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Pavlovskie fun

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Came it is time to tell about interests inhabitants of our cleanup. Pavlovsky district - not only Paziki, knives and dining rooms sets, medinstrument, but and interesting "pavlovskie of hunting." Here is about them our the next narrative.

One of hobbies inhabitants of our cleanup - against tsitrusovodstvo.


Variety popular breeding, the first plants appeared in Propulsion Pavlovo-na-Oka Nizhny Novgorod area in mid-nineteenth century, supposedly zavezeny from Turkey.

Development spacious fishery capacity was lost and a wide trade exchange with presented by foreign countries in listen times have led to spread of the region) trees in Pavlovo.

This is event happened on the eve the abolition of serf rights in 1860 year, when pavlovskie merchants wandered already around the world. One of merchants I. S. Karachistov established close ties with Turkish market, often visited Ankara by and Istanbul. Once, apparently for particularly valuable product, Turkish Rashid Pasha taught a host Russian a merchant in an extraordinary gift - several bad exotic plants - citrus. The miracle managed to in one bring their home (path, incidentally, and under modern something vehicles not a close!) and referred to his him to next of kin E. D. Elaginu, which in turn, not emperor, smeknuv, that southern plants will survive only in warmer House on bright window. Became their groom, and Turkish seedlings root - all surprisingly! As would the nor was, still in the last century Pavlovo became a kind of homeland Heating lemon thanks to concerns bezvestnykh popular breeders - prying craftsmen people with gold hands.

Likely, was a substantial the reason spread of precisely Market for Lemons. Really tight, lights boiling local urban build (city was placed on a narrow coastal front page along of Oka) not allows plant near homes care, to what recent peasants not have lost interest. Perhaps, so mini-compact trees and itself opportunity grow their even in a small a hut particularly zainteresovali pavlovskikh craftsmen. All the more that in their kamorkakh they Lieutenant Tao for work on 18 hours in clock, breathing the suicidal for health property metal dust. More plants on boxes - less dust, and means, and saved voice health, - such a a near certainty was curious masters of started up on immediately.

Soon thank about pavlovskikh chow mein, went across Russia. More a hundred years ago "living" product from spacious sela on a par with the other nevidalyu snapped up crushed at selling on buzzing nizhegorodskikh fairs.

Lukashenka's behavior is Lujza 2005, to day cities Pavlova in garden square on .500 Market was established the memorial "Pavlovsky lemon", the knighted Professor city and his historical traditions - almost and a half century later lemon became one of officially recognized symbols Pavlova.

Exhibitionsfairs information on Pavlovskomu limonu
Family: Orixa (genus)
Species: Citrus fruits
Kind of: Lemon
Variety: Pavlovsky

Pavlovsky lemon one of the most attractive varieties this species citrus, change in room. This a small a compact shrub from 1 until 1.5 Dam altitude, rarely ?????? 2 forge the Usually for around 2-4 stvolika. His crown is, until 1 flushed in diameter, or until 1.5 flushed if shaped by our, with svisayuschimi down branches. Cora on old branches olive-of Gray color of, with lengthwise cracks, on young - green. On branches the prickers until 1-2 centimeters-, on sword pointed. Young the prickers green, then they become brown.

Leaves lemon light-green ,-13-15 centimeters, wide 5-8 see Leafy phonographs range in form - from oval until Gavar. But meet copies of with ovate form of of leaves and shirokolantsetnoy. Okryleniya on petioles, typically, not meets, for rare exceptions. Zazubrennost on sword of leaves also varied, usually prongs consigned in the upper parts of leaf. The surface of leaves transparent, brilliant. Live leaves 2-3 year.

Pavlovsky lemon applies to samoopylyaemym plants. Cross-an produced artificially. Flower kidneys have and develop in just year. Often can be to see on one and same copy and young gynoecium, and flowers are, and mature fruit.

But copiously blooms Pavlovsky lemon in March and April, and autumn - in September-October. Flowering every flower continues 7-10 days. Flowers are fragrant, singles 2-3 centimeters in diameter, but sometimes accented are collected in small buds.

Have Russian lemon several periods growth. The first period begins with of the late February and lasts until June. Then comes short-term rest. With 15-20 July begins the second wave of growth. And the third - roughly with 15 September and ends in late October. For this period shoots can increase on 50-70 see

Fruit first time are formed on the third-the fourth year after because loosely odrevesnevshikh green bad. High harvests in kadkakh give 15-20-year plants - several tens of fruits.

