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Vetluga (town)

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Vetluga (town) - our rayonnu center.

City Vetluga (town) resides on the north Nizhny Novgorod area. City was based in the eighteenth century on decree Catherine II. Place for a new cities was have not accidentally: Place already mostly populated, on Bank rivers Vetluga (river), from name which and happened name cities.

In the early 17th century here teetered village Shulepnikovo, vkhodivshaya in composition Voskresensk black mill. Village grew on very dear trade path on Vyatka River (Russia). Village grew and incorporated with church pogostom resurrection, part of a center of the Voskresensk black mill. Combined settlement gained name Superior resurrection (camping on K. ?? resurrection in this time already existed this now center of the Voskresensk cleanup). Rural-urban divide Superior resurrection in 1778 year was, a stable Kostroma, Russia general-Governor Melgunovym for 8,600 rubles together with all possessions and population, consisting of 82 souls men (expense been conducted only male population). On the decree Catherine II from 5 September 1778 year rural-urban divide was transformed into star city Vetluga (town) Kostroma provinces county of (Kostromskoe definitively Unzhenskoy province). On first cell division on county of all the upper Privetluzhe original in composition Archangelgorod Governorate county of (1708-1778 Propulsion) (the details see Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the brink , st. 56, 106, 107 and Guide for on the middle Privetluzhyu N. Propulsion A beating).

City above the obedience to (Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) r Mr, N.Novgorod area)
Center: Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) r Mr
Telephone code (backgrounder phone)
83150***** -

Deviation from the Moscow time, clock: 0
Geographical latitude: 57 51 '
Geographical longitude: 45 47 '
High over levels sea, meters: 110

Vetluga (town): Photo from space (Google Maps)
Vetluga (town): Photo from space (Microsoft Virtual Earth)

Vetluga (town). The coming cities. Distances in km. On map (in task on roads) + direction.
On giperssylke in graph distance can be obtain route (information accommodating supplied with a AvtoTransInfo)
1 Uren (42 (45) In
2 Shakhunsky District 53 (61) YuV
3 Sharya Urban Okrug (Kostromskaya area) 59 (68) Since
4 Manturovo, Kostroma Oblast (Kostromskaya area) 80 (120) Coll
5 Makaryev, Kostroma Oblast (Kostromskaya area) 117 (199) inquiry
6 Ney (Kostromskaya area) 122 (173) Coll
7 Kologriv Urban Settlement (Kostromskaya area) 138 (201) Coll
8 Yaranskoye Urban Settlement (Kirovskaya area) 139 (160) YuV
9 Semenov 139 (161) width is
10 Kotelnich Urban Okrug (Kirovskaya area) 158 (force) In
11 Yurievets (Ivanovo area) 170 (384) inquiry
12 Kozmodemyansk, Mari El Republic (Republic Mari Al) 175 (329) Yu
13 Puchezhskoye Urban Settlement (Ivanovo area) 183 (334) width is
14 category: Yoshkar-Ola (Republic Mari Al) 184 (218) YuV


separable feature

City resides in Zavolzhye (disambiguation), in eastern part of ,-called Zavetluzhem, on right Bank shipping Vetluga (river) (inflows Volga), in 47 kilometers to north from OK. D. Station Uren (, in 230 kilometers to the northeastern the east from Bottom Novgorod. Airport.

Territory (square Kilometers): 7

Historical essay

First time mentioned in 1636 as village Shulepnikovo; name from antroponima. In 18 digits Here was built wooden Church Resurrection Christ, village grew in rural-urban divide Superior Sunday (downstream Vetluga (river) was rural-urban divide Sunday).

City with 1778; name on River Vetluga (town), on which resides. Was trading center Vetluzhskiy the brink.

JSC "Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) lespromkhoz." Plants: Liquor store-operates one, maslodelnyy, baking plant.

In Vetluzhskiy district grow cereals,... the linen, themselves by growing potatoes. Level large the horned cattle, pigs.

In village, behalf of M. I. Kalinina - JSC "Zavetluzhe" (a cardboard factory of), in farms Belyshevo - Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) lnozavod.

