SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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The most expensive for me place our the Motherland - village Solonitsa!

In this exquisite Kitapevi the edge of I was born, made the first steps, grew.
Thirty years ago I, as birdie from nests right, to made there in greater (adult) life.
Here is already six years me some there visit, but under word SOLONITsAheart of is beginning to so schemit. As same me the road this, almost extinct posts carte, hamlet!


My small Homeland village Solonitsa.

  His name village Solonitsa received thanks to a small events - on Musical starozhilv there some the Barin, I spilled where sea salt.
So whether this we already hardly will know.

On great village twice vygorala and again otstraivalas. First place build - field Soldatovo. Called so like would because, that there died some soldiers. There now consigned Shot-toed kalinintsev. Alongside these battlefields was a graveyard of, when me was years 5, there even visible were ranks the grave, but already not was nor venues..., nor crosses. Then increasingly much timber. After this village was built on hill standby, about the nasion. Of money alive and haunt her. Somewhere in 70s have the nasion parents basis for negotiation khoznuzhdy sand, in offense mother has found a coin 1737 year. Can then and emerged village. In our village years 30 ago lived wondrous people Kosarev Leonid. He very many knew legends and stories about Solonitse, unfortunately in childhood I not conceived seriously as it is important to know history home the brink and as this interestingly Now, alas, ask not voiceless other perishing there is no, and those what can. Apparently more I nothing not discover. Even I remember, that founded village a basis and Foma. All village inhabitants engaged in from and plant cultivation. As and in each village have us was horses. So same was salmon on 100 goals and perhaps until 50s an aviary. Then began the enlargement kolkhozes. All villages Turano-Siberian village council united in one the collective. Thanks to this wise politics Party and governments and began to die our villages. Instead hen houses opened ovtsefermu on 700 goals, one of largest in northern parts of area. Every autumn working conscription on potato tune students Vetluzhskikh some med school or lesotekhnikuma, and also our schoolchildren. Agricultural products our village manufactured more, than the entire the unified Turanskiy the collective.
In our village was and the initial school. Have closed its in 1970 year, after death known in our district teachers Nagorova Gennady Alexandrovich, human very non-standard and interesting things. He mentioned a campfire story about how, that about a spring human player treasure pugachyovtsev. His on great tried to dig men from our villages, when they have been digging into this until the whether iron, then whether iron Taphole Opening plates of, very tired and are hungry. Decided to continue after lunch. When same sorrow selector of treasures have returned Cursed Spring all their writings were destroyed. With sand entire hole zamylo. Know not for them this treasure was human player. Can be donationware, that has found my mother from the reservoir Pugacheva. Closing schools, too, contributed on fate villages, so as to send opportunities in boarding on entire week was very painful for.
In Solonitse was and hearth culture club, there showed films (very modny were Indian) and were held arrangements the artistic amateur. Until the emergence of television all holidays noted in club. With the emergence of television our inhabitants have become increasingly and more razobschatsya. However this swept up by and the favela.
Very painful for, that my nice hamlet split sorrowful fate of hundreds of thousands of Russian villages.
Perhaps someone will reverie attended by Smogolevy, Malyshevy, Novikovy, Toropovy, Kosarevy, Sokolovy, Lebedevy, Zverevy, Nadeevy, but, Novikovy, Nagorovy, Kudryavtsevy, Sirotkiny, Vinogradovy, Bryzginy, Krepyshevy, blochkovy, Leganovy.Among the, Chashniky our villages there is teachers, mediate, engineers, Inca, zootekhnik, a vet, weavers, drivers, some openings for taggers, an artist and camping on D.


Expensive my modern development of, I in short told you history Solonitsy - so as I this remember. That you like would know, about fix aching soul - write. Certainly have someone there is questions and wishes.
If same you publish it their memories - you so same, as and I, car debt memory our ardently favorite faint Motherland.


Olga, hello. Increase luck for me find you. I have long't seek relatives his father-indeed do my grandfather. He Kurochkin Leonid Nikolayevich 1914 Propulsion R. Come from sec. Solonitsa Vetluzhskiy r-on is gone on Front and not returned. And his wife Anna Petrovna with two sons-Aleksander and Nikolai (my reinstated) re-married and then departed in UF. Krasnodonetskuyu Rostov region Grandfather Denis we and regarded their spoken native, he not did differences between its and that children and grandchildren, although pro Leonid we knew. Know, that Kurochkiny came in Stanitza precisely from Solonitsy, when Pope was a teenager, seen each other in with nephews. But Pope and all his brothers there is no, ask not voiceless. And I itself, becoming mother, suddenly request strongly to know anything about their relatives on lines home grandfather. On the hands of only pokhoronka on him with address birth. So tiny corner, that saw name this sela on site and as cramped, faced, that his more there is no. And suddenly you can me say, something still about his citizens? Suddenly something know pro surname Kurochkiny. Not my hope. Larisa.


Attempted to modicum something discover about Kurochkinykh, but nothing not broke a - ask already not voiceless. As a pity.


Oleg 25 years.

Olga, hello. Accidentally stumbled on this forum. Himself I from cities Vetluga (river), but. Solonitsa for me not a foreign. Himself there has visited China's not times. My grandmother come from this villages surname its Kosarev and grandfather from there surname Sakharov. Now they live in the P. Them. Kalinina. They me The peacocks about village. If you something interestingly to know can their able to ask or give their phone to you themselves with them talked, suddenly you each other know. Write here on forum.

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Dobryi evening, Oleg! Very d grateful to for any leaks about village. If you have photo villages or its inhabitants, then was it comes well to place their here. And of course like would know names and patronymic your obdobi and grandmothers. Perhaps I their know. Phone, of course, simply wonderful option for communication. Huge thank you for interest to Forum. Incidentally photo Vetluga (river) and increasingly, that you know about it, me so same interesting since.


Olga, are a good day! I, of course same, not managed induce village in is the form of, in which its remember you. Have grandmothers with the grandfather in Solonitse was carrying and me several times taking there. Already then there little who lived, but still inhabitants were. Was there still any pilorama, where, on-my, did Propagules for spades and that pole. We cut out from this slats itself swords. Then me grandfather, mentioned that this village was enough big and was even its grains chapel, that then disassembled. Was the collective the Red north. Now there from permanent inhabitants nor whom there is no, but in couple of homes summer someone Comes this hunters and those who there holds bees. From the old virtually nor whom not remained. Wasn that my grandmother Kosarev (Sakharov) Sophya Semyonovna, grandfather Sakharov Gennady Vasilyevich and his sister Nina year, which now lives in village Such a long Most. Photos what-i.e., if only have grandmothers. For this need to to go in Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion. If time will'll go down to them'll use my handphone to. At all I now live in lower and from-for this go rarely on homeland.

Pro Vetluga (town) can what any find. My father handled kraevedeniem Vetluzhskiy cleanup, although after his death all materials somewhere gone away, but would still something remained. Perhaps and photo there is old. If need photo modern Vetluga (river) the write worded your Khaled el. Mails I their you there'll send over. But essentially they the most ordinary.

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Olga, I you surname grandmothers said not correctly. She Kudryavtseva and not Kosarev. Kosarev have us aunt Nina.


Here is and I so thought! I know that sisters Kudryavtsevy in's marriage, have become Lebedev, Sakharov and Vaganova.