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THE Pavlovo-ON-Oka

The most large skaitisana point on Himalayan Murom the Bottom Novgorod is city Pavlovo, the renowned with XVI century as fortress on southeastern has attracted visitors over of the Moscow state. Pavlovo the largest center advanced crafts. In 1666 year in city of was 40 of the Peak. Swedish explorer Philip Johan von Strahlenberg in 1730 year wrote about Pavlov the next the premier: Ves city consists almost only from some states. The, their apprentice imperative in district on sale different iron things, and between them small, as have a pea, Z... Zippers and other, lot more, as white Turkish faba bean coming. All they with keys and very purely and carefully made, so that their can be unlock and lock.

Pavlovskie such constantly towards refining its prowess. In late the eighteenth century here were crafted curly castles in the form of animals and birds, it's deluxe weapons, environs gold, mini-guns. But, of course, the main few commodities it was thought weapons for Russian army. Abroad products pavlovskikh workshops estimate in 1814 year, after as Russians troops marched in Paris. Soldiers and officers to off-load that its short-range battlefield weapons, which highly kotirovalos at the local market. Faced, that his make in Pavlov, the sharp the French have become themselves purchase the big Party weapons, and then resell their his under expensive foreign brands.

Along with metal machining pavlovchane knew understood in shopping centres of and orchards. In this city of in nineteenth century transferred special 40mins varieties lemon and mandarin. Another profitable class of activities was breeding song-birds.

After the revolution on base numerous the artisan advanced workshops was created several large enterprises, existing and to this day: Tool plant, plant behalf of Chancellery, Pavlovsky plant souvenirs.

Currently largest enterprise cities is bus plant, which in this year notes 55 years his existence. First plant been collected buses simple design on chassis trucks are waved GAZ. In 1958 year pavlovchane took over buses vagonnoy layout. In 1968 satellite in a series of model PAZ-672. She has rested on assembly-line work in for several decades and became a major for countryside. On base this machines developed several modifications, among which unique, not akess world unparalleled mountainsides buses PAZ-672G and quote buses PAZ-3201 on aggregates ? GAZ-66. In the second half of 1960s s design engineering the collective Russian a plant proposed several interesting promising models, among which PAZ- Tourist , was marked by special prize on International bus week in Nice, and team bus small class PAZ-3204. Unfortunately, the first machine so and has remained over- a model, and second model managed put on the flow of only later few decades. Currently Pavlovsky bus plant enters in composition made HSIIDC buses. In his arsenal a whole vast array modern machines those created by different class.

In Pavlov retained several buildings the eighteenth nineteenth centuries, in including house, in which was born academic Alexey Evgrafovich Favorsky (1860 1945), the founder of technology production plastics and synthetic rubber, leading the Shanghai Jiao Institute psychological chemistry. About the past Pavlova can be read in works of P. Pyotr Boborykin, W. Korolenko, G. Uspensky. The oldest an architectural a monument cities Transfiguration Cathedral, modernly designed Dalmina in 1648 year. Unfortunately, she Church, built in 1682 year commissioned of the M. Ya He won, became in the 1930s was decimated.







Help about Propulsion Pavlovo and district

City Pavlovo-on-Oka first time mention in letter missive Ivan Grozny in 1566 year, when on a bend in rivers of Oka was based it - military post tsarist Sagittarius, that must were guard the kupecheskie along the line of, walkers on Oka from incursions Tatars and Mordvin (people). Later these valiant functions it stopped fulfill, Admiral Mike Mullen peaceful times and among Sagittarius Pavlova Philaret settled masters of of forge affairs and other Paris - kustari.

With those the most since time immemorial Pavlovo, thus named on legend in honor carrier Paul - first the squatter somehow these and fun seats, became large center artistic crafts the most motley direction.

Until now time Pavlovskie masters of retained and multiply legacy their predecessors and work pavlovskikh handicraftmen - different epochs until now delights the eye visitors Russian Abai Museum - one of most beautiful buildings cities. On all the Russia, not in line master castles, mnogopredmetnye knives, souvenirs local jewelers.

Information on city

Propulsion Pavlovo on Oka, N.Novgorod area, telephone code - 83171, within Nizhny Novgorod area - 271. Phone equipmment services - 09111. Telephone numbering in city of - pyatiznachnaya, includes in themselves cities Vorsmu, Gorbatov, sela and villages Russian cleanup.

According index Pavlovo - 606100, Vorsma Urban Settlement - 606120, Gorbatov - 606125.

Code OKATO Propulsion Pavlovo - 22242501, Vorsma Urban Settlement - 22242503, Gorbatov - 22242505.

Population cities Pavlovo - 62,5 thousands of inhabitants (98th in 2006 year), cities Vorsma Urban Settlement - 12 thousands of, cities Gorbatov - 2.4 thousands of inhabitants. The general population Russian cleanup accounts for in real moment roughly 101 796 inhabitants (figure on 1 January 2007 - 102370 man, wane for January-May 2007 - 574 rights).

Pavlovo for tourists, recreation in district

Pavlovo - enough known in tourist terms of city, about cities consigned Pratelstvi and kidscamps: Bouda "Kustorka", preventorium and child workers camp "Sunny" (all on the lake Kustorka), Gorbatovskiy sanatorium (phone 6-24-90), House vacation PAZ (phone 6-85 67), child workers camp "Chaika" (phone 6-85 62), bouda a plant "Voskhod" (phone 7-15-39), child workers camp "the Red Kurgan" (phone 2-92 08), child workers camp "Lesnaya sanatorium-" on Holy-lake of (phones 2-89 08, 3-36-05) and other.

In really city of there is 4 the hotels, also there is one the hotel in city of Vorsma Urban Settlement.

From local attractions - especially let's note Pavlovsky historical museum, and also the memorial in honor Russian lemon - all of this in the center of the cities. About Museum contains the Yushukan local exhibition gallery, where often pass exhibition local artists. Is worth peek into cafes "Dynasty" in the center of the cities (alongside containing lemon) - there established castle-the modern, recognized reading record Guinness World Records the biggest in world.

Moreover, many tourists note homes drifting away architecture, some of which are worth with nineteenth century.


historical certificate

Until a hike Ivan Grozny on Kazan in 1552 year on of Oka from Muromians until (Nizhny Novgorod in fact proceeded the border of the Moscow state. Claim Tsarist administration on located sub-this Gundelik territory remained nominal. Dissolved here instructs mordovskoe population (laced with category: Mari people - Meshchera) hardly recognizes the dependence from whom would the nor was. Until us came close few Finno-see name villages and rivers - Oka, Kudma River, Tarka, Kishma River, in which indigenous groups forever have left its footprint.

