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Chkalovsky guipure

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Chkalovsky guipure

Open joint-stock society guipure carefully retains centuries-old tradition unique embroidery nizhegorodskiy guipure and thanks to creative sought artists and craftsmen fishery capacity was lost skillfully combines their with modernity.

In late nineteenth century on territory modern Chkalovsky cleanup established architecture a special kind of embroidery on vydergu , i.e. on major grid, educated by vydergivaniya longitudinal and lateral nationalists threads fabric, known under entitled guipure. Transparency and smoothness this embroidery reminds crocheted. The main element of a pattern, typified for nizhegorodskogo gipyura , are plain, which the embroiderer call transitions to flowering. There is about 50 species joints - razdelok, whom are based flowers are. Strochevaya embroidery becomes the subject of fishery capacity was lost and all female population sat and villages from svremenniyat until svremenniyat yes, under for, at an embroidery frame, covering lends a pattern white a. In 1920- s years the embroiderer combine to produce in plan. One of the first - Katunskaya unsteady artel on overhead line and embroidery linen was organized in 1924 year, in 1937 it accorded name of Domodedovo Airport.

1960 year became beyond its breaking in history the predatory factories appeared - they into being the state-owned enterprises. On base joint factories appeared was created Chkalovskaya strochevyshivalnaya the demand which in 1998 was transformed in of JSC guipure. Venture produces kits bed-and table linen, pathways, napkins, and also skirts, smocks, bathrobes from environmentally safe tissue flax and cotton with the artistic embroidery.

With goal conservation and development popular fishery capacity was lost on venture 1 February 2004 open and works exhibition hall NIZHEGORODSKY guipure a common salient 150 square M. In it before visitors standing dreamlike man-made the world embroidery nizhegorodskogo gipyura , history its arise, saved materials and piece of the the predatory factories appeared the mid-20th century, unique samples exhibition and competitive products exempted craftswomen, and artists different generations. All piece of the with taste are located in three their comfortable floors. A special interest have visitors exhibition the room causes the exposition interior room Angliyskiy flax , is well XXII and manual gipyurom. OJSC guipure offers holding organized excursions with to the controversial exhibition the room.

Embroidered products chkalovskikh craftswomen, - tablecloths, covering, the drapes, pathways and towels attract clarity compositions, freshness a pattern, wealth and diversity practices enforcement.

Guipure assumes the creation special species laces allowances embroidery (word guipure in the diversion with French language of the air embroidery ). Appears this is so: An artist on millimetrovke makes Figure, raskroyschik necessarily manually kroit product, dergalschitsa makes refet (ground okoshechki i.e. cuts of pearls on tissue), then all strings of generation together. And then already comes from the embroidery, which can be manual or machinic, that makes product more accessible on price (and glance untrained eye difference between them accurately not notice). Traditional Lobachevsky guipure includes about fifty elements embroidery, ????? of which its name chamomile, boburochka. And from another gipyura (the same Ivanovsky District, Ivanovo Oblast) our differs due merely of plant floral ornament 60ml, flowers on and prevents (have them same geometric forms) and greater easily and transparency (have us refet i.e. fiber of 5 millimeters, have them just 2 3). Not for good reason Lobachevsky guipure themselves masters of is nicknamed air belopennym.
Chkalovskaya factory of for not one dozen years produces embroidered and bed linen, objects interior curtains, paintings, for example. And in recent years this still and clothing. Now enjoys popularity female (trousers, 're jorts, skirts, blouses) and a mans (kosovorotki) clothing struggle flax. Recently on 60-anniversary Nikita Mikhalkova our the ministry culture ordered for Bekboev in gift traditional a gray with embroidery official struggle flax.

OJSC guipure
606540, N.Novgorod area
Propulsion Chkalovsk (disambiguation), str. Belinschi,. 65
Bodies. / fax: (831-60) 4-14-91, 4-25-76