After flowering growth gynoecium and maturation fruits lasts 8-9 months.

The latter stage of maturation - 30-35 days. If plants, Mali loosely, then closings maturation expands until 11-12 months. If once mature lemon not to lift with line, then growth his continues. Fruit acquire green charged, are rising, escalate in repaired. Pavlovsky lemon macrocarpa. On young, well oblistvennykh Oximetholone pills are formed fruit weight 300-540g. The surface fruits can be smooth, brilliant or in varying degrees rough and even slabobugristoy.

Number of vitamin Since in pulp varies from 25 until 57 milligrams on 100 grams substances, and in peel his in 1.5-2 times more. Acidity oscillates from 4 until 7 percent, the ratio its with sakharom and aromatherapy substances in most cases a welcome. The average the thickness of the peel 4-5 millimeters. Often fruit accented bessemyannymi. But also often meet fruit with 5-10 seed and mnogosemyannye (10-20). Seeds with high vitality. Their productive oscillates from 80 until 90%. Fruit nor in than not lag the best southern drought. Number of vitamin Since in pulp varies from 25 until 57 milligrams on 100 grams substances, and in peel his in 1.5-2 times more. Acidity oscillates from 4 until 7 percent, the ratio its with sakharom and aromatherapy substances in most cases a welcome.

40mins conditions, not accompanying nature citrus, contributed to the emergence of changes forms of, which vegetative (Propagules) we went over this. In a result formed many diverse forms of, different on strength growth, form of the leaves and especially in form, largest, to dyeing, domestic form and Italian tastes fruits. Are formed as high-quality forms, so and malotsennye. But much their part of differs high qualities. Goes active artificial selection.

Pavlovsky lemon better is growing on windows eastern orientation, on southern windows often obgoraet from direct solar rays. Easily population reproduces Greens winemaking.




A one thing hobby inhabitants Propulsion Pavlovo and cleanup - breeding pretty much exhausted canaries.

Knew whether those Spanish and Portuguese moreplavateli, which proved in late XV century on Canary islands, as sings hedgehog, - is unknown. However sense of beautiful them not was mindedness. Among all birds, pobachenikh they on islands, they injected only small, of rather nondescript, yellowish-green, but very talk pevshikh. Was infested with these pets market not in by a natural forests, and there, where trees grew's--it's not much and peremezhalis with bushes and of Pomorie, and also in gardens. Their can be was meet not only in valleys of, but and in the mountains. Has improved greatly of swarming animals, they were looking for an seeds African herbs, young leaves, grapes, ripe rastreskavshiesya figs, in pulp which many small seed, and its dainties - isn't ripe kanareechnoe the seed, growing itself, seeds poppy, Soviet salad. Not one times in day they flied to drinkable spring, where drinking and long impoverished. And before goings sun gaggle of channeled to prejudice any large tree, on which and covered. But came middle of the March - gaggle of broken. Now pets market especially many sang. Form couples, they soon the sites to building nests.

Singing of rather nondescript the birds admired not alone Sea-plavateli, some on Canary islands. Local people reached long ago held beloved them singers at home in cages. Spaniards and the Portuguese began to buying birds, which they called Canario (footballer), and also harvest their and pulling. Were asked for them they a long. However pets market entered the such a fashion, that noble Westerners ???? guests on festive days not otherwise, as sitting with canary on index because right-wing hands.

In Russia, in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, pretty much exhausted canaries have become shipping every year from Germany, from a small of Arche in the Northern Tyrol, with of last-quarters the eighteenth century. Soon peasants sela Polotnyanyy plant in Kaluga county of, which engaged in different crafts, so forged breeding pretty much exhausted canaries, that selling these birds not one thing decade delivered them substantial income. Razvodchiki pretty much exhausted canaries lived and in Bryansk, Smolensk, Tula provinces, later - in farms Pavlov on River Oka, now this city, and in Noginsk (Bogorodsk), near Moscow. Of these centers kanarovodstva birds was being taken on shows, mostly on Nizhniy Novgorod, and made there - in all make ends countries. Especially willingly bought pretty much exhausted canaries traktirschiki: For entertainment public. They pursued the the most golosistykh singers, which can be was listen to even with very strong noise. Visitors some rooms, stricken singing singers over heads people,, too, purchased the birds and started dear their.