Penetration Russian population in this the brink began long before Kazan a hike. The first to settlers were peasants from-under Vladimir, Rostova, Suzdal, Russia. They fled from gradually period of intensifying serf oppression-- - oh, God. Their were attracted by here the availability of suitable for pakhoty land, abundance game in forests, rich fish tank rivers. And importantly - the absence of feudal dispossession, taivshikh in itself threat a new sort of dependence. After a hike Ivan Grozny on Kazan the flow of refugees strengthened. The local population partly was ottesneno to south, partly has assimilated with channeling weird people or beings. On high the banks of of Oka, on forest glades Dan over here cottages, appeared villages. Gradually raschischalas from forests and raspakhivalas land, nalazhivalsya neural peasant be one-sided.

Time founding Pavlova conditional support attributed to 1566 year. The first a written mentioning about him we find in letter missive Ivan Grozny from 5 April 1566 year. Pavlovo was then mansion Sociale, camping on E. Original in composition Tsarist fiefdoms, and incomes with him has been going on content palace farming. In letter missive tsar gives personal ordered prikazchiku Timothy Kharlantevu about transfer suzdalskomu Spas-Efimevu monastery several lakes, and also about one indulgence, Your Honor rights on enleve fish peasants sela Pavlova in numerous small Spain, along in flood of Oka from also a place in it Kudma River until the mouth of Kustorki. The most a probable version of arise this document such is. In 1 565 dinars year victim of Oprichnina moreover Ivan Grozny boyar A. B. A humpback-Shuisky. In his an extensive earldom lay and land, located in neighborhood modern Propulsion Gorbatov. Religious until bigotry tsar conveyed their vliyatelnomu in the time suzdalskomu Spas-Efimevu monastery. Asking me borders a new ownership, the monks ????????? litigation with Pavlovsky prikazchikom Timotheus (Saint Timothy) Kharlantevym from-for nobody's lands, along in flood of Oka. Both sides turned in ? ? ? ? ? Cathedral of palace on. But decisive word in this dispute possessed a masterpiece, camping on K. Speech commanded about palace, camping on E. Tsarist property. Prikazchiku was told to part of agricultural land with the neighborhood on them two lakes to hand monastery, in the rest of the cleaning up and above all provide felt in coffers constructed with it monetary income. From of ratification of we will know not about partyless founding Pavlova, and about how, that it already existed. More that it already was Admin. centre a small constituencies, in that lay the coming villages. Therefore, enacted for foundation Pavlova 684 year - date imputed, on fact rural-urban divide fulsome before. Since its arise in ties with an idiosyncratic varnished terrain, rural-urban divide Pavlovo existed as two almost "settlements. One thing - on Saviour sorrow, alongside Ostrog (fortress), another - in district modern market, streets Nizhny Novgorod, Lenin, and some other, along small river the previous.

On Nizhny pistsovym books 1588-1599 devolving, streletskomu sotniku from sela Pavlov Ostrog The Ivanovna Rodionova son Durakovu, on his chelobityu in Moscow, was allocated in the salary in 1,597 year image Eban projected in noturesanas polese Sorochinskoy Wasteland in Berezopolskom interest groups who benefit from Nizhegorodtskogo the county. This image Eban projected was enobled with The Rodionovichu not accidentally. In late 70-'s - beginning of the 80s XVI century on Nizhegorodtskomu Uyezd has proceeded wave of cheremisskikh incursions, Polish with easy hands historians "cheremisskimi wars." From cheremisskikh incursions seriously suffered Sosnovskaya the parish,,. Tumbotino (on Workers 1588-1600 devolving She labeled the wasteland). Pavlov Ostrog and Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar Krai the parish, less neighbors have suffered from devastating incursions only thanks to successful the military leadership maintain a garrison-fortress streletskim Ukrainian, which in this time, on stealth documentary sources, was however Rodionovich. Replaced sostarivshemusya on Tsarist service byvalomu was in 1,597-99 devolving Was put streletskim Ukrainian in Pavlov Ostrog Ignatius Narodichi.

Seems interested in this respect and such fact: In the first decades his existence rural-urban divide had two name - Pavlov it and Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB. On orders czar in mid-XVI century on the Bank of Oka, in district modern Saviour mountains, where well prosmatrivalas terrain of in southern and southeastern directions, was srublena means fortress, falsehood place a permanent tenure a small groups Sagittarius.

Gorodovye Strelets Troops carried the garnizonnuyu and borders service, and also upstaged orders local administration. They not paid taxes, not engaged in agriculture, but them allowed to have old forge and engage fishing, hunt. Garrison fortress "Pavlov it" in XVI century was comprised of 50 man led by streletskim Ukrainian.

Time was disturbing about: Despite Debacle Cathedral of and category: Astrakhan Khanate khanates, continued exist the threat attacks on Russians land with hand Crimean Tatars and steppe warriors is witnessed by. Such fortress vozdvigalis then along all borders of the Moscow state. Ah and the second name - Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB, where embarked on it?

Until now continues to bytovat legend about mega Paul, when - the soorudivshem itself Whitney on Bank of Oka in district modern market and polished carrying. Known, that historical the legend not arise on an empty place, usually they in the artistic form convey that place phenomenon. Was Paul or not - for us not matter. Another matter - struck by in legend idea about existence of in immemorial times in district market force through Eye has seen. If this idea to accept, and not accept its there is no reason, we should agree to, that speech goes not simply about frostbite. After all she gave name nearby population point of. Means, already in remote times around it boiled life. For few decades until the construction Philaret, perhaps still in XV century, Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB could be biggest point, through which have been mediated by economic ties Russian population, a resident of downstream on Klyazma's tributary, with mordovskimi tribes. Such ties could occur constantly or which, with arrangements torzhisch and space. And in is and in another case on frostbite must were arise Inn yard, Kuznitsa, for machines horses, at home people, serving 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB. Here same could find harbor those, whose profession was connected with River - the fishers, the boatmen, splavschiki forests. All of this, apparently occurred long before the construction fortress. Only in this case name "Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB" could so firmly girl crush in consciousness people, that then about hundreds of years competed with other entitled - "Pavlov it."


Oh city of Pavlovo in verses


Town our not have sea,
On high kosogore.
And the bottom under kosogorom
Coursing through , boracium
And cool and Bystra
Volga molodsha sister.
In dalyakh the Motherland ceramic
Towns provincial
Very many, and not too numerous.
Identity in every there is,
And have all their secrets.
For winter comes summer.
Cherries, plums, apple-trees of the krona,
In windows local lemons,
'll be ships and have of Oka,
The beach white sands,

For tourists and friends -
Dreamland museum.
Shops, but until
There is no "Greater",
There is DC.
"Lenin's Central Stadium" there is no, there is house sport,
Even two - I confess proudly.
Parks there is - "Green", "Krucha."
And factories different heap:

And "Voskhod" and media and PAZ -
Not remember all now.
Resides on the hills
The entire in dubravakh and gardens,
In blue haze of on River
Pavlovo- on-Oka.

Natalia Kornukhova


Skazanie about Pavlov
Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB
(The raw even only drawings)

Longstanding time a small footprint
In past memory our calling.
And can be, great-grandfather could have your or grandfather
In Eastern European folk tales-legends my yet shall he live.

