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Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) district

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Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) district


Territory cleanup is located in northern parts of Nizhny Novgorod area. Terrain terrain: From calm until peresechennogo with the maximum tilt to 6%, there are small ravines of. Nizinnyy with excess cleansing one the brink rich lakes and Biodiversity. Soil in district supeschanye, Sod-forming-podsol and loam.


District resides in zone moderately-continental change, often with Cold mnogosnezhnoy winter and moderately the brief summer. The most lasting hurricane season is winter of. 4-4.5 month lasts period with negative temperature air. Winter of in Vetluzhskiy district mnogosnezhnaya and the Cold. Serednomіsyachna temperatures air in December -10.7 degrees, in January -13.0 degrees, in February -11.8 degrees. Minimum temperatures: December – 46 degrees, January direction degrees, February -45 degrees. In winter months rainfall marks 150-170 millimeters, under this reprisal Snow pack, measuring on fields about half a meter is harder, and in the forest and other protected from wind places until 1 Dam. Sustained Snow pack reprisal in the second decade of November, expectancy attractively 150-165 days. In summer months average monthly temperatures in June + 6.14 degrees, in July + 18 degrees, August + 6.14. Maximal temperatures in June + 35 degrees, in July + 36 degrees, August + 36. The average temperatures air equal + 2.5 - there are 2.8 degrees. The total number of rainfall for year is about 600 millimeters. Expectancy period with the daily average temperature higher 0 degrees accounts for 195-200 days.


For territory cleanup characterized high oblesennost. Timber sees about 70% territory. Forests pine, fur-@-@ pine, pine-fir-tree and melkolistvennye. On pologovolnistykh plains, gently sloping slopes of in conditions normal atmospheric dampening formed zlakovo - raznotravnye uvlazhnennye Suchodoly (disambiguation). On flat and slabodrenirovannykh plains in conditions interim excessive dampening formed zlakovo-raznotravnye grasslands. In flood plain rivers received development dry, fresh, moist and raw kratkopoemennye and dolgopoemennye grasslands. In deep repeatedly. Estuaries unlike anything else rivers, deep watersheds in conditions excessive Hard (Outdoor) dampening have spread along grasslands. Priruslovye sands covered by usually luxuriant thickets of willow.

rivers and lakes in

On territory cleanup open water sources are rivers Vetluga (town), undergone, Do I need, Krasnitsa, G-and Small Kaksha, Yurevka, and also many lakes. River Vetluga (town) on territory cleanup flows with the east west and shares district roughly on two equal parts of. Valley rivers broad, to 6 kilometers. Spring during melting of Snow river bottled on 10-15 days, zatoplyaya gather additionally in any way. Rivers undergone, Krasnitsa, G-and Small Kaksha, Yurevka flow in the river Vetluga (town), and river Do I need - in the river undergone. In season poyma Vetluga (river) flooding on several kilometers. Ground water are distributed on depth from 2 until 10 meters.


Animal the world Vetluzhskiy cleanup quite rich and consists of representatives taiga fauna. Many animals not only rebuilt in fauna, but and received them have significance.


Hooved mammals: Elk, that.

Predatory: The bear, wolf, lynx, Fox, marten, mink, erne, startled stoat, trio of, enotovidnaya dog, trio of.

Rodents: Native to the, Muskrats, Hare-snow hare, Hare-'d, water myagrum, small myshevidnye.

Carnivorous-: Urchin, nesutsya, Sorex.

License species: Elk, that, the bear, native to the, wolf.

Proscribed: Erne.


Category: Tetraonidae: Grouse,, a cold case, hazel grouse.

Anatidae: Duck-a duck, a teal-Anas crecca crecca, a teal-treskunok, gray duck, Wigeon, Shoveler, pintail.

Category: Anseriformes: Grouse-tundra Bean-goose, a grey grouse, White-fronted grouse, piskulka.

Predatory: Sawbill, golden eagle, goshawk-Goshawk, goshawk-1000, the buzzard, during adolescent, during rhus, kite.

Sokolinye: A kestrel, Hobby.

Lebedinye: One, is pie a grey, gray ctane.

're munching on owl: Nebulosa is, uralskaya tawny owl, there are swamp there was also a moon, specialities, eagle owl.

Nyrkovye: Gogol, Crested chernyat, White-eyed chernyat, 's firecrotch duck.

Red book: Sawbill, golden eagle, one, is pie a grey.

products of
Predatory: Far, pike, pike perch, catfish, perch, the patroness parodied.

Osetrovye: Sig are prevailed here, stud (like a cross between a Acipenser ruthenus with osetrom).

Other: Bream (4 subspecies of), of, a dace, a carp, Crucian (2 subspecies of), Ling, chekhon, Bleak (fish), ichthyfauna, one of these in, golavl, krasnoperka, a trout.

particularly the protected natural which.

1. Cedar grove 16.06.1997g. 2 KVARTALE Nagorno-lіsnitstva.

Is taken under guard solution forum directorate # 237-r from 17.04.76 Propulsion Square 1.2 hectares. Resides on lands Vetluzhskiy leskhozakh. Culture pine Siberian (limba).

2. Cleanest S. BELYShEVO.

Taken under guard solution forum directorate # 56 from 14.02.84 Propulsion Square 17.0 hectares. Resides on lands Belyshevskoy rural administration. Ancient cleanest with the system the ponds.

3. Cleanest "Bilyayivka, Ukraine."

Taken under guard solution forum directorate # 56 from 14.02.84 Propulsion Square 2.0 hectares. Resides on lands branch a plant "NITEL." Ancient a decorative cleanest regular of style.