Culture, science, education
Dreamland museum.

Museums, galleries, exhibition rooms
Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) dreamland museum
606860 N.Novgorod area, Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) r Mr, scientific dogma into question. Vetluga (town), str. Lenin, 1-and
Phone (policies): (83150) 2-2560


Population size on years (thousand Residents)
1897 5.2 1979 10 1998 10.4 2005 9.4
1939 8.1 1989 10.2 2000 10.2 2006 9.4
1959 10 1992 10.2 2001 10.1
1970 9.8 1996 10.2 2003 9.6

Our time for standing pat identity and of call sun and moon in city of Vetluga (town)


HISTORY VETLUZhSKOGO, sort of looks like

Povetluzhe - this a small corner northeast Rus, which is part of state the Russian. The first peoples, which settled Povetluzhe, were peoples Marie. About 1620 year vetluzhskie endowed were infrastructure that in votchinnoe ownership grand duke The all Mstislavskomu, the head boyarskogo governments. However Ivanovich - one of V. N. Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov, and after death in 1624 year earldom inherited his widow Irina Mikhailovna, which sold manor known in history pomeschikam. The most much of fiefdoms secured favorite of czar boyarinu Boris this Pyotr Alexandrovitch Repin, Ilya Yefimovich. Of dynasty Repinykh owned vetluzhskimi patrimony, more 155 years.

City Vetluga (town) originates from from villages Shulepnikovo, the first mentioning about which in history applies to 1686 year. Later, in the early the eighteenth century, in ties with Senatskaya church Resurrection Christ village renamed in rural-urban divide Superior Voskresenskoye. In 1727 year rural-urban divide was, a stable captain Naumov, and in 1775 year sold deystvitelnomu's adviser The II Vasiliyevich the Blind Naumovu, which gave his in that portion for daughter and Anna - wife founded the butler A. M. Beloselskogo- the Saints.

Under upgrading of an administrative division Russia created new no centers. In 1778 year the real domestic spying adviser Alexey Petrovic Petrovich Melgunov - general-governor, catatonic preparation discoveries Naro Viceroyalty (, traveled kostromskie land. He brought together leaks about population, able trade and industry, defined borders future counties. In appointing county cities A. P. Petrovich Melgunov drew attention on rural-urban divide Superior Voskresenskoye, located on Bank rivers Vetluga (river) and came on trade vyatskom most. 5 September 1778 year followed highest decree Empress Catherine II about statement Vetluga (river) the local Marshal city. In 1781 year Catherine II stated "Plan city Vetluga (town)", on which can be to see rectangle, greater its side campaign along right Bank rivers Vetluga (river). The streets crossed paths under direct angle, for construction wooden and stone "guest of, public and commonplace homes, Zarafshon and other structures." Inhabitants in the new city of was just 82 souls "male gender." In 1793 year population cities on "mezhevomu act" already was: "Male gender in kupechestve 73, Akhtyrku 213 souls", camping on E. 286 man revizskikh souls, and only about 600 people.

The entire life vetluzhan was connected with timber, which held 80% the entire Tiananmen the county. The forest answer was feeding not one generation vetluzhan. Wooden coal, tar, honey, fur, mochalnye and bondarnye products enjoyed large demand. Simultaneously with this have evolved trade, pottery-making and plotnitskoe deal. Development trade contributed to the annual shows first she and Frolovskaya, they passed spring and autumn. On shows was merchants with Volga, Vyatka River (Russia) and even Don. In Vetluga (town) was produced considerable engage kernel, rye flour, privozimymi from Yaranskiy and Kotelnicheskogo counties. His bread not only in Vetluzhskiy the busiest lacked, but and in neighboring: Varnavinsky and Makar'yevskii District. Wealth peasants could not were.

In late nineteenth century in the busiest was 160 permanent and temporary degtyarnykh factories, 32 brick, 1 log, chuguno-Bosco plant Chirkina, brewing plant Zebalda, public sugar-refinery, a soap and Conceria plants. Industrial enterprises were small scale. On statistics in 1912 their understand 92 human workers. According to podatnoy inspections in city of was 150 various trade institutions, in including 10 pubs, 6 tea, 1 an Inn, 44 thus benches, 49 khlebo-grocery Zarafshon. All they were private.

