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Uzorno-remiznoe weaving

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Weaving with ancient since the was given as about eternal dreams attractive opportunity of female population. In each the farmer family presumably weaving countries, on which women scale domotkanoe a. From him it was made clothes, sheets, towels, tablecloths and other the necessary in household cleansers objects. Except smooth kholstiny village creating mistress upstaged and tissue with pattern. Technique weaving under this complex. Input for weaving operate as the yarn, that received from flax and cannabis, and also from sheep and goat's wool. Yarn stronger often colored even one of house way in different color of and then with layers tissue rather than rolling especially uptown or downtown.

Large center manual weaving in Volga frontier was Propulsion Shakhunsky District and surrounding selenya. Currently tradition popular weaving actively develop on Shakhunskoy the artistic factory. With the early 1970s she rolls a wide range of products exempted from wool, flax and cotton - plaids, covering, nakidki on chairs, towels, tablecloths and napkins with a shining decorative pattern from smooth and changing pages or cells.

Modern creating mistress took over complex technology manual weaving - mnogoremiznuyu, azhurnuyu, perebornuyu, branuyu. On works of tkachikh, especially on celebratory towels and decorative on the napkins Is, due geometric ornament combine with embroidery, that attaches these products unique Valtsplekitooted OU.

Much role in the modern development fishery capacity was lost belongs artist, iskusstvovedu Larisa Kozhevnikovoy. Modern creating mistress took over complex technology manual weaving - mnogoremiznuyu, azhurnuyu, perebornuyu, branuyu. On works of tkachikh, especially on celebratory towels and decorative on the napkins Is, due geometric ornament combine with embroidery which, that attaches these products unique Valtsplekitooted OU.


Uzorno-remiznoe weaving

Uzorno-remiznoe weaving - ancient kind of popular trade - was developed and sophisticated in many villages the Directorial the brink, especially on northern his suburbs. Domotkanymi patterns peasant decorated the bedroom mat, clothes, covering, tablecloths, worktops, towels. Input for weaving have served flax, wool and cotton. The police weaving different big uzornostyu geometrical floral ornament and subtlety couleur. Number of flowers in tissue nemnogochislenno, be and nobly in shades. Mostly this white, Red, blue color of. Thanks to thinly found kompozitsionnomu solving color of and floral ornament products tkachikh had clarity as well refinement.

These popular tradition have thus re-emerged in 1971 on the north Nizhny Novgorod area in city of Shakhunsky District on strochevyshivalnoy factory in a result expeditions, undertaken ND the artistic industry jointly with interior factories. On factory in 1970s Was launched recovery traditional manual weaving Nizhny Novgorod area on the basis of ancient his samples. Has been reinvigorated many species traditional power perepleteniy, receptions the artistic and an elected weaving, patterns branogo weaving in remiznoy technology. The groundwork production accounts for remiznoe weaving. Are being created embossed melkouzornye products, the differing grafichnostyu floral ornament and soft color range.

In 1972 for Shakhunskoy factories were booked manual power looms on popular patterns. Was open weaving-the production products exempted manual artistic weaving. With 1973 approved samples and initiated mass issuance products exempted.

Woven products enjoyed increased demand, factory of has expanded. Were open two branch in workers marginalized Syava and Tansy Nizhny Novgorod area on production products exempted manual weaving.

In 1998 occurred realignment factories and created a subsidiary venture OJSC woven patterns.

Currently of JSC woven patterns is one of leading enterprises Russia, retaining popular tradition manual weaving with viewing exotic, Branoy, an elective wide enforcement. On venture works 60 man, of them 35 - highly trained tkachikhi.

Venture constantly is participating in exhibitions, fairs, prosperously in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, lower Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Togliatti, Ryazan, Kazan, Ufa, category: Yoshkar-Ole, where products manual weaving marked by medals, diplomas, honorable N.A. Brizgun.

A modern range of of JSC woven patterns , which constantly being replaced, includes more than 100 named products exempted. This bridal tablecloths, the drapes, napkins, covering on sofa and chairs, towels, aprons from-wool and linen yarn, viscose, polushersti with use of synthetic yarn. The entire issued for our products is certified.

Beautiful and practical products shakhunskikh tkachikh need people for everyday life, holidays, and satisfy any taste of. They animating the interior, emphasize him a special attractiveness and national character, fill the his Polenova warmer and comfort.

Here, on factory woven patterns , manager: For birth of creative the writings weaving art, admire the the noble simplicity products exempted, feel kindness hearts and warmly hands talented craftswomen,. Hope, that woven patterns not leave you indifferent to famous folk pottery, and can be and you not will forget provide particle of this heat and beauty their close.

The police Zavolzhye (disambiguation) for many centuries successful production domotkanogo textile. Shakhunskie tissue - the pearl of the Russian popular application creativity. Shakhunskaya factory of manual weaving is the only in Russia enterprise, where persist old technological receptions create tissue and popular artistic tradition uzornogo weaving. On wooden power countries from environmentally net fibers (only flax and cotton) shakhunskie creating mistress weaving here spectacular on beauty things.

Of JSC woven patterns

606910, N.Novgorod area

Propulsion Shakhunsky District, str. Vast Soviet,. 13

Bodies.: (831-52) 2-74-85 Fax: (831-52) 2-16-59


In real moment can be to talk about revival enterprises. In November 2006 factory of was text which group Moscow investors. In primarily, in purposes enlargement manufacturing facilities and of increasing the number jobs, approximately sewing-, in which the planned issue clothes in the traditional popular-style, contracted additional exposure for enlargement it and equipment company cabinet.

