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Lake Svetloyar

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And was whether Kitezh the?

This page will interesting rather lovers of history, although I would advised read its all, who was on Svetloyare or intends to to go there. Much "feels better" sound creep themselves knowledgeable , know history arise attractions.

So, for example, that this for Kibelyok and that there for crosses I learned only through day after a hike, when on eyes me met article TAYNYY QUICKTIME & WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER King Mikhail Alekseevich invisible town Kitezh, a ghastly secret of STAROY faith W. Komleva on site

Think, if would I knew before about these harrowing events, on Different would watch I on Svetloyar, and not such sweet 6600m would me water from holy source

Not want refold throughout the increasingly word in word, but most interesting, in my opinion, before you.

Mystery of hail Architectural and his wonderful disappearances before "antikhristovymi" hordes in waters Lake Svetloyar decipher tried to very many researchers, but their strikes, that they not tried to this most beautiful legend, budorazhivshuyu imagination writers, poets, artists and musicians rigidly spinning to history tourists, from depth which she and withdrew on light Divine. All felt in it some painfully cases tyne, then, but she nor before whom so and not opened. Yes, all of you have sought on earth, and need to was seek in a spirit of Great Raskola, erupted over young Russ three century ago.

That same such Kitezh?

Kitezh, Kitezh-grad, Kitezh in Russians legends city, Kisslinger other from invaders during Mongolic - Tatar invasions by 13 digits Under looming, the Batyj Kitezh became an invisible and have dipped on bottom Lake Svetloyar. Legend about Kitezhe, presumably, goes back to usnim great era ordynskogo communism. Subsequently was especially is rife have Orthodox Old Believers, with KITEZhU one character refuge followers old faith. In Akhiezer legends Kitezh was considered skaitisana righteous, too often the wicked there have not been allowed, in city of has emerged from social justice.

Legends about Kitezhe included narratives about the people, pairs as binaries pledged withdraw in Kitezh and writing made there letters, about kolokolnom the jingle, which can be to hear on Bank Lake. Similar enforces the legend povestvovali about outlandish pious kingdoms (prester-John and camping on To, suggest paradise, islands blessed; cf. Also Russian Orthodox Old Believers the legend about churches an ancient piety , retire decades far in the Oponskom (Japan's?) reign and other distant lands (Belovode, capital lgnat to and camping on To, people places , where can be escape from the Antichrist.
A. W. Chernetsov

Person missing from the event same link starters mystery might tourists, as religious tide starootecheskoy Russias, proved firstborn vehicle second czar kind of the Alexey Mihajlovich and his spouse Maria Iljinichna from kind of Miloslavskikh and called in honor grandfather - Mikhail (22 October (It's 4.11) 1648 - 4 (17) February 1708).
But there is no, how many not flipping, in textbooks Russian history Mikhail, son czar Alexey Mihajlovich!

Tsarina Maria Miloslavskaya died 3 March 1669 year.

The beginning of same sad and tragic secret history goes with secondary her 22 January 1672 year czar Alexey Mihajlovich on young 20-year s Kirillovne from kind of Naryshkinykh, future mothers Peter I, when to the stern and power state came its "khudorodnyy" and "aieiaiue" species Naryshkinykh.

In this time begin the hardships on Russian Orthodox Old Believers shameful Russian the Inquisition.

Not vynesya lie, anger and envy kruzhivshikh about state trough, himself vytesnennyy from all public and economic agents affairs, young tsar Mikhail secretly, in metelnuyu night fled to from capital, from sin away.
This event happened spring 1673 year, necessarily before the most by opening the rivers. Blessing (that was for of the time mandatory condition) on Craxi them was of capital, likely, from 7,000 in crowded protopopa the Book of Habakkuk.

Initially, to whip hide with a trace, path escape Tsarevitch Mikhail behaved in direction to risen solovetskim monks, actively not involved Church perestroika, but then direction escape was changed through regulation.

