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The Russian nesting dolls

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The story kartina in sketched

In the 1990s, nineteenth century in the Moscow a toy masterful "Symington served nurture" A. Mamontov help brought with her from Japan figure sweet a bald man -mudretsa Fukuruma. She represented a several capital injected one in another figures. Elsewhere on tree Vasily Zvezdochkin, who then in this workshop of the, carved from tree of similar shapes, which also were applied one in another, and an artist Sergei Malyutin hyped their under girls and boys. On the first Russian doll thing was depicts girl in prostonarodnom urban suit: Sundress, some apron, thus with the rooster. Plaything consisted of eight figures. Image of the girls cheredovalos with stock image boy, unlike from each other. The latter featured spelenatogo baby.

Name of "Matrona" then was widespread. Hence and matter name - "kartina."

Today matreshkoy call only those turned and breathtaking affrescoes wooden toys-souvenirs, which consist from several vkladyvayuschikhsya one in another. Toys, not vkladyvayuschiesya one in another, - simply "tochenaya plaything."
In the early 1900s The workshop "Symington served nurture" has been closed, but the fabrication Russian nesting dolls became continue in Sergiyev Russian collection, that in 70 kilometers Jinsha Moscow, in testing-indicative workshop of the.
Russian distributed, has become be produced far outside antique Sergiev Posad "- in Semenivskyi district Nizhny Novgorod county of. In than something she was resembles, but largely differed. If in Sergiyev Russian collection actually saw prizemistoy and dense, then semenovskie masters of sharpened its more basket maruri say and keep anyons from entering, was portrayed spirited girls-beauties in clearest polushalkakh.

Incidentally, and "Roly-out pinwheel" occurred from kartina. The first Weeble-Wobble from the chipboard-paper masses was conceived in 1958 In Scientific-research Institute toys in Sergiyev Russian collection. Plaything skillful qualifications sounds and was Produkowana with use of a new technology, i.e. by hot pressing. The author technology master Ivan moshkin. Inward shapes of their houses metal cargo, which not allowed Buzz Lightyear action figure to fall and forced its to accept vertical position.
In the early 20th century began mass exports Russian nesting dolls abroad. Painting of Russian nesting dolls has become colorful, be more diverse. Was portrayed girls in sarafanakh, in headscarves, with as baskets of, knots were extensively, bouquets flowers. Appeared kartina, depicting pastushkov with moods, like panpipe stuff, and bearded elderswith big stick, bridegroom with the mustache and bride in awaking women. Fantasy artists had not restricted themselves nothing. Kartina komponovalis on very ways principle, to respond asking a basic to his appointment - tends surprise.


you have contact and with other kinds of Russian nesting dolls:

1. Russian nested dollemerged in Russia in late poach century in celebrated Sergiyev Russian collection. Authors were elsewhere W. P. Zvezdochkin and an artist S. W. Malyutin. Vosmimestnaya can was all dolled up in add or skirt with going on in the sweater, aprons, headscarf. In the hands of she clutched of the cock, sickle or bread.
2. Matreshki Polkhovskogo Maidanrastsvecheny branch with 11th colors. Face most curls. She has no such details, as hands, add, sweatshirt. There is no headscarves with tied pig--this. Polkhovka river on which is worth rural-urban divide.
Maydan- concourse of people.
3. zagorska Russianin than something resembles on will take actually. So-same all dolled up, and in the hands of holds Uzlinka, basket or flowers. Have Russian nesting dolls brewing easy geometric ornament from of the stripes and strokes. To carry stigmas enjoy tychkom. From dorks stigmas is obtained effect petals flower.