Back to roots

Familiar all on alphabetical directory artistic crafts our area name Lobachevsky guipure Who knows about how, that place his hukou is far from not city eve and even not Chkalovsk (disambiguation), as consider those who ? in this a bit more. One of the most young species sink, save on vaudeville nineteenth the 20th centuries, guipure initially became firmly be reinforced in promyslovom farms Katunki Balakhninskiy the county. Promyslovom this means, that population kormilos not agriculture, and unique fisheries management. In it was busy nine disappeared from ten, and literacy here substantially exceeding equilibrium secondary on Uyezd.
Then creating mistress worked on fences, which were selling katunskie products in Moscow and Petersburg stores. , until in 1924 year not emerged the first in the busiest Katunskaya unsteady artel on overhead line and embroidery linen. The number of its members udvaivalos with every year, and money turnover already in 1927 year averaged 40 thousands of rubles. Success katunskogo gipyura in 1932 became evident well on international level: Almost half of products plan commanded on exports in Germany, Canada and the US.
Shortly before unification six strochevyshivalnykh factories appeared in a single Chkalovskuyu strochevyshivalnuyu factory of the, which happened in 1960 year, in technology katunskoy embroidery emerged own bookshelf. The groundwork his laid the of Serafima Petrovna Strelkova, skilled in your hands, razrabotavshaya a special, not W did unparalleled Golets pattern in the form of flowers ,-and berries. In 1945 1960 s guipure has felt genuine flourishing
But Admiral Mike Mullen and heavy times. In the years economic collapse of many enterprises in 1996 in purposes conservation the homeland fishery capacity was lost katunskie masters of injunction filed to over enterprise chkalovskomu Gipyuru about his Decoupling. Until this work accounted for very hard easier say, sat at all without work. On the eyes of such same subsidiary in farms St. Petersburg, fully ceased their existence. The same fate waited and kantuntsev.
In this complex moment emerged man, which Katunki subsidiary owes his the second lives. Leonid Nikolayevich Gorelov, who has been working years to come in production gipyura, organized separate from chkalovskogo enterprises, found Moscow investor and became a director general of of JSC Katris Katunki Figure. Why? It's a shame became for homeland gipyura, where wasting workers hands, experienced masters of not find demand to his images of ability. Presided over enterprise until recently and himself investor Dmitri Vladimirovich Rogachevskiy, which for seven years nor never not frustrated in his addressing invest money in revival Katrisa. Having seen in is, that venture finally is worth on their feet, he provided its chair Elena Evgenevne Krotovoy, for which venture native in literally words. With January 2003 she a new director of Katrisa.
Separate became life-saving step for katunskogo branch. Here is such phenomenon: Gibnuschee venture opinion was on two, that led to revival both. Than same still, as not resurgence of, should call situation, under which production, still four years ago, as then seemed, terminally a stopped, by an order governor was called the best on processing tissue and other materials? Precisely this miracle happened with OJSC Katris in 2000.
Law modern market confirms still times: It's time small manufacturing. Katris significantly more petty venture compared with former chkalovskim Gipyurom , and economic efficiency not been lost on show themselves. compactness production, believes a new director of Elena Krotova, excluded opportunity throwing funds, and this allowed work without losses. Now number staff on venture represents only 87 man, under this administrative apparatus just seven people.


Production CJSC "guipure"

Range of yearly products exempted diverse.
Standard size square and rectangular such products as tablecloths.
On desire-plus contracting tablecloths mills are napkins in numbers 6, 12 Tennessee Size of 32kh32 or 45kh45. Also developed tablecloths with prishivnym passing, manufactured around and oval tablecloths next sizes:
14kh145, 145kh180, 145kh230, 145kh250
Hua flaxseed fabric wide 180 see Dozen round and width oval such products as tablecloths - 175 see
The brink rectangular and square such products as tablecloths, kitchen tops, walkways be read special current transitory period "under merezhku", and around and oval - "swags."

Embroidery can be carried out as on center tablecloths (on countertop), so and on the edges of the (on the perimeter). The complexity of the drawing embroidery and its number of is determined by on arrangements with the customer in dependence from his financial opportunities.

Venture rolls bridal strochevyshitye products from more important and gladkokrashenogo flax: Needlewomen, pathways, towels decorated with manual embroidery "NIZHEGORODSKY guipure."

NIZHEGORODSKY guipure - a shiny white strochevaya embroidery on vydergu, fulfilled on major grid. For its assemble from tissue proactively taken out of pearls foundations or duck, and sometimes and those and other, forming razrezhennye nets. Prepared thus fabric fill on drawing various imported, skladyvayuschimisya in diverse set patterns


Large demand in now enjoys bed linen struggle flax, environs traditional embroidery.


Everyone this can be order for themselves!


historical certificate

City Chkalovsk (disambiguation) known with 12 digits As Vasilyova sloboda, the first mentioning in documents in 1405 Propulsion Name associate with name of the Vasily, son great of the Yuri Dolgorukova (12 digits

With 1764 Propulsion Fed as economic, then as trade rural-urban divide with various craft (skill) and crafts, in camping on CHAMPION My spinning, strochevyshivalnym.

In 1937 Propulsion Village Vasilevo (disambiguation) was renamed in village Chkalovsk (disambiguation) in honor hosted the W. P. Domodedovo Airport (1904-38), which here was born). City with 1955

Eighty years notes in this year Chkalovskaya strochevyshivalnaya factory of guipure , where passed another session on pechitelskogo Council Fund development Peoples-khudozhestven krizhanikh crafts nizhegorodskoy area, which vozglavlya economy will deputy chairman of the regional legislative with braniya Alexander Tsapin.

Formed in 1924 year as labor artel, factory of General Ban Ki- pyur for years existence not has lost its range of and still rolls bed and embroidered linen from inexpensive from byazi until chic flaxseed.

Many certainly remember on childhood and youth - lacy nakidushki, covering and podzory on are, covers on both ways and wonder nah, tablecloths and napkins, that were modny and recourses: CPU. Factory of pro dolzhaet and developing this popular art, and cotton example Mouline, traditionally under menyaemye under embroidery, make products chkalovskikh craftswomen, vital because marks, dyshaschimi, with the luring.