Nights spent, hiding anything accidental eyes, on already executed is about a loan or we see) flows Volga, the urinal train with the fugitives horrific potential human ramifications to sometimes the rivers kerzhenets River past Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Bottom Novgorod, past Makar'yevski monastery with.... .asleep guards, to on petlyayuschey the forest River get to sheltering with (1657 year in the forest Stone,, near Lake Svetloyar, from the world and sin noble well-born monks-troglodyte have baffled scholars Potyomkina and Sergei in, the founders of two of raskolnichikh obiteley (Breshia). Natural boundary the Smolyany and Sharpan). Among them and was human player from tsarist his peepers and tattletales young tsar Mikhail. Was supposed on time, and broke a on century.

Irate and an offended tsar (for those since the the shame boom, to son have disobeyed my father's father) instead forgiveness soon deprives a fugitive as would rights on presidential line of succession.

On Svetloyare Mikhail had lived under 3 year, as a commoner, but in constant cables with its confessor to protopopom Protopop Avvakum and in constant willingness take throne.

Since Saturday on Sunday, in 4 hours night 30 January 1676 year in throes of, gnoe and scabs, died 47-year-old "crazy tsarishko" Alexey Mikhailovich.

Then tsar the John became 15-year-old Theodore, and ruler state was appointed until boyar Matveev.

No one knows, that has survived if we scion Russian throne Mikhail Alekseevich, when before him in winter night came double bitter announcement - death father and as would on his will vosshestvie the throne brother actions. Raze he not thought, that his life would turn precisely in this side. His entire life his prepared on Russian succeeded and he responsibly preparing for a wise rule, and here loss Kyrgyz the entire sense life last and life future. The Malayan heavy reawakening, of my DVR doing his exhausting physical hard, he not diary to return in rejected his Moscow, in opting to remain to live in the forest simple man.
This the John was taken not all meek, especially those who understood, that by law and conscience they should to rule full decipher senior the royal son Mikhail Alekseevich - God gives Russias future czar in elder Son living. Those who actively not adopted legitimacy rule czar actions, flock to community of asceticism Mikhail - in kerzhenskie forests near Lake Svetloyar. Nearby built their hermitages inhabitants saved from brutal massacre solovetskie're fugitives: Men Gathering Together Arseny, Sofontiy, Onufry. To fall 1676 year is based Anfisoy Kolychevoy, in fact related to saintly actions Metropolitan, on Bank kerzhenets River the rich Olenevskiy that the, far's moving in disgruntled ex-know, forming semblance of czarist court. Not units of, thousands of foreclosure in Kerzhenskoe Zavolzhye (disambiguation). And there, to miserable His Majesty, commanded not worst part of Russias. Began construction "invisible hail Architectural", mostilas a run-a, rubilas "batyeva" the path in side Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast - Maly Architectural.

last we construction spiritual state in state secular! Number of pereselivshikhsya then on kerzhenets River noble and peasant families in tens of times topped on its ???????? living in really city of lower Novgorod.
Reason for his historic oblivion gave himself Mikhail, a raid the most heavy and fatal mistake in his life. Observing on successful the beginning of rule his younger brother, and, to have placed faith in his future successful reign by the and his long life, Mikhail writes him secret letter, in which him reports-screenplay, that he has no in zhelanyakh hinder his reign, the more deprive the his throne force, let boldly rules, not looking on him. Not skilled Theodoret share bones of this letters with its their closest everywhere, which with 1679 year constituted Ivan of Languages and Alexey Likhachev, secret supporters Matveeva, understanding whether, that because of him brother skipping to official abdication Mikhail from throne.

14 April 1681 year buried is burnt together with (at least have been preachers tourists: Lazarus case, the reader and patriarch Epifaniy Protopop Habakkuk - domestic spying confessor, right the reviled Mikhail, thereby as would giving understand what he already for vlastvuyuschikh in Moscow - no one. And moreover in Kerzhenskikh forests has been burning shame, so as him was clear, that he, goes, have personally experienced with throw in the fire his spiritual mentor.

Tsar Theodore died (likely he was poisoned by) in 13 hours days 27 April 1682 year.

Death young 21-year-old czar was so unexpected, that he even not managed do fiat about his successor.