4. Cleanest VETLUZhSKOGO TB health centre.

Taken under guard solution forum directorate # 56 from 14.02.84 Propulsion Square 7.0 hectares. Resides on lands Vetluzhskiy TB health centre. Architectural and-grown evergreen trees ensemble the first half of nineteenth century.

5. Cleanest D. VOLYNTsY.

Taken under guard solution forum directorate # 56 from 14.02.84 Propulsion Square 2.0 hectares. Resides on lands Volynovskoy rural administration. Ancient usadebnyy cleanest.

6. Cleanest S. Strelitz.

Taken under guard solution forum directorate # 56 from 14.02.84 Propulsion Square hp hectares. Resides on lands Strelitz rural administration. Ancient usadebnyy cleanest.

7. The assistant had a tree Wu R. P. Them. M. I. Kalinina.

Taken under guard solution regional Council popular deputies # 47 st from 15.03.94 Propulsion Passport approved those same solution. Square the alternative hectares. Resides on lands Vetluzhskiy Basic silviculture. The assistant the saddle pine-peat moss of protective swamp and boar peat moss, who are place rivers cloudberries.



On territory cleanup acts more 15 industrial enterprises: Of them 7 large and medium-size, 5 small and 3 part-time production - forestry enterprise, the collective farm forestry enterprise and forest Technicum. The most big of them are: SOEs "Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) inaugurated at", OJSC "Vetlugakhleb", OJSC "Zavetluzhe", LLC "Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) EMZ", OJSC "Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the forestry", OJSC "Maslodel", CJSC "Vetluzhskaya minvoda", Rossiyskaya maoistskaya partiya "his scope" Vetluga (town) ", whom is issued until 33 species products: Cardboard, drevmassa, casting, timbers, with differing protection levels, semi-tubular electrical heaters, bakery and confectionery products, dough, vodka and alcoholic beverage products, oil pet, milk products, should providing dining room mineral water, sausages are made and sliced products, non-alcoholic beverages and much else.

For 1999 year industrial enterprises issued products on amount 107 million Rubles. Index physical volume of averaged 128.2% (for 1997 year - 110.4%, for 1998 year - 114.2%).

SOEs "VETLUZhSKIY distilled-operates one JSC"

LLC "VETLUZhSKIY handheld power JSC"

CJSC "VETLUZhSKAЯ mineral decreasing WATER"

OJSC "VETLUZhSKIY lespromkhoz"



VETLUZhSKIY forestry enterprise

Rossiyskaya maoistskaya partiya "agrofirma - Vetluga (town)"



Serednomіsyachna wages on the district for the past year amounted to 728 rubles, in including on industries:

Industry - 1012 rubles.

Construction -1288 rubles.

Agriculture - 439 rubles.

Culture - 449 rubles.

Education - 625 rubles.

Health care - 666 rubles.

Housing and communal services - 829 rubles.

Trade - 535 rubles.

Cash per capita incomes in average in month for 1999 year amounted 548 rubles. Budget subsistence level in average on the district - 706 rubles. On territory Vetluzhskiy cleanup acts 239 enterprises, organizations, institutions.

times entrepreneurship

On today’s day entrepreneurial sector economy presented 14 small enterprises, where work more 330 man and above 200 entrepreneurs without education legal faces. Basic spheres activities - trade and purchasing, harvesting and processing, timber, exerting transport, household and hairdressing services. For 1999 year actors small entrepreneurship designed volume of works on amount 23 million Rubles.


On territory cleanup operates 134 trade point enterprises various forms of property, in including: 51 - second, 3 - public, 1 - public organizations, 79 - private, of them 32 individual entrepreneur without education legal faces. Just over year sold goods on amount more 69 million Rubles.



In district 14 agricultural enterprises, in including 13 -5,2 and 1 collective, and also 66 peasant farm households. Total area farmlands 50 thousands of hectares, in including arable lands 31.16 thousands of hectares. Sweepers Tiananmen of grain cultures comprise 7.39 thousands of hectares, under potatoes is busy 39 hectares, underneath linen mix 32 hectares. Gross collection grain in weight after need further deliberation for 1999 year averaged 5.2 thousands of tons, flax (fibers) - 4 ton, potatoes - 233 ton. Crop yields of grain - don centners with hectares, flax-fibred flax (fiber) - 0.4 centners with hectares, potatoes - 61 240 pounds with hectares. Just was ‘ cause 16 fodder units on 1 equals 1.0 head cattle.

In 1999 in of compounding managed stop reduction regions of the, cattle. His spread it accounts for 8530 devices goals. Spread it pigs 380 goals. The average nadoy on 1 consider the cow for 1999 year 1846 kilos, srednesutochnyy bone-crushing weight gain vacuno GDP grams, pigs - 245 grams.

Products agriculture in all categories households for 1999 year amounted to 45 million Rubles, in including products agricultural enterprises up 31.5 million Rubles.


Construction and renovating in district produce 5 construction enterprises various forms of property: Subsidiary "Vetluzhsky (disambiguation)" OJSC "Tsentrenergostroy", Vetluzhskoe road connections remontno - construction own unit OJSC "Nizhegorodavtodor", municipal construction venture, PMK "Vetluzhskaya", LLC "Spetsmontazh."

In 1999 the socialist cleanup were fought work call for dozens schools on 550 seats in Propulsion Vetluga (town), repaired 15 km. Automobile roads, Daniz in exploitation 2 bridge, introduced 14 civilian homes a common salient 1252 square Dam, big volume of works was designed under prepare cities to conduct festival associations neighborhoods Povetluzhya.


Population cleanup accounts for 21047 human, in including: In city of - 10212 man, in job village them. M. I. Kalinina - 3070 man, in countryside - 7765 people.

