City Vorsma Urban Settlement is in Pavlovsky district Nizhny Novgorod area.

What same represents from themselves Pavlovsky district?

Characteristics cleanup:

- Square1.1 thousand Square Kilometers

- Chislennost population104,5 thousand Inhabitants.

- Center cleanup is Pavlovo- city in 75 kilometers to southeast west from N. Novgorod on River Oka (Mandalina) and highways N. Novgorod - Qasim (town), ultimate the station railway line. Consumer thousand Inhabitants. Known with XVI century as settlement under take on the road from Moscow in N. Novgorod. Had fortress with earthy / citrus flavours shaft.

- Location cleanup
Pavlovsky district resides in Western part of Nizhny Novgorod area, borders with Volodarskyi Raion, Kiev Oblast, Bogorodskim, Sosnovsky District, Tambov Oblast and Vachskim areas Nizhny Novgorod area, and also with Volodymyrska Street area.

- The story founding cleanup
Pavlovsky district represents a example ancient Russian land, present and the future which relies to a decent history, industrial might and carefully nasleduemyy Plast culturally-spiritual traditions.

On territory cleanup is three cities Propulsion Pavlovo, Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement, and Propulsion Gorbatov. Every of them generally known for ancient popular crafts, on base which arose and evolved modern industry.

History arise Propulsion Pavlova moves away centuries in time and connected with history development the Russian state. Most early mentioning about Pavlov applies to the early the second than half 16 century. The first a written mentioning about Pavlov in letter missive Ivan Grozny dates from 5 April 1566 year. This a written mentioning conditional support is considered year founding Pavlova.
City Pavlovo-on-Oka first time mention in letter missive Ivan Grozny in 1566 year, when on a bend in rivers of Oka was based it - military post tsarist Sagittarius, that must were guard the kupecheskie along the line of, walkers on Oka from incursions Tatars and Mordvin (people). Later these valiant functions it stopped fulfill, Admiral Mike Mullen peaceful times and among Sagittarius Pavlova Philaret settled masters of of forge affairs and other Paris - kustari.

There are many legends about origins name cities. One of them says, that he received its name named some pioneer's carrier Paul. According to the other, city was is named named first posadskogo in Ostrog (fortress), so as in all important documents Pavlovo mentioned as Pavlov Ostrog.

In Pavlov except Sagittarius under the protection of Philaret, circus and and Paris smiths, a tinker, medniki, bochary, gorshechniki and other. They something and contributing zachinatelyami Technoforum fishery capacity was lost, brought him Dmitri Pavlov the All-Russia glory. Further development pavlovskikh metal crafts contributed to the proximity metal in Vyksa Urban Okrug and muromskikh forests (60-80 km. From Pavlova), and also mountains coniferous and deciduous forests, were giving raw materials for production Puscha coal, needed in forging deeds.

In 17 century in Pavlov prevailed grade weapons masters of and zamochniki. In the first half of 18 century has intensified division of labor and appeared many new species products exempted: Dining rooms knives and forks, skladnye knives, shears, transition, vytvarne decorated leave products. Pavlovo isstari successful their locks. Traditional few commodities vorsmenskikh Arabtec were knives and forks dining rooms, with winemaking from pearl, bones, black fruit, skladnye and pocket knives, suzani, vytvarne decorated mnogopredmetnye knives, transition. During Crimean war here was launched production health-surgical tool. In sec. Tumbotino privilos production shears. In Propulsion Gorbatov (with they often Propulsion center extensive the county, solution involving Pavlovo and Bogorodsk) fed verevochnoe production.

In 1919, Pavlovo gained status cities. In this same year was established Pavlovsky who, which in 1929. Was transformed into Pavlovsky district.

In the years the second quinquennium in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement was built health-tool plant. In 1932 Penetrated in build plant avtotraktornogo tool (Pavlovo Bus Factory). In this same time expands production household-Kompar, joinery, sapozhnogo tool in Propulsion Pavlovo; issuance diverse shears in too costly Tumbotino. Here same evolves production surgical tool. In 1952 Propulsion On base Pavlovo Bus Factory and ideal gas bus a plant, translated in Pavlovo, was established Pavlovsky bus plant. So Pavlovo from spacious sela gradually flower in the developed industrial city, and Pavlovsky district now is considered center Pavlovsko-Sosnovsko-Vachsky metallopromyshlennogo district.

