SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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forget all-??? pro mothers.
And they bored evenings,
Hasn't calling us,
And always with little interest in us.
Time have us, usually, there is no -
We live serious affairs,
Forgetting often, that in the answer
Call we promised mother.
Mother, I'm calling you, when
On psyche sadness.
To, as in those - remote year,
Listened to me and understood.
Well, that there is far call,
Well, that there is, whom to answer.
Let not is tearing long this thread,
Can be, is on light of!
As they, that their worries there?
Far, and can, close somewhere.
Forget we pro our mothers.
And easily itself are forgiving this.



Perfectly reputable Olga! Genuinely I congratulate you with Day Alekseei and wish
You: Curiously living goods, health, happiness, enlargement outlook
"Your world", successes in everything activities on Forum to broaden
Sound knowledge participants about the nature and history Rodnogo administration, and at all wish
All, about than is dreaming smart and the Beautiful woman.
A drifter


Dear my modern development of and Visitors Forum, I congratulate you with the most miraculously holiday - , Estonia Victory! Low tints of all the and workers may think it crazy rear for such feat. They gave us SVOBODU! Low them tints of and Eternal memory those, whom already there is no with us.

Became fashionable to scold and badmouth
And historically on-left bark,
And heroes considered enemies,
And Victory trample on a man with their feet.

There is the notion of: Feat and pride
Not would dwarf their slander meanness!
There is the notion of DOLGA and "battles Without Honor -
And examples in Great - not too numerous us!

And need not hinder increasingly in together:
Revolution, Stalin. Kuchma.
Not you embarrass survivors social,
And Heroes, once-abused farm tyrants.

Day Victory - Dobra'm a doer!
Day Victory - this FAlTH...!
Who not thinks so - is the a traitor,
For countries its - capital!

opened us triumphant May
All hearts for love steps.
Only that hero's of Celabration of May Day,
Day Victory came coveted.
Winners Turkey Government we.
Pre a white-haired poredevshey column.
Separate, give flowers,
On heroes quick! Impressed.
congratulations! scream-a them. Ur!
But go old men tacitly.
Them not ringing thank need a,
And warm our Thanks.




We understand, that means Victory
For veterans, once-abused farm all evils
Dire war, of survivors of hope,
That Day Victory are to come, at inevitably.
We pro war only in books read the.
Films watched - and the were mesmerised
In horror, anger and pain hearts.
They not in movies, and in combat until the end of.
To the stood, rescuing its
Homeland, city its, house and family.
All, that them costly, explore and sacred,
That was in heart of any soldier.
Thank we could it comes relentlessly.
Wasn will heal past wounds?
Await not aggrandizing speeches veterans,
And to memory was constant.
Remember and value. For us they - stars,
The world on Earth their feat created.
Their congratulate with, Estonia Victory are prepared
In holidays, weekdays, all again and again!



Hello, Olja, virtually every day t in the hope can any photos there is our villages Solonitsa. With computerve worked little, so think can simply not find. Write, please, there is whether photos and in what section? In advance large thank you.


Unfortunately photo villages until there is no. Hope increasingly same anything will emerge.


Costly Olga and all women naschego Forum! From the entire souls I congratulate you with the international feminine a day to!


Huge thank you!


Dear guest from Belarus and women of our Forum, I congratulate you with song!

8 March - feminine day!
One of days in year,
When you you make major in all of smiles warmth,
When flowers are in bloom in psyche!
And in this enlightened hour, as above again
Let will you come with:
Hope, Matters and Love.
Let always feminine day does not end,
Let sing in your honor mere,
Let the sun shining you smiles,
And men you who give flowers.
With the first kapelyu, with of last a,
With holiday early Spring
You congratulations to, heart want
Joy, happiness, health, love!