Again, as in 1676 year, in bypassing next by age 16-year-old Tsarevitch according In John, naryshkinsko-matveevskoy party, in that strategically and semi-literate patriarch Joachim, again on throne be proclaimed 9-year-old Peter and again ruler Matveev.

Then historians Peter I the Great of era institute myth, living until now - about the strange or a slight pain of tsars the-Miloslavskikh actions and according In John, lest justify purity and legitimacy of throne Peter Romanov-Naryshkina, 15 th progeny back his a parent.

Forth go years maturation Peter, when he lived in constant fear for their lives. He felt, that many not accept his for czar.

Soon in kerzhenskie forests on Margarita's search senior brother appeared Pyotr is sent military the team with Bootie Pereslavsky District Nikolsky monastery Pitirim, as boomers and raised down there, in family and environment raskolnichey.

As would in response to decision Peter rebel raskolnichiy Cossack Don led by Kondratiem Bulavinym, began Peasant war,... that has lasted until 1710 year. Astrakhan uprising not stopped Peter and his ratniki with a traitor Pitirim poured winter 1707 year to the presumed residence sovereign Mikhail Alexeyevich. No one from living on Kerzhentse, except ) and link not knew his in face, not knew, that he is leading life with my family as a commoner, not among noble in rich around the collateralized skits were produced using. Sought Mikhail Alexeyevich "fiery arc of", camping on E. Through torture, killings and Beggaring the.

Foresee whether Protopop Habakkuk, writing Mikhail in one of letters: "And in fire is here a slight time fail, got 3-mgnut, so soul and follow up! Wasn you not reasonably? Boishisya peschi the? Go for it, spit on there, LIFE DENIAL! Until peschi the fear-from, and's why Gael happened in there penetrated, then and forgot the entire. "

This the fragment letters the Book of Habakkuk almost verbatim reapportioning in the second volume novel efficiency-Pechersk "In forests" in were about startse Balaam and his three pupils, departing on immolation before soldiers, but not povinovavshikhsya will czar.

Near squitos Ulangera and Fundrikova in Polomskom the forest, that not far from Lake Svetloyar, on a small miss glade stood the old and prosokhshiy that the, near which 4 February (UF. UF.) 1708 year and occurred meeting great sovereign Mikhail Alexeyevich (with three senior sons) and ratnikami Peter (here, by some other sources, posts him, of these father Barlaam of Seminara, matter on immolation twelve priests "not voskhotevshe Nikonovykh innovations priyati."

Before, as torch firelog oblozhennyy alive that the and lay for a on door a strong the door, Mikhail Alekseevich, as the great sovereign, took from all warriors a great the oath - let have wife and three (minded) sons and won't learn of the Tsar match Peter, that he was incinerated by with the entire family have them on the eyes of. The first and the last time in his life he commanded an over so large military group: All were stopped on the edge of glade,, only short and stocky the head of the warriors, provalivayas almost on belt in snow, released forward and almost took begged great sovereign to abandon mortal decisions.

As shows our history, ratniki, stricken thus outcome their a hike, all until one however this the oath, its kept your, and Peter Jr. them believed, camping on K. Believed his brother for religious fanatic, refused on its stupidity from realm, from power, from wealth.

Breaking domestic spying the deal the deal, deeply uptight Mikhail Alekseevich himself came to father Sofontiyu with et al with one with the thought - as can be rather could give up soldiers in on avoidance new innocent, but from-for him pogibayuschikh victims. And him, should be, were known and are familiar many of living on Kerzhentse. Men Gathering Together counseled his from this step, urged, that between life sovereign and lives a commoner a big difference and not worth him so pass through for their premature death, and of innocent missing or deads... through flour their will rotate in the Empire of Christ. Perfectly knew Men Gathering Together and a steep disposition Peter and all understood - alive sovereign Mikhail Alekseevich with family raze him not need, not promises free otdavaneto free life. Because something and In if we the great sovereign Mikhail Alekseevich go on extreme measure - immolation.
Warning possible proclamations are someone from warriors, work about remaining in survivors three wounded sons great sovereign Mikhail Alexeyevich, insidious executives Orthodox Old Believers were undertaken pereselencheskie arrangements Orthodox Old Believers: Is gone in the limits Turkish dispossession big the team lgnat to Nekrasov with families, have been shoot many those schismatics with kerzhenskikh seats and are gone to live on Ural, on Iron Verkhisetskiy plant, on ???? Demidov factories. Look now, Peter, if you can, where hidden your nephews.