Population size from year in year is declining, the Migration gains not snowing natural the wane. So mortality exceeds fertility in 3.6 times (for 1999 year in district arrived 105 man, strategic economic section 86 man,’s population was born 43 human, died 155 man).

Labor resources cleanup comprise 10.5 thousands of man, in including on farms 3.1 thousands of people. In the economy is busy 7.57 thousands of man, of them in industries material production - 4.87 thousands of man, in including in industry - 1.34 thousands of man, in construction - 0.24 thousands of man, in agriculture - 1.5 thousands of man, in neproizvodstvennykh industries - 2.7 thousands of man, of them in education - 1.11 The activities thousands of man, in culture - 0.2 thousands of man, health care, physical culture and social securing - 0.83 thousands of people.

Level of registriruemoy unemployment on 1 January 2000 averaged 0.59% (on 1 January 1999 - 5.93%). With starters current year in service employment turned in search of work 104 human, of them 67% comprise women. Trudoustroilos - 87 man, the percentage of employment (the ratio who are employed is to technologies and also the) accounts for 84%. Over profobuchenie - 49 people. On 1 April 2000 in service employment recorded 56 unemployed, level of registriruemoy unemployment - 0.62%.

Volume of investment in the main capital on all sources of financing for last year averaged 34.37 million Rubles, in including capital investment manufacturing meaning - 30.8 million Rubles.


SOCIAL sphere


In Vetluzhskiy district operates 15 mainstream schools, in which learning 2563 students, 1 corrective school with number of vikhovantsіv 140 people. Extra-curricular work with children is fought in two homes child creativity, where engage in 469 parliamentary guys, on station young technicians - 142, in of kindergarten PRIMORSKO club physical training -228. 729 children visits kids’doshkolnye institutions.

A special vocational training is fought in Forestry Engineering a college, a medical College and agricultural a college, where learning 1781 people. In district open 3 branch VNZ: Of the Moscow public University forests, of the Moscow Institute economy, management and rights, Nizhny Novgorod state agricultural Academy, in them learning 273 student on skills: Economy and governance on enterprises forest farming and forest industry, economy and accounting, law, economy and planning.

public Health

Should providing preventive network includes in themselves meeting hospital on 235 patient places, poselkovuyu on 50 patient places and rural on 20 patient places, polyclinic on 450 visits in change, 2 Yanovsky ambulatorії, 14 surgeries past-obstetric and feldsherskikh points, 2 pharmacies, 1 center the health department.


In district contain 7095 pensioners. The average the size of the pensions for 1999 year averaged 416 rubles, pay out ?pensions on amount 44 million Rubles. On home bad 289 single, the incapacitated and nursing. In district acts 2 homes children at for nursing and invalids, dormitory for veterans.


Culturally-sports care in district transsexual rayonnu culturally-dosugovyy center, 16 rural clubs and homes culture, poselkovyy house culture, childhood musical and an art schools, child workers Chancellor's juvenile club physical training. In district act 18 kinoustanovok, 18 libraries.

For year in district is conducted more 40 sports and-mass ??????, in sports sections regularly engage in more 1,500 people. Priority development Zambo and sport preferable first Junior their sport. Athletes cleanup aptly regency as on iaeanoiuo so and on All-Union for competitions. Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) district policies--and first place third Nizhegorodskikh junior Games. Traditionally strongly regency shtangisty cleanup, constantly being winners and the winners of the Open championship area, championships Russia. Into karate cleanup are the winners of the Open and’s champions Volgo-Diocese of Vyatka region.


Newspaper "Earth Vetluzhskaya"[/u]

Coverage public-political, agricultural, industrial life cleanup.

Registration Number: With 0717

Date registration: 27 June 1994.

Year founding: 1918

The founders: Administration Vetluzhskiy cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area, Zemskoe Assembly Vetluzhskiy cleanup Nizhny Novgorod area, proposal for newspapers "Earth Vetluzhskaya" (606860 N.Novgorod area, Propulsion Vetluga (town), str. Lenin, 55a).

Circulation: 3459

Periodicity exit: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

The quality of press: High.

Worded: 606860 N.Novgorod area, scientific dogma into question. Vetluga (town), str. Lenin, 55a.

Phone: (831-50) 2-19-45

F. I. O. Servant Title doesn Phone
Romanov Galina Aleksandrovna the Massachusetts General editor of (831-50) 2-19-45

[u]Peoples newspaper.[/u]

Year founding: 1998

Founder: W. P. Gorshenin.

Circulation: 150

Periodicity exit: 1 times in month.

The quality of press: High.

Worded: 606860 N.Novgorod area, Propulsion Vetluga (town), str. Lenin, 1a.

F. I. O. Servant Title doesn
Gorshenin Valery Pavlovych the Partition


Transport connectivity care population and port transportation transsexual Vetluzhskoe going passenger possession venture. Annually enterprise is transported above 6 million Man and more 70 thousands of tons cargoes. Number of of bus routes on the district - 13, in including and commuter - 9, urban - 2, long distance 2.

in-OF MOVEMENT peri And long-distance calls AVTOBUSOV

# 101 Vetluga (town) - Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion

# 102 Vetluga (town) - ShUMILOVO

# 103 Vetluga (town) - BERDNIChATA

# 104 Vetluga (town) - ALEShIKhA

# 105 Vetluga (town) - Uren (

# 106 Vetluga (town) - IONOVO

# 107 Vetluga (town) - GOLUBIKhA

# 108 Vetluga (town) - NOVOUSPENE

# 109 Vetluga (town) - the heater

# 571 Vetluga (town) - Shakhunsky District (THROUGH Uren ()

# 575 Vetluga (town) - Shakhunsky District (THROUGH NOVOUSPENE)

# 598 Vetluga (town) - ShARЯ

Uren (- ShARЯ


Grand Velikiy Ustyug - Uren (


Расположение района

Ветлу́жский райо́н расположен в северной части Нижегородской области, граничит с Варнавинским, Уренским, Шахунским районами Нижегородской области, а также с Костромской областью.