Reached long ago once Paul
Over Oka River in a mouth of small river the previous
Hut pyatistennuyu put.
And in rain, and in day spring vivid
On boat he without ultimately
Through Eye has seen people for investigations.
For this was he here in frankenberry,
Around all knew Pavlov 26.04.2010 Prof Revolution DVB.
Spring Strelets Troops here have come,

Ticked rook on anchor,
On sorrow they it doubly
On velenyu Grozny czar.
Under a mountain have for a radical slope
Blue Okskaya wave of,
But on sorrow, as Tsars, crown failed,
Fortress with Tower edict visible.
Kayisa in polneba do,
Sleeping in homes their still people,
Down on a hiking trail bronnik Vasya
To transport from fortress goes.
Likes here Vasily listen to
Avian chorus in a bend in of Oka,
And the bottom daughter Pavlova - Tanya
Takes water there, de springs.
Vasily (it is difficult or young)
On a steep path down fleeing

And Tanyushenku have homes
Side if met.
Over however have morning star the talk,
Face Thani, as dawn is ablaze.
Vasily it, of course, likes.
"With good on the morning!" - he it says.
Land as if not touching the,
Tanja as on air was swimming and floating.
Oops, you, oops, you the damsel-Angelin,
Not tickets will treasure whether you has found?!
Tanja gaze its clear vskinula,
On cheer answered,
Looks silently on Vasily
And in mind its pointed out:
- December handsome, accordion player wonderful.

Than not the precious treasure?
Bronnik - master all known,
Star, although and not rich.
There they about than something talked,
But not about this cursory my narrative,
Without rivers yes mountains not sgovorili it comes
Gay yes brown his eye.
House you cut down this on the street Streletsky Prikaz,
Paul and Strelets Troops khmeleli on feast
And wheeled overhead...... in are learning-- the molodetskoy.

About wedding talked all: "To good!"
"Bitterly!" - young they shouted
And not knew, that with easy their hands
Was here been paved the beginning of
Cities large have of Oka.
With the pores here Bronnikovy lived
Yes Streltsovykh several disappeared.
Reservation) served yes Russias have served
Ancestors our glorious craftsmen.

All, who will tell, was so hardly,
I open truth one:
Orlyk in the Contemporary are the ones who put
Legends or many in handworkers.

Grigory Redko


In museum

Say about this piece of the:
In farms on Bank of Oka
Invent the a shrubber fancy,
With secret, with music castles.

The need for oppressive, grief
Not was completely covered sunny dream,
Over the workbench bent under luchine,
In labor sought he the beauty.

And on the morning the castle with a small bow
A merchant in was very hard on for pittance,
To, uslazhdaya heart of armors and,
Great Bank he - Shekels.

But time resisted. Merchants forgotten.
And grew city have of Oka,
Now almost are gone from life,
Go in past castles.

But masters of large sozidanya,
They live and in our days.
And not are gone they in predanya,
And there is no, not died they.

Now in many countries world
Have Ganges delta, Nile - birth rivers,
Bad luck in sunset passengers
Team bus pavlovskiy with of Oka.

Grigory Redko


Song about city of Pavlov on Oka

In the edge of my lovely, where joy closely,
Kremlin--whether, beauty achieving a, neck.
Sing I about city of Pavlov song,
And the my over prostorom flies.

Not, priokskie you gave,
Heart roads, pretty.
Place I can find the money hardly

Surges zolotyn lemons in okoshkakh,
On the streets of the "paziki" slippery mchat,
And entirely passages over the Hill harmonica,
Disturbing hearts have apples and wedding traditions.

Here waves of play with rays decline of.
Pleasing shiver goes through cool Cai veterki.
Hurry motor ships, as birds, somewhere,
Merge with cadences powerful rivers.

Fly fly fly, my the, fly fly fly over Russia.
Birth storonka, as you Good!
There is no the brink own than the, there is no the brink more beautiful -
Live here such, here every - Lefty.

Nikolai Sychaev


At Oka

Well after days labor
To lift coat in the wreckage and so, nalegke,
Withdraw under evening on Bank again
To Thexder with childhood Oka.

And with crested outcropping for a radical
Before me gonna open a room,
From tonuvshego in haze of Chulkova,
Until high Chubalovskikh mountains.

Distance this not soon
You going to do is pass, - so big our district,
And of the late there is no, and the brink have wetland,
That propped blue nebosklon.

For River, the where cultivation of the of a bunch of,
Widely lying grasslands,
And'm just admiring I with Troitskaya about,
As for mountains moves away river.

There selenya go with a string,
Zolotitsya. After rye,
Flying all all mournfully, as bird, -
Until what OK the brink native our good!

Human lead'll be ships and,
Its pulling each loaded railway Railway ferry.
The sun where - the for timber goes,
And river the entire glitters low.

Alexey Vlasov


y yubileynyy rossiyskiy people Propulsion Pavlovo

Paul the Carrier.

No documentary data about: It cities Pavlovo on Oka not retained. But all and so know, that was such the Carrier on Oka, a his Paul. And was, he we hope not quite middling man, for city, the Mimo his name, lives already above 400 years, and forth to live will.

Nikita Pavlovets.

Among pavlovskikh icon painters 17 century (such as: Ivashko EBRD with son Mikitkoyu, Vlasko EBRD, the widow Domnitsa Poluekhtovskaya wife Kazarinova with children with Boris, with Ofonkoyu, yes with born Mishkoyu. Timinko 19 countries with children with Danilkom, with Gavrilkom, with Ignashkom, Yurko Yakovlev with son Ondreyankom, Perfilka Rodivonov with brother Naumkom, Agafonka Ondreev with son Ortyushkoyu, Ostashka Matveev with son Kuzemkoyu ) were characterized particularly talented Ivan EBRD and especially his son Nikita on famous strong man Pavlovets, which Ethiopians have voted our czar Alexey Mihajlovich in 1668 year been filed in the Moscow Armoury house. Worked Nikita ? until depletion forces, entirely 600,000 men art foots. As icons of his, this heavyweight masters of of the time, and even tsar celebrated their magnificence. Died Nikita Pavlovets in 1663 year and buried in Makaryev, Kostroma Oblast-Zheltovskom monastery. His do amazing as icons of now housewife in State Tretyakov gallery in Moscow and experts`attention museum in St. Petersburg.

Pavlovskie tool.

Known, that 1675 year pavlovskiy master Afanasy Chernov been filed with five co-players in Armoury house. In 1706 year on st.Peter grade weapons plants were taken 33 shelfmaker's rate sword-smith's daugtter from Pavlova. In Hermitage have been taken, among best samples weapons various countries, housewife rifle with the banner "Afanasy Ovsyannikov. Rural-urban divide Pavlovo. " In the years corruption Paul I among pavlovskikh craftsmen particularly were characterized Alexey Sergeevich Chetverikov and Ivan thus. Rifle their work were offered by the graph Sheremetev to Emperor, which highly estimated work craftsmen, only popenyav for something that, Russians masters of 'Brands' on weapons not place.

trip actress.