Boy, just have Mikhail Alexeyevich was 6 sons. Precisely so and can be decipher phrase from one the legend about Grade Kitezhe, in the center of the which towering 6 of heads of churches, precisely in this manner see many gerb the Directorial the brink, established in 1781 year and approved in of 1857: In a silver field-reaching chervlenyy deer with 2 horns about six transverse processes of.Where is something shortly before institutions gerba the Directorial traveled why something to its distant him to next of kin grand duke Tavricheskomu kerzhenskiy he not Ignatius Potemkin with ancient securities. With rich gifts returned from capital raskolnichiy inok in forests zavolzhskie and built the cloister, known as subsequently Ignatovo.

In farms, that is filled not far from shores of Lake Svetloyar in 1766 year was built stone Church Volodymyrska Street as icons of Lords Resistance mothers, now so on it and framed as - of Vladimir-Suzdal.

Near from Lake Svetloyara, near villages Osinovki, a puncher from under land fontanel fuses - "saint kolodchik with the grave burned building" - precisely on that spot, where and happened immolation great sovereign Mikhail Alexeyevich with sons.
Kerzhenskie Men Gathering Together understood, that over time name of great sovereign Mikhail Alexeyevich under his zhestochayshem public-church harassment soon should will enjoy, as it and happened in fact. But went gulyat on world born in earth nizhegorodskoy, from environment Old Order, the legend, were and legends, where in inoskazatelnoy form was human player the latest the great sovereign starootecheskoy Russias. S most famous and famous has become culture legend about great hailstones Kitezhe and his: It - great Prince Sacred Georges Vsevolodoviche, where historical reality one time smoothly was entwined with historical reality another, but already in encrypted the form of; where for Mongolic-activity an onslaught of and Khan blown up the implication was whose corrupting invasion of on Russ of Western influence and his chief guide - Peter Napoleon I used

Known, that opening the finding body of the Georgy Vsevolodovich happened in 1645 year, and that husband gets wasted Prince then not was canonised, though some sources of point to this time, as on time his, since. On moimu assumed start was made, when came from the Bottom Novgorod obrazovanneyshim monk Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow was composed authoritative in Church environment Latukhinskaya's staid book, where there day ceremonies of saintly 19th of the Georgy Vsevolodovich, contrary letopisnym data, is 4 (17) February. So whom same on fact we're honoring 17 February in churches annually? 'd out, that all-??? for iron historical mask kitezhskogo great of the Georgy Vsevolodovich lurks the great sovereign Mikhail your proposition! The betrayer of great of the Georgy Vsevolodovich and which displayed path batyevym since I to gradu the Great Kitezhu Grishka Topsy-Turvy grimly in fundamentally its reverie attended by with a traitor Pitirim; in colloquial speech the general "ter" and "shooting gallery" sounds equally. Accident whether all these make and coincidentally?
"I foresee recovery powerful Russia, even more a strong and powerful. On the bones here is such martyrs, isklyuchenie, as on looked like basic foundation will - Russ a new - on old modeled, robust its faith in Christ God and catechesis three years he was able. "Considered. John Kronshtadskiy.


Your right, expensive my modern development of, perceive this information as axiom or mistrustful smile.

One thing can say with certainty (even will pledge my), Sitting on Bank Lake you look on all of this otherwise, than reading homes this information. Think about history home the brink, looking on stunning and the chance of, nepoznannuyu and cryptic way-gave murmured Lake chase much more widespread.

In than phenomenon Lake and source Kibelek we, perhaps never will not know or not understand.
Water from Kibelka here is already the second year is worth I have homes in plastic psychological treatment - ``better out, and sensations from its more taste such, as if its only that zacherpnuli!

That same this such Svetloyar.

Come and then themselves this experience a and will feel heartfelt awe under one only pronunciation SVETLOR.

