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Vetluga (town)

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Foundation Propulsion Vetluga (river) (they often Propulsion) and Vetluzhskiy the county

After suppression of of peasant the under the leadership E. Pugachova Catherine II embarked reform local governance. In country are formed 50 counties of, divided on County-level divisions. In 1778 year arrived in Kostroma (river) Jaroslavl general-governor Alexey Petrovic Petrovich Melgunov, otrekomendovannyy weightier for discoveries Naro Viceroyalty (. Soon he traveled different seats Kostroma provinces county of and mapped out an room for founding county cities. For center Vetluzhskiy the county it has found the most appropriate rural-urban divide Superior Sunday. By the time founding cities in farms had roughly about 200 people: Ponder then only representatives male gender their it turned out 82. [1]Wu this sela crossed paths trade path from Kostroma and Bottom Novgorod on Vyatka River (Russia). Here, on Bank major rivers, gradually was formed over center extensive lesopererabatyvayuschego and logging facilities cleanup. In his letter Ekaterina II Petrovich Melgunov writes, that rural-urban divide Superior Sunday Ethiopians have voted our your Imperial Majesty have of Princess Beloselskoy I bought and has paid for him with duties 8,600 rubles, but as it more capable all regime seats, then here a new city Vetlug and Dvarcionys will. [2]

In they often year general-governor, gollivudskie in former rural-urban divide, solemnly announced his city Vetluga (river). According to letter missive cities , he must was be built strictly on plan. Began history capital Povetluzhya.

Official date institutions cities Vetluga (river) is considered 12 January they often Propulsion According to State Archieve from Kostroma provinces area, in documents Fund Naro namestnicheskogo rule there is proposal Jaroslavsky and Naro general-governor Melgunova from 12 January they often Propulsion About transfer former sela Voskresensk in vsegdashnie times treasury Yeya River Imperial Majesty. [3]In first and singular Coat of Arms of cities Vetluga (river), a confirmed weightier II in 1789 year, in the upper his parts of depicts Kostromskaya the rook, with three lanterns, and in the lower shrub vetly.

About the construction sela in rank main cities there is local legend, recorded in work D. A. Markov's Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the brink :

I want residents of the Top Sunday do its rural-urban divide city. Chose they their people and sent to beat forehead tsarina-the mother to about how, to their rural-urban divide became city. Gathered these situations--a people, obulis in lapotki and traveled in the capital. Came they to Grigory Aleksandrovich, Prince Potemkin and expressed their request. Grigory Aleksandrovich, Prince Potemkin appealed nice suits asylum-, and he decided satisfy their request, but with those condition, to they Pyotr, the Russian before tsarina. Here is came they to tsarina to beat forehead. Tsarina answered, that if they will and-dance stuff out, then will on-at their. Called harp player and Russian cut a rug. Tsarina, Potemkin, lieutenants so and died from laughter. Then, when tsarina had turned spirit, announced plyasunam, that their request will carried out. Since then and matter expression of: Vetluzhskie no-good peasants vyplyasali city Vetluga (town) . [4]

In again created Vetluzhskiy the busiest land were infrastructure that tsarina in ownership noblemen and of princes, circle by June Catherine. In lists used perform Attorney mezhevaniya 1777-1780 Propulsion Propulsion Identifies the next reverie attended by owners land in Vetluzhskiy the busiest: Prince N. W. Repnin possessed 373285 hectares, Prince W. W. Dolgorukov (disambiguation) 105055 hectares, general-is A. I. Glebov (alpine skier) 83893 hectares. Just will be remitted 10 large landlords, which possessed a licks hectares. Of course, city Vetluga (town) far not to an ancient. His history for around just slightly more 200 years. Vetluga (town) was never center any something large comprehensible princedoms, like Galich, Shuya, Ivanovo Oblast and camping on D. However, this town an example of, as krepnuvshaya, nabiravshaya force Russian Empire in personified by their from monarchs created new cities, stroivshiesya in force above all economic causes. [5]


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Vetluga (town) in nineteenth the early twentieth century (until, 1905

The foundation life Russian state, the foundation of the Russian civilization until Gundelik nineteenth the 20th centuries remained rural-urban divide. As same lived vetluzhskie peasants in nineteenth century?

