SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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All is true. Designer Valentin my father (to cinema is quite old the late), among them only Gennady alive. And family Toropovykh I well remember, we to them for milk were, and sometimes themselves came. Father with Nikolai Toropovym oftentimes the were on witch. Valery, son Lida, Hrodna Voblast until now summer in vacation Daniel makes it summer there.

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Cheque (chka) this part of words Rechka. Simply nucleus (syllable) K in side is in place mergers this small river with will have which name been wiped. Spell out can be only "deposit of stream" this apparently stream and "Beva" part of his name. And Vlost or Angry this and there is name rivers.

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Increasingly is true, sheriff! 8-) That this extended the fragment maps. On me so enough convincingly is read - "K chka Angry" 8-) And a small pomarka on paper on letter of "inquiry." Although, debate not d, whom as best. 8-)
Correct, that on lists any inhabited seats for 1877 year (also, as and in edition 1907) across Kostroma provinces Governorate there was only one village Solonitsa - our.


Where you found such a fascinating new map? Like would see and the contestant part of its, where must lie village Smirnovskoe. Until it same just 2 miles was. Was whether she in those, already distant now, times?


Ольга wrote:

We wish we would see and the contestant part of its, where must lie village Smirnovskoe. Until it same just 2 miles was. Was whether she in those, already distant now, times?

There is no, Olga, villages Smirnovskoe in the interface 18-19 centuries not yet existed, across semblance. As not appeared even the coming to Solonitse villages Such a long Most, Kapranikha, and even birch backwater (river) (future village of Malyshev Log Them. Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion). Witness, on a map 1798 year Solonitsa one-by her pretty self, in paired Werst from trade and mail tract to River Unzha River.
On modern map this large on those times firespace snuffed in Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion, and forth - forest priming questionable passability.


Yes, birch mussel farms was is based in the early twentieth th century belyshevskim pomeschikom Berdnikovym.

And hamlet of our is based roughly in 1,700’s!


Judging by map valleys the Vlost (ah very me not on psyche Angry) this valleys the Polevushka - makhonkiy, but playful and it's very contented trickling stream - inflows Solonitsy. Valleys the Solonitsa flows and small a bit in our resistance from villages.


Costly Olja and all participants this Forum. Despite the, that no information about their relatives I not received (see The beginning of), I resented you all grateful to for those droplets information about faint homeland my Pope. Dreamt photos and as if into a there, where never and not was. I still hope, that responds to the the, who knew my grandmother Gribanovu (in's marriage, Kurochkinu) Anna, grandfather Kurochkina Leonid, his brothers. They lived there before the war, grandfather made there on Front is gone, grandmother then departed in eve, and brothers remained. They even Agash dam bursts found already in Rostov area, somewhere in late 40-the early 50 Propulsion Devolving I understand, that hope quite on a minimum, but she after all there is. Even times all you thank you. And An individually you Olja, that not give the terminally disappear this perfect pretty village.


Hello Olga. I also was born and lived in village Solonitsa. My parents Vinogradov W. W. And Vinogradova. Propulsion But yours brother Sergei well remember. And village Lives, summer there was. Seryoga Zemtsov in House grandmothers summer case have him like even bees do there. And in your House Vinogradov. A. And summer often lives have him there apiary and a kitchen even pushes. And in House Zverevykh if memory not changes, too, summer live. So that not all so badly. Even electricity there is.


Dobryi day, Lyosha! Very is happy that another our Countryman half. I was in village couple of years ago. Spectacle a terrible - increasingly so overgrown lyupinom and brooms. Fields virtually not there is and homes remained very little. As nor bitterly but such a so has not only Solonitsu, but hundreds of thousands of Russians small hamlets. Can be have you persisted although it comes any photo villages? Like would their here to place.