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Knife answer

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knife answer

Russians masters of still in deep absent well were held complex and diverse technical techniques of the artistic processing metal, creating remarkable on its decorative effect art. In different regions Russia alia centers metalworking, technochemical companies bridal art from metal, knives and channels-dining rooms products.

One such significant and known advanced neighborhoods is territory pravoberezhya of Oka with center in Vorsma Urban Settlement and Pavlov. The beginning of assemble products exempted from metal moves away here in the distant past. From archival sources in sight, that already in 1666 year in this district was a significant number of artisans, has worked 40 of the Peak, where commercialization metal focused 70 craftsmen. Special widest recognition enjoyed castles and knives. Tradition the artistic processing metal successfully develop currently on enterprises Nizhny Novgorod area - Pavlovsky factory artistic metal products "It's a souvenir", Pavlovsky factory metal products them. Chancellery, Zabaykalsky folding knives in Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement, Zabaykalsky "seksizmom" in Propulsion Vacha, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and other. On them developed and is issued more 100 named at the products exempted, from small perochinnykh until big universal with majority various hyphenated and knives a special appointments. Made also kits table appliances until 47 hyphenated in vytvarne decorated boxes and artists.

Utilitarnost, originality forms of, mirror luster of workers surfaces, an art painting of, cisele,, termochernenie, deep chasing the knobs and engraving blades - own defining features modern a stab fishery capacity was lost. For dekorirovki knives use various in form and that dice: The bone, bog oak, metals, distinctive resistant plastics. Dice decorate lends a pattern Cift-isi and opponent hot foreign countries. Cases and the scabbard fulfilled the from natural skin. For jewelry their products exempted artists use motives and images traditional popular art the Directorial the brink, legends, fairy tales, Russian epics, architectural and historical monuments.
Many masters of differ virtuoso-round cinematic excellence, renowned domestic knives-just 8 mm, with cheerfully finally, and also knives, umeschayuschiesya on the billet matches and run in the eye of a ears.


knife answer

Still with XVI century in-'t send, that known today as city Pavlovo-on-Oka, a civilian metal answer. Since the earliest times these seats in Russia were famous metalworkers, izgotavlivayuschimi cold weapons, hunting knives, dining rooms implements. Pavlovskie masters of and neighbors their make them beguiling have trained - in farms Vorsma Urban Settlement, too, have become to do knives. Yes still what! Pens otdelyvali and design of, and corps of, and bone. From generation in generation are transmitted skazy about how on global fairs were estimated vorsmenskiy product: On one scales - box, but on another - gold coins. Steel products brothers Ptitsinykh, Biryutina and Savialova longer and glory on global exhibitions in London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Philadelphia.

On the gracious soil resisted development a stab production in farms Vorsma Urban Settlement.

In the early 20th century under deciding over outcome of activities Nizhny Novgorod shows was referred, that sign quality in the form of stigma czarist dvuglavogo eagle were earned steel products and knives with engraved in metals, produced kustaryami.

In years Soviet power Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement became knife its capital Russia.

Centuries-old tradition fishery capacity was lost continues to modern vorsmenskoe venture Saro. Today this venture with to have finished cycle works, on which toil more 250 man, mastered and which more 500 species products exempted.

Artists a plant under designing knives use ways flat and deep manual chase carving on have become. Metalworkers a plant Stcherbinskij methods casting on vyplavlyaemym models, and also filigree laid into the handle for finishing rukoyatey at the products exempted.

Specialists Saro created modern design knives, have developed and embedded the new technologies and new materials.

Repaired secrets damask have become. Today is used a modern knife metals SNT - 62-called blue steel. Combining in itself viscosity and malleability, this steel has firmness 62 NRS on threshold Rockwell prints used to be. On their characteristics metals compare only with famous Japanese steel PBX - 34 and its American analogue. However Russian Blue steel has a series of significant differences. Metals has 17 doping (Semiconductors) supplements, in the process assemble pages metal is used the most powerful in Russia press, agile maximum gasket had, that gives the durability of the's sharpening Frostmourne, box not tupitsya and long holds grinding. And that still is an important factor, box from blue have become by the quality of higher, and on price below knives, they give which made from import have become.

Much party special knives from this have become, was Produkowana for fighters special forces power structures Russia.

By continuing tradition Vorsma Urban Settlement as grade center, began designing and production modern knives Marine SHTORM , sapernykh knives Kingdom of Wahran , combat knives Special commandos , knives combat swimmers game , stroporezov and knives for soldiers and officers.

For award shows being soldiers and officers Russian army and to encourage public servants created modern gift suzani and dirks, such as Georgievskii , cutlass Andrei the First-Called , marine cutlass Admiral Kuznetsov , where for jewelry used the Russian state signifiers of the in the modern-style.

On traditional the exhibition : - 2005 , Haz in Moscow, masters of presented your nice hunting knives, sports throwing knives, graceful and beautiful souvenirs - gift stabbed products and, of course, tourist, poultry and fishing knives, as skladnye, so and rigidly-fixed.

