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Gordeckaya zolotnaya embroidery

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Now were familiar still with one guise of crafts the longstanding cities Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Gordeckaya ZOLOTNA embroidery

Gordeckaya zolotnaya embroidery - this one of the most ancient and unique in Russia species vysokokhudozhestvennogo popular art.

Is well XXII and zolotnoy embroidery clothing and headscarves were binding elements wardrobes affluent Novokramatorsk beautiful gender largest kupecheskikh cities the Directorial the brink, in including and cities Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. The glittering pattern) which is feminine festive a suit, which was pride family, his carefully stored and reassess-redavali to bequeath to from mothers to daughters as a credible, never obestsenivayuschiysya capital. Complex technique zolotnogo sewing required an a special training, so was enough rarely is rife. Large promyslovym center zolotnoy embroidery Nizhny Novgorod county of was Propulsion Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

A short, sborchataya, veeroobraznaya dushegreya, prikryvavshaya only chest and back and-called on-local kaftanchikom , was usually from cherry blossoms or dark green velvet with lavish zolotoshveynym pattern. Traditional in pattern were - two vazona with bouquet and from of roses, outlandish flowers, grape grozdev. Pattern evenly filled out entire front part of dushegrei and 2006 the extra long garlands on large Britain authored) calls pat on the back. Typically, such a dushegreya spy kompozitsionnym center of female costume. Special wealth and scenically was very different zolotoshveynyy ornament of a maiden's and Genitalheadquarters dressing: Peacefully, Rebellion, Kokoshnik (architecture), povoynikov.

Gorodetskie creating mistress eloquently were held trudneyshim crafts zolotnogo sewing and thinly felt ornamental opportunities metal nationalists threads different invoices and krutok. Best creating mistress knew more 100 complex options embroidery only in technology uzornykh prikrepov, and also ancient petelnyy seam (on aksamitnoe deal ), unwieldiness from zolotnykh or silver coin systems hinges, densely stuffed basic motives floral ornament and many other unique technology embroidery.

About to the owner of the zolotnogo ??? knew the entire district, he reared prestige brides. Often to Gorodetsky masteritsam came with the entire constituencies turn such headscarves. Gorodetskie kupchikhi to the same very be loved for photo opportunities in ancient suits.

The continuer of traditions Russian zolotoshveynogo art has become Gordeckaya strochevyshivalnaya factory of - Tatiana (with 2006 - LLC Gordeckaya zolotnaya embroidery ). Gorodetskie creating mistress to this day retain tradition floral ornament fairy razmetnykh African herbs or plant motives, outlines the beauty environmental of nature and imbued with gossamer fond of poetry.

Chased wrought seam on map , slightly the castle over pattern, highlights resilience and oblong grape berries. The combination of a dense flooring from zolotnykh nationalists threads with razryazhennymi satin shows trepeschuschuyu tenderness petals large flowers. Long subtler deal of leaves and small tinsel together with prosvechivayuschim a shining foil silk create a fancy environment a pattern, through which appear large, enjoy their window flowers and juicy are wine harvesting - Favorite motives background embroidery.

Creative the collective enterprises carefully housed popular tradition, various technology embroidery, successive on Gorodetskuyu land from depth centuries. Gentle filigree guipure, colorful, kind-hearted individual who tamburnyy seam, and, of course, magnificent zolotnoe embroidery found its the second the birth of in works of modern decorative art.

Venture are only hours away also on piece bed-linen, souvenirs with embroidery, FCO crest cities and areas, Gapchinskaya with various storylines and species. For issuing clothing are used modern and environmentally clean tissue: Kholopok, flax, silk flooded.

Harmonious the combination of fashionable siluetnykh forms of with decor embroidery, the good technological word processing models attests to as a and uniqueness products exempted. In including past works gorodetskikh vyshivalschits - Gapchinskaya-gerb kind of Mikhalkovykh.

Creating mistress from Propulsion Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast enjoyed diverse techniques of embroidery under further dive not only holiday urban clothing, but and ensembles clothing in popular-style, and also - utilitarnykh things of peasant life, for example, towels that have accompanied the entire ways Russian life.

Contact with history the famous Russian fishery capacity was lost can be in museum factories. Here there is a great opportunity to finger old nice suits gorodetskikh women of fashion and have their on memory. For tourists ???? exciting tour and master-classes. In dining room factories you awaits tea party with Gorodetsky i?yieeii, tradition assemble which total not one thing a century.

Commissioned, on venture also ???? impressions mod with demonstration clothing, that, here same can be buy or order. Note, that products LLC Gordeckaya zolotnaya embroidery : Luxurious shawls and elegant dresses, conviction, costume, and nakidki, smocks and scarves, tablecloths, is well decorated with embroidery, today emerge in wardrobe known women world, foreign tourists and Russian artists pop stars, and also women, checkers - value manual work and ve fondly the beauty.

In no clothing left enterprises you can do many useful purchases to healthy holidays, ranging from towels the Security yes love , ending is well emblazoned zolotnoy embroidery colorful shawl.

LLC Gordeckaya Zolotnaya Vyshivka

606503 ,-area

Propulsion Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, str. The Republican,. 86a

Bodies.: (831-61) 9-00-16 Fax: (831-61) 9-03-87



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