Cultural side cities was presented in the form of People homes, who was post roen in 1913. In it created with performances, concerts, chitalis lecture. Intelligentsia cities: Teachers, children of landlords, merchants were the organizers several were group. Has worked photography studios Chirkina. Beautiful quality photos and to this day housewife in personal the archives and in local lore museum. Parokhodchik Ovchynnikov opened in city of elektroteatr, paintings has been going under accompaniment and gatherings and violins.

In of 1857 year in city of was parish College, in which learned 34 boy. In subsequent years were open urban trekhklassnoe College (1902 year), female Gymnasium (1902 year), a mans Gymnasium (1911 year), tertiary primary College for boys with four-year-old while and several tserkovnoprikhodskikh schools.

In 1913 in Vetluga (town) was 8 educational institutions surveyed: A mans Gymnasium (115 pupils), female vosmiklassnaya Gymnasium (347 pupils), tertiary primary chetyrekhklassnoe College (181 disciple), the first parish male College (135 pupils), the second parish male College (57 pupils), dvukhklassnoe female College (175 pupils), Sobornaya Church-parish school (69 pupils), Troitskaya Church-parish school (48 pupils). Of course, in one city of was many students (1328 man) on 6,000 population. This explains those, that all schools lavished type were focus in one the center. A Zemstvo gave scholarships the most able children peasants, and children teachers be exempt from hypertrophied for training. A Zemstvo asked paid library. Batteries greatest libraries under gimnaziyakh enjoyed students.

Development health in Vetluga (town) characterized by next data: In 1866 year a Zemstvo adopted from "Prikaza public of contempt" hospital on 15 patient places (fit on the street Kostroma provinces, alongside home any); in 1866-69 s a Zemstvo constructed a new hospital for city. This was a wooden, oblitsovannoe with a brick the building, which on 1875 year had 30 patient places, of them 15 were pay-per-view, 15 batteries. In 1901 year for Vetluzhskoy hospitals was invited separate doctor. These doctor was Paul Fedorovich Gusev, which had in hospital until the most death 2 November 1949. Thanks to his efforts in 1902, was built new two storeyed oldest stone the building hospitals. In 1908 year in it was 100 patient places. In 1909-1912 s builds a series of buildings for ambulatory and two departments of, is a up a little dentist cabinet.

Large place in life vetluzhan borrowed religion. Inhabitants all urban highborn with large respect treated church and to priests. Entire life their being Christian belief, drive preserve ancient tradition and customs. Not despite material position, premiums in Church charging regularly and pseudonym predates this event and peasants. Perfect hand build church were writings art. -Trinity the Yasukuni biggest movie stars in enormous Oximetholone pills lilac, and majestic strict Resurrection Cathedral stood in adorning high white of the birch.

Was in city of four Square, ", they persisted until our days. Trading (now Pervomayskaya (closed)), was without skverv, on it stood small chutes of with goods. In carnival days stavilsya travesty of the for circus artists, carousel. On prison (now Bratskaya) troops wooden it. Krasnitskaya named horse, there occurred trades horses and livestock fulfil. On Tiananmen about Troitskaya church stood urban scales,. The main the streets cities were entrance are paved in history are.

In history old Vetluga (river) known 2 fire, one in 1840 year, the other in 1890 year. During last fire burned down 1128 buildings, 3 buildings trade ranks and supply food on a host year. In including again built buildings 12 stone and stone trade ranks.

Day todays. Above all our city managed preserve its identity, the uniqueness wooden buildings, decorated a lace carving. Amazing beauty northern nature, although and not shine by by splendour and diversity of, bearing in itself surprising calm, purity, being a powerful source of spiritual wealth, health, harmony, draws vacationers seem from all corners Russia.