Forest river Vetluga (town) they local inhabitants and created cosmogonies unique be one-sided. [1]Veduschim sport vetluzhan were forest best. Winter cut into pieces according wood, get wheeled his to pristanyam. Drali mochalo and cloth. Cast berestu for degtyarnykh factories. In spring spill does began the most hot it is time: Loading and sgonka forests on barkakh and rafts. On Vetluga (town) and its inflows Uste, Lunde, Yurange EU wood from Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma provinces, of Vyatka and Slobodskoy counties of. Sailed Barky's and belyany, ships laden with tyosom and opening are set with resin and (viscous liquid).

Forest best inimical often development agriculture. So tillage have many vetluzhan sleep on shoulders eldersand women, and timeline its by not prioritizing closer to the summer of. Agriculture technique peasants remained primitive tools labor brewed up himself is a master, and overshooting paralyzed their rustic blacksmith. Almost each vetluzhskaya village glorified by their crafts. Perepelikha, Varganikha-gorshechnym, a goat near Belysheva wheel, Burdukovo krashenem yarn and fabric, rural-urban divide Belyshevo rastilo cucumbers. With mid-nineteenth century grass have become mow diagonal position: Until this' a sickle. Except haystack, cattle nutritious and in other branch. So even in the eighteenth century in letopisi XVIth Church was videotaped, that in village Lobanikha pigs nutritious mushrooms, saline and sun-dried, zagotovlyaemymi for later on summer. [2]

For any historian, examining the against Russian civilization, particularly interestingly contact with mundane peasants, their way life, to address study of the all sides existence Russian people. We particularly celebrate the importance of this moment. After all be one-sided, life society defines national character people, his mentality. And we in our work in short feature this issue.

Vetluzhane be loved satisfying and tasty food. Special popularity enjoyed snack cakes, in particular, with fish tank. Liked, of course, the guy and drinks. Any, even picayune, deal were accompanied by magarychem. Annual prestolnyy celebration carried from pocket peasants from 10 until 15 rubles. Aid otstavshemu in in sowing work obschinniku usually finished pirushkoy. On peasant set be moving away roughly 80 100 rubles. [3]

Vetluzhane be loved have persmission destitute of charity. Monks obtained foreign food handouts directly in cells. But high religious sense of vetluzhskikh peasants always existed alongside rude superstition. Were popular in people healers, vorozheyki. If alongside village emerged germy disease, then at night girls opakhivali Sokha around its villages. From defacement during wedding displays and family incinerate in pockets on bulb with stuck two inches in it pin. If bought the cattle to, then taking with a handful dung from former Swedish farming. Such examples mass. In a whole same, earths prompted image life vetluzhan, need be noted, that importantly in having, formulate for all Russians peasants,s staunch defense and here. This large industriousness people. The entire life peasant consisted of endless series of agricultural works, them performed.

Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) who nineteenth century this not simply many villages, scattered among forests and fields. This is even and arose in late the eighteenth century a new city Vetluga (town), constantly, let and slowly, razvivavshiysya. Archive data State archive Kostroma provinces area say, that in 1847 Propulsion In city of not was nor one-based homes (kazyonnogo), wooden kazyonnykh 2, private homes stone 3, wooden 520, trade Zarafshon 22, churches 2. Factories not was. Number of population can be roughly assess in 3 thousands of, if considered, that in every House in average be ruled by 5 people. [4]capital was rebuilt anew, on a new plan, and has purchased modern traits after 1890 year, when in Vetluga (town) wherefore storm a strong conflagration. Now alone the streets has been going perpendicular to Bank rivers, other crossed their under direct angle. Most stone buildings in the center of the cities belong to the end of nineteenth the early 20th century.

Here is that writes about the streets cities D. A. Markov the cognitive scientist-Local historian. longitudinal the streets from rivers Vetluga (river): Quay (now street Bakhireva), Troitskaya (now Alyoshkova), central (now Shturmina), Fest (now S. Gaming), among (Sverdlov), the Kazan (Ukolova); perpendicular them from rivers Krasnitsy Krasnitskaya, by the (Neolam col. Valadarski Street), Kladbischenskiy Neolam col. (Govsany st, Vetluzhskaya street, Kologrivskaya (-driver), Kostromskaya (Lenin), the cross-( "Pionerskaya"), Vorontsovskaya (vast Soviet). Tiananmen cities: Troitskaya (about Troitskaya church), this a corner Breshia). The streets Lenin and Alyoshkova, central (now them. 1 th on May 1920 g, wooden (Bratskaya), Canadian Mounted (Bus T erminal), the Kazan. On left Bank rivers Krasnitsy picturesquely were are located ????: M. I. Berdnikova (lesotekhnikum), M. I. Chirkina (Conceria plant), Latukhinoy (chugunnoplavilnyy plant), Ovchinnikova, Shevyakova, Motovilova. South of cities on Vetluga (town) farmstead Razumovykh and Verkhovskikh, to the northeastern the east from cities on River Vetluga (town) the farmstead Bilyayivka, Ukraine , the lesopromyshlenniku Styussi (the so-called Swiss holiday villas ). Lakes Lopatnoe, Kerovo, Kabanovo, Bokovoe, Kumyshevo, to the West, Tryokhkonechnoe. [5]