Tatiana year Shlykovawas born in 1773 year in family Russian serf peasant Vasily Shlykova, which headed have notation in P. B. Sheremetev rice-camera - collection the longstanding weapons in AFV the farmstead still. A small Tanja Shlykova was seen in still, as and its trip, Parasha Kovaleva themselves by the graph, and girls were taken for training to sets movement and nourishing in estate manor house. They received good a secular education, involving up knowledge foreign languages Italian and French

Theatres category: Sheremetev family was modern their brilliance and on those times the most modern organization. Picking the actors was very a strong, but among all on scene all singer Praskovia Ivanovna Kovaleva Zhemchugova and prima-ballerina Tatiana year Shlykova-Granatova. Talented ispolnitelnitsami admired Empress Catherine II, which was present at one of their performances. She invited their to itself in Masonic and generously gifted. In 1803 year the entire family Shlykovykh received Hell.

After death its girlfriends Tsarina Praskovia Kovalyova-Zhemchugova (1803 year), by the time wife N. P. Sheremetev, T. W. Shlykova on-son Watsu cared about its Son his earlship Dima was bringing, and then and about his wounded sons. Familiarity it was large, especially she it closer with arzamastsami - this literary circle, in which participated Zhukovsky, Pushkin, Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov and other. Died she 25 January 1863 year.

One of brothers of Tatiana of ryazan was also try. In the archives retained mentioning still about two misuse serf theater, come from Pavlova: Afime Shlykovoy and Anne Ellinger Danilova, but known about them much less.

A. Propulsion Nekrasov.

Priest Abraham of Moscow Nekrasov known its supreme Shia cleric Nizhny Novgorod dioceses, preacher and spiritual the Instructor, - was born in sec. Frolovsky Gorbatovskogo the county in family poor priest. Graduated from Nizhniy Novgorod spiritual seminary. In 1828 married and was ordained in priests Troitskaya church sec. Pavlova, which - as the first beautification Pavlova , where and served 25 years. Even in the early his svyaschennichestva Nekrasov got acquainted with great podvizhnikom A. Seraphim, of Sarov, which, to my him proclamation, predicted, that he will oblichitelem splinter, Protopope and will many tolerate from unworthy of diakonov. All of this in its time fulfilled.

Known names another two pavlovtsov , as and Nekrasov, work the Reverend's. From their pavlovskikh parishioners A. Abraham of especially liked merchant Alexey Gurevicha Vorotilova and peasant Peter Nikiforovich Irina (disambiguation) for their spiritual quality. Rkovodeni his I, both they derived in Sarovskuyu desert belts, the first of them come with s elite A. Of Serafima, and the second subsequently was Bootie and a bit of a racket Cheremisskogo (Mari language (Russia)) St. Michael the-Arkhangelsk monastery. In 1853 A. Abraham of, as one of the most remarkable iereev its dioceses, was transferred svyaschenstvovat in Nordstarin Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Here he spent 32 year until his demise.and all arzamasskoe clergy stored fertile memory about our zemlyake. In Nicholas monastery annually 1 January was undertaken urochista a panikhida on a . The Seraphim Sarovskom and a . Avraamii, and every 5 April annual a memorial Archpriest.

category: Patrons of the.

Ivan Alekseevich Pryadilov(died 2 March 1910 year), native of the upper parts of sec. Pavlova, in 1897 year donated Pavlovskomu society 20 thousands of rubles for construction Performance. In 1899, year College was openly. Later, in much of on his funds, and in College was dismantled the second floor. Later in this building was placed the orphanage. Need be noted, that I. A. Pryadilov was the first Petty Officer volostnogo rule, elected rural shift in 1861 year. This he together with ispravnikom D. I. Babkinym with construction of Troitsky Cathedral ceremony the royal manifesto about release fortress peasants.

G. BC Ryabininahas built its in uncanny ability agriculture are society female poorhouse for nursing about Resurrection church (now the printing house) and chapel Christ of the Savior in appearance courtyard garden, in honor events 17 October 1888 year.

P. A. Varypaevhas invested means in construction church Ascension.

W. M. Smirnovbuilt school (former # 5).

14 on May 1896 year in sec. Pavlov dynamite was hospital appears, which a year of the on donations all strata society, in including and I. A. Pryadilova. To mention the construction hospital need be noted nizhegorodskogo merchant discussion Mihajlovich Rukavishnikova, which contributed meaningful contribution in this a good thing.

F. M. Varypaev.

Peasant son, (until the abolition of serf rights in 1861 year was also notation in Sheremetev) in 14 years however, on rights senior son adopted from dead in 1833 year father a slight a place, mostly izgotavlivayuschego castles. Enlargement entire products and permanent control quality allowed young the entrepreneur get rid of discretion local fences, and directly conclude treaties with large salesmen. A permanent drive be the first 1st all sides life this beginning. Rights. Have him must were be best workers, with the most high wage; Cathedral the, alongside which he lived and was in it church secretary of his should be the most the beautiful, and so around the. Products his factories repeatedly saw on exhibitions. Among rewards Philadelphian them can be be noted medal with the banner Over useful for wearing in buttonhole on Stanislavovoy tape , a small that silver Medal for from which sends 80 members deep pockets and free society for production surgical tool, received on of the London the exhibition honorary report and invitation be a member of of Great Britain and Ireland national Academy, medal with the banner Over useful for wearing in buttonhole on Annenskoy tape for already well known surgical tools, of the His Majesty to Emperor Aleksander II on Nizhny Novgorod the exhibition.

6 July 1863 year Pavlovo visited the great Prince and scion throne senior son because then Alexander II Nikolai (1843-1865 devolving Visitors visited -Trinity Cathedral the, secretary of his which was Promyshlenniki Varypaev, and. Everyone which Cathedral produced before guests around the his splendour. Scion throne visited house Varypaeva, where familiarized with process production and left personal Made to Order on four a dozen kitchens knives and had a blockbuster down. Visiting manufacturing Corps, in one of of the Peak scion personally adopted participation in forging a shears together with one of workers, Kovalem W. Miteninym.

After the abolition of serf rights and with institution in 1864 year lands, Varypaev was elected Volost administration Petty Officer, and sobornym secretary of his he remained until the most its demise 3 December 1900 year. Spending large amounts of under life on bogougodnye affairs, he and after death on bequest left 10,000 rubles, as untouchable contribution, interest with which brought for aid the poorest parishioners Pavlovsky of the cathedral, secretary of his which he was.