Still one amazing attraction cities is dreamland museum. He was created in 1918 year by attempting and a huge outbreak hard a glorious human, preciously strong in its the brink I. I. S. Razumova. Fund Museum for around about 9,000 specimens. Department of nature is one of best on their thwart, his 01.05.2001 a member of Union artists W. BC Kuranov.

To better to know our city, feel his identity, need to necessarily all explore their eyes, we go by his broad direct streets, admire Kurpian bivi and nalichnikami, feel relaxed, full sacred purity for polyphenols rivers, breathe's Poland's biggest air pine forests. And then, perhaps, love to him you save in his heart of for years to come and you wanted to return here again.


Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) district

Adm. Center - Propulsion Vetluga (town)
(N.Novgorod area)

In 1778 year rural-urban divide Superior Voskresenskoye gained status main center and name Vetluga (town).

Gerb cities Vetluga (river) approved 29 March they often year (PSZ, # 14884) together with other emblems of cities Naro Viceroyalty (.

In atop field gerb Kostroma provinces (only rarely depicts with our stern... and you with lanterns and his arms by his side staircases), the bottom "in a silver field shrub tree of vetly, for name of his cities."


In 1860 year prioritized project gerba Vetluga (river) (on new rules 1857):

"In a silver after green shrub vetly.
In amateur parts of gerb Kostroma provinces county of.
Shield overbuilt silver tower crown about three zubtsakh.
For a shield two the distinctive standard benchmarks gold hammer, Sea of alexander ribbon. "


On first and Vetluzhskiy the county (of 1905) been portrayed an interesting option gerba Vetluga (river).
In the upper parts of his instead levels attained on the very moment gerba Kostroma provinces county of of an its gerb-style 1834 year, long a run-down to point issuing Mark.


In 1922 year Vetluga (town) has become center cleanup in category: Nizhny Novgorod Oblast RSFSR

Known badges with Soviet project gerba Vetluga (river).




: 1636
: 1778
, . .: 9,4 (2005)
: 22218501
: (+7) 83150
: MSK (UTC+3, UTC+4)
: 5751′ . . 4547′ . . (G)

́ , . 1636 , 1778 .

9,4 . (2005).

, 47 .

, , , . , . .


Essays D. I. Stogova 20 August 1996

There is on the Russian earth seats truly remarkable. Seems, like would carry coins: Field, forests, grasslands,, small cities and Andean. But something, experiment,, something reach over to gape, reach over reversibly, spirit, without in dark abyss entire pagubnost modern civilization, there is in our Outback. This something fills soul Russian human Frightful relish life, a true clear conscience moreover, on what same great and perfect earth he lives and works.

Many such corners on Great Rus. And one of them Vetluga (town). This a small Russian town, situated on northeastern the east Nizhny Novgorod (with 1932 to 1990 years Gorkovskaya () area, surrounded by from all sides dremuchimi coniferous forests and virtually severed from around the world. Based more two hundred years ago, his with full right can be called its capital Vetluzhskiy the brink. Has been going years, the capitol life. Once this town was the only in this part of modern Nizhny Novgorod area. Then, after build swayed railways Moscow-of Vladivostok and eve-Kotelnich Urban Okrug, originated enough large industrial centers, such as Propulsion Sharya Urban Okrug (on iron road Moscow-of Vladivostok), Propulsion Uren (, Propulsion Shakhunsky District (on iron road Gorkiy-. Kotelnich Urban Okrug) and other. Subsequently they have become do so Vetluga (town) and on population, and on economic relevance, camping on K. capital Povetluzhya proved summer rail link (until the short station iron roads station Uren (Gorkovskaya (OK. D. 47 kilometers). However today no one can challenge role Propulsion Vetluga (river) as historic and cultural center Vetluzhskiy the brink. Here is a series of monuments nineteenth starters twentieth century, Church, dreamland museum and camping on D.

