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Gordeckaya there

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Gordeckaya there

For moreover, to you have was full information about the arts gorodetskikh craftsmen needs to familiarize themselves still with one guise of popular crafts - DEAF carving on tree.

Persist gorodetskimi metalworkers and tradition DEAF background a groove, which in modern conditions has found its application in products a?iee, carved icons and unique property work. Many you cutters the Directorial the brink learned have prominent modern craftsmen M. A. Loginova and A. Ya Kolova.
Gorodets painting and there initially originated on water, in environment remains-korabelov, and then have gone on (Isaiah 11,, in peasant architecture.

Over the artistic carving worked entire generation foreman-handicraftmen -. For centuries vyrabatyvalis tastes and styles, of artists techniques.

In background DEAF groove Goddes rich fantasy craftsmen. Talk and thinly made drawings was portrayed leaves increasing of chicory and dandelion, stailess vines with the subtle the mustache shoots and affected do just throw berries, outlandish flowers, which there is no in nature.

Obscure you cutters worked at random, relying only on its artistic prodigy, and instruments in their hands were just pathetically the chisel and a chisel.

In Gorodetskii local lore museum widely presented art gorodetskikh foreman.

Here is before us is worth the hill, the entire though zateylivoy background DEAF carving, random samples and established a master Tokarev (athlete )-Kazarinym. As man, a cobbler, he this thing Krska and in nineteenth century in free time from work. In museum also's website is weaving machine, adorned with a DEAF carving, part of arc with stock image cancers garland, Donce, fuck I. A. Masina from villages Kurtsevo and other demonstrative objects artistic of excellence gorodetskikh peeps.

Gordeckaya deaf there conveniently horsefly on on gables buildings, on quays and the eaves. Hands talented foreman vydalblivali the most diverse set shapes on homes, as if are decorated with thin lace-, with there not repeats itself, on every House she its grains, has its the plot.

In Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast persisted entire the streets homes, who lace-a groove. For example, architectural deaf there authorities on Fronton and cornice homes # 8 on the street harbor promenade brought to you Revolution. In the center of the JS chessboard two fabulous birds that support the frame with date build homes 1864 Propulsion Talk and ubranstvo homes # 60 on str. Gorky. Here deaf there is on >, where are portrayed two world lion and the sad mermaids. Full-frontal board and nalichniki razukrasheny with a thick with an ornament.
If section painting of currently withdrew on broad a path, has become do on exports, has become distinctive popular art, which haltingly on factory Gordeckaya painting of , then section deaf there, forgotten and lost, gradually is being revived, develops tradition old craftsmen-foreman in a pilot workshop factories. Here same work over look for new features of-style and forms.


Ending conversation about background groove, is well osevshey on homes small, narrow streets in historical parts of cities, we again admire beauty popular art, remembering words Olega broad, of our local poet:

And have us, in Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, his Highness,
Under a hut or, under porch miracle live.