N. P. Vladimir Sorokin.

Nikolai Petrovic Vladimir Sorokin was born 26 November 1824 year (on UF. MTM, when Pavlovo was property graphs category: Sheremetev family, in family kustarya-rope-maker's. In of kindergarten rise he shown inquisitiveness and propensity to learning, which mostly was happening on Church literature. With 8 years Nikolai Vladimir Sorokin annually in the great post during Church services in cathedral read the gospel of and nurturing this Huroson a duty until the most death. Entire his life he was present radetelem public interests. Under his active involvement 14 November 1857 in farms Pavlov included expressed a solemn opening the first much skating primary Performance. After the fall of the serf rights in 1861 year, he already as assistant Petty Officer volostnogo rule led litigation on mitigate vykupnogo treaty (the sum obroka and on other counts) against Unluckily Ballet Sheremetev. He typed supreme beggars and attracted attention to problems sela Pavlova Russian public figures, prominent representatives intellectuals.

Thanks to perseverance and frustration, Nikolai Petrovic achieved discoveries in Pavlov-producing dvukhklassovogo Performance (11 March 1871 year), and soon included and peaceful signing a treaty with pomeschikom. Disagreement with out-of-control raskhodovaniem public money and resentment violations, which 250 billion administration, made him adversary made in 1871 Volost administration Petty Officer Prelle F. M. Varypaeva, which ended 2kh annual refers in Vyatka River (Russia). And all same troubles his not proved unwarranted. Him managed achieve some useful changes, for example: With 1883 year goes his opinion on skhodakh became to be conducted with 5322991 zakrytoyu ballotirovkoy (i.e. secretly), that, along with other changes, led gradually to the establishment order in public life Pavlova.

Nikolai Petrovic Vladimir Sorokin, by the time a member of gorbatovskoy Uezd Fortunetelling died 30 July 1887 year from paralysis hearts.

I. A. Nevsky.

I. A. Nevsky not wasPavlova, however on Affairs his he indisputably should be are to Pavlovsky the patriots very late. Was born he in Propulsion Of Finance in family reader (minor orders) in 1839 year. After the end of the spiritual Performance was dyachkom in one of rural churches. In 1862 st year in farms Katunkakh them was opened in his House Church-parish school, in which he and became first time teacher. In 1874 year Nevsky was moved as a deacon in rural-urban divide Pavlovo, in Trinity sobornuyu Church. Here, moreover, he became teacher chants in dvukhklassnom College. In 1882 year he conceived open under Trinity Cathedral of Church-parochial school, for its expense Fr equating the, to South and all necessary and in his House became train children. School has been in House for deacon until 1889 year, when was built a special the building on valery means.

I. A. Nevsky in 1890 year created in Pavlov Plawsk society of sobriety, and in 1892 year these society is open Sunday school, in which without rewards taught I. A. Nevsky and wife Stanovogo the bailiff E. P. Krasotskaya. Writings Ivan Alexandrovich were marked by Synod on and Tsarist government: in 1868 year him was declared lasting gratitude, 19 April 1882 year Vsemilostiveyshe awarded a silver medal, and then soprichislen to the Order considered. Anna 3 th extent.

Written I. A. Nevskij anthem, became hymn to just trezvennogo movement Russia. In 1897 year public cities commemorated 35-anniversary pedagogical activities I. A. Nevsky.

About subsequent s life I. A. Nevsky nothing not known.

W. M. Smirnov.

Was born he, by some data, in 1853 in the farmer family, but managed to over time turn into prosperous a fence. In county zemskom meeting held office one syllable with no vowel from Russian rural society consecutive 18 years. In 1888 year Smirnov renovated on their means Pavlovskoe 2-cool College and was awarded designation his honourary fan of law, in 1910 g ode for its expense built the building primary Performance in sec. Pavlov. Were committed them and other donations on bogougodnye affairs. In 1898 year was elected Volost administration Petty Officer, and shown on this office all their best quality, unlike from many other Volost administration elders, than and deserved respect with hand component.

Ahn. E. Favorsky.

Senior brother academic Favorskii, Andrei Evgrafovich was born in Pavlov in 1843 year. As son priest was brought up in spiritual seminary, but after its the end of the not became continue to family tradition, studied under in Kazan and Petersburg University and received entrepreneurship candidate rights.

To help their moral he and his each engineer-technologist Nikolai Petrovic Zernov (son Russian a postmaster) are starting ambush in Pavlov savings and-provident partnership and skladochnuyu artel. A. E. Favorsky became an organizer ssudnogo partnership, which was openly 3 September 1872 year, and N. P. Zernov 31 July 1873 year opened skladochnuyu artel and the second ssudnoe partnership. Their activities had been confined to issuance kustaryam affordable for them credit and decision-from them deposit for accumulation, and also organization even natural pavlovskikh the artisan products exempted aside from fences. However so a good outlet was soon destroyed from-for revolutionary activities organizers of, for that they and were expelled from Pavlova.

Later, serving exile and already possessing legal practice in Moscow, he bought land on the left Bank of Oka below Pavlova, built house, has marched pakhotnoe agriculture, farm, cattle, set them off's hard. Manor known in our edges as you Favorskii.

Andrei Evgrafovich v1898 year elected the transparent Gorbatovskogo main Estonian National assembly in the police province government Zemskoe assembly and consists on these positions 12 years. In 1907 he ran and has passed in the State it included from Nizhny Novgorod county of, where Y attracted attention to messier position in Pavlovsky district, was soliciting about construction iron roads until Pavlova. Construction roads was close to practical implementing, but was blown, it's okay from-for FIS I World War.

Died in 1924 year, in age 81 year.

A. W. Metalink.

One of the first women, the perpetrators of several serious travel, the author papers on Ethnography, was born in lower Novgorod (25 January 1843 year), but kidsyears has carried in Propulsion Gorbatov, where its father was sent on place Archpriest. With 1876 on 86 devolving She together with husband scientists-a geographer G. BC Potanin undertook expeditions in Mongolia and on Tibet. She became the first scientists, studying the life women Asia and relaying its in article Oh Chinese woman. After the end of the expeditions much time's been initiating study the life the Buryat. Its ethnographic essay among the Buryats was marked by golden medal Russian geographical society.

During his fourth expeditions Alexander Viktorovna Metalink died 19 September 1893 year about cities Chu-was him-available.Fu on road in Shanghai.

N. M. Albov.

Nikolai Mikhailovich Albov was born 15 October 1866 year in farms Pavlovo Gorbatovskogo the county Nizhny Novgorod Governorate in family polkovogo priest, and childhood spent in Pavlov. Later his family moved in Shua. Was taught the on natural Decoupling physico-mathematical Psychology of the Moscow University and in Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, at the end which received degree of candidate natural Sciences. Actively studied flora the Caucasus ands their research (Abkhazia ferns , Forests Abkhazia and other). A member of-correspondent Botanical society Geneva. Royal officials talents Nicholas Mihajlovich Albova evaluated not were, he remained without work and forced was leave in Argentina, where him have proposed place nerd under museum cities La-Plata summit and he was able to address favorite affair. He committed several expeditions in various areas South America, in including and on Fire Earth, - then little investigated terrain of. In October 1897 year he Transition died and was buried in Propulsion La-Plata summit farthest from its the homeland.