Административный центр — город Ветлуга.

Площадь района — 299200 гектар.

                   Экономика района


Промышленный сектор экономики района представлен следующими предприятиями:

ОАО «Ветлугахлеб» (выпуск хлеба и хлебобулочных изделий), *ОАО «Маслодел» (переработка молока и производство молочной продукции),
филиал ФГУП «Росспиртпром» Ветлужский ликёроводочный завод (производство ликеро-водочной продукции),
ОАО «Ветлужский леспромхоз» (лесозаготовка и переработка древесины), *ООО «Северная Термаль» (производство ТЭНов, калориферов, железнодорожных изоляторов, пластмассы),
МУП «Агрофирма-Ветлуга» (переработка мяса, производство колбасных и хлебобулочных изделий),
МУП «Ветлужская типография» ( полиграфическая деятельность),
МУП БУН (оказание бытовых услуг).

      Сельское хозяйство

Основные отрасли сельскохозяйственного производства — растениеводство и животноводство молочно-мясного направления.

СПК «Новопокровский»,
СПК «Прогресс»,
СПК «Лада»,
СПК им. Ленина,
СПК «Искра»,
СПК им. Крупской,
СПК «Луга»,
СПК «Новая жизнь»,
СПК «Маяк»,
СПК «Крутцовский»,
ООО СП «Галкинское»,
СПК «Новый путь»,
СПК «Колос»,
колхоз «Ветлужский".


Общая площадь лесов Ветлужского района составляет 225 тысяч гектар, лесистость района — 72 %. Общий запас древесины — 35 млн м3, из него спелая и перестойная 6 млн м3, в том числе хвойных пород — 2 млн м3.

Среди месторождений полезных ископаемых на территории района имеются запасы глины и торфа, подземные озера лечебно-столовой воды. Месторождение глины для производства кирпича располагается на площади 31 000 м2 с полезной толщей 96 000 м3. Запасы торфа на территории района превышают 22 млн тонн.

В районе имеются 5 минерализованных источников подземных вод. На базе скважины № 2 г. Ветлуги производится розлив минеральной воды «Ветлужская», имеющей химический состав: сульфаты, кальций, гидрокарбонаты, хлориды, калий; минерализация — 2,8—5,2 г/дм3.


Протяжённость автомобильных дорог с твёрдым покрытием на территории района превышает 312 километров. В меридиональном направлении район пересекает автотрасса областного значения Урень — Котлас. Кроме этого, район имеет прямое сообщение с Шахунским и Варнавинским районами. Все вышеизложенное способствует развитию торгово-экономических связей не только с районами-соседями Нижегородчины, но и с предприятиями Костромской, Кировской и Вологодской областей. Протяжённость автобусных маршрутных линий: городские — 19,3 километров; пригородные — 413,1 километров; междугородние — 141,3 километр.

     Культура и образование

В районе насчитывается 16 школ, из них:

9 средних образовательных;
4 основных образовательных;
1 начальная;
1 начальная — детский сад
1 специальная (коррекционная) школа – интернат.
Также имеется 13 дошкольных образовательных учреждений.

     В районе работают:

Ветлужский дом детского творчества
Калининский дом детского творчества
Центр детского технического творчества
Детский юношеский клуб физической подготовки
Памятники архитектуры и исторические памятники

Братская могила борцов за укрепление Советской власти,1918 г.
Могила Осокина Василия Ивановича, кавалера Ордена Славы трёх степеней, 1916—1984 годы.
Городское кладбище,XVII-XX веков.
Дом Ю.Овчинниковой, конец XIX века.
Дом с воротами Л.Разумовой, конец XIX века.
Троицкий собор, 1805 год.
Здание торговых рядов, 1900 год.
Екатерининская церковь, 1850 год.
Дом И.Воронцова, конец XIX века.
Дом, в котором была провозглашена Советская власть в уезде, 18 марта 1918 год.
Особняк Н.Петерсон, конец XIX века.
Торговые ряды, 1900 год.
Городская управа, 1-я половина XIX века — конец XIX века.
Дом П.Кузнецова, конец XIX века.
Дом с лавками В.Чиркина, конец XIX века.
Женская гимназия, начало XX века.
Александро-Невская часовня, конец XIX века.
Здание уездного казначейства, 1900 год.
Воскресенский собор, 1859 год.
Земская больница, 1901 год.
Дом У.Раковой, начало XX века.
Пивная лавка В. Зебальд, начало XX века.
Особняк П.Овчинникова, конец XIX века-начало XX века.
Парк усадьбы Стюсси, середина XIX века.
Воскресенская церковь, 1853 год.
Усадьба Мещерских-Бердниковых, середина XIX века-конец XIX века
Архангельская церковь, 1861 год.
Макарьевская церковь, XIX век.
Усадьба Верховских, середина XIX века.
Успенская церковь, 1826 год.
Богоявленская церковь, 1848 год.
Усадьба Смецких, конец XIX века.
Комплекс Троицкой церкви, Георгиевская церковь, 1803 год.

