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Thank you, Nina.doc. But the main of the credit in headline-my Forum increasingly-??? belongs Galais!
Without it I not know when it comes come around on like.
Can be and you need to with your personal subject here? Was would miraculously.


:shine: I wish happiness many-many,
Of smiles joyful bouquet,
Friends, healthy and of lively,
Luck in life, long years,
And to ills all out of
Zhilosya, lyubilos and good! :yep:


Three guest
Woman withdrew from his homes and saw on Arts Boulevard courtyard three figures elderswith long white beards. She not learned their. She said "Probably you me not are familiar, but you should be can have. Please, enter in house and, you eat something. "

"And husband homes?", was asked they.

"There is no", answered she. "His there is no."

"Then we not can enter", responded they.
On the evening, when its husband returned home, she told him about fault.

"Walk and tell them that I homes and invite their in house!" Said husband.

Woman withdrew and invited elders .

"We not can go in house together", responded they.

"Why same?" Somebody she.

One of eldersexplained: "His name is The," said he pointing to one of its friends, and said pointing to another, "A his name is Luck, and me name is Love." After what added, "Now Walk home and talk with her husband about how, whom of us you want to see in his House."

Woman went and told husband about how, that heard. Its husband was very thrilled about this either. "As well!", he said. "If perishing need to do choice, let us we will The. Let will go down and filling our house wealth! "

His wife objected that, "Dear, and why would us not invite a thrill?"

Their adoptee daughter conducted my reporting all sitting in street corner. She ran up to them with its proposition: "And why would us better not invite Love? After all then in our House votsarit love! "

"Let-pay accede with our girl," said husband wife.

"Walk and ask Love be our guest."

Woman withdrew and asked and three figures elders , "Who from you Love? Caoiae in house and whether our guest. "

An old man named Love went in direction homes. Other 2 man followed him. Udivlennaya, Lady asked The and a thrill: "I same invited only Love, why you go?"

Old men responded: "If would you was invited The or a thrill, other two of us remained would on the street, but so as you was invited Love, far she goes, we always rightly move for its amelioration. There where there is Love, there is always and The and Luck! "

I wish YOU.
- There where there is pain, wish you contemplated and charity.
- There where there is doubt, I wish you confidence.
- There where there is fatigue and exhaustion, wish you understanding of, patience and renewed forces.
- There where there is fear, wish you love and courage.


I congratulate with Verbnym resurrection!

Spring Oxygene fragile warmly
The fuzzy drops, tenderness of having plunged,
Zaserebritsya in Sunday willow
And Cross: Salvation time come.


I congratulate all with the dominical resurrection!


Olja! Thank you for your congratulations. Very talk all framed. You, too, with holiday, health, successes in continuing Forum, and we over time will help organize. :flag:


I already saw this. , too, very is happy and d now put a photo. :rofl:


As well that summer has come!





Summer - most descent time!
All us happiness and luck!





Summer this recreation for souls!