Data about historical past retained a bit. Two fire (1840 and 1890 Propulsion Propulsion) destroyed archive documents. Persisted mostly sources of, below the to era corruption emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II. Archive more allied presence decimated--thanks during White Guard (Russia) insurgency 1918 year. To 30 st years belong the next memories A. F. The long (his father was gorodnichim in Propulsion Vetluga (town)):

Put childhood my until ten years I spent as a child in a small county town Vetluga (town), far father my 1979 (MCMLXXIX was from Committee about Wounded gorodnichim. Remember I and house (subsequently, in 1840 Propulsion, he was incinerated by), remember gender, very not smooth, a high White Church, and in it a ginger protopopa Koposova. Remember tub just about two arm from-under strekhi, in which Yale me bathed. And more just remember clear, the bright days and greater the river, Yale never close not let no. [6]

Special historical events not was in Vetluga (town). That same concerns character vetluzhan, then in one in article Predaniya and reality document are reading: HSIIDC people not are at middle route corresponding decree, and increasingly trek on propastyam, yes on lam for a bit. Vetluzhane always regimes differed freedom spirit, from moreover the most Vasily Ivanovich Buslaev. [7]

Among the prominent vetluzhan let's note the next names:

Vladimir Thedorovitch Luginin, founder first in Russia Savings ampamp; Loan debacle-saving partnership in sec. The Advent. Name of this human was known around the world. Each L. BC Tolstoy, at, Turgenev, Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky, a remarkable chemist, he freely possessed four foreign languages. Many seedy and who knew, he was typical liberal a European.

Platon Vasilyevich Pavlov, professor historian, public figure, led by an exiled in Vetluga (town) from Petersburg in 1862 Propulsion

Alexey Ivanovich Yablochkov, zemskiy chief of, demonstrated caring about process of fixing roads, eradicate championship from, improving education.

Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko Korolenko, a distinguished Russian writer, who bequeathed excellent the premier about River Vetluga (town) in his fictional River plays.

Moreover, in Propulsion Vetluga (town) 20 April 1856 year was born the great Russian philosopher and writer Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov(1856 of 1919), spent as a child their kidsyears playwright W. S. Rozov. [8]

Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) Local historian L. W. Ryzhov believes, that through Vetluga (town) in its time Lipkey Natalia Pushkin Lansky to husband, on the Lanskomu, M. E. Saltykov Schedrin, he fumed in Vyatka River (Russia) on the Governorship. And one of friends Pushkin, E. A. Philosophers, had in farms Dmitrovsky District, Moscow Oblast some streetwise people 17 man . [9]

Vetluzhane doctors enjoyed prestige not only have local population, but and in country and even abroad. In their including: A. P. Lagovskiy(doctor on all diseases), P. BC Kolomarov(on ocular diseases), P. F. Gusev(surgeon) and other.

Urban hospital appears came in ordered lands in 1866 year, and new oldest stone the building, worthy until now, built in 1901 year. Then same built the Peoples house (1900 g, where provided performances, suit lecture (now in building resides movie theater A cycle ).

In respect trade Vetluga (town) borrowed one of first seats in the busiest. There were until revolution more 150 different trade institutions, 14 meat Zarafshon, one kolbasnaya, 10 pubs Zarafshon, 6 tea, an Inn, 49 khlebo-grocery, 2 apothecary retailer and 4 kozhevennykh, one on trade clothing machines and camping on D. [10]Of institutions education worked a mans and female gymnasium, higher education primary College, 3 primary the parochial officers. Meaning public a library.

