On R. Brr.

The fuckin 'the hill-fortwith it a graveyardis on the cape right high Bank the Vetluga (river) in 500 flushed to north from. Fyodorovskoe and was detected in 1903 Propulsion BC M. Bekarevichem, issledovalos in 1908 Propulsion W. I. Kamensky District, Voronezh Oblast, in 1925 Propulsion E. I. And should and A. E. Alikhovoy, in 1957. A. H. Khalikovym.

Shilikhinskoe the hill-fortthe on high Bank the Vetluga (river) in 300 flushed south of. Shilikhi, on the cape, between the two ovragami. Openly intelligence Mari those expeditions in June 1957., dates from I tysyacheletiem on R. Brr.

Spasskoye the hill-fortthe on Jaatteenmaki high the cape right Bank the Vetluga (river), near schools sec. Spassky. A monument open an anthropological a comprehensive expedition of the Moscow State University in 1925 Propulsion Were analysed by means in 1925 Propulsion, and in 1957. A. H. Khalikovym. Dates from I tysyacheletiem on R. Brr.

Osetrovskoe the hill-fortthe on high right Bank the Vetluga (river), in 400 500 flushed to the northeastern the east from. Osetrovo, on the cape, an educated poymoy the Vetluga (river) and ovragom. The hill-fort detected in 1957. Razvedochnym group Mari those expeditions. A monument dates from I tysyacheletiem on R. Brr.

Efanikhinskiy burials were exploredis on the cape right Bank the Vetluga (river), have Southeast escape the. Efanikha. Discovered W. I. Kamensky District, Voronezh Oblast, 've been tested in 1957. A. H. Khalikovym. Burials were explored belongs category: Mari people, dates from's-X digits W. On R. Brr. [4]

So, as already mentioned higher, in the first century on Christmas basics Povetluzhe occupied by mariytsy. Rare population sosredotochivalos mainly along rivers, biggest of which was Vetluga (town). Mariytsy staff were friendly territory modern Mari republics, Northeast East current Nizhny Novgorod, east Kostroma provinces, southwestern 8000 Russian areas.

At the second floor Vetluzhskiy Kraevedcheskogo Museum is demonstrated that are recovered posed burial Mari language (Russia) of the (XII in, where in abundance represented copper hryvnia, Fibulae, rings and camping on D. Mariytsy have left memory about itself and in folklore traditions (legend about origins name rivers Vetluga (river) we already enunciated). In times of becoming a of the Moscow state (XIV-XV centuries) mariytsy were under power Kazan Tatars, [5]paid them tribute.

From Slavs the first to began to penetrate in Povetluzhe suzdaltsy. This process begins in XIV century. Population needed in earth and, Vybrali increasingly further, north and east, raschischalo forest tracts of, seyalo bread, has primarily based Andean, monasteries. By the end of XVI century Russian element of ended up on territory to the northeastern west from the Vetluga (river) (camping on E. On right its Bank). For this River eastward started settlements January. [6]In this same time on River Vetluga (town) arises Varnavinsky District(his founder was Rev. south Vetluzhsky (disambiguation), public toilets in the early XV century), goal which, unfortunate because, was the spread of Christianity among cheremisskikh tribes. Vasily III, and then and Your Majesty Ivan Grozny (in his guild letter missive 1551 Propulsion) Salihorsk abode (deserts) territory from the mouth of the If on right Bank and from the mouth of the , Arya on Rive Gauche down on River Vetluga (town). (7)