M. K. Medovschikov.

Mikhail Konstantinovich Medovschikov was born in 1860 year in village Gomzovo Gorbatovskogo the county in the farmstead a poor landowner's, of hereditary a nobleman's Constantine Chernyenko Vasilyevich Medovschikova. Swoon medical economics Cathedral of University, he in 1886 year comes on service Zemskim doctor sela Pavlova. His unique by attempting webmasters upgraded their techniques in the busiest college medicine, the kind college medicine Russia, which she gets the whole world its progressivnostyu and in humanity and has become a model for role model in countries Europe and Americas. His efforts have led, that almost the entire medicine in the busiest has become-free laborers, in including and drugs from pharmacies otpuskalis on recipes doctors for free, i.e. expense of treasury. He constantly points out attention society on questions ecology, hygiene and sanitation; and, finally, raises question about construction in Pavlov a real major hospitals. 14 on May 1901 year hospital appears was opened (later pavlovskiy tubdispanser). Often he had provided the aid sick from their personal funds. Died Mikhail Konstantinovich Medovschikov 28 October 1914 (10 November on a new style) on its bedside office.

I. E. Kubarev.

Native of sela Panovo Arzamassky the county Ilya Egorovich Kubarev in young years (80s years 19 century) arrived in Pavlovo, where had lived under roughly until 1928-29 s and left a long created them stone building. Them built in Pavlov Troitskogorskaya Church, one of churches in Ababkovskom monastery (Yegoryevsky), church in Arefine and Vorsma Urban Settlement and other buildings cities. His buildings regimes differed not only external architectural data, but and were fulfilled adjusted for acoustic demands. In construction he used their secrets preparations Mortar for forging the masonry, and so creation this town builder regimes differed remarkable durability. When his buildings later accounted for casualties (destruction churches in the years Soviet power), then always this envious setback, so as accounted for use inside.

A. Propulsion Stange (surname).

Alexander August Stange (surname) was born 13 (25) August 1854 year in Mahilou were in obrusevshey German family. In 1872 year graduated from with golden medal Riga, Latvia nib and entered Petersburg university on mathematical economics. Already in are 21 years he proved under influence freedom-loving democratic ideas, was essays submitted post Pisareva and Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky. After the end of the University worked in Baranya railways, in parallel dealing with political activities. Zalman themselves work in popular the mud , Stange (surname) in 1887 year arrives in Pavlovo, known then the entire Russia not only their izdeliyami, but and heavy share craftsmen-handicraftmen -.

In 1890 year in Pavlov was openly Plawsk society of sobriety, where secretary became A. Propulsion Stange (surname), - precisely here in rubbing shoulders with kustaryami and was developed idea create cooperative production. Organization production in conditions bitter showdown local fences and shove their dear exploiters, the search for cash, rent land, - all these questions can be was solve only thanks to waste and energy this rights. In plan was does a library-considering, here same were held lecture on medicine and on other scientific themes. This public activities was substantially expanded after discoveries in Pavlov second society of sobriety, under guise which was shaped real popular club. Summer the entire club work symposium was held in garden on Dalney steep, where festive mood reared brass with marching band, first time started by in Pavlov society of sobriety.

In 1914 in plan already was 199 people. Began war, and had to to move on issuance military products: Sapernykh spades, shears for cutting inserts railings, surgical instruments, - and with this affair artel has dealt successfully. In the time when are the button vzvinchivali prices public Made to Order under low their as a, artel guarantees the different the quality of under moderates charged additionally. Alexander August kind of instilled in artelschikam, that pillage state unpatriotic and't be respectable, and this us not to slap.

In the years 1917 year already a new Soviet power he was appointed on work in artisanal department Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and later instructor Glavkustproma. Summer 1921 year he returned in Pavlovo for organizations local these union on base-plan. In 1922 year in Moscow he becomes chairman of Council All-Russian union trade cooperation. In 1923 grandfather Stange (surname) terminally is returning in Pavlovo, where again headed a Pavlovskuyu artel and Pavlovsky promsoyuz and worked in various positions until 1932 year.

13 November 1932 year he died. In the latest path Alexander Genrikhovicha Stange (surname) provozhalo all Pavlovo, and central and local newspapers in for several days publicized obituaries and condolences in ties with letter Alexander Genrikhovicha. Buried he was on the edge of old cemeteries, on mind have its plan, but, unfortunately, a new power in his Madness, destroyed and our old a graveyard of, and grave obdobi Stange (surname).

Nobody. E. Fovorskiy.

Future a distinguished Russian scholar-chemist was born 20 February (UF. UF.) 1860 year in farms Pavlov Nizhny Novgorod county of in family priest Trinity of the cathedral Pskov, Evgrafa somewhat Favorskii. Be educated in gymnasium he began in lower Novgorod, and graduated its in Vologda, far sent his senior brother, and to which, he forced was for Ban to go after death parents. In 1878 he entered Petersburg university on natural separate physico-mathematical Psychology. Their scientific activities he began on fourth rate, when fell in health laboratory illustrious scientist chemical-organics A. M. Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov.

After the end of the University he continued work in this lab, in area chemistry atsetilenovykh carbohydrates. His discoveries immediately brought him prominence in theoretical and world, them were set a series of rules known in scientific literature, as rules Favorskii. On the basis of these research Alexei Evgrafovichem in 1891 year was protected mfa Degree.

In studying interaction atsetilenovykh hydrocarbons with khlornovatistoy by he established, that in a result series of transitions have yielded compounds that can serve original input for fusion various polymers. This study was mishandled in the groundwork his my doctorate dissertations, which was protected in 1895 year. In 35 years A. E. Favorsky became Dr. chemical Sciences, and soon and a professor Peterburzkogo University. Magnificent pedagogical talent Favorskii contributed to the, that soon have him appeared many pupils, which amounted subsequently whole scientific school Favorskii. Special significance for industry has an open Favorskim way to fusion announcement and of isoprene rubber, and method fusion vinyl (are searching.

After the revolution 17 year A. E. Favorsky continued engage scientific activities, in 1922 year he was elected member of-correspondent Academy Sciences the USSR. In 1925 year his elected honorary member of researcher chemical society. In 1938 Galvanic Favorskim laboratory developed industrial way to obtain of isoprene rubber, mechanical properties which on many indices proved higher, than have natural material.

Died Alexey Evgrafovich Favorsky 8 August 1945.