I still under one word SVETLORexperiencing what something the inexplicable excitement. Entire range of my feelings can be understand only the, who had happiness to visit pearl Nizhny Novgorod area. Believe me on word, that to read about Svetloyare and stand on his Bank - utterly different things. We go on Lake in a gloom rainy day, entire a path sheds rain and only on the entrance to Kitezh-gradu has looked out the sun shining! I come around with a swim despite enough cool weather. Me anticipated miracle - sensations from water, as from embrace means mothers. Me so not like exits from water, surprising calm and appeasement acquired me in water, I understood that fulfilled my very unconscious, podspudnoe desire to all life. I bypassed Lake as and been paved three times, zagadannye I desires were fulfilled and I Dr. Bobicchio without saying - I Cannito its debt before Kitezhem: Visited his and all (whom could and wanted) told about this. I urge you to visit this unique place. If you wish do Christian "perform the Hajj" on sacred place I and help you in this. You, unlike me, now are prepared to this and posses the entire necessary information - as legends so and scientific with too much research.

Svetloyar awaits you, modern development of!


Perfectly reputable Olga!
With enormous gusto have read about Svetloyare, about hailstones Kitezhe- Thanks you, is read easily.
Unwittingly, the very a time come on um-- 'Lake in Vorsma Urban Settlement, behind the, undoubted origin an ice-free. And! ', which without mind, had paved three pipes on 150 mm, pumps, tore up the entire wood, with hand Dolotkova, and. And slightly not got ganked Lake.
The same there is the legend.
I errori, that not there mutating algorithmic security code transfer.


I will try find these the legend. Thank you for hint


Here is what wrote Melnikov Pechyorskiy:

And nearby kerzhenets River, is at hand from Vetluga (river )-rivers, there is such place, where
In times of listen a deserved great popular skhodbischa. Swimmingly there
People. - Hurry, Nick great celebrations a Light Yara. On vast, flat,
Bezlesnoy arsenic rises forked hill, covered venerable
Vegetation. Two promontories January he in expansive deep Lake. Water
Lake never mutyatsya; that neither going to leave in them - not accept, on the other same
Day an abandoned wave of on Bank's gonna throw. And the Lake named starorusskogo
God the rom known (Nizhny Novgorod of (on the most border with
Kostroma provinces), Makar'yevski the county, near sela Lyundy (of Vladimir-Suzdal the OK). Bottom
This deep Lake from all sides pokato and sand.
When on the arsenic and on from from it jobs zachinalos human being
Naselene, not knows no one. But there often find stone Hammer Hands,
Stone axes and kremnevye be made into arrowheads arrowheads, - became be, zhivali here people
Still then, when not knew nor copper, nor iron (G. Polivanov years in five
Brought together here a significant the number of tubes-based period. They say, that
On the hills have project included the great city stood, Kitezhem prozyvalsya. City whether the
Kitezh, that in days listen from "iiaaiie how strange" saved was by
Muromets, Glorious whether city Pokidysh, far traveled may Surovets Suzdalets
Being hosted-for the feast have smushy of the Mikhayly Efimontevicha, not hence or
Vetluzhskiy Prince Nikita Bayboroda was fixing forays on land Moscow,
Their way forests until Salt Galitskoy, - silent predanya (epics did about Ilja
Muromtse and pro Surovtsa Suzdaltsa. Prince Nikita Bayboroda - face historic
(1350-category: 1372 s.
One thing only remembers people, that in handworkers on the hills have project included the great on
Day Agrafeny Kupalnitsy pagan trebischa inquired as and that on those hills
Stood once grad Kitezh. And haunt her, they say, is worth the grad, but
See case only impulses righteous persons.
Not became pagan trebisch, grad Kitezh sokrylsya, but on the hills project included the
Great still great skhodbischa people a deserved. Intended here Russians
People old their holidays celebrate, so celebrated of a brighter God rilu. In
"Naviy day", on radunitsu, spend here "oklichki" the bodies of the dead; here
Shoulders, nightly in Red Gorky; here a lot of things Mikulu Selyaninovicha, and
On the other day his holiday spend nameday Juicy Earth and shoulders,
In Zilotovy; here in light on the ripples of some project included the great are baptized at cuckoo birds, too,
Kumilis, zavivali semitskie to; here inquired as the Greens week and
With may and combined kupalskie bonfires in honor waste from land God
Life and light, great great.
Porevnovali skitskie Men Gathering Together and keleynye mothers. "To what, - have spoken
They, - this noschnye pleschevaniya, what sake of been baptised people's freaking out, in Diamonds and
Sopeli under diavola, skvernit Spirit does holidays the string gudeniem,
Besovskimi songs, doloney pleskaniem, Irodiadinym plyasaniem. Why on
Those satanic skhodbischa wife and BBSes come. Why in their
Besstudnykh plyaskakh heads of kivanie, ridges vikhlyanie, with their feet running and
Stomped, lips nepriyaznen cry and tin pot songs. On those besovskikh
Skhodbischakh husband and interloper flitting around, wives and virgins either fall. Not befits a
Tacos tvoriti. God hate, holy fathers is cursed. "
And the centenary Svetly YarAdua and the hills of over him "holy jobs." Here,
Said they, is worth invisible grad God saints, grad Grand Kitezh. But
Not can we, organized, some maturing beauty his, ponezhe skvernitsya place
Affairs besovskimi.
And have become bogolyubivye Men Gathering Together and prechestnye mothers in days, old
Celebrations urechennye, be on Svetly YarAdua with books, with crosses, with
Icons. Have become on the banks of Lake to read hymnals and sing canons,
Amounted Kitezhskiy "the Chronicler" and have become to read his people, coming
. - Hurry, Nick riliny holidays. And on those Keleynykh skhodbischakh other fires of
Zateplilis - in night on day Agrafeny Kupalnitsy have become to post up to
Oak trees lamps, sculpt waxy candles, on suchyam as icons of then hanged.
Admirers have God Myesyats with as champions of global Keleynykh fathers, mothers, sometimes
Clashed in hand-to-hand, and then have Lake a deserved-fighting mortals, bloodshed
Great. But Men Gathering Together and Ox-bow lake not sulk, with every year their
Emerge became more, rilinykh less. And on time rollicking
Celebrations a great gave way to place a tacit skhodbischam on worship
An invisible gradu.
Two hundred years passed from starters squitos; ask pro rilu have okolnykh
People, ask pro tsar-the fire, ask pro kupalskie bonfires - no one and not


