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Photos zamechatelnye- Thanks!
Pritcha- a wonderful.
Thank you you girls!
Caveat healthier and recourses: CPU.


Perfectly reputable Olga! Tried to to deposit on Forum its message, but not was able, not found -
Far his to deposit? Also am aware, that in matters the internet, "dumb, as American." I wanted to turn to moral with next request: Previously I posted on pages your Forum, soobschenie- request, respond those of fellow citizens, who knows concrete from the rich
Location of protective swamp near the P. Them. Kalinina, where, as I learned from articles in Internet, A.S. provide aftersales services
Will melt yagoda- cloudberry. Still times asked would respected fellow citizens respond and not to withhold information, obtaining which I you am asking, as some mushroom hunters seats, where annually is widespread many a certain species wild mushrooms. Agree on deal: Information
About whereabouts wild mushrooms in exchange for information about really valuable materials of from cloudberries.
With genuine respect for moral and you Olga,
A drifter


Hello respected modern development of! Admit me several hit surprised sheer indifference to my supply in the early-middle of his August 2009. To visit swamplands in neighborhood the P. Them. Kalinina in search of cloudberries, which judging by information from the internet, is growing on quoted a swamp. I of course can understand employment and others. Circumstances. However, as I think,
Many of you summer accented in Propulsion Vetluga (town) and Vetluzhskiy district. Under desire, find three days on implementation of my proposals, perhaps could would every. Of course, many, apparently, prefer pursue its free time in a large city of with his, on my view, somni-
Telnymi "pleasures of" in terms of vacation, which in any our best the form of not conceivably have with active pleasure trips on nature, the more, that in Vetluzhskiy district seats, bluntly say, not the worst. I this contend (perhaps YOU with this you should agree), having visited and after that long a certain time in the mountains and on Sea, in desert and on steadfast. The north There are with than to compare. D glad, if someone from respected fellow citizens my proposal interested in and he responds to the.
With respect modern development of, Padfoot.


Perfectly reputable Olga! Only today (to my regret) familiarized with someone tweet still from 16.11.2007g., devoted the. Solonitse. Not want waltz off down in lyric poetry and prone in nostalgic, only Id say, that raised from you theme very, does my psyche.
With genuine respect, Padfoot.


Olja, long I not are here. And here is decided watch. Had to and parole recall. And you here not whom there is no.


Not leave on then affairs,
Not hide the in the table written letters,
Not you bury it in the cabinet the table
Someone addressed to thought.

Not worry about truth, despise flattery
And not scrum with that enter through and rudest thing.
A brief, as shot, the word honor
Not confuse with puzatym word this posturing by.

On lovers' shot not drink with fool.
Not lebezite before those who higher.
And not be chintzy with the those who far,
Under through bitter aid not hearing.

Not hurt women never,
And the weak never hurt.
And if to friend, suddenly, came beda-
Save the friend and gap not give.

Not laugh over a squalid and bolnym-
Have them its grains no easy the road.
Not khvastayte the nature steel.
Be weak can be. Sometimes. A bit.

Favorite nurture and children.
Do value labor other and its do value.
And pleased conventional which.
Love life and lives cherish.



Perfectly reputable Olga! Whose this poems? Under each ghazal structure can be sign up. Incidentally, explain me, reign man, why your forum in "underground"?
With respect, Padfoot


We not in "underground." This the forced measure protection from spam and rudest thing, that now, alas, usual phenomenon in Internet.

Author verses not know, unfortunately, but like would know. Can someone can help?


I congratulate all mothers Russia with holiday! As a pity that its mommy congratulate I already not will be able.

with here is word, that all understand.
Every its something with him recalled.
With mamoyu are linked all our days,
Mother again forget not would give us they.

With us she forever remains
In clean water from the pond Hebrew: Thinks of.
In whispering of leaves, Hebrew: In noise rain,
In aplodismentakh, individual radio you.

In each teardrop away, that you're spilling it,
In every minute, that you living in a biosphere.
Mother for everyone the first our house,
Mother in path, on which Go.

Mother you the first joy and sorrow,
Breeze, breakdown cool have sea.
with in the forest, in schebetanii birds,
Mother in storm and in melkani It lightens.

Mother zhivey on earth all living.
In this with me agrees all ye who enter given.
With its amelioration us easier trouble beat the.
Us NOT're gonna be separated NO CONVENIENT, NO DEATH!







Who opened me this world,
Not sparing myself their forces?
And always protected turned?
The best on light of MOM.

Who on light of all larger
And warmer their Casino,
Likes more, than themselves?
This MOTHER. My.

Notebook on the evening reads
And always increasingly understands,
Even if I stubborn,
Know, likes me MOM.

Never unyvaet,
That me need to, accurately knows.
If, suddenly, will happen drama,
Who will support? My MOM.

I me going confidently on path,
But wowed my legs.
Leapfrog over hole
Who will help? Know - MOM.

Have mothers the holy office in world -
Praying for mix children.
And day, and night in unseen live
Sound prayer our mothers.

One does go quiet, strike it another.
Night replaces day, and again will come night.
But mothers prayer not fall silent
For of expensive son or daughter.

Central 1410 mothers heeding,
He likes their stronger, than love we.
Mother never praying not gets tired
Effeminate, that still not saved

Around the there is time, but until we alive,
Must praying, to God aloud.
In prayer concealed Divine force,
When their with tears of whispering mother.

As quietly. In the yard silence the birds,
Long already traveled all sleep.
Before window same to pray
My home loving mother!