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Strochevyshivalnyy answer

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From centuries Ermine Russian military rural-urban divide Bor successful an idiosyncratic strochevyshivalnym Director fisheries management. Products borskikh craftswomen, were popular far outside Nizhny Novgorod county of. Tradition strochevyshivalnogo fishery capacity was lost exploration likely continued Borskaya strochevyshivalnaya factory of. She was created 1960 year in a result mergers plan Victory , refusing adequate products exempted and plan 1 on May , which analyzed directly manual embroidery. The latter same owes it their rise of M7 Tekstilstrochsoyuzu , which in 1941 in villages Gorodischi, small Utkino, Yurasovo and other created secession on learning one line and embroidery.

Products borskikh craftswomen, repeatedly presented on Russian and international trade shows, in including in Brussels in 1958 year, where received a high assessment of specialists and admirers strochevyshivalnogo art.

Currently factory of produces diverse set products Chascom Ltd.-my gift appointments: Tablecloths, shawls, headscarves, worktops, towels, napkins, kosovorotki, blouses, in registration of the which apply traditional technology embroidery: Murmured, nastrochka, mesh, banners, seam-roller, applikatsiya, rishele , Proreznaya murmured. In range of goods broad circle consumers includes also male shirts, bed linen, nightly shirts, various species professional clothing. For production products exempted are used organic tissue.

On venture transsexual its activities capacity cabinet exhibition hall, where represented bridal, unique samples products exempted artists. For visitors exhibition the room ???? master classes, of breadth new collections clothing.

LLP Borskaya strochevyshivalnaya factory of


Culture embroidery

One of known nizhegorodskikh crafts is an art embroidery. She received development in lower Novgorod in 1933 with creation of strochevyshivalnoy factories Yunona. Conserving the ancient tradition, factory of and today are only hours away on designing and piece of female clothing with elements the artistic embroidery. Range of factories enough diverse: Ventilated blouses, graceful dresses, sarafans, business suits, elegant evening naryadi, scarves and headscarves, zolotoshveynye shawls and is specializing.

On base own by experimentation-creative lab special attention shrift create and flotations modern collections clothing for full women. Under creating products exempted, artists use as ancient traditional embroidery, so and motives urban embroidery past century. One of most popular trends embroidery in recent years became folk-romantic style. So, alongside stern jackets and classic "nation bluzkami, vary model folklore style, give Noe way of unique charm of.

In including artistic products exempted factories embroidered as icons of, Gapchinskaya, crests, bed linen, towels, tablecloths, napkins from natural tissue.

LLP Yunona