Something about the lake '.
Lake '- another name Pionerskoye, Leningrad Oblast. A monument of nature. On legend on place Lake, with largely karstovoe origins, was , the monks which sometimes razboynichali. God's punished their:failed, and place was publicized.


Before recent since the was taken considered, that Gorky Zavolzhye (excluding district Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) booked and mastered Russians people very late. It was thought also, that history military clashes Russias with its enemies genuinely side this Greek Philoxenia the forest the brink. So it is difficult was even to assume, that here can be found the remnants of the longstanding Russian serf facilities.

However such views proved wrong. In 1959 on really the edge of huge kerzhenskikh of protective swamp in Upper small river Vatomy were found and are investigated the remnants of drifting away Russian fortress XIII XIV centuries.

This no-name the Russian fortress is on southern outskirts of sela Gorodischi. It ranks cape ,-educated River Vatomoy and vpadayuschim in it stream Mosolovym. Among local population hitherto carried out legend, that fortress fallen after brutal battlefield its defenders of with Tatars. Outside about this, storytellers cite a large number of human broken bones, which find under earthmoving work in this district. On their naprimer name brook Mosolovyy is happening from these finds (from mosol bone).

Plan fortress in sec. Gorodischi Borsky District, Samara Oblast cleanup (Action 1959 Propulsion)

On territory fortress, densely we will take you to of brewing birches, before there was chapel, and later - Church and a graveyard of. Now here is located school with its economic spa buildings.

Fortress has koltseobraznuyu form of and one entry. Its perimeter 350 360 forge the High shaft, which exalted on all his for, reaches 2 3 forge the No traces former towers, except map for, not there is line shaft nowhere not is a broken and not table. With three sides fortress surrounded natural kosogorami, and the fourth side protected only shaft traces ditch Here not detected.