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Many legends churchgoers about origins kartina. Operatives staff research institute toys this wooden can emerged in 1890 year in Abramtsevskoy the farmstead, in Moscow region. "The inspiration for its has become can Japanese sweet a bald old man Grumbeigh Fukurumu with keep anyons from entering from permanent while head. In uzkoglazom golovastom Yaponchik rested the entire his family. Plaything was Muka with islands Honshu the owner of the Abramtsevskoy farmstead mamontovoy patron of artists, poets, writers, artists. The first kartina vyrezalis manually and have a real wedding ceremony Gouache without preliminary drawing, on peephole and pokryvalis varnish. Wooden plaything, oriented as child, proved so a landmark, so the had come to embody traits Russian national character, that has become traditional Russian souvenir of. Demand on it grew with every year.
In 1900 year Russian engulfed on the World exhibition in Paris and received there universal recognition. Semenov the largest ancient center the artistic processing tree of. In's century Semenov was called lozhkarnoy its capital Russia, Initially the fabrication toys was side-crafts for Semenovskikh peeps. Masters of used for toys wastes from production of spoons, Semenovskie such picked up experience assemble popular a wooden toys in 20s 20th century have of these craftsmen. But made in its character zavolzhskiy colouring, sending it its form of, original its maintenance of. The first matreshechnaya artel was created in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug in 1929 year. Artel what united craftsmen-igrushechnikov cities Shipilova and beyond villages. Tapeheads did here topornuyu toy, sharpened kartina. Artel initially what united not more 2-'s tens of man, mostly, for. Then on base factories appeared are being created public workshops. An art factory of Semyonovskaya we can was founded in 1932. Preserving and by advancing local tradition, masters of factories have achieved big successes in designing artistic products exempted. On the basis of kartina have become challenge new souvenirs, is happening upgrading the Luster. Appeared new elements flowers, and itself painting of received name of Semyonovskaya.
Technique assemble of Semyonovskaya kartina such a same, as and have its rodonachalnitsy: Its make from one and the same material lime trees, birch and cubic meters each. But every master knows its secret tree of and training his to processing. Long chooses he aligned, not Suchkovatye trees, spilivaet their early spring. A media is tree from few well, master necessarily leaves its in several places intact. This is done for moreover, to under drying timber not bursted. Then prepared logs arrange a serving overrun so, to between them freely anodyne air. On few years barrels vyvetrivayut, are dried on open the air until grinding halt after humidity. Here very it is important not much and not dosushit the log this secret know popular such. Need to as they say, to tree was ringing, front gate sings. With dried, logs sawed up on the ghd and're blank. Until 15 operations passes Pyrrhic bolvanka, above than become beautiful, effity doll mold. With large-round cinematic excellence, of sculptors, elsewhere vytachivaet head and trunk kartina outside and from within, using an ordinary tools box and a chisel, Put vytachivaetsya the most a small Russian from birch not opens up can. Then the lower part of next the bottom of a. Bottom for Russian nesting dolls master company manufactures tractors immediately on a thousand units. This is done for moreover, to the lower part of could Ha. When elsewhere ends the tenth a hundred, the first quantity.The already of...... dried. And to it can be be preparing upper part of toys. Dry sooner upper part of kartina not need to, its put on on Donce, fuck, where she shrivels and densely clamps her stud and so densely held. Semenovskie woodworkers, shipbuilders created its form of kartina she more edifice, relatively the thin the upper hand its sharply Crosses in coarse an effort. Shapes carefully proshkurivayut, gruntuyut potato kleysterom and are dried.
Now she is ready to Luster. In Semyonovsky Urban Okrug kartina make in accordance with local traditions leave more not zakrashennogo fruit, raspisyvayut anilinovymi paints eventually become addicted, and then lakiruyut. Initially artists namechayut thin simply the contours of faces make eyes, lips, suggest color has been seen. Then they dress in actually in headscarf, skirt, aprons, pririsovyvayut it hands. Most importantly painting of apron. Precisely for major color Luster apron semenovskaya Russian easily a recognized acronym. Bouquet lush flowers governed over all he more faces, he almost in growth toys. Painting of apron rich, flowers are surprising. In nature such there is no this always fetus fantasies artists, In largely, artists use three color of Red, blue and Royal, official a combination of flowers in Luster headscarves, sarafana and apron. That are recovered posed color decision settling in really major a flower apron. His on long-standing tradition write slightly right. Each Russian has its character and naryad, its shaped decision. Semyonovskaya Russian long has become national souvenir of. With 1932 year semenovtsy delights the adults and children around the world, creating new samples this amazing, unique toys keepsake.

In this year famous of Semyonovskaya Russian doll thing marks 85 years, - reports flirt-punched by Nia "the Bottom Novgorod."

The first to razemnuyu doll have become whet masters of Mayorovy and Vagina Monologues. Averyan Vagin began nurtured Russian nesting dolls-smeshinok: Pleshivykh munchkins with beards and the mustache or - burlier munchkins in their hats worn since. And have Arseni John was Russian quite the other: His the elder daughter Love had ornamentar doll pattern and to paint with anilinovymi paints eventually become addicted.


All we in childhood played these udivitelneyshim work of literature - matreshkoy. We never in the time not wonder about its origins, history. Now you this know.
Over time range of toys expanded, Russian has become multifunctional. How you now know there are three type Russian nesting dolls. Semyonovskaya Russian displayed still on two kinds of: Russian the story (political, been, child, 's how film heroes, fabulous and camping on D.) and architectural (Russian-egg, Russian-futlyar for bottles and Russian-Weeble-Wobble, and so same many other).Japanese god wisdom Fukuruma never thought, that his descendants - kartina will become brand Russia.
Now kartina - vizitnaya card, Russia, thank and pride our area. We not represent our history and culture without this specific toys.

Matreshki - an integral with very our the Motherland.


thermal fluid kind of IT absorbed MNOGOLIKA SEMENOVSKA MATRUSCKA project!


A such you like?



Several words about the traditional for our area method Luster.

Cemenovskaya painting of

One of symbols Russia is traditional the Russian Russian - flamboyant Festive Angelin with pink its and 11th paved on fartuchke.
Ancient popular answer assemble a wooden toys with painting a civilian on talented Nizhny Novgorod earth in the early 20th century.

Gradually, replaced masters-kustaryam, tochivshim and raspisyvavshim on home actually and toys, in 20-50- s years past century came plan trade cooperation. Later plan have united in major industrial venture, Yachtmasters technique. Then starters the hang of this point large unique Russian nesting dolls and production in industrial scale.

Today, based in 1932 LLC Semyonovskaya painting of - one of worlds oldest factories Russia on production child toys, souvenirs, traditional Russian kartina.

Russian invariably causes interest have adults and drooling have children. She has become traditional Russian souvenir of.
Venture also revives neglected answer a groove on tree, supports production Orlich products exempted, encrusted finish golden drain.

Artists factories create new samples, new species products exempted, as in the traditional-style, so and copyrights samples products exempted, tinted Gouache and tempera on panel paints eventually become addicted. Factory of successfully works with numerous partners as its, so and-own neighborhood. Range of products includes more than 150 fringes named. This - kartina from 3- until 20-baby-doll toys, and commissioned and more souvenir products with volumetric carving, products, inlaid in drain, souvenir importing varying degrees forms and much else. Factory of company manufactures tractors on desire-plus contracting and on his design unconventional products and souvenirs with elements advertising enterprises and products.

On venture there is muzeyno-exhibition hall, ???? the Migration Wizard classrooms with Luster Russian nesting dolls.

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