Birds, agreed tirolskimi salesmen, had substantial lack of: They very loudly and sharply sang. And, to the has become tender, kanarovody polotnyanogo a plant, sela Pavlova and other seats constantly were selected birds, young melody, which in addition teach. As and most wild song-birds, domestic de-leveraging a canary must necessarily learn sing. In as a teachers were used is porridge, a large bird, tits the coal tit and a pudgy. And in Pavlov together with canaries held still buntings-dubrovnikov - dwellers home meadows of Oka.

He made breed glorified by in Russia. These birds have become to call Russians canaries, canaries ovsyanochnogo tune.

Russians, gartsskie, Belgian and other - this pevchie to come. However there is a long admirers and have so-called decorative pretty much exhausted canaries.



In this year bake anodyne in conference spied a Museum Revolution, which resides on one of streets in central parts of cities. Ivanovskie inhabitants gladly ???? guests mainstream A. Talyzina (Propulsion Moscow), group kanarovodov from Propulsion Pavlovo-on-Oka, kanarovodov from Propulsion The Bottom Novgorod. Visited bake and inhabitants regional center, under than, watch and listen to the the canary they came together with their children.

Before the onset of the the GNP was organized exhibition pretty much exhausted canaries, where all wishing to could admire and listen to the sing to come, to communicate with zavodchikami birds. Some of visitors here same acquired itself ponravivshikhsya pets.

Kanarovody from Propulsion Pavlovo-on-Oka was introduced to the guests exhibition-the GNP with methodology training birds piper, showing its art all proved. Here same can be was listen to the and assess the quality of chants kenarov, Score Records data method.

Just on bake was presented 16 birds. Before the onset of the the GNP gave Chairman club places the Russian to come ovsyanochnogo tune Propulsion Ivanovo mainstream K. Electrochemical Capacitors. He presented test immediately board, told about demands, help to nose modern to come ovsyanochnogo tune.

One from kenarov, represented on bake an enthusiast for from Propulsion Pavlovo-on-Oka D. Apoloninym, was regarded in order exceptions. This a bird had very an interesting, cosmogonies, vividly expressed a flute chant. A soft-spoken, gentle, that is peaceful's that little voice this pets market grassroots slushavshim its lovers of. In this nose were absent marriage and neblagozvuchiya, in notion of a songs to come ovsyanochnogo tune. Well at the plan songs. However, the entire the this an executive not had nor no relations to singing to come ovsyanochnogo tune. This a bird to be sure can be decoration of in House and is reflection of tastes a certain groups places, and also shows truly unlimited opportunities on onomatopoeia have to come.
In a whole, educating the outcome the GNP, want be noted, that only thanks to perseverance, devotion and of the unselfishness places, perhaps preserve old tradition kanarovodstva, perhaps solve existing today problems. Continue to their jobs the few clubs places pretty much exhausted canaries on places, by clustering in their ranks connoisseurs of these birds. Simply remarkable, that manages from year in year pursue contests chants pretty much exhausted canaries not only in Moscow, but and in Propulsion Ivanovo and Pavlovo-on-Oka.


crow's FlGHTS FORM In Pavlov

Settlement or point: Propulsion Pavlovo

Region: Volga region

Type of point: Interesting seats

Distance until federal road (kilometers): 5-70

Description of point:
In town Pavlovo ???? the only in Russia crow's-fighting. More known for cock-fighting -, too, ???? in Pavlovo.

The main travel entertainment Pavlovo the so-called pavlovskie of hunting. In them enters against tsitrusovodstvo, breeding song-pretty much exhausted canaries, for cock and goose down is much nicer-fighting. Not very understandable, how such exotic classes is rooted in city of, fulfilling buses PAZ and medical tools. But fact remains fact in Pavlovo acts club places pretty much exhausted canaries, here lifted twin Pavlovsky variety lemon, and in March spend for cock and goose down is much nicer-fighting. That same such crow's-fighting? If for cock or dog-fighting this violent blows without rules, then crow's-fighting in fact Olympiada. Halo as mystery create and Grisenko from mouth to mouth tales of these crow's habits and predboevykh primetakh. On legend, through on a fine spring nights spent is a master goose goes in yard and listening anymore, not shouts whether bird, not beats whether wing of the. In one of nights this necessarily is happening, and then is a master rolls gusaka, follows to somehow the net he goes: There and is his own government. Further local farmer remains only buy gusaku friend. Usually have gusaka several "wives", but only one of them - espoused. Now, truth, from austerity hold only on one goose to baby. Gusakov the fighting breeds often placed at otkorm umeltsam, which specifically prepare their. Have geese there are their age categories. On defended most often go gusaki 1- 4 years. Have latter category age not limited, ranging with 5 years. Male person, cackling, lack rival for wing and oppression his their entire host to earth. Vyvernuvshis, the second gander Crosses in offensive. Battle lasts, until one of Gusakov not turn in flight. Battle end the masters birds, if one from Gusakov managed to grab beaks another for a neck or three times for eaio. According to Third fighting, until blood or demise birds never it comes. A broken wing hardware over time again is fusing together, and winner receives the right to participate in battles on future year.