In religious respect Vetluga (town) as capital the county was and center Orthodoxy. Resurrection Cathedral (now there is baking plant; restored chapel temple, the planned restore the entire the Yasukuni, but process is faring slowly from-for shortage of cash) built on donations parishioners in 1859 Propulsion Cathedral had 3 limit. The average Resurrection, rightist in honor the blessed, leftist Frola and Lavra. Here is description of one of witnesses anymore former greatness temple:

In memory remained domestic kind of Cathedral. In Easter he biggest movie stars in better, beauty indescribable. Beautiful candlesticks, gender from produced iron square tectonics with stock image on them eclectic drawings and ornaments, guarded marble, vytvarne breathtaking affrescoes Wall, pillar, ceiling. Heating was under reproductive, through jailed in gender was occurring heat exchange. The pulpit was comprised of 6 steps, so that every incoming sunlight in Cathedral could to see transaction services and ministers. Stray their Cathedral not like. [11]

Moreover, there was an in city of Troitskaya Church, foundation which in strongly refurbished the form of, without of heads of the domes, retained until now (in Soviet time there has been gathering spaces that offer universal # 2 branch software Zavod behalf of W. I. Ulyanova ). With those since the a long time acted in city of only one the Yasukuni graveyard Church, built kazanskim a merchant in honor sick daughters Catherine and called Ekaterininskoy.

As already noted higher, basic buildings cities, surviving until now, were built after fire 22 July (BC UF.) 1890 Propulsion, completed more 1,000 buildings. Then same Vetluzhskaya urban denounced amounted to so-called Required the resolution for local inhabitants Propulsion Vetluga (river) , printed in 1905, In Vetluzhskoy printing house owner A. Khanykina. They included various branches, associated, in particular, with fire-prevention security (in a whole, at all with solution household problems cities). [12]And although fires occurred still quite often, increasingly same their number of, thanks to which were austere measures, matter on the wane.

Had with the pores and the main stone buildings cities, are typical homes architecture past century: Stone trade ranks on modern the street Alyoshkova, incidentally, leaves replicates Kostroma, Russia. Buildings with bivi, gateway, arches, stained with in white color the building Varna City Fortunetelling, in past was a maypole, such famous Kostroma provinces, fire part of, card seats, a series of stone homes, in which now consigned nursing school,, Sberbank, shops, administrative institutions.

Interesting appears question about capitalist development Vetluzhskiy the brink, which especially actively resisted in late nineteenth-the early twentieth century. Essentially affairs, between industrialists in the time commanded the struggle for wood. Bloc the nobility, general-mayorsha Smetskaya, is from Switzerland Styussi, porodnivshiysya with vetluzhskimi pseudonym predates this event Razumovymi, representative young bourgeoisie following, founding in Vetluzhskiy the busiest cardboard factory of the (on territory Breshia). Worker the favela them. M. I. Kalinina) here is basic lesopromyshlenniki, local capitalists of the late nineteenth century.

Active lesoistreblenie for obtain forest materials: Tyosa, of furniture billets, kryshnoy drani, cutters and the ensuing their sales here is one of characteristic traits development capitalism in Vetluzhskiy the busiest on vaudeville centuries.

Competitive struggle between Berdnikovym and Smetskimi lasted until 1917. [13]worked in centers processing forests vetluzhskie landless and malozemelnye peasants have become rodonachalnikami industrial of the proletariat Povetluzhya.

But not one only timber younger Way's trademark was Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the brink. River Vetluga (town), one of largest inflows Volga, a long time remained ``Thou transportation artery of preserved icons made. Majestic nature flood plain rivers Vetluga (river) throughout the nineteenth century has been attracting here Russians of landlords. They settled here, built farmstead, ?acaeaaee excellent parks. Currently on territory Vetluzhskiy the heartland of recorded five ancient parks: Bilyayivka, Ukraine , aloofness higher, Lambeth , Volynovskiy (Borax bead test), Belyshevskiy, Strelitz, Prince of Mirow. In three kilometers to southeast west from cities Vetluga (river), between villages Mayovka and Morozikha, emerged one of them. Now on his territory contains the Yushukan sanatorium. A distinct dark-green silhouette of this cleanest stands out on the horizon among fields. Landscaped compositions ???? direct The clearing, cutting the forest slew and residence the river Vetluga (town), zarechnye gave, category: Betula groves, fur-@-@ pine groups, alleys from lime trees and larch, the main alley from Larches, arch alleys from larch on coast parts of ????. Not stopping detail on peculiarities each of higher listed parks, Id say only, that these green arrays create a special expressiveness local landscape. They same were an integral part of life and life of landlords, people nineteenth century. [14]

Educating some the outcome, can be done conclusion, that before revolution of 1905 year city Vetluga (town) was largest administratively-economic and cultural center Southeast parts of Kostroma provinces county of, Povetluzhya. Relatively advanced was forest, local industry, already then established architecture the extraordinary ethos Vetluga (river), with its wooden and there buildings, luscious greenery areas, with Orthodox churches, with great River, the on the steep the banks of which and is located this wondrous city.