In XVI century land Povetluzhya are doled out tsar monasteries and sluzhilym people. Patrimony, on the middle and experience downstream rivers controlling Moscow, and on the top Vetluga (town) and Vyatka River (Russia) traditionally, circus and Novgorod. With the fall Cathedral of city (1552) process apartment Povetluzhya has accelerated. Second wave globalization in late XVI-the early the seventeenth-century amounted predominantly etc and Novgorod. Legend tells about Matvee something nudges and Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow Rezanom, which in really the early the seventeenth-century the first to have joined on Vetluzhskuyu land. This happened after larceny their pskovskogo sela Ivantseva group Swedish General Pontusa, Count de la Gardie. With your blind, Matthew Moshka and Tikhon a twist, which the Swedes tortured, cut up him face knives and curtailed ears, found in itself courage organize resettling in a mouth of the If. Already until this many years existed on Vola's feelings Duchy rural-urban divide Bogoyavlenskoe; now same more displaced by to him new balalaika. So pieds noirs, arrive with with moshkoy, obtaining land between page Sezhey and villages suzdaltsev Beloborodikhoy and Baranikhoy, base a revamp Moshkino be ruled, Zharnava, Vakhrameevo be ruled (subsequently Vakhrameikha), poloma, Galkino, Enovo be ruled. Pieds noirs, newcomers are with Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow Rezanym, received land have small river Sezhi until villages suzdaltsev Shilikhi and Pechurikhi and founded a revamp: Rezanovo be ruled, Sezha, Boyarka. Suzdaltsy was greeted globalization receptive. With a large of people tserkovnosluzhitelyami were conducted solemn prayers on so-called Red Yara, where onvention planting the first and the second Party globalization (Gnats and weave). Priest in sermons called for exert Real Estate Agents aid novosyolam. Was been decided all world to build a new lit wooden Church in sec. Yelokhovsky, capable containpopulation arrival. And stating ordered land-unfailing generosity, remaining from villages, dead from Tatar incursions and land in any vandalism towards these values between gnyozdami Suzdal villages. (8)

The main the flow of Republic of Pskov and novgorodtsev EU on road from rivers Unzha River on'm wired near the If on Vetluga (town). Together with settlements emerged and small kletskogo type church on cemeteries. Subsequently to ensemble and stating joined the and Novgorod. To mid-the seventeenth-century Bogoyavlenskoe was center clerical arrival with about 20 villages and pochinkami, which estimated a daily 1-5 disappeared with populations 5-40 people. [9]hegumen Varnavinsky monastery Paul sent on Pskovschinu Legates with by calls to resettlement and with promises exert economic aid with reasons on the timing and protection from robberies. Typically, these new settlers based new Andean and a revamp. In article Names Bogoyavlenskikh villages L. W. Ryzhov explains name some of them (sources serve Church the parish records sec. Bogoyavlensky).


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separable certificate economic space (CES.

undergone- rightist inflows Vetluga (river) within Vetluzhskiy cleanup. There is no single opinion about origins name this rivers. Is supposed to, that this Mari name, for deck or zholob. Name given, likely, for character examine alternative treatments for river Valley - Valley just a narrow and deep. River undergone has had a big significance under you populate this cleanup Russians. It created a direct and shortest possible compound rivers Unzha River with River Vetluga (river). Here is on swimming pool Wola district and are located & nbsp; populated clauses Vetluzhskiy the brink. Here same anodyne and famous shestidesyatyy Dragged - direct, the shortest executive the road between Makarevskim-Unzheskim monastery and his possessions on Vetluga (town) in the seventeenth-century.

- rural-urban divide and valleys the on territory Vetluzhskiy cleanup. Old settlement. In lists used churches Vetluzhskiy the brink for 1723 year this rural-urban divide already mentioned: Zhivonachalnoy trio on Turan-T IK.
Name small river is happening from Mari language (Russia) words Turan - a steep, implicating on their fall directions rivers.


Land northern paradise onov area get through them, sir.
With maps Vetluzhskiy cleanup for lack population erased 15 villages. Call for history their beautiful the existence on: Ambarikha, Rogowo (disambiguation), Denisovo, Zamyatino, 31 Spooner, Zapolitsa, Osetrikha, Lyapoukhovo, Small Mikrikha, Vakhrameikha, Mosquitos, Aladikha, Solodenikha, Marinovskoe, Mishino.


Hello! I have father was born in Afghan BEEPS, there already there is no this villages, but have him remained there friends which live in Belyshevo, Mahoney, Medvedovo. I only on raskazam mean predstovleniya about how as kogdato here was the collective dairy cows and vast. And etc. In Vetluga (town) I have, third cousins brothers as during. Only they. Before to grandmother traveled, but she in lower Novgorod as and we.

Can who knows father Vladimir Sorokin Paul Alexandrovich or uncle Belova Alexander. Have them teacher Nikolai Nikolayevich (surname not remember) director of in school Vinogradov was. Write.