SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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Деревня Солоница раньше относились к Костромской области, Варнавинскому уезду, Туранской волости. По свединиям на 1907 год в деревне Солоница было 33 двора, где проживало 158 душ.Население по данным переписи 1897 года было:мужчин 77, женщин 91, и обоего пола 168. Преобладающий промысел (кроме земледелия) по данным 1907 года по данным оцен-статического отдл. Губ. Земства составлял лесной. Название деревня получила от речки Солоница, название которой свидетельствует о солоноватом вкусе воды.

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Greetings. All with holidays. My father, too, come from sela Solonitsa. Childhood pursued a I and there, this was the beginning of 90-'s. Remember still when Toropova worked there in no clothing left. Himself already long there not was, only 2-st brother summer ezdiet there, there even now already ?????????? there is no.


Thank you for photo. There there is and our house, with Greens windows, and about homes are rising three ate. On photo village already not to know, what she was in my childhood, modicum and then not that much was permanent inhabitants. There now (summer) on machine perhaps not get?


Tell please and where is soldatovo field?


Field Soldatovo is for farm (indeed do where she before was. In opposite side from ovcharnika.


Interesting was name have small river on map 1798 year, under which otstroilas "modern" village Solonitsa - valleys the Angry% -). And, judging by around the, this anew otstroennaya a little village was then quite a small.
And here is already to 1877 year (on any inhabited seats for 1877 year) valleys the has become called Honeycrisp, yes and village have grown up to - disappeared was already 12 8-).
And, as is true has sheriff, in 1907 disappeared was already 33.


You just skoreee auctioning the in mind another Solonitsu - the kind that has been in so-called khutorakh. Khutora were for village Antonikhoy, deeper and deeper forests and on direction Shar'insky r-on Kostroma provinces area. The kind hamlet was much less and lasted much less.


Valery Golubev Alexey
Lyosha, good night! Is happy that and from made there is reawakening! You same our relatives! My Pope - Afanasyevich Toropov Nikolai Sergeevich - was cousin brother Lida, Hrodna Voblast, Gennady, Valentin and of Nina Golubev. We with them always were very friendly Good-natured, merged dude.


On map is of course she, the kind the most village. Valleys the but name Angry can and called Vlost, If increase map the in sight, that name rivers, as if anew obvedyonnym. And judging by lists naselyonykh seats Kostroma provinces guberni 1907, village Solonitsa was one, and truth in graph "Regulations rivers, Lake, the ponds and camping on P. And camping on Afghan the writing was one "wells"
There is also village Sol in Makarevskom the busiest.


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Very interestingly! On a map indeed our hamlet, but name rivers the whether copied, then whether remedied as quickly. But villages Solonitsa only on territory of our village council was two. Was even Solonitsa about cities Vetluga (river).

And here is calligraphy Vlost and cheque it is unclear that mean. Perhaps type of terrain. Very many confusing plethora of worthy for modern language terms.

Huge thank you for such a map!