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Our neighbor - the P. Them. M. I. Kalinina

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Many our modern development of studied in production school. Know village.
Am asking to share memories of village,. :yes:

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Narrative about my faint Motherland will incomplete, if not will in it mention of our neighbor on - job village behalf of Kalinina. Moreover that much of my fellow citizens have fought the other school in village, their fate closely woven with the fates inhabitants of the village. Perhaps someone from you it will remember Vaganovykh, Lebedevykh and Sakharovykh. Mothers these families come from Solonitsy. Our the story by camping on Ekaty Bakanova, too, married and has become to live in village. Galya Zemtsova (-Bryzgina) and its husband vecherinok also come from Solonitsy. Galya works stay quartermaster in school. If you will find yourself in village and want to anything to know about our old, like, teachers, boldly you can turn to it. She always very is happy their moral and faced us very warmly.
Immediately to list all my fellow citizens, living in village very difficult, the more who of them alive I even not know.
Although I was born in Solonitse, but village me very roads. Me very painful for and bitterly to see somehow he became, in my memory and in my heart of Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion will always be borrow most respectable place.


Village Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion, this all the, that us unites. All children children surrounding villages studied in village. I not know, was whether in village the initial school.


Ever read any Poe about Solonitse in topic and, it turns out, indeed, was the initial school.


Дорогие мои земляки! С Днём Победы Вас всех ! Здоорвья , счастья ,радости ,чистого неба!Передаю привет всем моим одноклассникам   (выпуск 1960 ) и ,конечно же , учителям нашей школы!!! Я РОДИЛАСЬ В Солонице, но с 5 класса училась в КСШ. У нас были прекрасные учителя: Анна Вас. Дмитриева ,Конева Надежда Вячеславовна ( рус. яз.), самые лучшие математики , в том числе- Степан Вас. ВАЛОВАТКИН , физик Георгий Семёнович Калышев-участник ВОВ, Л.?. Маркова -отличный учитель химии. Англ. яз. у нас вела Ал.Ник. Особо хочу отметить Нат. Дм. Либерову:прекрасный завуч, хоть мне от неё и влетало,но это так , для строгости. Ах, как хотелось бы сейчас встретиться с классом моим любимым и снашими учителями, но ... "иных уж нет, а те далече". А жаль ! Очень!      Да и мне уже 70,хотя есть ещё порох в пороховницах (Да-да-да!!!). Я учитель рус. яз. и по сей день сею разумное, доброе, вечное в Карелии.


Very, it is a pity that nobody answered it on – my letter. I not knew that was anniversary schools. Has arrived would. Recently on connectivity look at on st. Arc. Yelena Safonova the commercial from this meeting. Very tiny corner. Especially, when saw photos their teachers and, of course, beloved KLASSNOGO ruk.- Hviezdoslav. Vyacheslav V.. Konev, Ivan Stepanovich. Unfortunately, I about it nothing not know, but still respect its and love, yes and has become rusistom thanks to it. All tsvety- to its yet.


Long not was on site. Very interesting history Vetluzhskiy the brink. Need to attract fellow citizens here, in a comprehensive dialogue between the. Here many interesting things.




You are here » SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area! » SOLONITsA » Our neighbor - the P. Them. M. I. Kalinina