Above than we we directly to Kipling about really city of, let's define, that we understand under concept Vetluzhsky (disambiguation) the brink. Typically, in kraevedcheskoy literature so call part of territory modern 8000 Russian, Kostroma provinces, Nizhny Novgorod areas and Mari republics (republics Mari Al), where flows one of largest inflows great Volga Vetluga (town). This river harks back its the beginning of in 8000 Russian area, in its South-Western parts of, and is lapsing in Volga on territory Mari republics not far from cities Kozmodemyanska. Precisely she was in the main extent a critical factor formation features of history and modern life Vetluzhskiy the brink. Interesting since the legend about origins name this rivers, subsequently By name of and city. Their convey in Povetluzhe from generation in generation.

At mariyskuyu the river ener (ancient name the Vetluga (river)) came the first Slavic tribes and, affect abundance of travostoynykh meadows, greenery wives rushed to examine alternative treatments for river lobelia-, called the river Vetluga (river), having connected two symbol of a grasslands and vetlu. Another legend holds about how, that the Russian girl Angelin Luga fell in love young shepherd, but tartar murza, company registration 89063 led by who have enslaved Povetluzhe hordes, diary take beauty but also an itself. Proud Luga has chosen death shame and leapt in the river under raskidistuyu vetlu. There is and other reading this name. One of legends, for example, tells about how wife Mari language (Russia) of the Luga, having understood, that its gather sell in slavery former ushkuyniki, captured the in capturing husband, has rushed in waves of. Mari the word slow --zhenschina and name of of Princess Luga formed name rivers. [1]'d out, that is more plausible than increasingly-??? the first legend. To the same, given the, that mariytsy in absent the river Enerom, there is full grounds to believe, that the word Vetluga (town) --slavyanskogo origin and means, likely, vyotly and grasslands.
We now to city. Here is that write about offense in atlasakh and anaesthesiology on Gorkovskaya (area:

Commercial and cultural center one of northern neighborhoods area. Center advanced the forest and food industry. A special the beauty and identity city give boulevards, parks set up, back wooden scale,, Bencik to River Vetluga (town) .

In general, judging by listed reports, this town the typical rayonnu center. So in principle it and there is. However, visiting this city, you immediately same will feel his face, his identity, otherness on other such populated clauses. Deserves special attention and history cities, about which, exactly, and shed speech in further.


Foundation villages Schuplikovo

Povetluzhe in the seventeenth- the eighteenth digits W.

Until now we shared only about the basis villages on territory South-West modern Vetluzhskiy cleanup. Consider same now the contestant territory, where subsequently emerged Vetluga (town). Here in the early the seventeenth-century yet coalesced so-called Resurrection countries (from behalf of his center Voskresensk 17th): -- Stan Resurrection , and in offense pagasts on River on Vetluga (town), but on a church yard Church Sunday of Christ drevyana klettska, a warm, with trapezoyu. And in July 1988 images, and candles, and books, and copes, and vessels valery, and bells,, and increasingly Chinese clergy edifice the parochial officers people. Yes on a church yard OK church disappeared: In the yard pop Gerasiy Vasilev, in the yard reader (minor orders) Ivanko Ivanov, in the yard sacred Stan Mironko Markov, in the yard proskurnitsa Marfitsa Samoylova daughter, yes 3 cells destitute, subsist from church His [1]Near with pogostom has been village Schuplikovo on River Vetluga (town), and on it peasants; in the yard Stepanko Federov, in the yard Ivanko Ivanov, in the yard Senka Kuzmin. With this something and was beginning, almost 400 years ago city Vetluga (town). Under patrol duty 1628 year village Schuplikovo together with Iberian Chapel and pogostom named Sociale Iberian Chapel and, and Schuplikovo the OK. [2]

History cities Vetluga (river), more accurately, first village points on place current cities, can be rightly start with 1606 year. Then dozorschiki Ivan Sytin and Mikhail Tyukhin have witnessed on this place Resurrection pagasts and village Schuplikovu (in latest documents Schuplino , Schulepnikovo ). Other more early recorded sources on this about there is no.

As lived peasants Povetluzhya? Largely their life little differed from the life Russian the peasantry in a whole. In need, poverty, in difficult writings of proceeded she. With the help an axe and ceasefire peasant mastering forest territory, by basing on them house, pashnyu, pokosy. In farms peasant communities every yard had in average on 2 your tithe arable lands and on one desyatine senokosov. Moreover, each village had on 5-10 tithe forests under vygon cattle. [3]audace agriculture and cattle breeding, settlers engaged in, especially bobyli, trade hunt, fishing, bortnichestvom, bobrovymi gonami. Products labor settlers has been going not only on content family, but and on sale for money, to paying obroka state.

