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An art there on bones

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KhUDOZhESTVENNAЯ there software are scattered at

Art a groove along the bone - striking demonstration of popular the artistic culture Russia.

At all something there on bones – answer, our terrain unproper. In area, as known, not usual nor sea cows, nor elephants, whose fangs with tusks to inflict damage usually serve input for craftsmen-kostorezov.

But in 50’s years in area was specifically invited master on Kostya-iswasta groove for what would in Nizhny Novgorod, then even Gorkovskaya (, area create kostoreznyy answer. The, that quality of, cuspid and flying elephant ladies have us otrodyasIskusstvo a groove on bones - striking demonstration of popular the artistic culture Rossii not it comes..., no one not was very confusing to. This were Soviet times, when in vogue was also able watermelons with apples and rotate rivers reverse. And because regulation popular creativity seemed affair absolutely normal. Local kostorezam had to embody their ideas from broken bones more forecasts our average swathe of animals.

Word processing bones has ancient tradition, that confirms numerous connections, All found links in a result of archaeological treasures research. Kostoreznym fisheries management in Volga frontier engaged in long. Still in the eighteenth century masters of Pavlova and Vorsma Urban Settlement decorated knives bone the shaft of in the form of volumetric a small statuary. Shapes Lions, dancers, birds, warriors met with thin exercise as plastic-round cinematic excellence. They are examples petty plasty in Nizhny Novgorod popular groove on bones. Revival fishery capacity was lost in the twentieth century stems with name masters of Parfena industrial production index, who was invited in the Bottom Novgorod from globally famous center kostoreznogo art Propulsion M8 highway (Russia) Arkhangelsk area.

In 1973 in village Varnavino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod area was organized factory of the artistic a groove on bones.

As the primary raw materials masters of use trubchatuyu bone, cattle – "trochlea" and rіg. Moreover, in work are used and valuable species bones - a mammoth and however. Form of bones, its white color and things opaque the surface give opportunity popular masters, using popular receptions decoration, create original art.

Work fulfilled manually with the help lobzika, special equipment and instruments. Products varnavinskikh kostorezov distinguishes Vishukana delicate or rustic there, engraving. Rustic there lies in next: On a bone up on polygons damage wrought drawing slick instruments choose von, leaving under this bulging reliefs on the surface bones. Delicate there on window opening different from relief those, that in places background produce holes. Under textures initially on a bone up make Figure, then gravirovalnoy a needle inflict lines varying degrees depth.

Motives for their products exempted kostorezy take in ornaments nizhegorodskoy a groove and Luster on tree. On carved process often can be see images historical and architectural monuments Nizhny Novgorod area.

Ассортимент изделий (более 40 видов) Варнавинской фабрики, выполненных на высоком профессиональном уровне, составляют женские украшения (заколки, гребни, шпильки, расчески, броши, кулоны, бусы, колье, подвески, браслеты, серьги, кольца, перстни, различные комплекты украшений), шкатулки, ларцы, оригинальные настольные письменные приборы, авторучки, мундштуки, декоративные стаканы-карандашницы, лоточки, ножи для разрезания бумаги, подарочные адресные папки, предметы утилитарного назначения (вязальные крючки, иглы для штопки и вышивания, настольные игольницы). Carved products from bones constantly are exhibited on exhibitions and fairs as in Russia, so and abroad. Products factories is delivered in France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Venezuela, Denmark.


VARNAVINSKAЯ there software are scattered at

In basis of varnavinskoy a groove on bones lies cosmogonies artistic style, a on the basis of expressive ornaments nizhegorodskoy conversations a groove on tree. Every product cut a master from starters until the end of without use of Stamps and patterns, that promotes authorial individuality and imaginative approach under designing every products.

Venture, vozrodivshee tradition popular kostoreznogo fishery capacity was lost Nizhny Novgorod county of - LLC “Varco ” (Varnavinskaya the carved bone).

The first work on revival kostoreznogo fishery capacity was lost were undertaken in 1969, when known an artist-kostorez from sec. Beauty when P. P. Chernikovich presented on Oblast vytvarne-expert council the first products from a carved bones. In 1971 in the P. Varnavino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast was open the assistant with while youth profession a cutter on bones. In 1973 the assistant was transformed into subsidiary Kazakovskogo manufacturing jewellery unification with missions a groove on bones. In ties with significant growth production in 1989 subsidiary was transformed into up venture - Varnavinskuyu artistic factory of the.

Today LLC “Varco ” continues to vested for 30 years tradition fishery capacity was lost. Venture are only hours away on piece products exempted from simple podelochnoy bones. Products met in technology exotic, ploskorelefnoy or volumetric a groove.

Deals aplenty enterprises more 300 named products exempted utilіtarnogo and decorative appointments. This women’s jewelry, caskets, treasure chests of fine, had implements, chess, candlesticks, vases, drinking glasses, and also knitting hooks and igolnitsy.

Except traditional products exempted, venture has successful experience amp; D and production products with proprietary business symbolics,, fulfilled, on desire-plus contracting, as on existing products, so and on of the original commissioned.

For tourists will interesting attending “Varco ” and company cabinet, where at affordable prices can be to purchase unique products scrimshaw art along the bone.

LLC “Varco ”

606760, N.Novgorod area

R. P. Varnavino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, str. The one-,. 12

Bodies.: (831-58) 2-17-80, 2-14-80




Oops, this again I! (Am asking forgiveness for being so inquisitive - became forum closely inspect. And)

So you have still and factory of a groove on bones!

Traits, but as would organize trip to you, to to visit craftsmen and watch - and? After all the Bottom - not far from Moscow. I in its time in destined has been raising cane on-for-around Bottom often. In Pavlovo was. (There lemons and to come - so here is lemon not had brought then, young was and stupid)

And can be as something with factory contact?

With respect,



Sasha, to visit the Bottom not the problem. And here is trip on factory of the I organize not in forces. Incidentally in Pavlov even and doves spectacular! With lemon and canaries question easily the jury. Was would desire to.