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Balakhninskie laces

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On to the artist`s some overseas researchers, such laces were deemed best in Russia. Despite its glory, balakhninskie laces remain ma cyclo izu cleaner is destined in.

Modern 3 kruzhevnitsy place goal to revive past glory bank Lah nin - How many th laces.
To mid-20th century would la aborted succession in United Grand Lodge of England de ty-round cinematic excellence weaving balakhninskikh chickens zhev, lost some technical techniques weaving. More a simple Vologda crocheted won popularity, and exquisite and subtle silk bank lakhnin skoe crocheted became expose a of museum collections.
History bank Lah nin - How many th laces and technology his assemble know few. Several craftswomen, in of Finance professionally possess technology weaving mnogoparnogo bank Lah nin - How many th laces. It close on some their khudozhest veins the obvious motives to zapadnoevropeyskomu kruzhevu type to believe that, blondy, Chantilly, Valenciennes FC. Izobrazitelnyy material, drawings, skolki in faithfully never research and not get to introduce ourselves earlier.
Publications devoted mostly vologodskomu kruzhevu, which widely good in the brochure. Balakhninskomu same have essential roles small head of in shared work, and illustrative material until not was vy mozhete vyuchit angliyskiy.
On development fishery capacity was lost, the formation an original the artistic schools techniques,, dubbed balakhonskiy manners , a large influence has wrought Makarevskaya N.Novgorod Fair, three century - since the late XVI until the early the 20th centuries Pitavshaya economy the brink and postavlyavshaya as commodity (example), so and samples creative lacy products exempted from Western Europe.
Products balakhninskikh craftswomen, highly which was valued and offered on sale in outlet lacy ranks, and also contaminants in many cities Russia: Moscow, Kazan,) of, Vladimir, Oriol, Kharkiv, Astrakhan and abroad - Paris, Vienna, London.

Historical fact - wedding women Queen Victoria decorated balakhninskie laces.

Range of lacy products exempted been pluralistic. With one hand - this belevoe crocheted: Make ends towels, too hot at night, podzory, napkins, tablecloths, crocheted on furbishing pillows, on indoor ligthing, trays; with the other man is products for finishing of female, and also male clothing: Ties their, belt, of a border peacefully, prison tats, gunshots on the impressive, parent hats (hattocks), gloves off, sweaters, dresses, on every door, cuff, nakidki, shawls, bandana and headscarves.


Balakhninskie laces

In Nizhny Novgorod county of to mid-poach century in Propulsion Of Finance and beyond districts yet coalesced one of largest and originalneyshikh in Russia centers techniques,, which left marked footprint in history Russian culture.

By the early the 20th digits A lace answer Balakhna Urban Settlement began gradually der. Lifetime earnings balakhninskikh craftswomen, was less, than in other centers. One reason such a position was itself technology weaving, more trudoyomkaya and in as a raw materials in seeing the thin silk flooded, which, first, more expensive, than flax and cotton, second, significantly reduces the speed weaving.
Seeking to earn lot more, kruzhevnitsy relics it on more cheap of pearls, so as sometimes skupschitsy ???? crocheted on weight. The quality of laces had, paid for him respectively less.
Moreover, one reason difficulties even natural laces was mismatch patterns new papers and in a whole new stylistics artistic products exempted of the time. Not enhanced the competitiveness balakhninskogo laces and local technique weaving. -drive crocheted (which glorified by, for example, Vologda) pletyotsya many faster mnogoparnogo balakhninskogo, to the same behind the here more dense, more diverse set and, therefore, more trudoyomkie, than pleteshkovye category: Vologda.

Special place in catching borrowed silk stailess bandana, and also shawls and scarves, on their artistic motives representing tracing paper the embroidered zolotnykh peacefully. In products of this type number of raznofakturnykh of the sometimes to recover the 7. Under this each on grille had its name, for example, simple, dvukhbulavnaya, pyatibulavnaya, rybchataya, strap of, klyunyovaya.
Peculiar with which craftswomen, has become balakhonskaya a rose , in which all details although and streamlined, but, nevertheless, carefully crafted.

-drive balakhninskoe crocheted, in technology which Rashcov scarves, bandana and narrow bandana fishovki , on their motives tyagotelo to archaic Embellishments (music): Germans had been portrayed enjoy their trees, deer, birds, flowers. Shape their prayer beads, silhouettes izyskany. Typified sign of balakhninskogo stsepnogo laces is considered not only the use of various on knit of the in one product, but and a clear the prevalence of nasnovochnykh.

A remarkable art collection balakhninskikh kruzhevov you can see in Balakhninskiy local lore museum.
On usnim great, kruzhevopleteniem on Balakhninskoy earth engaged in since the late the eighteenth digits, but laces in appeared over meeting belong to XIXth- the early 20th century - period of heyday balakhninskogo coverlet needle fishery capacity was lost.
In of Finance was born a special kind of laces - "balakhonskiy manners." Here used to make mnogoparnoe crocheted, in which could be used about dozen various species nets, and beauty the principal drawing depended on their a combination of.
Ventilated scarves, bandana and entire dresses from black and cream silk which was valued not only in large cities Russia, but and abroad, far balakhninskoe crocheted chimneys down through Nizhniy Novgorod Fair.
The most damning popularity enjoyed "klyunevyy the brink" (name happened from French cities television), "the zest" which were "raisins" - oval nasnovki.
One of the best collections balakhninskogo laces is in one of worlds oldest museums the Directorial the brink, Balakhninskiy local lore museum. Currently pleteniem lace in far not easy way in of Finance engage in Shulgina Lida Federovna - a female teacher in class where a special correctional schools, Kupriyanova Galina Aleksandrovna - chief workshop of the "Kruzhevopletenie" under township House culture, Zhmakina N. A. And other.
On exhibitions lace, prosperously in a museum, are exhibited not only old lacy products, but and work modern craftswomen,, underscoring thereby succession traditions techniques,. And currently balakhninskoe kruzhevopletenie is most beautiful fisheries management the Directorial the brink.


Dont perhaps to hand entire the beauty balakhninskogo laces!


And this still not limit creativity balakhninskikh where.


In Volga frontier were long was developed and sophisticated kruzhevopletenie on koklyushkakh. One of the most famous centers techniques, in Russia was Balakhna Urban Settlement. Pleteniem lace in nineteenth century analyzed half of just of female population Balakhna Urban Settlement, and also the inhabitant neighboring settlements architecture.

Crocheted spin it's on "skolku" - drawing, which inflict on paper first lines, and then spots, in which they jab you with the safety pins. Skolok track should be attached on pillow - the shaft, of a load, alive or) who. Vypletayut crocheted with the help koklyushek - wooden sticks, on which > > She's example. Crocheted used to make from thin khlopchatobumazhnykh and silk nationalists threads golden, white and black color of. Under pletenii were addicted from 15 to 200 steam koklyushek.

Balakhninskie creating mistress vypletali scarves, bandana, prison tats, gunshots on head, belt, oplety nasal peacefully, make ends towels, on every door, dresses and overcoat. Unhesitantly for these products exempted were flower motives, but met and geometric in the form of character had existed before then, circles, chains. Developed on its a special kind of laces - "balakhonskiy manners", Valtsplekitooted OU which was in easy tyulevom backdrop of, on which but in bouquets flowers.

Art techniques, not forgotten and today. In 1970s in of Finance was open center techniques,. Currently training children and adults kruzhevopleteniyu is conducted in centers popular creativity Nizhny Novgorod area.