[1]Angliyskiy writer A. F. Pisemsky, not corporation as a familiar with Vetluzhskim Halytsh, in his novel People carried s in fact described be one-sided and mores inhabitants Povetluzhya of the time. Pisemsky A. F. Full assembly Sonnin. T. 5. SPb., 1911.

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Vetluga (town)


Vetluga (town)

Name is happening from Mari language (Russia) language: Vutla (rhus dialect) or Vytla (mountainous dialect) - 'mnogovodnaya', Russian language QD3 by rethinking the from Russian words vetla (tree kind of willow) and revival on type common in the North river names on -ga (Sviyaga, Kokshaga and camping on P.


Provenance name "Vetluga (town)"

Specifically for Liudmila was looking toponimiku Vetluga (river), legend about origins name. As it turned out there is not one option its.

Vetluzhskaya land has the ample historic past.
Curiously origins the most words "Vetluga (town)", so initially named famous, their fish reserves river. In etimologicheskom terms of word clearly not transparent and clear associations not causes, but includes there is beautiful ancient lore, which explain origins this name.

On popular legend, on place current cities Vetluga (river) even in times of allegiance Raj was the Russo-the Tatar settlement. Here lived daughter be of the Luga, which glorified by its amazing beauty. She was loved in Russian shepherd. But once local tartar murza demanded, to Luga has become his wife. Directly deny girl could not, otherwise from hands all-powerful murzy have suffered would its the tribesmen. But married for disgraced human she go not wanted. And here is it is a timely day wedding. On category: Tatar language headscarves worn she included in themselves spikes for horses and skiing on boats.
On celebration fell and lovely Luga, which turned out to be a good musician. The denouement came after bounce during wedding skiing on River. Grasslands was on same boat with shepherd and, when flowing deep place rivers, couples on a conventional sign the signpost suddenly for all have ascended, hugged it out and quickly jumped in water under vetloy, which the Jewish community in their branch over water.

According to the other legend, in neighborhood rivers lived the young man and girl, Vet and Luga. Father Luga was against their marriage. Vet has sailed on a ship for gold, and Luga every evening came on Bank rivers. During storm Vet died. Grasslands, faced about this,, too, has rushed in the river. In honor them river was labeled Vetluga (river).

On the other version of, name rivers is happening from Mariyskikh words "veteli" (Seagul) and "yuga" (river), and overall read more - "river gulls." In period first Mariyskikh settlers (IV age BC E, likely, here was many gulls.

And increasingly-??? name rivers, across semblance, happened from growing on its the banks of willow after (vetla - variety willow).


the pearl of the RUSSKOY sweeping across

Vetluga (town) - one of the most or rivers the Russian sweeping across - big rightist inflows Volga. She reprisal from mergers two rivers-, streams - powders and Georgy Fedoseevich Voronoy, constituents in range 8000 Russian area. In system Vetluga (river) on territory Nizhny Novgorod area includes 103 rivers and small river. Almost throughout along high and for a radical right Bank with over predominantly coniferous forests. On more the lower and gentle left Bank they often lag place will, zaroslyam kusarnika, among which a long zavodey and Ox-bow lake. Almost everywhere good sandy beaches. Width rivers 50-60 meters.

Vetluga (town) together with inflows, distance of more 10 kilometers, has the dimension 7903 miles. Wilkes 40100 kilometers.

Undoubted origin Vetluga (river) is in range Rirovskoy area in 12 kilometers from station Coil iron roads Leningrad-Sverdlovsk. On territory 8000 Russian area flows for 163 km. Then she flows on Kostroma provinces area 298 kilometers, within Gorkovskaya (area 323 kilometers and 100 kilometers, lower tide Vetluga (river) passes on territory category: Mari people ASSR and on its territory is lapsing in the river Volga. The total length Vetluga (river )-multinational miles.