Conducted study of the review, that fortress the wall had form of gorodni, camping on E. Consisted of two parallel log walls, zasypannykh within land. Logs Wall lay horizontally and 16 vertical boners-light of posts. The thickness of the Wall accounted for about 1.5 flushed, and high, judging by otvalam, until 3.5 4 forge the

In evaluation shurfe, zalozhennom within strengthen, were found over the wreckage Russians clay are XIV century and the fragment vessel eastern type. The latest akin with Scotlands are, which often find under earthmoving work in Kazan.

In ties with those, that fortress in farms Gorodischi is anonymous, direct rulings about its service in historical sources not there is. However fact its existence Finds reflection in popular legend and documentary sources.

Widely known popular legend about hailstones Kitezhe. She undocumented about city of-fortress, unified view in the deaf zavolzhskikh forests of our the brink,, thanks Tatars and was taken with faces land. This legend izlojena in the so-called Zavolzhsky, or Kitezhskom letopistse, created in late the seventeenth-century Russian Orthodox Old Believers from sect runners.

In letopistse whilst, that the great Vladimirsky Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich, visiting a series of cities Russias, arrived in Volzhsky Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Small Kitezh. Made there he went dry by eastward and on Bank Lake Svetloyar in place velmi the beautiful and a very crowded built city-fortress G-Kitezh. Subsequently, Chrysomallos from constant his on top and czar Batyj, he fled in this city of. But the Tatar-Mongol cohorts, faced a path from traitor, has come to city, ???? ?????????? ?? his and has killed of the.

In late Chronicler states, that drawn and razgromlennyy enemies Russias city became an invisible thanks to patronage God. Razorennaya and opustevshaya country zauzolskaya timber poraste , and Kitezh fled from eye people under waters Lake Svetloyar and decente his hills.

The very a of course, that narrative about wonderful disappearance Architectural is an exhaustive a figment invisible cities there is no and not was. Sensing weakness this position, the drafters of the Chronicler decided reinforce his refers. On collective decision: the Chronicler wrote. And Jesus. ls with Vatican II.

The study of Kitezhskogo Chronicler shows, that specific findings, reiterates in him, contradict Russian annals. Russians letopisi not know nor Greater nor Maly Architectural they suggest that in our frontier were Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and the Bottom Novgorod.1 Skyfall Kitezhskomu Letopistsu, Kitezh was builds in 1165 year, and, on annals, his founder Yuri Vsevolodovich was born on 4.Greece 23 years later. Known also, that this Prince died in battle with the Tatar-Mongols on River City, USSR led by Russian troops, and, on Kitezhskomu Letopistsu, he died in Kitezhe.

Kitezhskiy chasozvon says about disarray of the Moscow realm , which under Batyj still not was, about how, that in it sensitiveness work for the Antichrist this fits ideology tourists the seventeenth- the eighteenth centuries, not XIII century. There are and other imbalances data Kitezhskogo Chronicler reliable and basket maruri say system data ancient Russians chronicles.

However spite pa the, that attempt to Orthodox Old Believers link the Kitezhskuyu legend with Russian history proved failed, out entirely this legend cannot be.

The Soviet scholar W. L. Komarovich consecrated exploration of Kitezhskoy the legend greater monography, in which comes concluded that in the heart of this lore lie historical facts and events more the later, than the Tatar-Mongol conquest, and not rounded in greater against Russian history. In his view, fortress in zavolzhskikh forests indeed could exist and its should seek.

The search Architectural were fought by many researchers. Repeatedly was evaluated by experts district Lake Svetloyara, and in 1959 ad hoc expedition, snaryazhennaya L.L.C. for submarine the passage, examined and bottom Lake. No signs Architectural on Svetloyare not was detected.

Fact discoveries anonymous Russian fortress on Vatome,, trafficking just in 45 50 kilometers from Svetloyara, sheds new light on Kitezhskuyu legend. He confirms the main position popular lore: The Russian fortress in zavolzhskikh forests indeed there was. (For our ancestors word city meant fortress, strengthening).

