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And Kurochkiny surname such a was in Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion. I until on 8 class elect with Nikolai Kurochkinym 1950 Mr. birth. Had whether he attitude to your Kurochkinym. Not know, aisa. And lived somewhere on Field.


Larisa! I (1942 Propulsion R.) elect with Nikolai Kurochkinym, Vale white-Trash-( Now-W. Nichol. Vershkova) in Solonitse, in primary mortar. With us learned Valery Nadeev, Anna Smirnova (lives in R. Belarus). Яzhila in other end villages, here is Valentina from your homes through 3. Quite alongside aunt and Anna lived Sakharovy. Grandson of Gennady Sakharov vvykhodil on this FORUM, and his aunt Nina lives in. A long Most. They years on 12-14 older me and should remember about your loved. Kohl studied under well, was good the boy. I live in By discover arelii, there is husband, son, grandson of, pravnuchek. 40 years worked close over teacher Rus. Officials. And now. Only on home. Can, summer'll go down on homeland, discover something new-will inform.


A third shape of from below to read: "I live in Karelia."


Expensive my modern development of! I congratulate you with, Estonia Victory! Health you all, net the sky! Lighted memory those, whom there is no with us and never already not will!


That same you, expensive my modern development of, have broken off? Or summer nachalos- many concerns? Can, anyone from you a turn already in this year in our pretty village? Come forward now! Personally I despite in July, after 9 th number of.


Unfortunately, no ticket from us on Moscow and back. So that Estonia jointly August disappears.


Ludmila Isaevna, THANK YOU, THAT have. But you learned accurately not with my reinstated. He was born ist 1941 in sec. Solonitsy, and already during the war he with UF. Brother Alexander and mom and Anna GRIBANOVOY (in maiden name) lived in Propulsion Eve. (Not know, as and why they there proved) There after gaining pokhoronki on husband Kurochkina Leonid Nikolaevich's honor (died in hospital of the Ukrainian Propulsion Leningrad and buried on Piskarevskoye Memorial a graveyard of and precisely his relatives I and are you) grandmother was shacked up with the grandfather by Denis and he took away entire family, after the war in Rostov region UF. Krasnodonetskuyu (fled from hunger). And to my the great sadly, I even names Dad's uncle of not know. I understand, that all these the search, with so many information are meaningless. But here is t on this site and as if into a on homeland Pope. He always that was go here, find relatives, yes so and not rallied. , it is a pity that and the internet I have not was, until he was alive. Generally increasingly-notorious, and Pope there is no, and villages there is no. Well, that YOU all keep memory about it


Larisa! Failed same so? After all all names, named you, persisted in my memory: Anna Gribanova, Denis, Nikolai, he same just on 2 month older me (I rod.5.03.1942g.). School was in village. Not was there other Kurochkinykh! This accurately. Can, in Maksim Gor’kiy they lived until Solonitsy? And here is in Rostov after the war left my uncle Vasya with family -Malyshevy and my talent by Anna, on husband -Khmeleva, unfortunately, both now "ashes to ashes. Lived they there in Belokalitvenskom district. I then was even a small. Larisa, I well remember, where stood house Kurokinykh, and Anna Gribanova, seems, lived near, but separately. Summer in village I, unfortunately, not was, but in 4 km. From our there is village, where live our modern development of, and eschyo- in village of Malyshev Log Them. Kalinina, in 8 km. From us. They lived alongside Kurochkinymi. Will try them write. Breath Since uvazheniem- Ludmila Isaevna. I-teacher Rus. Officials. On pensions, but’ve worked homes (repetitorstvuyu). Please, answer it.


Birth sister my grandmothers - Gribanova Maria (lived and worked in Leningrad) - can we, too, your relatives.


I was on Forum 2 year ago. Here is, again returned with ask Mulkeen: Who knows my parents: Krepyshev Yuri, Nagorova Zina buries her. Can who any responds to the and hands over them message.