Vetluga (town) nurtures like, the and snegovymi waters from of protective swamp, forests and that underpin among them lakes, with fields and meadows, being typical the forest River.

Spring vskryvshis from ice between 7.04 and 29.04, quickly is beginning to flows in. AAA rise, as enshrined Krasnobakovskoy gidrometstantsiey, accounts for -646 centimeters (9 on May 1947). Spring rise reaches will peak between 23.05 and 28.05 river becomes rapid (in pronosakh until 1 Dam in second), zatoplyaya broad the brook valley.

Handsome and're royalty kind of Vetluga (river) in this time. A long remarkable boroughs can be find on its the flooded flood. Consensual love have inhabitants Khmer bakov enjoys valleys the commoner. The, who modicum times a turn on it in season, will retain most bright spot Remembrance for years to come and under the first same opportunities will seek again there to visit.

Exclusively are beautiful in season: Plyoso under Boyarkoy Vetluzhskiy cleanup, under sec. Bogorodskim Varnavinsky cleanup, under sec. Dmitrievskim Krasnobakovsky cleanup, supports. Scherbachikhoy Voskresensk cleanup and many, many even can be called or seats on plyose Vetluga (river).

Maximal profits water in River for clock was marked by in 1936 g.-103 see, and maximum consumption water 6-9 on May 1952 averaged 3,000 forge the Cubic / sec. Lowest year-old capital,, W did place 17.05 1938, averaged 21 m3. Meter in second. Here is this and there is a digital reaffirming korolenkovskogo literary definitions character Vetluga (river) river plays. Korolenko, as big an artist words, well in centuries popular wisdom, zorkuyu perceive starozhilov- vetluzhan, managed without curiously appliances vividly and the determine character our Vetluga (river).

Spring capital water in Vetluga (town) equals 60-70% obschegodovogo flow fan. All of this defines blooms character spring its income on Vetluga (town). But here is past month, and not remained a trace from its mnogovodya. Now Vetluga (town) is beautiful the other, not less attractive feature of: Its water quiet and are pure, veins huge sandy shoals off with sands ideal purity, with the luring in year-old stifling heat laze around here on them and accept solar bath, and then enjoying plough clean waters Vetluga (river). Blooms character its income leads to large port begin material. Carryover material River reaches 455 kg. In second. This under relatively small falling 16 meters on distance 230 kilometers from the mouth of B. Kakshi until the mouth of the Usta River (Russia). Averagely annual same carryover begin material represents only a 5.25 kg / sec, and winter only $0.16 kg / sec.

The average closings navigation 184 days. On materials, collected by the lotsmanami Vetluga (river) for 100 years, the most early ledostav on Vetluga (town) 22 October, the most late 2.12. / Book Plotovoy fusion 1967. /

The average the thickness of the ice 44sm., and the greatest 65 see

Expectancy of spring alluvial in Upper 35 days, have cities Vetluga (river) 50 days, have to make 60 days.

Vetluga (town) has many inflows with of left and right Bank. From Left flow large inflows: Much Kaksha, Small Kaksha, usta, and right Vokhma, undergone, Lapshanga Varnavinsky cleanup, Lapshanga Krasnobakovsky cleanup, Lyunda.

In neighborhood cities Vetluga (town) is salty the key, curative properties which known far outside cleanup. Water in manner very is salty and concentrated, heals a your thyroid gland, grippe, bunion and cutaneous disease.

On Vetluga (town) a long most beautiful seats. River, not a similar nor on one another, recalcitrant and have worsening symptoms, is described P. I. Stepanovich Melnikov, A. F. Pisemskim. W. Propulsion Korolenko in fictional "River plays" calls its cozy, naughtiest nurse of all, vzygravsheysya.
River Vetluga (town) is rich in fish tank, here gets caught little slapping, yazey-energy and pikes. In River so same usual sig are prevailed here, that even times says about purity examine alternative treatments for river water.
On its hydrographic characterization, plants and zoo world, yes and simply perception of the contemporary man Vetluga (town) typically the Russian river. The, who modicum times a turn on it, forever's its nebroskuyu serene the beauty: Morning mist or fog over water, fabled solemnity vetluzhskikh forests, the sky, otrazhayuscheesya in water lobelia, Andean and cities on river the banks of.


The whole story people northern and average swathe of European parts of our the homeland are all very closely way connected with history use of rivers. So was and on our Vetluga (town).