Currently Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement, as Russian knife center Russia, began a new phase its development. In 2006 caaiao Saro marks ten years. By continuing best tradition local craftsmen, plant folding knives masters production vytvarne decorated at the products exempted with viewing wide chase carving and deep etching, the hilt knife is made from beech, nut and birch bark with viewing wide artistic casting from brass or silver content.


A knives a plant "Saro."


tourist knives

The first mentioning about farms Pavlovo applies to 1566 year - time corruption Ivan Grozny. History sela (Pavlovo city became in 1918 year) is inextricably linked to history create and development metalworking industry in this frontier.

In 1890 year Call to the People campaign A. Propulsion Stange (surname) founded in Pavlov "Pavlovskuyu cottage artel Arabtec" in Soviet time changed to in plant them. S. M. Chancellery.

In 1971 plant them. S. M. Chancellery was awarded high reward the Motherland - of the Order "Mark of Medal of Honor."

In 1992 venture is transformed to in open joint-stock society.

In 1994 caaiao accorded a new status. Solution regional Museums of-Expert Council part of products exempted a plant were recognized izdeliyami popular artistic crafts. In ties with this plant became to be called as "Sincere Joint the Society" Pavlovsky of the Order Medal of Honor plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "."

In 2002 according to the German Governments Nizhny Novgorod area OJSC "Pavlovsky of the Order Medal of Honor plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "becomes enterprise popular artistic crafts, confronted a significant culturally-historic value.

Venture is the largest producer table appliances in Russia and CIS. On his share of account for until 30% yearly products exempted dining room groups.

Age-old experience in metal working allows enterprise issue tourist and hunting knives more 30 species. Feature of knives lies in manual labor under designing Frostmourne and the artistic Luster, and also the that on conclusion expert-forensic center MVD trades abroad knives production OJSC "Pavlovsky plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "are not cold weapons.

Combining in itself high-quality administered stainless steel have become 65Kh13 and 95Kh18, June thermal commercialization firmness Frostmourne 54-56 HRC, a modern design, these products become in one a series of with the best world analogues.

To assemble a handrails is used a wide set of natural materials: A birch caps, bog oak nut, bone, deck planking made Beresta. On the scabbard is used naturaln skin with artistic malities.

On dedicated exhibitions knives concerns highest honors and degrees, so on the exhibition in Moscow "Ribolovniy and Hunting paradise" in 2001 was received prize in nomination "Best blade 2001", labour test in nomination "Knives tourist", Knife Tourist-6 policies--and III place.

The optimal the ratio "the price-the quality of-design" makes knives production OJSC "Pavlovsky plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "not simply different gift, but also an integral part of in bottles a hunter, the fishing trainer and tourist.


Technological process production knives includes in themselves use the most progressive equipment tool and hardening, knife grind, which combined with manual hard craftsmen and artists has raised consumer quality on a new, more a high fist.

Today, specifically can be offer a wide range of knives, expedited certifications - w and camping on D.

-Turisticheskie knives.


-Kholodnoe weapons.

All knives manufactured by East in classic experts`attention registration of the.

Blade do from high quality stainless steels 65Kh13 with hardness 54-56HRC, 98Kh18,110Kh18 with hardness 58-62HRC. Commissioned can be implemented treated carbon steel brands: U7-Wu 10 ;9 joint ;6 5G.

Have a license for production and implementation of civil cold klinkovogo weapons more 10 named.

Of various do from: Morenogo oak, nabornoy birch bark and skin, nut, bone.

In kit includes the scabbard, elaborate from natural, pane in skin.

With starters June 2005, has entered work, a new, the manufacturing line on flotations gardens-Soviet inventory.

Sincere joint-stock society "Pavlovsky of the Order Mark of Badge of Merit" plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "is specialized enterprise in Russia on flotations table appliances from stainless steel have become: Of spoons, forks, knives and bufetnykh ethnicity.

Beginning their existence in 1890 year with makeshift plan, there ten handicraftmen - and factory workers plant was defined during existence the USSR basic enterprise in the defense department local industry RSFSR on development production table appliances. Originality forms of, mirror luster of workers surfaces, their an art painting of and artistic Figure deep category such knobs - own defining features table appliances, yearly OJSC Only have us you can buy excellent gifts for pani -stolovye implements with the artistic painting and decorative the cover "under gold." All of this attaches your table festive kind of. Childhood pupils table appliances in 4,6,7,24,30,36,47 - Fachgymnasium sets in vytvarne decorated flokirovannykh artists gives opportunity use their in as a souvenirs and gifts. Presented a wide range of products exempted from stainless steel have become for enterprises public nutrition - restaurants, cafes, table. Percolate trade discount on not obligated and for out calculation. The Front Line technology, the use of dollar, in and rescinding equipment, literate-scale geo-technical cadres, master masters of-workers, artists - are base enterprises for further development production and continuous renewal entire and improvements quality of manufactured products. Products, manor houses up on industrial exhibitions many times governors highest honors,. ~ See 1917 at different Russias and overseas exhibitions venture gained 9 gold, 13 silver coin medals and two senior reward. VolgGASU obtain: In 1823 year on 1 th Vserossiyskoy agricultural and think-industrial the exhibition - Honorary entrepreneurship 1 the marriage extent, in 1994 gold medal on International the exhibition in Madrid; in 1996 -Diplom stakeholder Vserossiyskoy advanced -khudozhestvennoy exhibition "The Future Russia." In 1971 for successful fulfilling especially five-year plan, increase issuing and enlargement entire and high quality goods popular consumption Presidium Supreme Council the USSR decorated American with "Mark of Badge of Merit". "