Can be said, that life in Povetluzhe in the early the seventeenth-century was free, but uneasy. During the farmer war 1606-1607 Propulsion Propulsion Under management Ivan'm a Bolotnikov Povetluzhe becomes one of neighborhoods, buoy uprising. [4]In public life settlers acted targeted even Ivan Terrible local volostnoe and stanovoe governance zaselyonnykh territories. For sustain public order peasants from his environment pursued the Stanovogo chief of village, Chief Justice-tselovalnika, the constables and desyatskikh. Have Stanovogo 17th passed trades, collection of taxes, trial disputed affairs. In temple 17th were stored lists sotnykh and very of ratification to paying collections, obroka, was taking place gathered.

Village Schulepnikovo mentioned also in document, deliver to 1636-1637 Propulsion Propulsion This the deed the diploma czar Mikhail Feodorovich Princess Mstislavskoy. On it Vetluzhskaya the parish, in a whole had passed Princess.

Here let's stop in short on history enslavement of vetluzhskikh peasants. Even in the early 20s the seventeenth-century all land Vetluzhskoy coast` were infrastructure that in earldom first boyarinu Russia F. I. Mstislavskomu for participation in the fight with Poles. In 20s years peasants Povetluzhya, truth, not yet feel serf rights in full strength. Here continued persist breaks for new globalization. Their the flow of on Vetluga (town) was ballooning. On fellow Neighborhood Watchers, okay 1628 year in Voskresensky interest groups who benefit from already there were 131 settlement. Has increased and the number of disappeared in settlements. In 30-40s years is intensifying krepostnicheskiy oppression. Princess Mstislavskaya, already aloofness higher, is building in his little fiefdom estate manor yard, appoints their Governing. Sobornoe Sobornoye Ulozhenie czar Alexey Mihajlovich (1649) Byeongja makes vetluzhskikh peasants in an inherited fortress.

Giveaways land in Vetluzhskiy frontier lasted Tsarist government and subsequently. So, Peter Grand after Poltava victory (1709 Propulsion) two chaps their spodvizhnikam huge estates. How big were estates individual owners, can be judged by the next figures: In 1780 Propulsion In Vetluzhskiy the busiest about half of safety Tiananmen possessed a 10 to individuals. One of them N. W. Repnin, possessed 379285 hectares. , bought to subsequently this manor landowner Luginin had 245840 hectares. [5]

We now directly to history villages Schulepnikovo-sela Superior Sunday in the seventeenth- the eighteenth digits W. Documents (Church-parish books) say, that in the seventeenth-century in. Schulepnikovo built lit wooden Church (on place current bathhouses Propulsion Vetluga (river), not far from historic center cities). Then same, in ties wheels from get a church, village renamed in rural-urban divide Superior Sunday. In 1737 year this rural-urban divide swung in species captain Naumov, and under Ekaterina II vdovoyu captain rural-urban divide transferred to deystvitelnomu titulyarnomu adviser Fyodor II Vasiliyevich the Blind Naumovu, from him in soon swung to bequeath to in ownership of Princess Beloselskoy, which in 1778 year sold rural-urban divide Kostromskomu and north-east appeals A. P. Melgunovu.


[1]RGADA. F. Due orders. Pistsovaya book # members. L. L. 211-234 (Entries dozorschikov, have pursued the census of the local population, 1616 year).

[2]Baldin M. About the first census Vetluzhskiy population. / / L. Z. # 83-87. 21. 07. 1988 Here same mock target helpfully villages and pochinkov Voskresensk mill.

[3]There same.

[4]Verzhutskiy B. Schulepnikovu-Vetluga (town) 350. / / L. Z. # 118. 2. 10. 1986.

[5]Predaniya and reality. / / L. Z. # 71. 15. 06. 1989