All ancient settlements human on Vetluga (town), studied scientists, are located predominantly on its high right Bank. Skyfall materials B. S. Zhukov, the most ancient god the monument life human in Vetluzhskiy frontier is Panovo Gorodishche , located near sec. Shrek Christmas Vetluzhskiy cleanup. It has age above 4 's thousands of years.
Monuments early iron era meet in Vetluzhskiy neighborhood, Odoevskoe Gorodishche, in Varnavinsky district will be the hill-fort, in Voskresensky district Rusenikhinskoe Gorodishche.

O. BC Bader socially does their to monuments Ananyino Culture culture, which has its center near Vyatka River (Russia) and of Kama. Age their is determined by 2.5 thousand Years.Archaeological data, materials excavations suggest that Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the brink and in the first millennium BC Dora Was inhabited ancient Finno-Ugric peoples tribes, namely category: Mari people, this with Volga, and ugrami, this with Western Siberia through Wilkes of Kama. These include: Ferris Gorodishche have. Fyodorovskoe Vetluzhskiy cleanup, upper tier Bogorodsky of the hillfort Varnavinsky cleanup.

By 8-10 centuries of BC Dora Belong: Veselovsky, Chukhlomskiy section in Vetluzhskiy district- their the margins were ancient mariytsy, ancestors modern Mari language (Russia) people. The beginning of their dispersion on Vetluga (town) should thus to 4 century BC Dora They gave name River Vetluga (town) River gulls and to most its inflows. All of this clear suggests, that in this time in Tongge Vetluga (river) dominant position of borrowed mariytsy. But set foot in its Wilkes other peoples: Mordva, we have enough, the Merjan and Ugric peoples. Ugric peoples came from Western Siberia, reversing the the end of the Mariyskikh names some rivers. For example, in Mari language (Russia) language there is no the end of the ooga, aha, and have Ugric peoples there is, denoting water.

13 ageneed to considered time penetration Russians / novgorodtsev / in Northern part of Caribbean Vetluga (river), and 14-15 century time ???? a significant part of its sources of. In this time vetluzhskie ownership firmly belonged the Novgorod nobility and been inherited already to bequeath to relatives / the deed the diploma the Novgorod of Princess Xenia Kseniya Shestova Posadnitsy /. To number of first Russians settlements on Vetluga (town) belong: Bulaksy now Odoevskoe, Shang now Nikolo Shang, kshan now rural-urban divide Kazhirovo. In 1423 year Novgorod took with the mouth of North Dvina River Karelian Nordstarand set his on place kshan, subsequently rural-urban divide Kazhirovo.

In 1464year, on orders of higher clerical did, came on Vetluga (town) priest from Great Velikiy Ustyug the south, for deliver homilies Russian Orthodoxy among pagan Mari language (Russia) population.

With 1478year Novgorod Seigniorial Republic assaults their existence. In 1489 year Moscow colonel was captured Vyatskie land, and by the end of 15 century the entire north European parts of in fact composition of the Moscow state. The border with the Kazan activity Khanate in this time proceeded on right Bank rivers Vetluga (river).

After Kazan a hike Ivan Grozny / 1552 Propulsion / begins mass ceratinocytes Russians pravoberezhya rivers Vetluga (river).

By 17 centuryapplies occurrence an important trade path with average Volga, through Vetluga (town), its inflows Vokhmu and North Dvina River to Arkhangelskomu port. He not disappearance and in winter time: Big obozy ustyuzhan with shipments from port by, Great Velikiy Ustyug has been going in the Bottom Novgorod and on Urenskie shows, they passed in December-January. On the north same, for exportation abroad, has been going on this water and ear path: Pushnin, bread, in which in this time acutely needed Western Europe, and also in large quantities vyvozilsya potash, mochalo, wooden utensils. About these broad links Caribbean Vetluga (river) with North Dvina River says the availability of on Vetluga (town) 10 populated points, men from name Nikolsk - this tribute those ties, which were with Propulsion Nikolskaya on River the South major its Transit the center of the all perevozov to Arkhangelskomu port and from him.

18 age time the most mass arrival Russian population on Vetluga (town). In this time 11th had produced the kind geography settlements, that we see, for small changes, and now. Wild vetluzhskie forests with leafy forests most building input for underway, attracted attention czar Peter acceptance, however build Fleet Russian.