        Лечебные учреждения

В больничный комплекс Ветлужского района входят:

Ветлужская центральная районная больница на 225 коек;
Калининская поселковая больница на 50 коек;
Стрелицкая участковая больница;
Новопокровская врачебная амбулатория;
Белышевская врачебная амбулатория;
8 фельдшерско-акушерских пунктов и 7 фельдшерских пунктов;
Противотуберкулезный санаторий «Ветлужский» на 25 коек.

      Численность населения и национальный состав

Численность населения по состоянию на 1 января 2003 года составила 19700 чел. На территории района 153 населённых пункта, объединённых 1 городской, 1 поселковой и 11 сельскими администрациями. Центром района является город Ветлуга.

      Национальный состав населения:

Более 98% населения Ветлужского района - русские; менее 1% — украинцы, белорусы, марийцы, татары и чуваши.

      Религиозный состав населения:

В подавляющем большинстве население Ветлужского района – православное. В городе Ветлуге действуют Екатерининская и Троицкая церковь, в рабочем посёлке имени Калинина – православная религиозная община во имя преподобного Серафима Саровского, в селе Турань — Георгиевская церковь.

          История района

Ветлужская земля расположена на западе марийского края и имеет богатое историческое прошлое. Город Ветлуга берет своё начало от деревни Шулепниково, первое упоминание о которой в истории относится к 1686 году, позднее в начале XVIII века переименовано в село Верхнее Воскресенское. При усовершенствовании административного деления России, когда создавались новые уездные центры, по рекомендации действительного тайного советника генерал-губернатора Алексея Петровича Мельгунова, 5 сентября 1778 года высочайшим Указом императрицы Екатерины II селу был присвоен статус уездного города Ветлуга Костромской губернии и утверждён герб «в первой части щита часть герба Костромского: в голубом поле корма галерная с тремя фонарями и опущенными лестницами; во второй части, в серебряном поле — куст дерева ветлы, означающий имя сего города».

С 1779 года Ветлуга — центр одного из обширнейших уездов Костромской губернии. В него входили современные: Пыщугский, Шарьинский и Поназыревский районы Костромской области, Тоншаевский, Шахунский, Ветлужский и часть Варнавинского района Нижегородской области. С 1922 года город Ветлуга стал районным центром Горьковской области.


populated clauses Vetluzhskiy cleanup

capital Vetluga (town)
Propulsion Vetluga (town)

A worker village them. M. I. Kalinina
R. P. Them. M. I. Kalinina

Belyshevskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Belyshevo - administrative center

D. Bazhenikha

D. Berezniki Urban Okrug


Population cleanup accounts for 21047 human, in including: In city of - 10212 man, in job village them. M. I. Kalinina - 3070 man, in countryside - 7765 people.
Population size from year in year is declining, the Migration gains not snowing natural the wane. So mortality exceeds fertility in 3.6 times (for 1999 year in district arrived 105 man, strategic economic section 86 man,’s population was born 43 human, died 155 man).

D. Katunino

D. A goat

D. Kulichikha

D. Zhdanovka

D. Blocarea

D. Timofeevo

D. Tokarikha

D. Uryupino

D. Chudikha

D. Yurikha

Volynovskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Volyntsy - administrative center

D. Much Myassikha

D. Volokitikha

D. Of St.

D. Doves

D. Set

D. Kunitsyno

D. Small Myassikha

D. Mahoney

D. Medvedovo

D. Morchikha

D. Osotovo

D. Chernava

D. Shumilovo

Galkinskiy Rural territorial administration
D. Galkino - administrative center

D. Ionovo

D. Poloma

Kruttsovskiy Rural territorial administration
D. Kruttsy - administrative center

D. Afonikha

S. Voznesenye

D. Gluschikha

D. Golokhvastikha

D. Zaganikha

D. Isaikha

D. The heater

D. Mayovka

D. Morozikha

D. Novoselikha

D. Pogorelka

D. Pudikha

D. Fedorovskoe

D. Khvastovo

D. Яkutino

Makar'yevsky District Rural territorial administration
D. Nominated - administrative center

D. Aleshikha

D. Amanovo

D. Andreykovo

D. Valovo

D. Glushka

D. A burned tortilla

D. Zagatino

D. Kolosikha

D. Kopotikha

D. Krivosheikha

D. Kulemikha

D. Kurilovo

S. Makarevskoe

D. Minino

D. ?? Krivtsovo

D. Lower Sludka

D. Norikha

D. Panfilikha

D. Pegarikha

D. Poteshikha

D. Razderyagino

D. Sergino

D. Skryabino

D. Tschanitsa

D. Chenebechikha

D. Chukhlomka

D. Shashino

D. Shishkino

Mikrikhinskiy Rural territorial administration
D. Markusha - administrative center

D. Afimino

D. Much Mikrikha

D. Efanikha

D. Zinovikha

D. Kostlivoe

D. Nesterikha

D. Pogorelka

S. Spasskoye

D. Khokhonikha

D. Sharapikha

Moshkinskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Strelitz - administrative center

D. Burdukovo

D. Volkovo

D. Zharnava

D. Ivanovo

D. Moshkino

D. Pechurikha

D. Ponomaritsa

P. Ryazanka

D. Ryazanovo

D. Sezha

D. Usolye-Sibirskoye Urban Okrug

D. Shilikha

Novouspenskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Novouspenskoe - administrative center

D. Golden

D. Kruttsy

D. Kurlyapshikha

D. Osinovka

D. Steshikha

D. Tokarikha

Pronovskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Novopokrovskoe - administrative center

D. Bakovskoe

D. Berdnichata

D. Varakshata

D. Kapranikha

D. Karkalovo

D. The collective

D. Medvedovskoe

D. Roadway

D. Peskusha

D. Pronikha

Skulyabikhinskiy Rural territorial administration
D. Skulyabikha - administrative center

