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In Yurkovke - Brueghel in old the center of the Bottom Novgorod you awaits meeting with genuine, but unusual painting. In and fun Kuingy this unique assembly not used nor watercolor, nor oil, nor gouache on, nor tempera on paper. Predusmatrivaet the dried of leaves, of those that on fall particles orbit with trees and shrubs this and there is paint artist Yurkova Alexander Nikolaevich's honor. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of, masterly some way the to each other and classified by on cardboard and every as if the easy movement brush painter. In end the birth of of light and the shadows, deep plan, repetitions couleur, harmony.
More 20 years Alexander Nikolayevich works in this technology. Himself same its and invent the double learning properties unusual their of paints. Living, the varying and a cranky leaf whether birch, poplar, raspberry, 's, a wooden - just in the hands of Masters in capable turn into soft and malleable material, and with years not overcame, not lose color of. Such technology enforcement difficult find name. Himself an artist called its floriyskoy mosaics.
Unique work Alexander Nikolaevich's honor Yurkova precisely written leaves, not simply skillfully drawn from natural's little minion material, as this adopted in applied health, beauty. Under obvious remaining, not broskosti of paints they finally conquering unforgettable colour, with its furbishings inspired by in colour range of helping equilibrium and contemplated.
Special theme creativity behold, parents house. Ordinary, but close everyone heart scenes: Andean, roads, temples, never AGAIN old S.Adlivankin, surprisingly surviving in depths modern high altitude cities. As it is important keep this, set aside forever in own psyche, not lose, not loving guarantee.


"Gordeckaya Venus" - work Yurkova A. BC