The story embroidery

Embroidery, outside one of the oldest species popular creativity, known on Russias with X-XIII centuries Ideology decorated as budnichnuyu, so and celebratory clothes so and celebratory clothes - shirts, aprons, parent hats, and also residential objects and things, below the to rich decoration environment homes - towels, stoleshniki, podzory, pillowcases. Embroider were in almost every Russian family as in village, so and in city of. Gradually embroidery from household classes, when products did for own needs, becomes crafts - producing to request, and then and fisheries management - production on sale. Local tradition and their deep knowledge masteritsami-vyshivalschitsami underlay the art embroidery. N.Novgorod Uusimaa always differed large diversity popular embroidery, but the most ulyublenimi were such species, as moment, row and murmured.

Embroidery continues to evolve in Nizhny Novgorod area and currently on strochevyshivalnykh factories. They are located in traditional centers popular art - Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Chkalovsk, Tajikistan, Katunkakh, lower Novgorod, Lyskovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Shakhune, Pervomaisk, Luhansk Oblast and on Church. These enterprises issue a wide range of products exempted, decorated women, as clothing, so and hyphenated household utensils. Currently on development strochevyshivalnogo fishery capacity was lost and diversity embroidery N.Novgorod area ranks one of first seats in Russia.

In Our country and abroad big widest recognition enjoys embroidery "nizhegorodskiy guipure." This through embroidery fulfilled on grid with size of cells size of until 1 centimeters, the spoils on tissue expense of vydergivaniya a certain number of nationalists threads. In other regions Russia this embroidery not meets. Situation she on vaudeville nineteenth-the 20th centuries, its rodonachalnitsami are considered katunskie the embroiderer. Figure a pattern in gipyure incapable as mosaic in a result different way exerting nationalists threads. In gipyure received development two floral ornament - geometric and Golets. More 30 species to can fulfill creating mistress, while preserving under this especially nizhegorodskogo equipment of style.

Successfully evolves in Nizhny Novgorod area traditional golden embroidery. She fulfilled specifically versions gold-plated threads. This embroidery applies for jewelry holiday clothing, peacefully and face-covering veils, and also hyphenated, earmarked for decoration interiors - decorative pillows, wall Gapchinskaya.
Builders lungs, patterns in technology a white and color lobelia rasshivayutsya womens blouses, conviction, costume, and dresses from natural khlopchatobumazhnykh and silk tissue. In lobelia each form of floral ornament is filled densely primykayuschimi to each other satin. This embroidery applies and for jewelry such products as tablecloths, towels, napkins and others.
Easy grafichnostyu differs pattern tamburnoy embroidery. Moment represents a chain of from small hinges nationalists threads, which founded on tissue relief line a pattern. Products strochevyshivalnykh factories differ a combination of modern fashion and decorative finishing in the tradition nizhegorodskoy popular embroidery. Always recognized by its original vegetable patterns, images solar Trojan, birds-happiness, which were have popular craftswomen, diverse in form and profound on their symbolic relevance.


Lobachevsky guipure

Strochevyshivalnyy answer on territory Nizhny Novgorod area a civilian in late nineteenth century. A long time creating mistress worked on fences that were linked with shops Petersburg and Moscow. Products oformlyalis a white line with simple pattern "pshentso", "" mushka "" and others. With starters 20th century have become be applied "guipure" and "the Japanese row."

In the first years Soviet power local the embroiderer combine to produce in plan. One of the first - Katunskaya strochevaya artel, based in 1924 Propulsion In village Katunki and on 1960 g existed as UBNPUFPSFEMShOBS artel. Later organize themselves and other: Novinskaya, Purekhovskaya strochevye plan. In 1937 Propulsion In Propulsion Chkalovsk, Tajikistan appears artel behalf of Domodedovo Airport, and in 1960 She was transformed in Chkalovskuyu strochevyshivalnuyu factory of the, which combined the in itself several factories appeared, in including and Katunskuyu.

Ancient village Katunki is worth on Bank Russian polyphenols rivers Volga. Manual row "on vydergu" kultivirovalas here since the late the eighteenth century, Ideology was busy all female population and children. Currently factory of works over retaining the artistic embroidery "Lobachevsky guipure." Gorkovskie gipyury - this white delicate embroidery. From krestetskoy sink she differs greater azhurnostyu. In latest fusion style predominate geometric figures in the form of character had existed before then, but corners their slightly skrugleny (their call "rosettes", "transitions to flowering"). Geometric figures mixes with examined vegetable motives - branches berries, leaves and camping on P.

Svoeobraziem Maksim Gorkiy gipyurov are long stitches, fulfilled soft white plies. Under embroidery on machine their nastrachivayut snovkami on diagonally one-two cells, forming elongated forms. Technology embroidery, devised still in the seventeenth-century and falsehood traditional, able only on manual work.