N. P. Prilezhaev.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Prilezhaev was born 28 (15) September 1872 year in sec. Koposovo Nizhny Novgorod county of. His mother Ennafa Evgrafovna was native the sister known Russian chemical Alexey Evgrafovich Favorskii. BC P. Prilezhaev their kidsyears spent in sec. Tumbotino, situated on the opposite Bank rivers from Pavlova. Ending the spiritual seminary, he comes on secession natural Sciences physico-mathematical Psychology Warsaw University. Not immediately Prilezhaev finds its way in science, but under influence A. E. Favorskii chooses organic the chemistry. Chemists-organikam not only our country, but and beyond he, above all, known open them reaction epoksidirovaniya etilenovykh sequences over by acids, which has become classic and received in world literature name reaction Prilezhaeva. In various year he was a professor Warsaw University, Head the pulpit, surely beckons psychological chemistry in Kivskomu Polytechnic Institute. With 1924 translated in Minsk and becomes one of organizers of chemical Psychology Belarusian public University. In 1933 N. P. Prilezhaev elected member of-correspondent Academy Sciences the USSR, and in 1940 actual representation has been member of Academy Sciences post-Soviet Union republics. Scholar died 26 on May 1944 in Moscow.

A. I. runin.

runin Alexander Ivanovich (1876 1950gg.) one of organizers of trade cooperation, the first director of Russian industrial Museum, was born in farms Pavlov Nizhny Novgorod county of, in family peasant-kustarya. After the end of the 3-'s year-old primary school and 2-excellent Performance was sent on place have the purpose inspections are underway, where and had 7-moanin 'years.

Familiarity with A. Propulsion Stange (surname) led his in 1898 year on work in Pavlovskuyu cottage artel. Worked some time in plan, adopted in its members, elected member of rule and subsequently repeatedly going to run again. In the years 1917 year A. I. runin elected member of Russian interim executive committee. With July 1921 year he, together with their colleagues on-plan and Promkooperatsii, participates in creating Pavlovsky metal these Union factories appeared (Metartelsoyuz). In 1926-29 devolving Alexander Ivanovich works in Moscow in metal branch Vsekopromsoyuza, being member of rule Russian Metartelsoyuza. In 1932 is returning in Pavlovo and continues to work in the system Promkooperatsii. On base industrial exhibition autumn 1936 in Pavlov appears industrial museum, many years director of which and was Alexander Ivanovich runin.

P. BC Konstantin Yegorovich.

Paul Nikolayevich Konstantin Yegorovich was born in 1890 year in city of Suzdal, in family of hereditary a nobleman's. Ideals honor, dignity, and love to Russia were laid in him with early childhood. In 1908-1013 years Konstantin Yegorovich student medical Psychology of the Moscow University. For their the student protest work Oh skarlatinoznom an kidneys he was awarded golden medals this much skating. In 1913 Konstantin Yegorovich with difference suddenly university and headed on work junior military physician in infantry supposedly overpowered the Russian Army. In 1918 year he arrived in Propulsion Gorbatov, where became escape health-sanitary managed by Office, and when uezdnaya organization moved into Pavlovo, there relocated and spearheaded by them department. With September 1918 year on him were being levied duties if a dignity. Epidem. Managed by Office and duties Popov Of the head of excavations uzdravotdelom.

With Spring 1918 year in country began natural unrest workers and peasants, aimed against cruelty and discretion Soviet power. In 1918 year such unrest arise in. Khvoschovke, Selitbe, Glyadkove, Nikolaevke and others., all they were brutally repressed. In first numbers July one that occasionally flares up large insurgency in Propulsion Murom, in repressing which participated Pavlovsky the team Red Guard. Many arrested muromchan was imported at on steamship in Pavlovo.

Already 20 July 1918 year Dr. Konstantin Yegorovich serves on meeting executive committee Russian main Council with surprising for those since the, on boldness, statement: Over Sadecki week are commemorated political the shootings people, slightly not under windows the cursed the barracks-hospitals, with massacred were buried here same near brook, current on beneath the Strizhova a ravine on depth less-quarters arshina, where they were dug later 7 days and buried properly only after energetic nastoyaniy sanitation doctor. Needs recognize, that cannot be burying corpses people, where --something Also, need have in mind, that capital punishment, especially on faster the death, not guarantees sufficient dictation motives killings and can cause mistakes, as this has sometimes place, lowering a common value human life, kills energy struggle for it .

Reaction of Bolshevik efficiency not needs in special remarks,. His answer was't for people such a varieties: what the link between politics and struggle with of cholera. Medicine struggles with of cholera, makes its deal, and other institutions its "work damaging the shootings, from this Memoria their hearts, lowered hands, this not means, that policy them prevents, and points only on their pusillanimity. Fact nezaryvaniya tel a nuisance (leg, f.476, op. 1, d.17, l.74). Blshovik Melnikov soon was happy-their same real.

1922 year. Hunger in Volga region, devastation. Under these pretext of on country has proceeded wave of confiscation, and simply degradation church values and assets former representatives of higher legal profession Russia. On whose something girl Konstantin Yegorovich was arrested and several days had been submitted interrogations of. The only his value university gold medal found under his attacker, withdraw have him postesnyalis. Soon he was way from. Trek rumors, that precisely after these interrogation he became tugoukhim.

1923 year. Konstantin Yegorovich continues to active activities on improvement of main health. In the time in medicine appeared such phenomena, as subfeldsherizm , when people, not akess full medical education, waged reception sick essentially being znakharyami. These unskilled medium-size medical workers artificially fueled enmity with physicians, calling themselves the proletariat, and doctors the bourgeoisie.

In Pavlov such a role proletariat for a long time nurturing Paramedic Guryev, Chairman-organizations Vsemedikosantrud. Precisely he was an organizer massacre over Dr. Makovsky, insisting on his firing regulations and expulsions beyond Pavlova. From s reign begin shocks P. BC Konstantin Yegorovich took ill. On protection Vladimir Makovsky have ascended all doctors cleanup and Urban zdravotdel. Doctors advice requires to lift Stepan Guryev with work, to not questioning doctors in position bitter need collective departure with their posts. A boycott begins with 24 hour. September 11, 1923 year. But decisive role in fate Vladimir Makovsky played Urban zdravotdel, decisively are on his protection. Gubzdrav announced him ordered gratitude to her for 5-year service in office chief Russian health and awarded him accomodation on resort for treatment. Soon followed apology from Russian. Interfax, personal notes from his members about their support we and about high consideration to doctor Makovskomu.

Still not vanish memories about this conflict, and had doctor-Phthisiology Konstantin Yegorovich first time in Pavlov opens 15 December 1924 year a new tubdispanser. Beginning with point-tubdispansera, he soon opens tubstatsionar, then purchasing and nightlife tubsanatorii, organizes in Vorsma Urban Settlement tubpunkt. In July 1926 with huge difficulties he wants installations first in Pavlov and second (after Bottom Novgorod) talent as apparatus in county of. And himself becomes the first doctor-the radiologist Pavlov's. He still many learns, boosts their skills, is leading "with provide institutions, oldest bewildering range of medical literature, conducts the study of work local factories. The entire this titanicheskaya work led to of triumph outcomes, incidence of Tuberculosis sharply went on the wane. Labor his was regarded state: He was awarded with Lenin.

Died Peter Nikolayevich Konstantin Yegorovich 21 November 1969 year and buried on Pavlovsky a graveyard of.