Narrative local inhabitants about the combat with Tatars, understand have its walls, also fully, European-with legend about Kitezhe.
* * *

What tasks performed this fortress and there is no whether although would otryvochnykh data about it in historical documents?

On these questions us respond sources of XIV XVI centuries.

In Kitezhskom letopistse certainly whilst on the, that grad Kitezh was in country Zauzolskoy , camping on E. In district, so-distant from Ueoly. Position fortress on Vatome more fits this instruction, than position Svetloyara, situated for River kerzhenets River, more significant, than Uzola River.

This anonymity evidence suggests about administrative tyagotenii Architectural to Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, that well, European-sec. Desires addessed about Gorodetskii udelnom princedom.

In composition Gorodetsky the lot of the of the Boris Konstantinovich Radin in late XIV century lay coast` on Volga-near Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, sela for Sundovikom and district icons made with uncertain borders. After the fall of the the Directorial great principality Volga region coast` together with Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast have shifted to serpukhovskomu grand duke Vladimir Andreevich of Serpukhov in exchange for Volok (than 10 minutes) with one distinct entities: A that seven two chaps of the Ivan Telichko in the to grand duke Volodimeru and his children not anooiaoe (Nur and contractual of ratification of great and comprehensible of princes, # 16, st. 43, M. L. 1952).

In Theological letter missive great of the Vasily possibly, from 1406 1407 s (there same,. # 20, st. 55) ceded his Princess, as administrative unit Kerzhenets with all.

Position discovered by fortress on the middle downstream kerzhenets River well replies this instruction.

Judging by from as conveyed, can be establish, that in Zavolzhye (disambiguation) and, in particular, in district kerzhenets River in the early XV century existed administrative district, center which could be fortress, discovered local root in 1959. From it organizovyvalas exploitation of wealth icons made and, in primarily, bobrovykh gonov and bortnykh lands, whom even before the seventeenth-century were famous kerzhenets River and Vatoma with their inflows.

With 20s XV century intelligence about this the center of the and administrative costs stop,. In late XVI century the Vatoma with its inflows Crosses in ownership nizhegorodskogo Pechersk monastery without taking any mention of ?? there fortress.

For what same fewer build fortress on Vatome? Response to this gives Pistsovaya book Balakhninskiy the county 1591 year.

Zauzolskie and veelomskie coast` Wasteland, that were villages and a revamp, and zapusteli from cheremisskie war.

In Vezlomskoy same coast` on a mouth of small river Veelomy, that against Novagrada Nizhnyago have Volga on Bank a village, that was as Soldiers. And the kind as Soldiers zapustela from Kazan, Russia war, court yard were Iiterally burned out and people in is full lifted and Own 2 (speech goes about city of Bor).

Goals protection Russian population cleanup the mouth of Oki from raids hostile neighbors-brigades burglars, organized by category: Mari people feudalistic nobles and hostile khans Kazan, operate as the fortress on Vatome.

Size ravages of, produced they, even in XVI century in Gorkovsky Zavolzhye (disambiguation) were are huge. On instruction Pistsovoy books Balakhninskiy the county 1591 year, on 180 Freedom villages was 120 empty stretch of outback, that were villages and a revamp.

But Gorky Zavolzhye zaselyalos new and new settlers. And in the course this apartment was forgotten people the Russian fortress in Zavolzhye (disambiguation). Deaf memory about it has become legend, cleverly amount Russian Orthodox Old Believers for its goals.

Near scientists, in including and W. L. Komarovichem, were conducted complex exploration for ?????? issue about origins name Kitezh.

Sometime, that deal here the jury easier. In Tongge kerzhenets River and next door with him meets a series of names settlements architecture with equal vibe Shaldezh (Semenivka region district), Eldezh (Resurrection district). If add to this, that, according to W. L. Komarovicha, the word Kitezh in the seventeenth-century and previously sounded Kidezh , then becomes clear, that this name local, but once-the link with a certain geographic point fortress on Vatome.

Hence there are big reason to believe, that zavolzhskaya the Russian fortress on small river Vatome and nedoshedshaya until us its history gave historic the groundwork, on which arose legend about Kitezhe, fittest Russian Orthodox Old Believers for their religious goals.