D. Baranikha, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

P. Borek (disambiguation)

P. Golubikha

D. Ivanchikha

Turanskiy Rural territorial administration
S. Turan - administrative center

D. Antonikha

D. Velikusha

D. A long Most

D. Zvyagino

D. Ivnyazhnaya

D. Round

D. Kuznechikha

D. Motovo

D. Orlikha

D. Pakhtusikha

D. Semenchikha

D. Solonitsa

D. Of Sosnovka



About statement borders, the composition territory
Vetluzhskiy municipal cleanup and the composition territories municipal entities, inside
In composition Vetluzhskiy municipal cleanup

Adopted Zakonodatelnym Assembly
21 September 2006

Article 1

1. To approve borders Vetluzhskiy municipal cleanup according to kartograficheskomu insistence (applications 1 and 2).
2. To approve territory Vetluzhskiy municipal cleanup in the composition of the next municipal entities:
1) urban settlements:
City Vetluga (town);
Worker village them. M. I. Kalinina;
2) rural settlements:
Belyshevskiy Rural territorial administration;
Volynovskiy Rural territorial administration;
Galkinskiy Rural territorial administration;
Kruttsovskiy Rural territorial administration;
Makar'yevsky District Rural territorial administration;
Mikrikhinskiy Rural territorial administration;
Moshkinskiy Rural territorial administration;
Novouspenskiy Rural territorial administration;
Pronovskiy Rural territorial administration;
Skulyabikhinskiy Rural territorial administration;
Turanskiy Rural territorial administration.
3. To approve territory municipal entities, quoted in parts of 2 a real articles, in the composition of the next populated points:
1) city Vetluga (town): City Vetluga (town);
2) worker village them. M. I. Kalinina: Urban-type settlement of them. M. I. Kalinina;
3) Belyshevskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Belyshevo - administrative center, village Bazhenikha, village Berezniki Urban Okrug, village Katunino, village a goat, village Kulichikha, village Zhdanovka, village Polomka, village Timofeevo, village Tokarikha, village Uryupino, village Chudikha, village Yurikha;
4) Volynovskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Volyntsy - administrative center, village G-Myassikha, village Volokitikha, village of St., village Pigeons, village BEEPS, village Kunitsyno, village Small Myassikha, village Mahoney, village Medvedovo, village Morchikha, village Osotovo, village Chernava, village Shumilovo;
5) Galkinskiy Rural territorial administration:village Galkino - administrative center, village Ionovo, village poloma;
6) Kruttsovskiy Rural territorial administration:village Kruttsy - administrative center, village Afonikha, rural-urban divide Voznesenye, village Gluschikha, village Golokhvastikha, village Zaganikha, village Isaikha, village Kamenka, village Mayovka, village Morozikha, village Novoselikha, village Pogorelka, village Pudikha, village Fedorovskoe, village Khvastovo, village Яkutino;
7) Макарьевский сельсовет:деревня Пустошь - административный центр, деревня Алешиха, деревня Аманово, деревня Андрейково, деревня Валово, деревня Глушка, деревня Горелая, деревня Загатино, деревня Колосиха, деревня Копотиха, деревня Кривошеиха, деревня Кулемиха, деревня Курилово, село Макарьевское, деревня Минино, деревня Нижнее Кривцово, деревня Нижняя Слудка, деревня Нориха, деревня Панфилиха, деревня Пегариха, деревня Потешиха, деревня Раздерягино, деревня Сергино, деревня Скрябино, деревня Тщаница, деревня Ченебечиха, деревня Чухломка, деревня Шашино, деревня Шишкино;
8) Mikrikhinskiy Rural territorial administration:village Markusha - administrative center, village Afimino, village G-Mikrikha, village Efanikha, village Zinovikha, village Kostlivoe, village Nesterikha, village Pogorelka, rural-urban divide Spasskoye, village Khokhonikha, village Sharapikha;
9) Moshkinskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Strelitz - administrative center, village Burdukovo, village Volkovo, village Zharnava, village Ivanovo, village Moshkino, village Pechurikha, village Ponomaritsa, rural village Ryazanka, village Ryazanovo, village Sezha, village usolye-Sibirskoye Urban Okrug, village Shilikha;
10) Novouspenskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Novouspenskoe - administrative center, village Golden, village Kruttsy, village Kurlyapshikha, village Osinovka, village Steshikha, village Tokarikha;
11) Pronovskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Novopokrovskoe - administrative center, village Bakovskoe, village Berdnichata, village Varakshata, village Kapranikha, village Karkalovo, village provides instrument, village Medvedovskoe, village roadway, village Peskusha, village Pronikha;
12) Skulyabikhinskiy Rural territorial administration:village Skulyabikha - administrative center, village Baranikha, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, rural village Borek (disambiguation), rural village Golubikha, village Ivanchikha;
13) Turanskiy Rural territorial administration:rural-urban divide Turan - administrative center, village Antonikha, village Velikusha, village Such a long Most, village Zvyagino, village Ivnyazhnaya, village Round, village Kuznechikha, village Motovo, village Orlikha, village Pakhtusikha, village Semenchikha, village Solonitsa, village of Sosnovka.

Article 2

Real Law enters in force on expiration ten days with days his official the.

Governor area W. P. Shantsev

The Bottom Novgorod
28 September 2006
# 109-inquiry


River Vetluga (town).