Working over gradual enlargement entire of manufactured products, in run-up to year-old season woven patterns took over the fabrication mosquito-resistant floor mats, which cozy for use on dacha. In addition to products with a decorative pattern, which suited not to any interior, factory of starters issue tkanuyu products, organically the independent with various styles interior modern apartments.

Have artists enterprises emerged luster of in the eyes of and creative ideas, which successfully are realized in new directions products. To word say, for quite a short interval time, range of of manufactured products grew doubled and accounts for today 150 named products exempted. This tablecloths, the drapes, napkins, covering on sofas and chairs, towels bridal products from linen and-wool yarn, viscose and polushersti with use of labor-intensive power practices hem-stitches , brannogo, an elected weaving. The entire this products is certified.

Beautiful and practical products are attractive for consumer and with success are realized in Nizhny Novgorod and Volodymyrska Street, Samara and Kostroma provinces areas, on Ural, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Actively is conducted the study of market for of drafting the plans on exits in regions, and also abroad.

In purposes enlargement production section are bought power looms, which the planned to place on new squares. To provide production qualified television, in Shakhunskom agricultural a college will realization of the training on specialties Weaver. Designer. A seamstress.


customers ON ALL VREMENA

Belief SEDYKh

In Moscow exhibition fashionable clothing (until wedding dresses) from. Toilet paper, in lower exhibition drifting away clothing from environmentally net flaxseed fabric. Such here is standoff.

However, Nizhny masteritsam managed revive tradition household manual weaving, and today they delights the consumers stunning on beauty genuine, wealth of paints and ornaments stoleshnikami, towels, napkins, this curtains, which can be to purchase in an exhibition Beyond time: Shakhunskoe weaving in of the Exhibition on .500 Kozma Minin.

The police Zavolzhye (disambiguation) for many centuries successful production domotkannogo textile. On todays day Shakhunskaya factory of manual weaving OJSC woven patterns is the only in Russia enterprise, where persist old technological receptions create tissue and popular artistic tradition uzornogo weaving.

One of partitions exhibition devoted history Russian manual weaving,s toolkit and prisposobleniyam for processing flax. Visitors exhibition can themselves tinker on live power FVC and pryalkakh. Incidentally, distaffs have and Donets River, decorated with Detali Doma, painting and carving, are true writings art and housewife in museum University them. To joining, and old naryadi given Shakhunskim popular folk-ethnographic museum lent.

Technique uzornogo artistic weaving on first glance is simple. And equipment the primitive: Wooden machine and vydolblennyy from complete slice tree of shuttle. However things, vytkannye manual way, of orders we receive and are unique. And every pattern floral ornament has its symbol of.

Used in it`s floral ornament emerged long before Christianity. He was considered spell space, surrounding human, on four hand and served woman, with famously her deep. Rhombus to an ancient symbol of available land meant what he wants wealth. Circle symbol of sun was increasing the living forces owner, defended his from enemies.

. You turned attention, that current spring on some modnitsakh appeared boots with embroidery which. This new fashions well forgotten cats: Female svyatkova shoes from skin with embroidery, which, too, can be see in an exhibition.

Recent obtain:




Dobryi day. As something was in Semyonovsky Urban Okrug and engulfed on exposition white linen products exempted shakhunskogo production. Photos, tiled here, me are familiar. Miraculous things. In including just other things, me very appealed kidssarafans. Like would know, can be whether buy such, but only on adult rights.
If can be, Podskajite worded retailer, where can be to purchase such remarkable products.
Large thank you.

With respect, Maria


Alfredo is in Propulsion Shakhunsky District still somewhere in 1962-1964g. Propulsion, I celebrated that there already was what-weaving production, but, as me I remember, in the time there scale products type domotkannykh
Polovichkov. Interestingly, and in the most Shakhune (where, perhaps, will have to visit) can be whether contact with all assortment of the specified enterprises or only in lower Novgorod in exhibition ``The?
With respect, Padfoot!


Think that and in the most Shakhune there is Music this unusual enterprises. And here is prices in no clothing left artistic crafts Bottom Novgorod simply structural over-. Of course like would something to purchase at prices producer. Let us hope that our a respected Padfoot, having visited in Shakhune, finds out interesuyuschiy us worded.


Olja, thank you! Think, that, although in Shakhune d only transiently, can find the money time to visit this shop. Until, the only high experience copy clothing from flax saw in N. BC, and specifically in no clothing left "painting best on B. Pokrovke - feminine add in-style "and la Rus" century 17-18 th. But now same not regulation his wear. The only the use of in Russian popular retail, ah, wasn still in what any theater in bringing up vistavi appropriate era. And so until that everywhere, where sew a clothes from net flax (and this not such a great rare) shops are swamped clothes from Russian tissue from net flax, but its buy little, camping on K. She very strongly issue of. I have was a suit from net flax. He for summer very a practical, sanitary. But myalsya for 30 minutes. Imported to us clothing from flax (Orgeat, that often grown have us same) 's sealed from tissue laced with you help reduce global warming, so she so not issue of, than, as me seems, and attracts buyers. Me this situation maloponyatna.
A drifter


Hope that increasingly have you tickles and we will know more about this the form of popular crafts. :)