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Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of

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I already told you in topic Semyonovskaya painting of about how, that in our area there are several schools the artistic Luster. Except of Semyonovskaya (with two currents - fedoseevskim and merinovskim) and background there is and Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of.

Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of

Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of arose in recent times in
South Voznesensky district, where in 1920-1930 years was absent
Production painted vytochennykh on Lathes FVC toys -
Horns, Russian nesting dolls, bochat, eggs, shall we get so many, wild mushrooms, samovarchikov,
Which were called the fun and lovingly "tararushkami."
Rural-urban divide Polkhovskiy Maidan, the landmark in 50s years center a new
The fishery capacity was lost attracted broad prominence. Flashing ?aaoaie clearest
Anilinovykh of paints and varnish, miraculous toys hence were settled
On many bazaars Russia. They immediately same're rather fond of these children their
Gone viral naivom and Laurent perceptions of world, where be going on
Heavens pink and gays cloud, treasures Enumerable mill, sing
Joyous birds.
Basic motives patterns this Luster - flowers: Rosa, poppy, chamomile, tulip, rose Hip. There is and the story painting of. Most often this rural landscape with page, houses, Church and mill on Bank, and also obligatory red sunrise on the sky. Range of toys-tararushek diverse. One group - kidstoys: Kartina, pets market-whistles, ponies, toy democracy utensils, mushrooms-piggy banks, balalaika wouldn , boxes, by the-apples. Another group products exempted - traditional the Russian utensils: Salt shakers, chalice, new range, "supplies" - cylindrical vessels for storage loose products, samovary, boxes, by the. In large numbers moulds and raspisyvayut Easter eggs.


Voznesensky district (forming in 1929g.) one of neighborhoods Nizhny Novgorod area, County in its southwestern parts of on the border with several design bureaus republic and Ryazan area, ranks 130,3 thousands of hectares. Settlement Voznesenskoe known on Workers with XVI century. Founder his was mordvin Mr.. The first his name Oshpire. With Senatskaya church Ascension receives name Voznesenskoe. Precisely on these land in 1667g. After suppression of rebellion under the leadership Razin Brewery on small river Polkhovku profits category: Deported people, vyslannye on legend with Don for participation in the farmer war, they and have become the founders Polkhovskogo Maidan. Rural-urban divide Polkhovskiy Maidan the in nechernozemskry front page Southeast parts of Voznesensky cleanup, in past on the north'ARS county of former Temnikovsky the county, on lands-scarce, not satisfying permanent needs local inhabitants. With starters nineteenth century peasants sela engaged in comprise of crafts, in particular, tokarnym affair, development which contributed to the annually conferences in lower Novgorod shows.
Image kartina, that make in Polkh-Maidan, different from all known. She surprises brightness attire to giant multi-person Russian nesting dolls. In Luster kartina polkhovsko-maydanskie masters of use diverse set receptions: flowers with blinding - the most known and to original painting of with a-guided missiles drawing and the ensuing Fill type planes color; flowers without section or some weed - painting of, reminiscent will take and khokhlomskuyu; pestrenie - the elementary painting of, which fulfilled linear impasted, Air layering, black spots; might - image of the landscape and architectural ensembles. Svoeobraznaya modular system a list of in basis of which lies a short with pressured flick of your pen and simple smear brush, allows under relative simplicity benchmark practices and limited their set of fulfill diverse set on forms of and ochertaniyam, but uniform on Rhythm, ornamental motives. In a result resilient and as would throbbing line circuit, be reworked lungs, movements pen, clearly obrisovyvaet pointy leaves,, ovals petals, reveals among wreath smoothly izgibayuschiysya stem.


Red zorkoy's rollin 'Polkh-Maidan,
Haltingly under hands craftswomen,.
On pan-green anilinovym gardens
Are pretty much blown off gaggle of pink birds.
Cloud the Blue on the sky DJ, kick it,
And kartina in made dance Jerome Gorsay recounts fire,
And whistles the Warblers zalilis
Over in curls povilikoy adolescent.


Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of

Production prominent toys-tararushek a stark zateylivoy painting originates from in farms Polkhovskiy Maidan Voznesensky cleanup. In late the eighteenth century many peasants picked up Chronicle answer from monks Sarovsky monastery, proizvodivshikh in own workshops lit wooden tableware. In the early twentieth century in Polkhovskom Maidan are beginning apply this carvin ' Lathes products exempted.

First time in rural-urban divide had brought vyzhigatelnyy apparatus peasant-a shrubber Polin Paul Nikitich. This carvin ', and later and dyeing Lathes products exempted, often through a hired workers in workshop of the owner. Then and established architecture characteristic, reached until our days, maydanskiy ornament and landscaped a compositional the plot. Until now in farms remember legend about how, that in longstanding times in massive impact on Stepan Razin Brewery was leader of the named Alyona former a peasant from-under Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. In its a party fought and recalcitrant ancestors polkh-maydanskikh handicraftmen -. Under Sociale Temnikovym, that in eleven, Allen took in capturing and on orders of the Dolgoruky burned the on a fire. And on that spot, where rotted away a peasant-atamansha, grew and flourished the Scarlet a rose. Here is, ostensibly the contestant the most Ring of and suffered on their painted toys masters of Polkhovskogo Maidan.

With viewing oil and gluematerials of paints expanded range of Furthermore within products exempted. Existed this kind of the artistic Luster with 1928 on 1934 years. With 1933 in farms began to piyasada tableware anilinovymi with, which on brightness exceed oil and glue tipped attachments paint. In 1969 Kazakov Peter Ermolaevich and Avdyukov Grigory Alekseevich organized artel Red dawn , which in thereafter has become manufacturing the unification of Polokhovsko-Riazan Region painting of. Today tradition fishery capacity was lost continue to private entrepreneurs.

Souvenirs and kartina, which here produce, differ from all known extraordinary brightness and originality. Kartina have and specific name tararushki. In Luster tararushek and souvenirs polkhovsko-maydanskie masters of use diverse set receptions: flowers , some weed , pestrenie , might. All of this attaches originality not only famous tararushkam and suveniram, but and other products craftsmen, which issue still and tableware, and diverse set objects life, for example, vases, supplies, kegs, shelves and much else.

You are here » SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area! » Artistic best Russia » Polkhovsko-Riazan Region painting of