After dedicated the 1698year on Vetluga (town) and Uste were poseleny family Sagittarius and guilty insides rebellion ship craftsmen, which and the beginnings of a building large wooden courts on River Vetluga (town), in including and beauty but also an Belyanu pride and glory Vetluga (river) until Soviet time. And today, specialists shipbuilding, are struck by talent vetluzhan, who built court with displacement until 10 thousand M3. M. Begins mass cutting down vetluzhskikh forests and fusion on Volga. Fusion forests and products the artisan crafts returned very quickly. By the end of 19 century he reached peak. Industrial development south countries demanded large numbers of forest materials. In 1894 on Vetluga (town) was delivered on Kozmodemyanskuyu forest Fair 500 thousand A, 60 belyan, 10 barges, a common value of on 12 million rubles / when cows cost 12-15 rubles /.

Moreover, on Vetluga (town) in this time splavlyalos until 1 million units mochalnykh rogozh, until 200tys. Poods tar, 120tys. Poods resin, until 1,000 Kulej Puscha coal. Bushy products this time reached value of 1 million rubles. Here is what whopping values through a on Vetluga (town) and went on River!

And which conditions labor in this time were have vetluzhan and that remained forest workers of these wealth?

How the loggers, ??? and drovoruby receive on 17 kopecks for year-old day and about 33 kop. In day with horse. Such a central ??? insufficient rewards for labor, if recall, that answer this carried out due under the most antigigienicheskoy environment. / Lenin. T. 3, st. 463/. Is was outrage W. I. Lenin, he labor our workers in n 1. time and seldom their judgment in work Development of capitalism in Russia. And a lovely Russian writer W. Propulsion Korolenko in epic River plays leads and earning splavschikov forests: For great labor on 18 hours in day, forever in wet of advisers, for fusion are from sela bakov until Volga paid on 3 ruble, on which zatrachivalos until 14 -15 days, not believing time on opposite path with Volga. Here is, that received vetluzhskie the loggers and splavschiki. All wealth, created their Penal hard, has been going in pockets vetluzhskikh forest tycoons: Verkhovskikh, Smetskikh ,-Jeronym Trubetsky, lived abroad and prozhigavshikh there these wealth.

Today standing, on Bank Vetluga (river), watching the fireworks above powerful technique alloy, powerful, hopefully hung, men parokhodami, boats, vostorgayas minds also human; obuzdavshim natural forces rivers, subordinating their their will and their goals, even stronger resurrects memory heaviest past Vetluzhskiy the brink, dire labor vetluzhskikh splavschikov. Their graves bordering Vetluga (river) muzzled bystanders a gloomy past. Severity of labor was exacerbated by not only full lack of any technology, but and ignorance, she dismissive lesorubu and splavschiku with hand lesopromyshlennikov past greedy and brazen hosts the brink.


Valentin Katyutina

Small Homeland. Valleys the Vetluga (town).

More song the brink belonogikh of the birch.

Here on Affairs know people each other,

Remember to stay and like seriously.

The sky the evening dawns rumyanyat,

Will to River for walks, often moon,

Want to believe, that all-??? will become

To live differently my side.

Dwindle in oblivion gray weekdays,

Time not undergoes a feel the ideas.

Want to believe, that all-??? will

The best share have our people.

Good our the brink in any time year,

Here every searching for with him hoped-for meetings.

Worries heart of a quiet nature,

That we all must secure.

Again avian the murmur stirred up constituency,

And a fresh wind head smells,.

Wave of CDr generally known for Vetluga (town)

And fun for pulled 1912 neck.

Here are whispering birch trees at dawn

And pine have been leaning heaven.

Love for the beauty open spaces these

And along roads whispering forests.

Alexey Ryabinin

The salons Vetluga (town)

Jingle polovodem vetluzhskie Spring,

And May thunderstorms RATTLE,

As seal under pulled, high pine

Over blue volnoyu schumyat.

I every summer to Vetluga (town) with weirded,

I grew have this rivers.

On difficult roads me lovingly shine

Fishing fires have some.

And where would roads me nor we were tossing,

Have the most distant borders

I mind about modest Oximetholone pills krasnotala,

With timely notification Junes It lightens.

There is rivers big, there is Black Sea,

Where the sky any warmer and blue,

But the most clears Whispering dawns

Over cozy Vetluga (river) my.



In 1922 year Vetluga (town) has become center cleanup in Gorkovskaya (area RSFSR

known badges with Soviet project gerba Vetluga (river).

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I'm Jerem. I collect badges pro Vetluga (town) and district.