City Pavlovo and Pavlovsky district possess enough broad spectrum historical and-cultural and natural attractions, territories with broad opportunities of hunting and fishing, popular art crafts (original old passions local inhabitants).

In city of several monuments history and architecture, among which residential and public buildings the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, house, where was born academic A. E. Favorsky. In city of a deserved and wrote about the him G. Assumption, P. Boborykin, W. Korolenko, here lived and worked the actor G. Georgy Zhzhonov.
Chief object cognitive tourism in district Pavlovsky historical museum, County in the former the farmstead merchant W. I. Gomulina (one of most beautiful in area buildings 2 th than half 19 century) and giving a about history at Russian to prominence pavlovskikh staleslesarnykh crafts. In city of works public dreamland museum, in which even to convene rich collection unique products exempted craftsmen-metallisgov cities and constituencies. Set monuments W. Lenin and A. Favorskomu.

In significant least persisted historical centers cities Pavlovo (in camping on CHAMPION Buildings associated with history create Paul I of Russia 1754 essays W. Propulsion Korolenko) and Gorbatov both cities includes in list historical populated points federal meaning.
Pavlovo and district were long known as center metalworking and Davignon. Large plants - PAZ (Pavlovsky team bus), plants "Voskhod" and "a hydroelectric generator", pollsters hydraulics for aerospace industries, Works. Chancellery - dining rooms implements, known on entire Russia, medikoinstrumentalnye plants them. Lenin (Vorsma Urban Settlement) and them. Gorky (Tumbotino), OJSC "Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar Krai agricultural machinery", made avtosidenya and metal profile, and many other. Widely known and vorsmenskie and pavlovskie nozheviki - master Safronov, "Saro", "Medtekh", "Pavlovskie Knives" and many other producers.

Pavlovsky district one of centers development Arts and crafts in Nizhny Novgorod area. Among products exempted, manufactured enterprises and popular metalworkers cleanup dining rooms sets, decorated with engraved in metals, tourist, hunting and fishing knives, jewelry jewelry, an art forging.

Pavlovchane became famous those, that in their city of in late nineteenth century was launched a special twin variety lemon, and then and mandarin. Known pavlovskie breed attack dogs chickens and geese. Pavlovchane were emotsiyam and znatokami canary! How lovely chants, were contain these birds, and now in city of ???? contests avian chants, collecting participants with different all countries.

G-interest represent pavlovskie of hunting against tsitrusovodstvo, breeding song-pretty much exhausted canaries (in Propulsion Pavlovo acts club kanarovodov), for cock and goose down is much nicer-fighting).

Gorbatov. City in Pavlovsky district on Bank of Oka (Mandalina) in 45 kilometers from at conventional. Until station Vorsma Urban Settlement - 12 km. The most small city in area: 2.5 thousand Inhabitants. Emerged in XVI century, his earlier name - Metschersky (in name people Meshchera), grow, village Brokeback. Name received on reverie attended by of the A. Shuisky-not, owned run them. Became city in they often year. Was known rope Director production, local improved of cherries and unbalanced by here breed, cattle - krasnogorbatovskoy. In city of kanatno-rope factory of, branches strochevyshivalnoy factories and Russian a plant souvenirs. Near cities - resort terrain of with bases vacation and class pensions.

TUMBOTINO. Worker village in Pavlovsky district in 5 kilometers from at conventional on the left Bank of Oka, the only large populous point in Nizhny Novgorod Meshchera Lowlands. 7.5 thousand Inhabitants. Appeared in the seventeenth-century, called on reverie attended by owner Tumbotinova. In farms isstari alia metaloobrabatyvayuschie best. On their base created plants: Medikoinstrumentalnyy and on production shears. Worker village educated in 1938. Near Tumbotina is zone vacation bordering lakes St. and Kustorki.

In district many and fun seats: Oz. Toskanka, Tumbotinskiy brief and others., in town there is considerable on length beach.