LYSKOVSKA embroidery

Embroidery, so same as and knitting, initially was "house" fisheries management. Gradually embroidery has become popular artistic fisheries management. Example the - Lyskovskaya embroidery.

Lyskovskie patterns

Strochevyshivalnyy answer were long was widely maintained in ancient city of Lyskovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and his neighborhood, especially, when have walls Makar'yevski monastery was making a noise famous, Fair.

Among many the artisan products exempted lyskovchan, special love and demand on fair enjoyed products fulfilled in technology zolotnogo sewing, sewing on vydergu - so-called, lyskovskogo gipyura. The other the most the generalized reception popular embroidery this white row, sometimes with adding non-white circuit. Often overhead line been the white murmured, that upstaged dense high flooring. Numerous motives from flowers, of leaves, opium pods on flexible stems you can constituted and elegant pattern.

CJSC "Lyskovskie patterns" - this those removed from strochevyshivalnaya factory of, which was created in 1960 year. Ornamental forms, developed in for centuries popular metalworkers - embroidery "Reshile", embroidery with typified Plant pattern received new the use of in products lyskovskikh vyshivalschits.

On venture specialists use assumed machinic embroidery vprikrep with peculiar artist use graphical drawing. This kind of embroidery recent origin. Its began to apply in period intense ???? machines in 1960s. And, seemed would, such machine seam nothing in common with popular embroidery not has.

However in is something and of the credit artists, that they managed find the most taken the unusual technical reception for embodiment his design, not faced under this ties with local popular embroidery. Cursory prikrep twist are spaced whose color threads creates cosmogonies pattern. Graphic ornament as would consists of chain sparkling glassy small of stones and is opa... is opaque pobleskivayuschego pearl, so often 8,000 in past for of a maiden'sheadquarters dressing and nagrudnykh jewellery.

Currently venture rolls a wide range of goods. This products for newborns, child, female clothing, conviction, costume,, shirts, curtains, dresses, bathrobes, sarafans, nightly shirts, pajamas, ploskostnye products - tablecloths, towels, napkins, kits; great souvenir products - kidsand male shirts in Russian-style, womens dresses and smocks. Products CJSC Lyskovskie patterns will be able emphasize your style and individuality.

CJSC Lyskovskie patterns

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