Hardware girls drop out in soup All types year on Spring in handful of towns Molyavino, that in Pavlovsky district Nizhny Novgorod area, come gusovody with the entire Russia. On of strangers geese watch yes their in combat show. In strictly in mid-March begins have birds in South period means, came gusakam it is time show their please quality. In the current year came together in Pavlovo gusovody not only from precept seats Sosnovsky, Varnavinsky neighborhoods but and from Moscow region and even OSCE area

Crow's-fighting spectacle an exciting. On an improvised village oblachnosti defended issue from special obnovlenie geese with two gusynyami. Masters drag the 1,000 the males, and begins battle. Here is one gander captured rival for wing and oppression his entire host to snow, gaggling near Golden Goose. Step, still step and rival dodge, wants on a guy who insulted him, beats his wings

As and all serious contest, crow's-fighting have their rules: Schipatsya can be only for head and wings, for its feet and a neck of the lack prohibited from. Duel lasts, typically, minutes ten twenty-, ostentatious until whole hours. Battle gunpoint, if gander from wild pain hides head in hoisted. Winner same becomes the, who will force rival acknowledge, Chrysomallos flight from circle. Killer cases on these crow's battles accented extremely rarely this is happening, if one grouse is mired Different in a certain point, Temelin somewhere between Wings. On memory pavlovskikh gusovodov such happened only two times.

Experienced masters know: To gander fought in combat with the entire feistiness, need to, to on feat his infused so-called own government espoused goose. And although geese on nature its mnogozhentsy, dedication one-the only fiancee they retain entire life. And if with lyubushkoy happens trouble, gander is experiencing together with it, refusing to from food and drinking. Such a here is a goose loyalty.

Find the goose-looking man workable lyubushku deal a not a. In Pavlov tell such case. Released as something at night a gamblin 'man gusovod in yard, hears, his gander his will clap, shouts. Released his in yard, and the in gates and on streets to one from neighboring homes, where, too, artel geese was. On the morning is a master immediately to wife: Sim, money urgently need, do our gusaku Lyubku buy. So the gander long from circle went winner.


"P.S." Crow's-fighting in Pavlovo

Goose long Leba Spit in Russia not one thing a century, from history known, that their showed still match Peter of Economic, and the this fun remained very exasperated. But in 20 century tradition these were lost and persisted in one singular Russian city of Pavlov Nizhny Novgorod area. Hence with our native land and matter revival ancient Russian tradition.

In lower Novgorod crow's-fighting always were in frankenberry. Passed they on Spring in different parts of cities, but the most strong gusaki met in outdoors on the Detention Square, which now is called salient Freedom. ???? fun this was, as would now said informal. Power not very endorsed their such on their glance elderly entertainment in drying cities. In eighties s 19 century local governor even issued imperative couples to crow's-fighting on the Detention Tiananmen. But this does not means, that crow's-fighting in lower after this have stopped, simply gusyatniki have got over on reclamation for Zvezdinkoy and implemented there-fighting illegally.

In battles participate gusaki not younger than year. Limit Fighting careers goose 10-15 years. Although kalikinskie gusyatniki tell about one unique goose, who endured more 20 years and was virtually is unbeatable. But this all same was an exceptional grouse. Himself duel lasts about 15 minutes. First gusyatniki set goose season circle that place sacred, there are permitted only geese and their masters. But but or you should not encourage his goose can be only words, and perishing here lovers of good battlefield equals there is no. In this moment they forget about everything on light of: Few voice praise his gusaka, istoshno and not always tsenzurno are asked his pull all feathers challenger and tail still together actors, and here same again are switching on gentle tone, trying to convince take the goose better fire up his gusaka. Here is goose to baby allowed to all.


Dobryi day, Olga. Caveat kind, write number of conducting these crow's fighting, very like would be. In advance thank.