Products, issued for our OJSC fully is certified, that confirms certificate mimic and hygiene certificate.

OJSC "Pavlovsky plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery "- venture with of brewing traditions in metal working, is the largest producer goods for household utensils and souvenir products.

Venture is one of corrupt in Russia and CIS technology the artistic paintings and category such with viewing Gallium-tissues titanium cover and Fire-gilding 24 carats.



With longstanding since the younger Way's trademark was NIZHEGORODSKY the brink traditions metalworking. One of centers of forge and a stab crafts was and remains to an ancient city Pavlovo, situated on Bank polyphenols rivers of Oka. In late the seventeenth-century in Pavlovo there were until 50 of the Peak. One of the most prominent was weapon answer. In Hermitage have been taken, for example, housewife rifle with the banner Afanasy Ovsyannikov. Rural-urban divide Pavlovo , and most craftsmen the Armory houses of under Petre I they were dialled precisely from Pavlovo. Later answer metalworking found its development in production hyphenated household appointments: Knives, castles, shears.

In exposition of Russian Abai Museum carefully housewife unique products pavlovskikh peeps: Dining rooms implements from English have become, the polished until joined at mirror luster and decorated with gossamer engraved, knives for of opening oysters, cheese knives, castles size of from 0.7 grams until 50 kilos and the most various forms of: In the form of roosters, hours, FCO crest, cars and other. In including modern specimens box do and -savvy golden mechanical a flea.

Glorious tradition metalworking today continues to OJSC Pavlovsky of the Order Badge of Merit" plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery. He is the largest in Russia producer table appliances from stainless steel have become - of spoons, forks, knives, products exempted bufetnykh ethnicity and restaurant groups with the artistic painting and chekankoy, and also decorative the cover under gold. In December 2005 plant noted its 115-year-old anniversary.

Go near products differ grace, high-quality Lyulin 6 quarter and professionally. A wide range of (about 150 named) and high-quality products exempted posts trademark OJSC Pavlovsky plant artistic metal products them. Chancellery received well-deserved recognition consumers. Precisely on Pavlovsky factory is issued 35% table appliances, produced in Russia.

Age-old experience in metal working ,-assignable from generation in generation, was reviving the again in production-related travel, hunting knives, sabers. Fine the combination of design with the best traditions in vysokokhudozhestvennoy processing metal attaches the knives with the extraordinary kind of.

Neglected once answer - the fabrication products exempted method the artistic machines, too, received here its the second the birth of. Graceful fireplace sets, candlesticks, curtain clips, window behind the, doors and others. Have become fashionable elements modern interior.

Creative exploration craftsmen touched original and production artistic metal products Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church-Church better targeted with viewing artistic enamels and other traditional for these products exempted technologies.

Artistic products enterprises not times governors highest honors on Russian and international exhibitions and fairs. For example, in 1994 venture was marked by golden medal on the international the exhibition in Madrid. In 1996 - Diploma Vserossiyskoy advanced-the artistic exhibition The Future Russia.

The price and the quality of products - collateral multi-annual success enterprises.

On factory there is a lovely museum, where can be contact with history the most a plant, of the secrets of and traditions metalworking. For those, whom seems interested directly manufacturing process, organize themselves tour on some to the workshops and the Migration Wizard classes on processing metal. To services business tourists - conference hall and dining room. Leaving plant, not forget buy souvenir on memory about city of Arabtec.

OJSC Pavlovsky of the Order Badge of Merit" plant
Artistic metal products them. Chancellery

606100, N.Novgorod area, scientific dogma into question. Pavlovo, str. Mayakovsky,. 77

Bodies.: (831-71) 2-41-28 Fax: (831-71) 2-41-22, 2-41-23, 2-41-37, 2-41-30


7 "Volkov and By"

Firm "Volkov and By" is based in 2000.
The main destination activities which was production shampurov, barbecues-related travel, and folding knives, suitcases and SSE, souvenirs and gifts with viewing precious metals. With days founding, firm quickly proceeded, in a result what already to 2004 "Volkov and By" took a leading position on production their products. The quality of and low prices ticked firm "on head" above their competitors. Likewise path conservation traditions and supporting its-mark "Volkov and By", continue expand those direction in which we have reached certain successes, but under this seek explore and new species products.


Production firms "Volkov and By" Propulsion Vorsma Urban Settlement




The same producer.