Vetluga (town) - big leftist inflows Volga.Beret the beginning of on Northern Ridge in 8000 Russian region, obrazuyas after mergers rivers Bol. Rapid and Matyug. River flows on 8000 Russian (163 kilometers), Kostroma provinces (298 kilometers), Gorkovskaya (still be theirs.. (323 kilometers) and Mari ASSR (105km), where and is lapsing at sea higher Kozmodemyanska. The total length Vetluga (river) 889 km.

Vetluga (town) flows on rugged ovragami arsenic, vskholmlennoy in pravoberezhnoy parts of and low, rife with Biodiversity and Ox-bow lake on levoberezhyu. The average the speed tide rivers on perekatakh 5.5-7 kilometers / hour, on plesakh - 1.5-3.5 kilometers / hour. Spring during alluvial the speed tide reaches jobs 10 kilometers / hour.

In atop during Vetluga (town) Kim was river, winding in Valley wide until it comes kilometers, with low beaches and slow the passage. Width its here not exceeds 50 forge the Bottom ilistoe or the sandy, ostentatious glinistoe. The depth of rivers on plesakh not more 1.5 flushed, in line with many perekatov with seals like 0.2-0.3 forge the

From the mouth of Vetluga (river) until village of Malyshev Log Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) court trek entire navigation, and spring until the mouth of Vokhmy and upward on Vokhma until lnokombinata (37 kilometers). Vetluga (town) has many inflows. Most significant: From Left - Ney, Bol. Kaksha, usta, Yuronga; right - Vokhma, undergone, Lapshanga, Lyunda.

Bank Vetluga (river) mostly backed by rugged Pine clad, tree someday, oak, category: Betula, history, friends, many sand beaches, home meadows, Ox-bow lake.

Valley rivers broad. Rightist slope predominantly a steep, sometimes it, altitude 20-40 flushed, almost throughout is crossed ovragami, surrounded by lashes - timber and friends; have villages and sat - open rhus. Leftist slope - easy slope, merges with areas, 's a little shaggy heart or mixed timber. Populations of rivers slabovolnistaya, in many places Super swamper, picked up mixed timber, severed Ox-bow lake, and along directions - bugristymi vskholmleniyami and lozhbinami. Populations of have rivers often open increasing. Direction rivers a convoluted, but islands little. Width rivers in average and lower during not exceeds 100-120 flushed, the depth of 2-3 flushed, the speed tide 1.1-1.7 kilometers / hour, on perekatakh until 3.5 kilometers / hour. Bottom rivers finer the sandy, jobs ilistoe, are outfitted with toplyaki. Wood on Vetluga (town) you can go rafts, molevoy fusion extinguished. Bank rivers high, back and covered, only on izluchinakh one Bank easy slope.

On Vetluga (town) many and fun seats. Travel on it can be in just season - with April on Czechoslovak November, but the best time in mezhen (July - August).

Vokhma - rightist inflows Vetluga (river). Flows on northeastern the east Kostroma provinces region Near border with 8000 Russian. The beginning of Takes on the southeast Vologda region Sub-. Klenovitsa and flowing forests pa south to Vetluga (town), the swing in it below sec. Shartyugskiy. Length rivers 219 km. Basic inflows: From Left - Karyug, Bol. Paryug, Mal. Paryug, Neryug, Irdom; right - Penoma, Shubot, Voch. In season a lower reaches of Vokhmy sudokhodny.

Voch - rightist inflows Vokhmy.flows on northeastern the east Kostroma provinces region The beginning of Takes in forests sub-Bol. Sverchkovo on water’s edge with swimming pool North Dvina River. Voch flows on In and is lapsing in Vokhmu below Spassky. Length rivers 119 km.

Ney - leftist inflows Vetluga (river).flows on the southeast Kostroma provinces region Along the border with 8000 Russian region The beginning of Takes southeast the west Klyukino and flowing forests on width is to Vetluga (town), the swing in it near border with Gorkovskaya (region Length rivers 115 km.

Bol. Kaksha - leftist inflows Vetluga (river).Her undoubted origin southeast the west UF. Shabalino zh.-d. Lines Sharya Urban Okrug - Kotelnich Urban Okrug. River flows on width is in Nizhny Novgorod region, where is lapsing in Vetluga (town) higher Propulsion Vetluga (town). Length rivers 138 km.

On Nizhny Novgorod region Account for 66 kilometers, lower tide rivers. River flowing on terrain with taiga, jobs has forests. Accepts species many inflows. Most significant Cook and Shuya in atop during, Bol. Vakhtana, Syava, the Black in average and lower during. Valley rivers broad, with gentle slopes, covered with timber. On valleys, often Super swamper flood are rising shrubs and wood. Direction rivers a convoluted, zasoreno koryagami, meet all the rubble, in it many meley and perekatov, summer reduce the algae. Width rivers in average and lower during in mezhen 20-40 flushed, the depth of 1.2-2.8 flushed, the speed tide a small. Bottom rivers the sandy, Bank back and covered, in a significant part of covered by leafy and coniferous forests.

Mal. Kaksha - leftist inflows Vetluga (river).All of it flows on Gorkovskaya (region, zarozhdayas from a spring near. Scherbazh and flows on Coll, crossing OK. D. Eve - Kotelnich Urban Okrug, the swing in Vetluga (town) several below Bol. Kakshi. Length rivers 91 km.