G. Dora Shperk.

Gustav E. Shperk arrived in Pavlovo in 1914 in the composition of the Commission, arriving which sought Stange (surname), handled do causes crisis Russian spacious cleanup. In this same year became engineer plan began war, and faced military orders and such specialist was is needed. By the time for shrug our shoulders 40-year-old Shperka was studies on este law school Lausanne University (Switzerland), associated with into invention work in Germany and Russia. Served he on conscience. Witness reviews artelschikov, packs patent of ratification, property evidence on invention. Here same documents 1919, marking the importance of work Shperka in plan on provision Red Army.

In 1933 he released on personal retirement, with him Vsekopromsoyuzom. But even more 15 years had in Pavlovsky industrial a college student-teacher meeting. In military years hidden on production. Terminally is gone on recreation already in age 78 years.

N. P. Suslova.

Hope Prokofievna Suslova was the most the first woman-doctor in Russia and in Europe. She was born in farms Panino Gorbatovskogo the county, successfully once protected Ph.D. in Geneva in 1864 year.

W. A. Alekseyevich Maklakov.

Composer Vladimir Alekseyevich Maklakov was born 20 June 1912 year, in family known in sec. Pavlov musician. Father future composer, Alexey Ivanovich Alekseyevich Maklakov, ending the uchebnoe a place under the Petersburg Imperial Japanese capella group, with 1908 Propulsion And until the end of life worked in Pavlov. Was regent church choir, the creator of first, Holland orchestra, presided over various choral collectives in schools and institutions culture, perfectly played on fiddle, flute, piano.

Vladimir Alekseevich Alekseyevich Maklakov in 1940. With difference ends the State Conservatoire on class compositions M. F. Gnesina. Immediately same prizyvaetsya in army, where runs Krasnoarmeysky District, Krasnodar Krai ensemble in one of military Leningrad, here and surprises his war. He gives numerous concerts for fighters, transfers the misery of blockade Leningrad. In 1943 year he creates one of best their songs on poems N. Gleyzarova 1936 side. Working years to come on Studios are category: Lenfilm films , he writes music to known movies: mandate , Zimnee morning , Andrejka , At conductorship , Records in, with which I avant , Suvorov Military School , the Cayman , Najdi me, Lyonya. In recent years life composer, working student-teacher meeting in Leningrad Conservatory.

Vladimir Alekseyevich Maklakov was awarded state awards: Medal Over defense Leningrad , Over battlegroups merit , Thirty years victory in Great Patriotic war , and others. Died composer Vladimir Alekseevich Alekseyevich Maklakov in November 1979 And buried on South a graveyard of Propulsion Leningrad.

E. I. Aladyshkin.

Hero Social Labor, Prize-winner at State bonuses the USSR, one of founders of a special area instrument making Yevgeny Ilyich Aladyshkin, was born 8 November 1912 year in lower Novgorod, but his formative years, the first years conscious labor life over in Pavlov, and this gave him foundation considered themselves our fellow countryman.

In 1928 year on August.I ukoma eiiniiiea Aladyshkina adopted on work in Pavlovsky on the Air, where he has passed path from Student montera broadcasting center until head of signals-services just cleanup.

Ending the rates space research in lower Novgorod and Leningrad got his institution them. W. I. Ulyanova, above 40 years had in scientifically-research Institute. 30 years he was the main constructor engineering D, for many domestic production was state awards. In 1941 he was awarded State bonuses for develop hydro acoustic appliances, posited on submarines. In 1963 him was dubbed title Hero of Social Labor. Awarded Orders of: Red Stars, two the Order of the Red Cross Banner of Labour, by many medals. Died Yevgeny Ilyich Aladyshkin 22 November 1982 in age 70 years.

F. F. Kupriyanov.

Twice laureate State bonuses, Gerald is orders Lenin, the Order of the Red Cross Banner of Labour, Friendship peoples, Mark of Badge of Merit" , Honoured inventor RSFSR, Dr. technical Sciences, chief Designer Russian machine building a plant Voskhod , however Fedorovich Kupriyanov was born in farms mbirino Shacki District cleanup Ryazan area in 1924 year, in the farmer family. In severe for countries 1942 year was sent on economics aviamotorostroeniya Aviation Institute. Graduated from his with difference and in 1948 arrived on direction in Pavlovo, became engineer-constructor. Talented Designer quickly has also come in environment developers, for two years in importance until office chief design brigades.

However Fedorovich Kupriyanov is a pioneer in area create systems governance supersonic nations (amp; D committed drives, autonomous steering are machines and elektrogidravlicheskikh systems). Already by the end of 40s first time in country jet Mig-17 oboruduetsya Busterom Boo-1 design, in that big contribution Andreevna Kuprianova. All further development Soviet airplane, helicopter and missile gidroavtomatiki stems with his only 4% -6%.

Mikhail Khvorov.

Known master miniaturized products exempted from metal (19 age). Some parts of his halter castles as with of a pin the head. Among contemporary new Russians it was thought special elegant, wear chain of for hours, simmering from several tens of such zamochkov.

P. W. Donskoy.

The current pavlovskiy Lefty, mini-products which now housewife in our museum. Was born in 1957. After the end of the schools entered vytvarne-technical College # 7, studied under on gravera. After army, worked on factory member, quickly achieved of naming of the highest Sixth an. In free from work time has bought into producing miniaturized products exempted. In museum are exhibited mini-knives, elaborate a master (from ten until two millimeters-). The most a small from fibreglass them knives in millimetre-easily passes in the eye of a ears. In October 1985 Donskoy graduated assemble silver mice, which weighs 0.37 grams, and golden efforts to him 0.03; and then Krska and more tiny's lock with engraved, which size of slightly more, match heads.

Pavlovchane in Insured.

9312 our fellow citizens not have returned with war. Names dead and missing included in of memory (10 is). Five Heroes Soviet Union was raised by my Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar Krai land, still four Heroes were are linked with it years dropping out and labor activities. Here is their names: Ivan Anton Mikhailov Petrushin, Maxim Ilyich existed, Yevgeny Alexandrovich Dertev, Vasily Alekseevich Pesryakov, Yuri Matveyevich Tkachevskiy, Sergei Mikhailovich Fedyakov, Boris Alexandrovich kostyakov, Semyon Ivanovich Shutov, Vasily Ivanovich Fadzeeu. In the years Great Patriotic war our courageous modern development of Paul Ivanovich Rodionov and Alexey Party Fedor Tyutin have become complete recipients of of the Order of Glory.

New time pits new heroes. During combat action in Afghanistan designation Hero of Soviet Union in 1982 was awarded commander helicopter squadrons Yevgeny Ivanovich Zelnyakov.


with which Propulsion Pavlovo are buses PAZ.


Panorama cities PavlovoNizhny Novgorod area. In the background Voznesenskaya Church on kosogore Florovskoy mountains.

09 June; 2007
(Voth. Ivan Taranov (footballer) Dmitri)


Pavlovsky historical museum






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