SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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My parents Krepyshev Yuri and Nagorova (maiden surname) Zinaida 40 years ago left from Solonitsy in TUL'skaya Oblast ', area, where live to this day. The entire their youth (until zhenidby and birth children) has passed in this village and was would very pleased obtain message from their previous friends and known. Virtually all reverie attended by these on Forum me are familiar on believing the about their life on homeland.


Galya, are a good day! I still await the Your letter and, if possible, photo villages, parents and grandmothers. Hope you received my answer on your the first letter.


Hello, Olga! Also, as and for you. Solonitsa for me is homeland, where I lived until 8let. Then our family moved in Turan. My Pope Nadeev Valery V., mother Zemtsova, but she come from. Ivnyazhnaya. Of course in the time I was small, but all reverie attended by know and many inhabitants remember, the more some of them were relatives, photos'll take a look parents can that the remained.

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Dobryi day, Tanya! Very is happy that you divert. Of course remember I you only small girl. And parents your have retreated, and I after the end of the schools escaped from loved of the edges. Your grandmother (on father) and my grandfather were the cousin brother and the sister. So that we not simply homegirl at home, but and Ouite a making related. Certainly you well remember my younger brother - Sergei. D is happy from photos Solonitsy.


Hello, Olja! Only, that has arrived from Turani, to the great sadly desirable photographs Solonitsy I parents not has found, several units and on them our family, and so that would past three decades and what any attractions such there is no, but I have dream go summer or better spring (until there is no big grass) and take pictures. Olja, and your maiden surname Toropova, if yes the your mother again with reinstated I well knew, we traveled on berries and oftentimes the set foot to them, very good people, Sergei remember, but he like would was below me, and here is you unfortunately quite not remember. And you have what any photos Solonitsy?


Tanja, I indeed Toropova in maiden name. An earring below you a bit, he riders and, if me memory not changes, Lyoshe Vinogradovu. And have you like it comes and brother was senior?


I elect in one classroom with Tonya a post (alas already the deceased), we were much older you, because and not remember us. Sergei, and all the more Irinka Kudryavtsevy, were below us and we with them not bit. And their you certainly remember or on village, or on school. You same lived with them 4 persons.


If whom interestingly, 'll post an a bit photographs villages, made autumn five years ago.
On the first photos house Valentin and Tamara Sirotkinykh - dede and grandmothers.
Village, as and thousands of such Russians villages, slowly dies. The main street overgrown.
From Left for faked house Vinogradovykh, already almost destroyed time.
And this kind of with prigorka, where before were farms. Extreme right house already not there is, was incinerated by year three-four ago.
Everywhere devastation and zapustene, wood gradually comes, colorful nezhilye already territory. Only of the snake feel well casual-looking among thatch the frames with homes.
And here is a huge larch with otpilennoy the tip even Lives.
In the forest full of the wild mushrooms, yes there gribnikov.
And this pond (the pool of) in the forest. Relatives told, that somewhere near on Bank teetered horses (or Kuznitsa? - here I accurately not remember.
In the latest day before leaving I took a walk on the other the end of the villages, pofotografiroval. Dozhivayuschie its age cabins with empty eye sockets windows, covered many-colored lichens sagging hedges, Bialowieska front gardens, street, which already with hard is always not in shockingly young high'to. All of this leaves extremely a dispiriting impression. However, are looking themselves. Perhaps, on one of pictures you will learn AT YOUR home.
Such here is that is one unhappy have international. Xcuse me, if that.
P.S. Correct several photo summer 2009. Virtually nothing has changed - only an enormous the grasses with human growth, fever and the horseflies :)

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Large thank you, that placed photos, of course even few years not will remain and these polurazvalivshikhsya homes.


Olga, unfortunately not received your the first letter. But very is happy that you have. Yes and what eyebrows, that in "actively Tatiana Nadeeva - I know and its and its parents and little sister Natashku and even maintained have them in gostyakh. Request send repeated response to the first my letter.