In the river is lapsing leftist inflows Shara and many small inflows. Valley rivers broad, build predominantly gentle, mostly timber. In atop during rightist a steep and high slope. Populations of broad lesistaya with bumpy's surface, often Super swamper, direction a convoluted. Width rivers in average during 10 15, and living in lower 15-30 flushed, bottom the sandy, zailenoe, Bank back and covered, in the underbrush shrubs.

undergone - rightist inflows Vetluga (river).Beret the beginning of on the north Gorkovskaya (region Near border with Kostroma provinces on flat forested arsenic. River describes arc, flowing initially on SV standards, and then on YuV to Vetluga (town). Length rivers 97 km. Build Valley gentle, often covered by timber. Populations of broad, an equal, open increasing, jobs picked up mixed timber, hasn't Super swamper. Direction a convoluted, with steep sandy beaches altitude until 2.5 flushed, massive a willow and history. Width living in lower during in mezhen 10-20 flushed, the depth of until 3 forge the Bottom the sandy, finer. On River several old wrecked the company dams.

Lapshanga - rightist inflows Vetluga (river).Beret the beginning of on the border with Kostroma provinces region And flows on In to Vetluga (town), the swing in it have village of Malyshev Log Varnavino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Gorkovskaya (region Length rivers 85 km. Width have village of Malyshev Log The Northern 6-10 flushed, in a mouth of until 20-30 forge the Bank covered by mixed timber. Summer river strongly meleet, so the best time for a hike on canoes from the mid-April until the end of on May.

usta - the biggest leftist inflows Vetluga (river).flows on Gorkovskaya (region Undoubted origin rivers in the forest Super swamper Valley near. Circle-Mazary. In Upper river flows on width is and goes on a small Himalayan in approach the region Further direction rivers on 3, Coll, to zh.-d. Lines eve - Kotelnich Urban Okrug. Given in parallel zh.-d. About 20 kilometers, river deviates to south, the swing in Vetluga (town) with north in its lower during have sec. Voskresenskoye. Length Usta River (Russia) 253 km. The most large inflows - rooms, Tenta, the Black and Izhma.

Valley Usta River (Russia) broad, predominantly with gentle slopes, imperceptibly blending in with areas. In average and lower during build searching, in atop - often open meadow. Width flood plain living in lower during reaches 1.8 km. On it many Ox-bow lake, near the mouth of manes and Labe ravine). Populations of in many places Super swamper, in Upper - open, in average and lower during - lesistaya. Width rivers in average during 10-25, living in lower 35-40 flushed, the depth of on plesakh not more 1.5-2.5 flushed, for the slow. Bottom rivers the sandy, increasingly common groves collecting driftwood and toplyaki, Bank back and covered, Bialowieska friends.

rooms - rightist inflows Usta River (Russia).Beret the beginning of the west Bol. Pismener on northeastern the east Gorkovskaya (region And flowing forests on 3 to Uste on nenaselennoy terrain. Length rivers 106 km. Accepts four minor inflows of from Left and five right.

Lyunda - rightist inflows Vetluga (river).flows on Gorkovskaya (region And Mari ASSR. Undoubted origin have Andreevki on the east Gorkovskaya (region A mouth of living in lower during Vetluga (river) have Marino. Flowing on territory, a rich forests, Biodiversity and lakes. Length rivers 121 km. Basic inflows flow right - Khmelevaya, Kugay, vodka.

In Gorkovskaya (region Valley rivers slaboizvilistaya, build moderately back, searching, partly raspakhannye. Often addition poyma has wide 0.3-10 km. In atop during she predominantly open, increasing, living in lower wooded. Direction rivers a convoluted, width until 30 flushed, the depth of in average not more 1-2 forge the Bottom the sandy and sand-ilistoe. Bank back, often covered, Bialowieska friends.



In Povetluzhe before mariytsy lived, Russians not was still. Valleys the Muranovka in Vetluga (town) is lapsing — there seats very beautiful were, and there for holidays mariytsy converged with the entire constituencies on their organised every, dance and sang songs — here is hence name and matter, from words “Muro ” — the.

On the left Bank Vetluga (river) there is a small Mandalina Murya, its name is happening from words “Mari ” — people. Before selenya rare were, seats bezlyudnymi, and here here is on Bank some man lived — hence, talked old men, this name and goes.

Rural-urban divide Novonikolskoe in Varnavinsky district, talked, before, too, was mariyskim and called Shudatrava. There near villages broad poyma was, many grass, pasture. Then category: Mari people dubbed, rural-urban divide called on particular local Church church.

About Vetluga (river) there is village Cheremiska — so this in name even understandable, who there lived. Near Shakhunsky District. Two villages, category: Mari people based — Meleshikha and Poletayki — first settlers, talked me, a Melyush and Fly.

There is valleys the Nelidovka near Varnavino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Say, name its is happening from words neltysh — democratic instinct. The deep end there deep, twists, very dangerously was in it swim — swallowed.

Ruja (disambiguation) — valleys the and village near sela Vozdvizhenskogo means la Russe “kind of cloudy ”, Turan —, too, valleys the and rural-urban divide for city Vetluga (river) —“ a steep ”, Chibir — valleys the and village — “Red ”, in this small river water was reddish spin.

On Vetluga (town) there is has embraced industrialization such — Chaban. His name goes from Mari language (Russia) words “shopo ” — rotten, there smells a malign, water zastaivaetsya.

In Varnavinsky district there is village Shizhma, its called on-mariyskomu word “shizhash ” — feel. Place this in separating forest. Here is, say behaved on this the forest category: Mari people — in heat, on sand, unpleasantly go him was. And felt, that in one place under with sand water can be. Did some digging — and truth, fontanel fuses emerged. Then perishing on this place village built.

Village Shurgovash about to make — means on-mariyski “against forests ”, valleys the Shuyba, inflows of G-Kakshi —“ the slow ”, valleys the Яngarka — “rotten, stinking ”, Яkshanga — valleys the, which flowing through Red wood pine.

Himself city Uren (, too,, say, category: Mari people was builds, as village still. The first squatter was there man named Level — Squirrel.